Close Combat: First to Fight

Close Combat: First to Fight: Полное прохождение игры и FAQ (English)

Close Combat: First to Fight

Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ

by Kasey Chang

released June 27, 2006

1 Introduction

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This FAQ is about "Close Combat: First to Fight", a military
squad-based shooter created by Destineer, published by 2K Games.


This is a FAQ, NOT a manual, not that you really need a manual to
play this shooter. How hard can it be, really? Besides, all the
commands are listed when you press F1.

This USG only covers the PC Version, though any tactics should
apply to the Xbox version as well.


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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see. Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Privateer, Spycraft, 688(I)
Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack, Mechwarrior 4,
Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed,
The Sting!, Terranova, Fallout Tactics, Starfleet Command Volume
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To contact me, see 1.4 above.


This USG is not endorsed or authorized by Destineer nor 2K Games.
And especially not the US Marine Corp.

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts except where noted

This document is based on the retail version with 1.02 patch.


27-JUN-2006 Initial release

2 CCF2F General Info


Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual? (or portions thereof)
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual please.

Q: How big is the install?
A: About 1.2 GB after installation.

Q: Is there a patch?
A: You can download the V1.02 patch at Though
it mainly address multiplayer issues.

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
A: How easy you die, mainly, and how accurate the enemy is. The
difficulty levels are recruit, marine, gunny, simulation.

Q: What about some cheat codes?
A: There aren't any.


Destineer was a software company that developed a
simulation/training tool for the Marine Training Command named
"First to Fight". It is basically a 3D first-person shooter,
designed to teach team leaders how to approach certain tactical
situations, and how NOT to leave yourself vulnerable in certain
situations, and how to gain advantage over the enemy through
surprise and massive firepower.

Destineer later came into contact the remnants of Atomic Games,
developer of the Close Combat series, and found the simulations
very intriguing, as morale, shot stress, and suppression has not
really been modeled in wargames before, except in rather abstract
terms. Atomic Games has been in limbo for a while, and Destineer
eventually acquired Atomic Games. By combining the morale models
with their First to Fight training tool, plus a bit of game
design, level design, and background, the result is Close Combat:
First to Fight.


Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East, but very centrally
located and thus often prosperous from trade. However, it is also
often wrecked by various wars. Its capital is Beirut.

At the beginning of the 1900's, the area was controlled by the
Ottoman Empire, which collapsed after World War I. France was
tasked by then League of Nations to govern and rebuild, and
Beirut was prosperous for a while. A constitution, which gave
equal rights to all religious sects, was ratified in 1926, and
Lebanon was given its independence in 1942. French troops left in
1946, after World War II, leaving the country at peace. Lebanon
had enjoyed its status as a conflict-free state for many years,
and Beirut is a regional center for finance and trade. The
country is multi-ethnic and multi-religious, with Christians,
Druze, Muslim, and even Zoroastrians and others peacefully co-

That all changed in 1948, when several Arab countries tried to
wipe Israel off the map. The war that year forced over 100000
Palestinians to flee, and many of them went to Lebanon. Later
several other attempts, notable in 1967 and 1975 to destroy
Israel also failed, causing even MORE Palestinian refugees to
enter Lebanon. Eventually the number of Palestinians in Lebanon
would number over 300000, and Yassir Arafat's Palestinian
Liberation Organization, or PLO, would be based on Lebanon. As
outsiders, the Palestinians never really fit in, and because they
are working on "liberating" their homeland, they are accumulating
weapons and forming militias. They came into conflict with the
leftist militia of Lebanon (communists and socialists). As each
called upon their allies to support them, the situation became
more complex, and confusing.

After a few months the neutrals are forced to make a stand, and
the line was drawn. The conflict became a religious war: on one
side is the Christian Militia, and the other side is a coalition
of Palestinians, Druze, and Sunni Muslims. The Lebanese armed
forces, a purely neutral force that has enforced peace, and has
Muslim and Christian officers and soldiers serving for years side-
by-side, attempted to keep the conflict from spreading, but with
little success.

In 1976, Syrians sent 40000 troops into Lebanon, ostensibly to
prevent one of the Christian militia factions from being overrun
by the Palestinians. Syrians ended up controlling the city of
Beirut, and eventually switched sides and started to support the

In 1978, and 1982, Israel twice invaded Lebanon to attack PLO
camps from which PLO launch raids and other attacks into Israel.
UN stepped in during both incidents and put in a UN force to
enforce the peace while Israeli and Syrian and Palestinian troops
withdrew to negotiated boundaries. However, in late 1982, the
President Elect, Bachir Gamayel, was assassinated, possibly in
retaliation for an atrocity committed by his faction's militia,
known as the Phalangist militia, at a Palestinian refugee camp.
This caused the radicalization of all factions in Lebanon, and
eventual dismemberment of the Lebanese government.

The UN force, composed mainly of US Marines and French troops,
were sent in to keep the peace in late 1982, and until then the
Lebanese armed forces have remained neutral.

On October 23, 1983, a truck bomb driven by a suicide bomber
destroyed the Marine Barracks at Beirut International Airport,
killing over 250 US servicemen. A similar attack at the French
compound 20 minutes later killed over 50 French troops as well.
This is regarded as the first major use of suicide truck bombs,
and remains the largest casualty during a single day of US
Marines since World War II.

The Marines withdrew in 1984, after first moving off to offshore
base ship. Within minutes the positions they left behind were
occupied by militia.

The Lebanese armed forces soon disintegrated along religious
lines. Muslim officers with Christian soldiers under their
command killed them on patrols. The few Muslim officers who
refused to go along were threatened (their houses strafed with
machine gun fire) or outright assassinated. The neutral force
that had kept the peace for so long was no more. Most of the
soldiers and officers deserted and joined their respective

1988 and 1989 was chaotic, as the Parliament failed to elect a
new President to take over from Amine Gamayel (brother to Bachir
Gamayel, who was assassinated). Gamayel appointed General Roun as
interim president, but the previous interim president Al-hoss,
refused to accept his dismissal, resulting in a government with
no leader. The government is mostly figurehead any way with
Syrian influence hanging over its head.

By 1989 most of the fighting has stopped, due to some Arab
diplomacy within the Arab League that resulted in the Taif
Agreement. However, not all agree with the Taif Agreement.
General Houn, who headed an interim government in dispute,
refused to accept the Taif Agreement, as he wants both Israel and
Syria out of Lebanon first. However, Syrian occupation eventually
forced his flight to Paris where he is a part of vocal
"underground" Lebanese government-in-exile.

Israel unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon in year 2000. In 2004,
UN passed several resolutions calling for Syria to withdraw its
forces from Lebanon, but Syria maintains that it was invited by
the Lebanese government (which could be said to have been
installed by the Syrians) and thus is there for legitimate
reasons. However, a series of demonstrations in 2005 caused the
pro-Syrian Lebanese government to resign and a true free
parliamentary election was finally held without foreign troops on
Lebanese soil.


It is now 2006. Prime Minister of Lebanon was evacuated to
Germany for emergency surgery. During his absence, the two major
factions, the Iran-backed Atash Militia, and Syrian-backed
Christian Militia, decided to go to all-out war in order to gain
influence within Lebanon. UN decided to intervene by sending in
the American MEU (Marine Expedition Unit). While so far it's
just militia vs. militia, chances are high that Syrian and Iran
will send in their own troops, albeit in low numbers, as
"advisors" and later take direct roles in combat. Syria always
contends that Lebanon was a part of its territory and considers
UN intervention "meddling". Iran is less blatant but nonetheless
actively attempting to balance Syrian influence. Caught in the
middle are the civilians, and the US Marines.


Minimum system requirements:

Operating System: Windows Me/2000/XP Home/XP Pro

Processor: Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1.3 GHz

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Hard Disk: 2.8 GB free

CD Drive or DVD Drive

Video: 32 MB card with full T&L (Works with ATI
Radeon 7500 and NVIDIA GeForce 2MX or higher. Does not work with
many Intel integrated graphics.)*

Sound: 16-bit DirectX 9 and Windows compatible
sound card*

DirectX: DirectX version 9.0c or higher

Multiplayer: Broadband Internet or LAN

* Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX version 9.0c
or higher.

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Me/2000/XP Home/XP Pro

Processor: Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 2.0 GHz processor

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 2.8 GB free

CD Drive or DVD Drive

Video: 64 MB ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce card
with pixel shader support*

Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy 2*

DirectX: DirectX version 9.0c or higher

Multiplayer: Broadband Internet or LAN

* Indicates device should be compatible with DirectX version 9.0c
or higher.


It's basically a first-person military shooter, but with 3 other
teammates that will do a lot of shooting. You handle anything in
front, and your teammates will handle all of the sideways and
rear stuff. You can also order them around, provide cover fire,
even suppression fire, and takedowns.

In some missions you encounter civilians. Do not shoot them. If
you kill one you fail the mission.

The game is over if you die, or two (or more) of the team members
were incapacitated. If it's only one were down, you can summon a
corpsman and get him to a hospital, and continue with three

You can also secure prisoners. Sometimes hostiles will surrender
if faced with superior firepower.


The game is very stable and never crashed even once on my test
computer. However, it does NOT like to be task-switched (i.e. ALT-


CCF2F is sort of a sequel to the Close Combat series.

3 Your weapons and equipment

They are organized by the game into several categories. Remember
these are normal marine equipment.

3.1 M16A4

The A4 revision of M16 is the latest of the famous M16 series
that has been in use since the Vietnam war. It is battlefield
tested, and combines good accuracy with nice amount of firepower.
To not waste ammo, there is no "full auto" mode. You are limited
to single-round, or three-round-bursts.

Your specific M16A4 has the M203 grenade launcher, as well as a
4X ACOG scope. Use them.

The assistant gunner and rifleman carry plain M16A4s.

3.2 M203

This grenade launcher, fitted under a M16A4's barrel, launches 40
mm grenades. With a bit of practice, you can pop one through
windows and such. Very helpful when throwing can't be done
(prone) and/or distance is too great, or the angle is wrong.

One use is to hit snipers on a balcony that you can't reach, or
through windows that the snipers are hiding. Another is to hit MG
nests that are too difficult to hit or suppress. It can also be
used to hit hostiles behind cover, by hitting the wall behind

Do NOT fire at targets too close to yourself. You can take heavy
damage from the backblast.


Your SAW gunner carries this, and this has a LOT of firepower,
and is light enough to be carried by one guy. The assistant
gunner carries the extra ammo and such. You usually don't get to
shoot this unless your SAW gunner was incapacitated and you
picked up his weapon, or you ran into some dead friendlies. It
uses a 150 rd box magazine, and shoots full auto only.

3.4 AK-74

Descendent of the infamous AK-47, the AK-74 is chambered for
5.45mm bullets rather than the older/larger 7.62mm rounds. Other
than that, the gun looks just like AK-47, albeit with a different
muzzle brake.

AK-74 can be set to single round, 3-round burst, or full-auto
firing modes. You can hold up to 150 rounds, with 30-rd magazine

AK-74 is better in close quarters, due to the ability to fire

3.5 RPK

RPK is basically an AK-74 with longer barrel, a bipod, and a box
magazine, and with action adjusted for full-auto only, and a
higher firing rate. It fills the "light machine gun" role, like
SAW in American squads.

It has a 75-rd box magazine. You can hold up to 400 rds, if you
can find that many to take the ammo.


Grenades can be thrown both overhand, and underhand (switch
grenade modes). It has a pretty big kill radius and very large
wound radius, so make sure you stay behind cover when you do
throw one, and make sure one does NOT bounce back at you!


Generates white smoke for up to 30 seconds when thrown, can be
thrown both overhand and underhand.


This rifle may be dropped by snipers you killed. However, snipers
are usually well hidden that if a rifle fell to where you can
grab it, you are lucky. It's capable of up to 8x or 10x zoom (I
didn't exactly had time to compare), and a 10 rd magazine, but
due to the nature of the drop, virtually no reload at all.

3.9 RPG

If you are lucky, an RPG guy may drop his RPG for your use. It's
a single-shot weapon, but pretty much just like any other weapon:
zoom in with the reticule, align the cross-hair, and hit the
trigger button. Whoosh. Kaboom!

3.10 M1911 .45 CAL PISTOL

A few enemies carry this as their weapon. Low firing rate, but
can put serious hurt in someone if it hits.

4 Various Tactics


You don't want to run out at the wrong time. Reloading while
enemy is still shooting at you is bad, very bad. Crouch or go
prone while reloading.

If you are leaning out, get back into cover before reload. You
are "stuck" leaning out while reloading.


If you hear bullets slapping the ground near you, FIND SOME COVER
QUICKLY! Someone has seen you and is firing at you! Find some
cover, then displace laterally, THEN peek back out and locate the

Use the "lean" keys to lean out from cover to spot enemies.
Remember, no leaning while prone.


Crouch is slow, but slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Only stand up if you need to peek over something, or if you need
to run. And for that, you can use SPRINT.

Stand behind something, and use LEAN commands to lean out and
take a peek.

In dangerous areas, go prone. However, you can't "lean" while
prone. And you move extremely slow while prone.


So don't get too far from them. Heal them when they drop below
50%, but save at least one for dire emergencies.

When you see a first-aid box, hold the team, heal all wounds best
you can, then grab the first-aid box.


Frag grenade is a great way to break a stalemate, where both
sides are pinned down by heavy firepower with no cover. Just drop
one grenade in the right spot and voila, no more hostiles.

The M203 grenade is better as it can be fired from any position
over longer distances than its thrown cousin. Unfortunately, the
range is pure guesstimate. Drop one in a room and you can pretty
much guarantee it'll be empty of hostiles.

Smoke grenade is great for some cover while crossing hostile
territory under enemy fire. It is also useful as cover protecting


There are a few ways to cross hostile territory without being
shot to pieces.

1) Suppressive fire. Have someone, preferably the SAW gunner,
do suppression on the target, then the rest of the team run for
it. Then do the reverse. - USE UP AMMO QUICKLY

2) Smoke grenade. Toss one and they can't see ****. Then you
can run for it. - ONLY 5 smoke grenades unless you see ammo
3) Call in some help, such as marine sniper - LIMITED QTY, NOT
4) Long distance grenade fire from your M203 or thrown grenades
5) Carefully lean out and pick off the shooters with your M-16
in single-shot mode. - RISKY, LIMITED ANGLE OF FIRE


If you frisk the body, instead of just grab the fallen weapon,
you can get even MORE ammo. Actual amount depends on the weapon
in question. AK-74 carriers have 60 rounds on them, plus whatever
is in the weapon (up to 30). All other weapons have one set of
full reload.


One of the easiest mistakes is to forget to check the firing
modes. Whenever you grab a new weapon (like from AK-74 to RPK,
and back) your firing mode for that weapon was reset to single-
shot. That would not be good if you run into a group of enemies.
So, check your weapons often.

Similarly, watch the firing modes of a grenade. Usually you want
overhand throw, but sometimes an underhand throw is needed to bop
it around corners and such with out bouncing back into your face.


Take out generators and/or fuse boxes so you can fight in the
dark. Hostiles are not equipped with night vision, and thus you
have an advantage in the dark. It is also perfect time for you to
get 1-shot kills as hostiles can't see and just grope in the
dark, while you can just put one bullet in their head as you
sneak up on them.


Almost every map where you need to do heavy engagement has an
optimum position where you would barely take any hits from the
hostiles, vs. not so good locations. It may require a bit of back-
and-forth travel, but direct attack is NOT always the best way.


If you are attacking an enemy position that is heavily defended,
such as a blind corner guarded by 50-cal, generate cover by using
smoke grenades, THEN blitz the enemy rooms to reach areas that
are easier to attack from.


Stop the team at a safe place to cover you is often the best
solution as you move ahead to trigger the attack. Don't expect
the team to kill everybody for you though.

5 Campaign Walkthru

As a part of the UN peacekeeping force in Beirut, you will
undertake various missions to establish your base, as well as
clear out local militias to establish a safe zone of operations,
and when you got the information, go in, fight off the guards,
and run for it.

Most missions are divided into multiple areas, sometimes referred
to as "Area A", "Area B" and so on, but in the save games they
are referred to as "level 1", "level 2", and so on. Each area is
divided up to 3 sections, and each section has its own list of

Please keep in mind that the enemy will react differently due to
different levels of stress and situation, and thus the approach
outlined below may or may not work for you. It has worked for me,
at even at "simulation" difficulty level.


5.1.1 Area A, Part 1

Overall Objective: Clear the area around Echo Base of all
hostiles, secure/destroy any heavy weapons.

Objective: Clear crossroads of hostiles

You exit from the warehouse. Your team will spread into two
columns on either side of the street. When ready, turn left. Stop
before you enter the crossroads. Assign two team members to cover
the left, and one to cover the right. Crouch and look at the left
branch. One guy should be at the little white car. Shoot him.
Another one or two should come out. Just wait until they peek
their heads out and let your team mates have some fun. Or go
prone and snipe them. When those are eliminated, another two or
three militias will run in on the far side of the barrier. Go
prone and snipe them. A few survivors will run off. Your team
mates should be picking off any hostiles approaching from the
right branch. When that's done, next objective will be radioed

Objective: Clear the building across from the rug shop

Have your team RUN across the intersection, then run across
yourself (use the sprint command, may as well get into a habit of
it) and get back in formation. They'll spread into two sides
again. Now HOLD, so they cover the front. In fact, specifically
assign cover, two to watch the entrance, one to watch the rest of
the street. Approach at a crouch slowly... At the first sign of
trouble drop prone and watch your team hose down the hostiles.
One will approach from far right corner's alley, and three or
four will come out of the exit. Kill those that you can, but
don't take risks. When it quiets down, assign two guys to watch
the street, while another guy follow you into the building. Kill
any hostiles, but there's probably none. Get back in formation,
hit the waypoint, and this area is done.

5.1.2 Area A, Part 2

Overall objective: We are continuing the sweep.

Objective: reach next street corner

You go through the hall and you'll come to a door. Do a frag
takedown. Kill the one guy inside, and you'll be in this small
room with a vending machine. This should be your first sighting
of a first-aid box. Assign your guys to the windows, you take the
front entrance. Approach, but do NOT exit. Look toward the
street, and lean out. You should spot hostiles. Duck back into
cover. A few hostiles will run out from the alley with the blue
car. Take them down or force them to retreat with your team. Some
may try to make a run at you. Wait at the door and hose them.
This is a good spot to hold everybody and use up all the first-
aid kits before you do the replenishment.

When it's clear, exit and go for the corner, and you're ready for
next objective:

Objective: clear militants from school

We have two approaches: frontal, vs. sneaky

Frontal: Head down street slowly. Your team should have no
problem eliminating any threats in front. Continue until you see
the entrance to the school, where one guy tried to exit. Approach
carefully, kill hostiles at lower level by peeking and hosing.
Should be like three of them. Or you can do a takedown. The upper
floor is best cleared with your M203. Drop one through the window
while you're still in lower floor will eliminate the two hostiles

Sneaky: Climb the ladder just past the corner of the blue car.
Once you got up there, you can attack the school in reverse.
Perform Frag takedown of the upper room (though they're hidden
behind a table and a frag grenade may not get them all) then
attack downstairs into the school courtyard with its 3 or 4
militia members.

You may see one of the "peeping toms", a guy in a vest and
holding a cell phone that's watching you and making reports. He's
on a rooftop across from the ladder. He's a civilian, so you
can't shoot him (yet). Just continue with your mission.

Once you've cleared the school, you get another task.

Objective: clear another building near the school of militias.

Come back downstairs if you're not there. Stop at school entrance
facing out. Look toward the remaining street. At the end, on the
left is a door. Go inside with team. There's a small lobby to the
right, which offers better cover. Turn right then left, continue
and stop at door. To the right is the wall, good. Turn left and
peek through door way, kill two militiamen. Turn right to room
with computer, go through storage corridor, and onto next area.

5.1.3 Area A, part 3

Objective: clear any saboteurs in the area

Go through corridor and get to a door. Perform a takedown or frag
takedown. Kill two militias, but don't hit the civilian! He'll
run at you trying to get away. Let him. Another militia may pop
out from across the street at the barrels. Let your team mate
eliminate him.

Now it's just a couple more to go, as you're gone through entire
city block, just about. Hostiles are to your left. Send your team
to the barrels in front, and they'll hose down any hostiles in
the distance with superior firepower. Or if you want to be sneaky
hide behind the car and snipe them.

Once the threat's gone you'll be called back to echo base. There
are no more enemies, but you should not relax either. Assume the
formation, approach slowly, turn left back to the block you
exited, and turn into the garage to finish the level.

5.1.4 Area B: Part 1

Overall objective: We spotted militia activity in this warehouse.
We suspect it's a weapons cache. Go in and clear it out.

Objective: Clear the Warehouse

There is only one way into the warehouse. So, go prone in front
of the door, and have everybody "cover" the door. Open the door,
and shoot the hostiles! Then wait as two or three will approach.
Shoot them as well. Load M203, turn right slightly, and fire into
the wall at the small steps up to kill the fusebox. Now you can
fight in darkness. You got nightvis, and they don't!

Just clear the rest of the warehouse. What I generally do is I
ignore the stuff to the right. I hug the left hand wall and
explore all the nooks and crannies, kill any more hostiles in the
dark (sneak up on them and put one bullet in their head) until
you see a set of stairs going up. Go up slowly, kill one guy
around the corner, and use that stairs to shoot down at any other
hostiles you see. If you've done enough damage, the rest of
hostiles will flee. Go for the exit, which will lead you to the
other part of the warehouse.

5.1.5 Area B: Part 2

Objective: Clear the warehouse overflow area

You are in this corridor. Approach slowly, do a frag takedown of
the next room. You are in some sort of a lounge area. Have the
team cover the window into the warehouse, you go by the door, go
prone, and shoot any one you see down there. There's a first-aid
box behind you, so once that's clear, heal up everybody, and
restock your first aid kit supply.

Now you can head downstairs and go up the other set of stairs.
However, now you're about to experience your first technical.
Those 50 cal MG's are NOT nice. One or two hits are enough to
kill you. I'd recommend using peek and snipe. Arm M16 with zoom,
single shot, peek out, look for gunner. Shoot him. Duck back.
Wait until he stops firing if you had missed, repeat. Two more
militia may try to reactivate the MG. Repeat the procedure, or
just intercept them before they reach the MG. Another one or two
may rush you from below, as there's another door just beneath
you. It may suddenly open. Just deal with any intruders. You may
want to assign one or two riflemen to watch the door below. Once
you've killed all militia in these two rooms, you get the next
objective. Feel free to blow up the technical using whatever
means necessary.

Objective: clear the road block outside.

So go into the part where the technical is, go downstairs if you
haven't done so, and go through the open door. You'll reach a
door, and next section starts.

5.1.6 Area B: Part 3

Objective: Clear the militia roadblock just outside the

This roadblock is nasty, as it's got sniper support, infantry,
and no less than THREE .50 MGs. However, you can go left, or go
right. It's about the same. I prefer going LEFT.

So I went left, do a slow peek, and shoot any hostiles. There's a
sniper on that crane in the distance. There's a sniper on the
third roof, a shooter on the 2nd floor, and again, 3 HMGs on the
ground. Plus one or two infantry support.

If you want to do it all by yourself, I'd pick off the first MG,
then the high sniper, then second MG, then second story guy,
third MG, infantry, and finally, the guy on the roof. You can
confuse them by attracting their attention from one side, then
run to the other door and shoot them from there.

If you want to call in some help, you should have an airstrike
available, so call it on the MG position. It will probably NOT
kill the various snipers so you'll still have a few hostiles to
kill once that's done.

As you approach the spot, you are called to clear the rest of
militia from the street. Your team should automatically engage
any hostiles that just appeared around the street corner, three
or four of them. Let them engage automatically. Shoot those that
you can. Once the street is clear, this area is done. If it
isn't, run around a bit and look for one last guy hiding.

5.1.7 Area C1

Objective: Clear city block of all Atash militia

You start on a street that curves right, with a right alley. Turn
right into alley, go into the room. Point everybody at the
window. Two visitors will come soon, and be killed by your
marines. Another may hide behind that car. Peek out and feed it a
grenade. You can try the underhand throw for this. Or you can try
to snipe him. Basically, keep doing this until you're sure it's
clear, just lure hostiles into fire zone of your marines.

Once you've killed the gunmen, it's time to continue. Send your
guys behind the car, and they will engage militia down the road
just beyond that store in the distance with all the windows. Help
your marines by sniping at the opposition. When clear, gather all
the goodies. Then everyone gather just outside the store, but off
to the side.

Objective: Advance and clear the next block.

When ready, have everybody follow you into the store, kill one
militia coming to check you out. Set the marines up behind the
counter, two to point back the way you were, another at the small
entrance that leads to the back that you'll take. Go into the
back of the store, kill any hostiles. Do NOT exit into the yard
with all the pottery. Use peek and snipe and take out the gunner
on the technical. Repeat and take out two more gunners. Then
shoot a M203 into the alley a bit to your right. That should take
care of any one hiding there.

Objective: kill all Atash fighters in the street

Shoot two guys that suddenly spawned next to you (though one will
likely run away), and get back with your marines, or just wait in
a corner. Your marines should kill anyone entering that store.
Have a little patience. There's like 7-10 hostiles to kill. But
you're lined up nice enough.

Now you can exit to courtyard and turn left, but watch for the
gap higher up... See somone's leg up there? Shoot it out from
under the guy. There should be no more enemies. Go ahead and
explore around a bit, but if the objective still shows SQUARE,
not bullseye, run back toward the beginning spot, then you should
get the order to "continue up stairs to next area".

Run past the technical, turn left into small alley, and the
stairs are at the end to the left.

5.1.8 Area C 2

This is a tough mission, as optimum use of cover and picking the
right location to make a stand makes all the difference.

Objective: Clear the apartments next to the bookstore.

As you get out of the corridor you are at the traffic circle.
Directly across from you is a bookstore, with a sniper inside.
Snipe him or use a M203 grenade. Don't shoot the civilian once
shooting starts. Also watch out to high left, on the "balcony"
there's a shooter. Your marines can probably eliminate him if you
just point them at the corner with all the garbage bags. But why
take the risk?

Move the team out to right, and have everyone cover the entrance,
both garage and apartment. Then run to the entrance look inside,
shoot comers, and turn around and run back. Hostile should come
out from the garage and meet his Maker. Go through the garage and
clear it of all hostiles, then turn right and clear the last room
of any holdouts. Use a grenade if you want.

Objective: Clear the courtyard next to the bookstore

As you're next to the garage, just get in there peek out from
that old van. If you see someone to shoot, do so. If not, doesn't
matter. Continue slowly and have your team cover you. Eliminate
two or three militia members in the courtyard, and that should be
it for this objective. However, you still need to approach it.
Instead, stop, and immediately have your team move into the
bookstore. Keep your SAW gunner and have him cover the square.
The other two should cover the courtyard, and the computer store.

When ready, approach the courtyard.

Objective: Clear the computer shop attached to the courtyard.

That door in the courtyard suddenly opens, and hostiles start to
pour out. As the hostiles charge into your fire and die, you can
relax a bit. When it's slow, move into the computer shop and kill
the remaining militia. There's an ammo box in the computer shop.

Objective: Hold off the Syrian forces attacking

Leave your forces alone, but run back to help. Shoot all Syrians
that come along. A technical will drive in first, but your SAW
gunner (perhaps with your help) with deal with him. Feed it a
M203, then shoot it until it blows up. It's too dangerous and you
don't need to use it at all. Your team will kill the rest of the

Objective: Eliminate Syrian armor

Once all the Syrian troops have been eliminated, head back into
the computer shop, and designate the nose of the BRDM (sometimes
pronounced "bur-dem") for a mortar strike. Once the strike's
complete, the target's gone, and you've won this battle! Just be
sure you don't get killed by the foot patrols near the BRDM while
the mortar rounds land.


Akhbar Al'soud and his militia is causing a lot of trouble in La
Sargesse. Clean him out.

5.2.1 Area A1

Objective: clear the traffic circle

You start on a street, civilians walking about. The road is
downhill with a curve right, two trucks blocking the way to a
traffic circle.

Advance to the corner, but do NOT enter the corner. Lean out to
see if you can engage if you wish. Get the angle. Then fire a
shot into the air. You'll hear screaming and civilians will run
past you. Just wait. Two militiamen will reveal themselves next
to the closest truck. Lean out and snipe them, then the one on
the balcony as well. Another one or two may join their friends.
If they hide behind the truck too much, snipe their foot
(remember to aim a little higher than normal to compensate
downslope). When clear, approach the truck, and have the team
cover the exit of that building in front, but one guy point at
the rear. Help them engage any comers. Soon the building will be
empty. Go past the truck, turn right, stop at the corner, and put
the team behind you (goto). Some more come out of a side street,
another from the rear. Kill the side streets first, then help
your rearguard take care of the guy in the back.

Objective: Clear the upper floors of the apartment building

You don't want to go down the left branch, as there's an RPG guy
in the distance and he can easily kill you and your team.
Fortunately the truck is not destructible in this game, but in
real life if you're on one side of the truck and the other side
gets hit by an RPG you're probably toast. So don't even go there.

Any way, when the coast is clear, advance down the street and
enter the door to the left at the end. Go inside, there's nothing
in the laundry, except a first-aid box. So hold everyone and heal
up, and restock your first aid.

Now it's time to take care of the RPG guy. There's a door
directly facing the door you came in. You'd be almost directly
UNDER the RPG guy, so he won't engage. Look up, and snipe his
head off. Back up a little if you wish. If you're lucky, he'll
drop the RPG at your feet, and you can pick it up for a surprise
weapon. If not. oh well.

When ready, head for the broken elevator deep into the laundry to
the left. There's a ladder inside. Climb it (you can send someone
up first, doesn't matter). Get into the corridor. Set your weapon
to engage (full auto or 3-rd burst), go prone, and do a frag
takedown on the door closest to the shaft (to left), issue the go
and turn right to face the first door you see. Let your team take
care of the two militiamen inside. Three more will rush out of
the door you're facing, so engage them. Once you got all of them,
you'll be directed to next op area.

Objective: head for next operational area

You'll see a section of corridor with damaged floor. Hold team
there. Run forward, then when you hear the door go "clunk", turn
180 and run back. Syrian commando will enter the room, and if he
pulls a grenade you're history. This way you'll lure him out, and
your team will finish him (and you can help).

Once that's taken care of, continue into the room, turn right,
and you'll see staircase down. Go down slowly, and stay upright
so you can see better. A civilian should come up first, ignore
him. Continue and you'll see a militia, so kill him. Look down as
you turn corner and you may be able to shoot one more militia a
bit further down. If not, just go down slowly and engage him.
When you reach the bottom next part starts.

5.2.2 Area A 2

Objective: Rendezvous at the graveyard, take out any militia in
your way

You start at bottom of staircase facing a door. Open it and step
though, turn and face the exit, and point your team to hold on
the right side of the room, but not too far out. Have them cover
the exit onto the street. You'll notice a first aid kit behind
you, but save it for now. As you step near the exit, a motor
starts up... Hmmm... not good.

Peek right slightly, until you see the hood of the technical, but
not the gun. You don't want to shoot the gun yet. Just keep
shooting the hood until the technical blows up. A couple other
militia will challenge you. Just back into the room, and let your
team take care of them.

Now you need to turn until you face right of the entrance... And
look up... Yep, a sniper in the distance. Zoom in and lean out
and feed him some American lead.

Objective: clear the warehouse, which leads to the graveyard.

Turn back toward your objective. Look to the left side of the
street, left of the now dead technical, is a set of ruins. Point
to left of it and send your team there. A new hostile should pop
up in the ruins. Kill him, then send your team into the ruins.
Then you can head in yourself. If you haven't gotten hurt much
save the first-aid kit at starting point. You can come back for
it any time.

Now is time to peek at the hostiles in the "warehouse". A group
of hostiles (3) will run for the warehouse, but you should be
able to shoot them in the back as they go by.

Turn left a bit, and you'll see that the warehouse has a smaller
door in addition to the big door. Send your team even further
left of THAT door. You don't want any one shooting at them, but
they can cover the exit. So send them over and have them cover
the exits. That should trigger the reinforcements. The upper
floor door in warehouse opens and hostiles start charging down
the stairs. Either shoot them yourself, or let your team catch
them in a crossfire. Then it's time to go inside and kill that
one sniper hiding on the top rafter.

Police up the rifles inside, should be quite a few. Head
upstairs, turn left to the door. Go through. You'll come to
stairs down, but there's a gap where you can see through. Use it
to look left... Next to dumpster... Shoot the hostile. Now look
right a bit... more hostiles. Shoot them. Slowly head downstairs,
be ready to shoot two more hostiles, then there's a "sniper" in
the graveyard, standing way in the back on top of one of the
graves, but you should be able to hit him without getting off the
stairs. Kill him, then probably one more coming from the right
alley. After all were dealt with, you'll be told to get in the
sewers to the next area.

The sewer entrance is just right of you. Approach it to go to
next part.

5.2.3 Area B 1

You start in the sewer. Continue and you'll see a right branch.
Peek in and kill militants (2-3?) and continue. Kill any
militants you encounter follow the only path. You'll come to
stairs up and a street sewer line.

Stop at entrance. Two to three militants will come down the
ladder. Kill them. There are openings on either side, so you have
to be VERY careful as you can get hit from almost ANY angle, but
you can hit back if you crouch and look carefully. If you face
the entrance toward the ladder up, you can see two guys on
rooftops on the right, at the first or second opening, and one
guy in a building but you can't see him until you go past the
ladder. Then at lest one on the left also past the ladder.
Sometimes there's a shooter on left side balcony but sometimes
there isn't. Use a M203 grenade to clean that out if he's there.
There's also one roamer that may walk around a bit, kill him when
you can. Leave the team down there as the next part is HARD. A
BMP and a technical will be hosing your exit as soon as you climb
out. You can do this on the ground, or in the tunnel.

If you want to do this on the ground, climb out and immediately
go prone, and start backing up and move to right until the
manhole cover is protecting you. If you got mortar fire, use it
to destroy the BMP, which will take out the technical as well.
Else, you have to snipe off the gunner on the BMP, and repeat.
Then you have to carefully snipe off the technical's gunner as
well. You can also call in a sniper team or a gunship, same idea.

If you want to do it in the tunnel, drop back down below ground,
then shoot the hostiles within the tunnel. You should be able to
kill the gunner of the BMP easily, as well as some infantry that
came along. Then advance all the way to the bars and go prone,
and you can see a tiny bit of the technical. Keep shooting it
until it explodes, and that's the end of the technical.

Look behind you as there's a gunner that pops out. Kill him. Now
you can call out the whole team. If you don't see the shooter,
move left and scan right, as sometimes he moves to a dead humvee

Jog toward the dead BMP, then turn left and left until you go
past the marine scout vehicle with the 50-cal on it. You don'
need it though. Go in the next door into the row house, and turn
right, kill two hostiles in the lobby. Go through the lobby, turn
left to stairs, maybe kill one guard on stairs, then head up, and
in the room two more, plus another two on balcony (though they
will likely run in), total of 4. Use underhand grenade to roll
them into the room. Come back down, back through lobby, turn
right, kill the guy in the kitchen, open the backdoor to the

5.2.4 Area B 2

Head downstairs into basement, but don't rush in. There are three
militants inside. Use a grenade or two to clear them and hose the
survivors. Explore the basement, and you'll find a tunnel down to
the sewers.

Head into the sewers, and clear the only path through, kill any
militants in your way. Only a few. Look for another tunnel and a
few militants. If you don't kill them, they'll run for the
tunnel, leading you to it. Clear the room and you're in another
basement. Now you can get up to the next row house. However,
there's a tunnel to your right with another four militants, and
you need to be ready to kill them. Best way I found is to setup
the team left to right on the wall furthest from the hole in the
wall, and have them cover, and wait for hostiles to die. If one
or two remain, head in there and do it yourself. You'll find an
ammo box there. Back into the room you came from, look in the
corner, and you should see stairs heading up.

Get into the rowhouse and you're in the kitchen, with a first-aid
kit on the wall! The civilian is not a factor. Enemy is
thoroughly entrenched outside, and you have TWO doors to fight
through. I'd pick the right one, but I'd do a fake out first.
First open the left door, fire a few shots, throw a grenade
through, then close it. (Beware that if you bunch up hostiles can
throw a grenade at you!) THEN go through the right door, then
feed grenades into the lobby and kill the rest. Head upstairs,
and you'll come to a restroom to left (with first aid kit!), and
room to front. But again, enemy's thoroughly entrenched. Keep
your guys into the corridor, then roll a grenade into the room
(use UNDERHAND throw) and run AWAY. Boom! Then repeat, and rush
in and kill survivors. Voila, you're done.

5.2.5 Area C1

Ahkbar Al'Soud was spotted nearby, try to capture or kill him.

You start at top of a hill pointing down into the ruins of the
factory district. You see entrance at the bottom... Keep team on
COVER. Then run at the wall in front and hug the corner. Enemies
should start to appear at the entrance and attack toward you.
Kill them. Stop like four or five of them. Have the team form up
and continue down, kill any more that pop up but there's probably
none. Continue and the path makes a left zig, and someone may pop
up at the corner. Kill him. Continue as the path turns left, then
right. Stop at corner. An ambusher is on 2nd floor around the
corner. Kill him and approach waypoint.

Objective: Al'Soud is in the restaurant, get inside and clear it.

Continue and climb up the ladder on your left. Get on the roof
and hold at corner. Turn left and kill two commandos. Continue
and turn left, kill one at balcony across the street, then one
more will rush you from the balcony on your right, kill him.
Another may shoot at you from across the other street, or he may
not. Turn right into staircase, shoot at two hostiles below, or
just drop a grenade on them. When ready, rush the restaurant
lobby. Do a normal take down instead of a frag takedown since
place is too big. Kill three hostile inside. Do NOT shoot the
cook in the kitchen. There's one more door to the right you need
to explore, but hold there. Hold the team and perhaps heal now,
as there is a first aid kit in the office beside the kitchen.

Now you need to have the team cover the front door, while you
deal with the remaining guy. If you are good with the M203, just
move so you can shoot into the door but that guy can't hit you,
then fire a M203 at him. It should impact on the wall behind him
and kill him. Normal grenades will not work as this guy's well
protected by two tables. You may be able to bounce one
underhanded off the inside wall, but why? There's probably
another guy inside behind the door and another table.

Al'Soud apparently fled into the factory district. You need to
chase him. The front door suddenly opens, and if you didn't
"cover" hostiles may shoot. Clear the front door. Then peek
outside. When it's clear, send your team to the car across the
street, then crouch and turn right as you exit. Militants should
appear from both left and right street, kill them. When it's
clear, continue to corner, but watch for sniper. See if you can
get him. If not your team should take care of him. When ready,
approach the stairs, and that's end of this section.

5.2.6 Area C2

Objective: Chase Al'Soud, corner him in the factory, take him
captive if you can.

You start on staircase. Go down, and there's a room on your left
while stairs turns right, with big holes in the wall. Send your
team inside, then have them "cover" you as you descend. A
militant should appear in front higher up. Shoot him and he'll
slide downhill to the bottom. However, this also alerts hostiles
to your left in the factory ruins. Turn to face the factory, keep
a wall between you and them, and shoot hostiles. If you don't see
any, shoot the guy at the 50 MG. In fact, snipe him. Another may
take his place. Take him too. A third guy may be around, but you
can drive him into hiding, but shooting him is better. Now gather
up the team and go down.

NOTE: You probably COULD call in a mortar strike on the abandoned
factory, but you run the risk of killing Al'Soud.

Now look carefully... There are two paths... Hug the wall of the
building, or go through the gully and hide behind the ruins. I'd
go with the gully. However, have your team hold as they won't
follow you into the gully. Crouch and move little by little, keep
your eyes on the factory. Another guy may pop out on the roof,
and the 50 cal MG is manned again! Snipe the guy off the roof if
he shows up. If not, snipe the shooter, go back. Rinse and
repeat. You need to shoot 4 or 5 gunners. And if you catch the
guy on the roof leaning out, that's even better. Continue to the
door. Have your team cover entrance... Then stop at the entrance.
Kill commandoes running out from the left, then more from deeper
into the building. Kill like three to five of them. Once it seems
clear quickly get the team inside, as they may end up shooting at
the guys on upper floors and that can go badly for you.

Then it's just the matter of clearing slowly level by level, bit
by bit, use grenades liberally, until you clear floor by floor
and that leaves Al Soud by himself on the third floor. Order your
team to cover him, grab his gun, then secure him (or order
someone to) and you win!


Atash militia, backed by Iranian Special Forces, has attacked
American University.

5.3.1 Area A 1

Objective: Go through sewers to rendezvous with Mad Dog 9 and
reclaim American University. Hunt Major Abdullah Bin Katan of
Iranian Special forces, eliminate Atash militia if you see any.

Go through tunnel, kill two around corner, then you'll come to
pump room. Watch for sniper up top to right, then hostiles
further down. Get marines to cover, then you stay back and snipe
or feed M203s. After you clear a few you'll be told that mortars
have damaged sewers, and you need to find alternate route to your

Objective: Locate alternate route

Continue, kill few more commandoes that rush you. Don't forget
the guy up top to right. Continue through and you'll see branch
to right. Go to end to find a small office with first aid kit.
Heal everybody, and restock. Two or three hostiles may come by,
but your team should take care of them. Back out into tunnel and

Continue down the tunnel, continue to the T intersection. Left
side is blocked by a cave-in, so turn right. Go down, stop at
middle. Enemy at end may use a grenade. You should hear the
grenade spoon pop off. If so, turn 180 and RUN. Else, sneak up
and hose him or throw a grenade yourself. Once he's toast,
continue, and you'll see a tunnel up to street level on your left

5.3.2 Area A 2

Move up slowly, watch for two hostiles, usually one to left and
one to right. Go prone and look for the left exit, leave your
team in the ruins. There's a 50 cal just outside on the street
ready to hose anyone coming out, so you need to look carefully,
find a place to snipe it. Your team mate can probably hit someone
else across the street. Or you can call for a gunship strike.

It's dusk, so get the nightvis on. Get everybody to the curb
across once you're sure the 50 cal is neutralized. Turn right and
face the intersection toward the red pickup in the distance.
Continue up the street and enemies will pop out from both sides
of the intersection. Help your team engage and eliminate the

Once it's mostly clear, hold your team and go up to the corner,
hugging left. Two or three hostiles are in the far left corner
building. Engage them from a distance. Watch for civilians.

When that's clear, turn right into the alley. There's a ladder
there. Send your entire team up the ladder and have them cover
the yard (trust me). Climb up and line them up properly. Come
back to street level, check the "warehouse" just around the right
corner, and shoot the militant inside.

Objective: Clear the remaining Atash militants

Suddenly that building you've passed next to the yard comes
alive, as militants start pouring out! (Aren't you glad you lined
up your team?) Help them by leaning out and engage. You should be
able to wipe them out with minimum hits. Another one or two
hostiles may appear in the far end. Let them approach and
eliminate them.

When clear, gather up the rifles, the continue to end of the
street into that "bunker", and inside is a ladder down to next
part of the sewer mission.

5.3.3 Area A 3

You're in the sewers, so watch front, kill militia that appear.
Continue to the only way you can go. You'll get rushed from front
intersection. Kill all of them. Turn left at intersection, kill
one guy in distance, and continue into subway.

Subway can be difficult if you don't deal with defenders. Crouch
and hug right side wall, hold team. Kill one guy to left. Hug
left wall and wait until one guy pop out, or underhand a grenade.
Then hug right wall turn right, and kill one, then maybe another
defender. Or, if you're in a hurry, shoot a M203 grenade into the
far wall, which should kill all hostiles nearby.

Continue down slightly until you see a gap in subway wall to
left. Quickly point your team to cover. Atash militia will rush
out toward the other side of platform. Shoot them, let your team
have their share. Should be like 5 or 6 of them, one may be
slower than others. Once coast is clear, hold your team, as it's
time to do a little recon. Have your team cover the gap and the
platform. One guy should pop out from the platform on your side
(or he'll be hiding behind a column). Kill him. Stay in the
tracks. You're trying to find the generator powering the lights
on the other side of the wall. If you see the small earthmover,
look to the LEFT of it and keep looking. If you see it, shoot it.
Voila! Darkness is your ally! Turn on nightvis and go hunting.
Want to do it lone wolf? Climb the stairs on the platform and
lean out to snipe from the catwalk. You cannot use the scope
since it's not compatible with the nightvis, but you shouldn't'
need it. Lean out, take a few shots, come back. Lean out, take a
few shots, back. Kill like 6 militants. Many would rush up the
bridge, but you can kill them or set your team to cover while you
shoot from prone position.

When it seems clear, have your team form up and follow you down
the stairs, engage any one in the way in the distance. Maybe two

Continue and check the rooms to your left. Second room has a guy
in the dark... Shoot him. There's a first-aid box here too. Last
room has ammo box.

The tunnel up to the university is collapsed, but there's another
way. Jump into the tracks, watch for hostile! Then you'll find a
hole leading into a different part of the sewers. Head into the
hole, watch for hostile if you haven't killed him on the tracks.
Continue down, you'll find sewers. Climb down, bring team down.
Stop at exit. Kill one guy to left, then two more.

Continue up, put your team behind any available cover. You'll
come to right bend... Get your team behind you and cover you.
Shoot hostiles from between the pipes. Then go full auto and
prepare to repel. At least two should rush you here. Kill them.
Continue to a section where the ceiling's broken. There's a
sniper up there, plus Iranian special forces on the far side.
Nail the one guy at your level, wait. Then assign your team to
the cover, and let them engage. Shoot the sniper if you see his
legs. If you're not sure it's clear, fire a M203 grenade into the
far wall. When clear, continue. Right side's blocked, so go left.
You'll come to right branch. Shoot one guy coming out. Do NOT
enter intersection. Two more will appear from ahead. Kill them.
Then enter intersection and nail two guys behind the debris

Continue, and you're at the ladder up, and that ends this level.

5.3.4 Area B 1

NOTE: Very touch section, very long, where one mistake can be
fatal to your team members or to you.

You've found mad dog 9, 2 friendlies. You need to clear this side
AND that side of hostiles, and it's not going to be easy! I
prefer the ambush style. Peek and shoot on guy in the back of his
head if he's there. Get back and get the team to cover the door.
Shoot a few rounds to attract the guys in the ruins. Back up and
eventually one or two will rush your door. Your team will kill
them. Make sure you don't get hit in the meanwhile though.

When no more hostiles seem to be coming, stay on same side of
door, but opposite edge. Peek up over the barrels, and you'll see
some ambushers on top. Call in a gunship on them. Now make a run
for it while the gunship distracts them. Go for the far right
corner of the room, and let them shoot others. (Alternative
approach: you go snipe them instead of the gunship). Send your
marines to behind the barrels. Progress slowly and watch for
shooters in the ruins, and those who ran back upstairs to shoot
you. Have patience and wear them down.

When you kill like 5-6 more, should be pretty quiet. Form up and
look at the barrels, then left to the boxes. Left of the boxes is
a door. Have your marines cover, then open it. Kill any one
inside. That takes you down to the "gully". Head toward the other
building. Look up. The balcony on your building has a sniper on
top. Kill him before he does any damage. Continue to other
building. Best way so far I've found is to climb the ladder all
the way up, and have your team huddle around the door covering it
from inside. Assign one or two to protect the staircase. Then you
sneak back downstairs and explore until you see two guys coming
out of a backroom. kill them, and you get a new objective.

Obj: protect Mad Dog 9 survivors and fend off the Atash forces.

Technically, you do NOT need to protect Mad Dog 9 survivors. They
can die, and you can still progress, but it's better if you DO
help them.

If you've huddled right nobody will be exposed to outside. Run
back upstairs. You go take a peek over the wall, shoot a few
rounds and get their attention. They will rush for the ladder,
but that's a natural chokepoint... You can just shoot them off
one at a time. So just have patience... If there are enemies that
won't rush, peek over the wall and snipe them. Soon, you'll kill
everybody and get the next objective. If Mad Dog 9 members did
not survive, feel free to take the SAW and/or the M203 for more

If you do want to save Mad Dog 9's members, as they do have some
firepower, you will have to fight it out in the lower floor.
Basically, study the lower floor and find a location that has
only two or three access points, then assign the SAW gunner to
one, the two riflemen to another. That should give you enough
time to heal any one heavily injured. The Mad Dog 9 members are
hiding in a small room, so you'll need to make a stand with them
there. Fighting up front is not recommended as there are too many
windows. However, if you can guard the two entrances and the
staircase (as it is possible to go up the exterior ladder, than
come back down) that may do as well. Keep killing them until you
get the next objective.

Go to where you killed the two militants on the first floor, and
you'll find staircase down. Go through room with first-aid kit.
Stop at door. Heal now, but do NOT stock up. Have everyone cover
the door, then open it. A fusillade of fire eliminates the two
militia inside. Form up, NOW stock up on your first aid stuff,
and continue into tunnel for university!

5.3.5 Area C 1

Objective: Make it into the University

As you get out of the sewers, you're in a small tunnel. Hold
inside the tunnel, things will get ugly soon. Do NOT exit into
the street. It's BAD out there, and I'm not talking about the
civilians. You will see technical, RPG shooter, and lots of

Approach and hold at exit. Lean out and shoot at hostiles just
over the car. Civilians will scatter. Then lean out and take out
the guy on the far balcony. Reload quickly. Next guy on the
balcony has RPG and if he hits your spot your entire team is
toast. Lean out and shoot any one that gets too close. Shoot a
few more militia.

Objective: Atash is sending in reinforcements. Eliminate them.

A technical comes in from the right on the far side of
barricades. Go prone, as you can't hit it with M203 from this
angle. There are two ways you can do this. I'd stay in the tunnel
and deal with all comers, then keep shooting the technical (you
can see a piece of it, while the columns block its gun from
seeing you) until it goes boom. The other way is to make a run
for the stairs opposite you (though too many enemies would
prevent that initially, unless you feel like getting ambushed)
Wait until it's mostly clear (kill like 6-8 hostiles from the
left street as they slowly try to work around the car in front of
the entrance) run up the stairs, turn, and turn, and you can kill
the technical gunner from above by peeking out. There may be some
backup gunners, shoot them as well, or just blow up the

That staircase also has a first aid kit. You may need it.

Now you can clear the intersection. The left branch has two
snipers in the open windows (one upper, one lower). Be careful as
you go past them. Get into the door that's open a little further
down, and you go on the next part.

5.3.6 Area C 2

Objective: Attack the library and capture Bin Katan, then destroy
the roadblock so Marines can liberate the university.

You're at the back entrance of library. Everybody's hidden.

Open the door, and you'll find this little alcove to your left.
Tell your team to go in the alcove. If one of them insists on
staying at the column or door, issue a specific person goto
command. Have them cover front (from door) and a bit left of
that. Now it's time for you to play bait. Before you do that,
turn left. See a head above the books? Put a bullet in that head.

Now you can play bait. Go back to the door, and face into the
library. Run toward the far end until you see hostiles, then
SPRINT back quickly to the alcove, turn back, lean out, and
engage any comers. Your team should also be shooting. Kill about
a dozen different fighters, some downstairs, while others are
upstairs running back and forth, even a sniper or two on the
damaged third floor on your left. Use M203 if you wish. It's
close to end of mission. You get a resupply soon any way. Kill
everybody until nobody else is moving. Form up, heal up, and go
for the staircase. Go up to 2nd floor, turn right, then go around
and you've found Bin Katan. Take his RPK, and secure him.

Objective: destroy bunker

There's an ammo resupply crate in the corner. Turn right there
and there's a big door to more hostiles. Kill like three or four
that will run out. Issue cover command and let your team get to

Head inside and clear the rooms, probably another 3-4 militiamen.
There are three different rooms, and you can do them one at a
time, but watch out for shooters from outside, across, shooting
in. You don't need night-vis to see the shooters outside, but you
do need it to see the shooters INSIDE. I recommend one grenade
per room. Take out the shooters on the roofs across the street.
If you want more kills you can snipe the hostiles below you.
There are quite a few. When you are tired, call in a gunship on
the bunker. After the bunker goes boom, you win the mission!


5.4.1 Area A 1

Objective: Attack radicals lead by General Badr around the
hospital so a convoy can get through and evac the wounded marines
in a hospital.

You start on a building just off the street. You need to get up
to the stairs to your left, ASAP, and engage hostiles below,
who'll come left and right. If you stay below you may be
overwhelmed. So RUN up yourself, then order your team up here on
the double. From up there you're covered and have plenty of
targets to choose from.

Once it's mostly clear, get into the building on your right,
where lots of radicals came out. Get up to 2nd floor. Have your
team guard the first floor covering the entrance. You got
upstairs (kill any remaining hostiles inside) and play sniper
with the hostiles who'll appear from down the street as well as
in that building to right front. Also take out any 50 MG gunners
you see.

A technical will approach. However, if you had closed the door
downstairs they have no target. So snipe the gunner off from the
balcony, then throw a grenade at the truck to blow it up. It's
too dangerous to leave standing. Use a M203 grenade to bust
snipers hiding inside room with the long narrow windows (firing
slits?) and continue to nail any one further down the street.

When clear, head toward waypoint via left side of street and stay
behind cover. Hostiles will pop out from further up the corner as
well as from the building to your right. Take them out. Then go
for the waypoint, which is back door of restaurant.

Do regular takedown of restaurant (civilians may be inside). Two
more radicals will run in, eliminate them. There's first aid kit
in the office if you need to restock. When ready, exit off that
small door to left. Eliminate two radicals in the construction
site. Go through and in the far corner is a stairway down into a
door. Open door and go through and you're at the hospital.

5.4.2 Area A 2

Objective: Clear the hospital of the radicals so the convoy can
evac the wounded.

You are in the hospital. Go in slowly, door by door. Hostiles are
now like three to four per room, which means you will need to be
precise, AND use the AK's full auto to your advantage. Keep
moving into the level, which is the morgue level of the hospital.
Kill hostiles as you go. First room has one or two, then another
room has three or four, with additional that may run in. You may
want to peek in, then go in prone. Keep going until you see the
friendly marine. He'll tell you there are three more upstairs.
Then he'll take off.

Head upstairs, watch for two hostiles coming down. Then go up
another level to the only open-able door. You may see a nurse.
She's scared and looking at the hostiles. You MAY want to use
smoke here, as blatant shooting may cause the civilian to run
into your fire. Pop a smoke to let the civilian escape, maybe, or
just be quick and precise with your shots, or just do a takedown
and let your marines deal with them. It's up to you.

Any way, continue into corridor, which overlooks small plaza.
Keep going. You see two wounded marines, one of them is looking
at something. Hostiles. Do the lean and shoot. Take out all three
and you've saved them. There's one more downstairs? Come back
through the corridor, but look down. Hostiles! (3 or 4 of them)
Kill them from up here if you can, but it's okay if you don't.
Have your team cover the door you came through in previous (back
the way you came). Any survivors will run up here to attack, and
thus fall into your trap. Help your team kill them.

When clear, form up and head downstairs, but only one floor. A
door that was previously locked is now open. Head inside and
cover the various doors. Hostiles will come in from at least two
directions. Two or three from the double door, then more hostiles
arrive from the left. Start clearing the side rooms. If you're at
the desk (it's the best cover) turn left, kill one guy that comes
out (you should have heard the door open), then quickly tell your
team to follow you through the door. Kill one, then another
inside, and you've liberated the marine. You'll get orders to
head for the roof to cover the convoy.

Now it's time to head upstairs, but watch for the two hostiles on
the staircase coming down. Continue through room and you should
be back to the staircase (go for the waypoint), reload ammo. Head
up and watch for two more hostiles making a run down if they
haven't yet. Go up to the roof, run into the corridor, and this
level will end.

5.4.3 Area A 3

Objective: You need to use the 2 MG nests to cover the convoy
against the hostiles on the other side of the street, who wants
to damage the convoy as much as possible.

Run to right side, assign assistant gunner to one of the MGs.
Assign your SAW guy here and assign cover across the street but a
bit LOWER. Run to the other side and get the OTHER MG, assign the
rifleman to it, and you stay there to help him. Your job is to
shoot the occasional bad guy at STREET LEVEL, as the other
hostiles are actually not that big of a threat. Kill anybody at
street level ASAP. Once you've killed them all, the rest of the
battle is easy. Use grenades on the street level folks. During
battle, heal up the guys who will get nicked a little no matter
what you do. There are TWO first-aid boxes, one per gun, so you
can do quite a bit of running around applying first aid. And
patch up whoever went down to 60 percent or lower.

Then basically it's shoot, shoot, shoot. There's some ammo in a
crate at the right gun (maybe left gun as well?). Use 3 rd bursts
or even semi-auto as you may run out of ammo if you fire a lot.
Good thing the MG's never run out of ammo or even need reloading.

Shoot all the hostiles, esp. those on the lower level. Enemies
come in three levels: lower street level (those are the primary
threat to your humvees and to your shooters), middle level behind
those slits (lower threat, as they are too busy dodging your
bullets), and top level on the "roof" (they mainly shoot at you,
not the humvees). Keep killing them until like 10 or 12 different
humvees made it through. Eventually you'll get "we're oscar
mike!" That's end of the mission.

5.4.4 Area B 1

It's time to get the convoy through a heavily contested area. Use
the 50 as much as possible.

You are on a rooftop with a 50 MG. There's another 50 on the
marine AFV to your right. Assign one person to each and the
mission is much easier. You need to shoot LOTS of enemies to your
front, and a bit to your left. Assign your assistant gunner to
one of the 50, and your rifleman to another 50. Set your SAW
gunner to cover front a bit to the left, at the box trucks, and
you go single shot and shoot any target you see, preferably
targets to your left. Lean out and engage left.

You can order a mortar fire on the enemy place. Save the strike
for when the vehicle is about to go through. You need the shock
value. When the next vehicle come through, use smoke. Shoot all
hostiles to cover the convoy going through. You can lose ONE
vehicle, but no more than that. (Save your ammo as next part is
very ammo intensive as well). Use single shot and help your team
engage. Use M203's sparingly (you need several of those for next

When complete, gather around. There's stairs on your left, or
ladder on your right to go down. There is a first-aid kit down
there. Heal up and restock. Even go across the street for some
dropped AK-74 and RPK and such. There should be piles of them.

When ready, head for the door BEHIND your starting point, and
follow corridor to next level.

5.4.5 Area B 2

Objective: The reporters are holed up on the uppermost floor. You
need to clean out the lower floors to get to them.

NOTE: Watch for snipers from adjacent buildings shooting through
windows and such.

Observation: VERY tough level, expect to run this through several
times as a single mistake could mean death of a team member,
death of one of the reporters, or your own demise.

Work your way into the building slowly, section by section, be
VERY aware of shots coming in from outside. You may have the
sense to dodge them, but your fellow marines and the reporters do
not. If you think your squad may be at risk, have them hold at a
safe location first. The reporters are generally quite good about

Work your way into the corridor, using as much captured weapon as
possible. You need your M-16 with the scope to do sniping later.
Work your way up bit by bit, run past windows, close door to
outside, and work your way to the corner room where the reporters
are. However, the office before that has a first-aid kit inside.

You've found the reporters, and you need to get them to the
parking garage's roof where they can be evac'ed.

Issue HOLD, and go prone yourself. Leave your team outside. And
CLOSE the doors to the corridor. Snipers want to hit you and if a
reporter gets in the way, it's STILL your fault. And you don't
want team members to get hit either.

As you go prone, look right, and you should see a sniper looking
in the wrong direction. Before he notices, put a bullet in his

Do NOT crouch too close to the window. People from below CAN and
will shoot at tip of your helmet, and enough hits CAN take you
out. Back up slightly from the edge, and crouch. Scan left
slightly, should be a guy hiding very well in a window. Kill him
as he pops up.

Arm your best assault rifle. RPK is best, but AK-74 on full auto
will do. If nothing else, use M-16 in 3-rd bursts. Lean left
until you can see the guy on the balcony, and kill him quickly!
He has an RPG and if he shoots it into the room, you and the
reporters are TOAST! Full auto will drive him into hiding and
even get a lucky hit or two.

Quickly lean back into the door, as you are probably getting shot
at from behind. Turn around and deal with the hostile shooting
from the third floor. Lean left, then shoot straight through the
gap in the window. Stand up and try to see the nose of the BMP,
and call in the mortar strike.

When the BMP is toast, look right a bit, into second floor, and
shoot another hostile. Crouch, and turn 180. It's time to do the
other side. First, you need to throw some grenades out to window.
The idea is for the grenade to drop in the MIDDLE of that
"bridge". After it's thrown, stand up and shoot the hostiles
running away from the grenade.

Now, look toward the garage, and call in the marine snipers. You
can't deal with the hostiles alone (it's extremely dangerous).
They will take out the hostiles that way for you. You just deal
with everybody on this side. Crouch again, turn 180 back toward
that "bridge". Turn left somewhat and see if that guy at the
window is back. If so, shoot him.

Go into corner, and stand up. Then aim a little lower, and lean
right. There should be somebody at first level's balcony, so
shoot him. The guy on 2nd floor came back, so kill him too. Then
stand up all the way and check the bridge. If you found someone,
do another grenade throw, and shoot them in the back as they run

The sniper team should have accounted for multiple kills over at
the garage. Go to where the reporters are, then turn left until
you see the building next to the balcony where you first shot the
guy. Repeat the grenade treatment. Throw one, then shoot

Stand up and shoot any hostiles you see. Then approach where the
reporters are, look to the balcony with the RPG guy, the look
right. You should see someone's shoulder in the leftmost window.
Wait until he exposes his arm, then put a bullet in it. After
that, take out the RPG shooter that is directly below the guy you
shot. .

If you haven't called for snipers, then you need to shoot the bad
guys at the garage yourself. Go back down to second story, and
look toward the garage. There should be two guys you need to take
out there. Maybe a third one as well, if you're taken out the two
to your right already.

Now look at the garage and pan left, and you should see a truck,
and a sniper next to it. Kill him or drive him into hiding
quickly as he'll relocate. Now you can open the door, but check
both windows just in case.

Step into the balcony, and assign team to just below you, but
with two covering garage and one covering the back corner. Get
down, look to the team, and turn right. A hostile should just pop
up there. Kill him or let your teammate do so. Turn 180 toward
the garage, and kill another incoming. Turn back and look at the
bridge, and kill another.

Gather the stuff dropped out of the windows. You may find RPG,
Dragunov sniper rifle, and other exotic weapons. Use them if you
wish, or just grab AK or RPK. You need plenty of ammo to make it
through the garage fight.

Head for the garage. Run past the barrier, and next level will

5.4.6 Area B 3

You are in the garage, and you need to make it to the top level
where a Sea Knight chopper will pick you and the reporters up.
You have to let your team do the brunt of the work as the
reporters follow YOU, and you can't risk them getting shot. Watch
for the hole in the ceiling as it can let enemies shoot down at

Move in slowly, do a takedown on the door, and watch for
stragglers that show up after the initial assault. Or just open
the door and send your marines almost into that opposite doorway
and orient the toward the VW van. That should kill all comers.
When ready, go for the entrance on opposite side of the level,
watch for hostiles hiding around corners of the ruins.

Get up to next level, and you should get a message about damage
to garage means we have to locate another set of stairs. Your
team will walk past a hole in the ceiling, where they may engage
some enemies above. Quickly get up the stairs and aim at the
door. Hostiles may come over and join the party. Shoot them at
the door. Clear this one level. Use smoke if you need to just to
get to somewhere defensible. Take care of all hostiles.

In visible range, beware of hostiles around the corner, both left
and right. You need to head downslope a bit, kill more hostiles
to left, and locate another set of stairs down. Watch for some
guys coming out the door, then find the staircase, go down, and
hold inside the stairs. You may be able to kill the two hostiles
from inside the staircase. Else, peek out carefully and take them
down. Exit carefully, and you'll see two doors across the level.
The one on the right is a short set of stairs leading to the
level you were on, but it's mainly a shooting position. You want
the one on the left.

Go up many levels, but slowly. There may be one or two hostiles
in your way. If you can see them from the bottom, go a bit below
and fire a M203 into their ceiling. Voila, no more hostiles.
Though that can hurt yourself. Or just shoot them on the stairs
before they can react. Or keep firing over their head until they
decide to run away. Just make sure if they decided to run toward
you you can deal with them.

Work your way up. Go all the way up the stairs, and you've
reached the roof. Send your team to directly under the chopper,
then run out yourself, and you've finished the level!

5.4.7 Area C 1

You're clearing an ambush site and after Khalid Samar.

This is almost the reverse of a previous level. You're at a
stairs just outside the graveyard. Head down, turn left, and hold
at corner, turn left and deploy team facing "front". Kill any one
that approaches. Stand up and kill the folks in the graveyard
itself. Watch the stairs to your right, as folks may visit you
there. Kill like 5 militants there, and another two or so in
graveyard. Go upstairs, and watch for anyone coming down. Have
team cover the stairs.

You move to end of the block, and look right at the street. You
should see a guy with RPG. He was looking at the garage, and you
can kill him from here. He won't even notice. Go back to the
stairs your team is watching. Go back up.

Open door to garage, but do NOT enter. Lean in and shoot one or
two militants in the garage. (See first aid kit on far wall?)
One or two may rush the stairs, watch for that and kill any one
who comes up. One may retreat out into the street. Let him.

Get down to ground floor. Peek outside to left... BRDM. Call in a
mortar strike on it. There are one or two shooters on 2nd story
balcony in the tall apartment in the distance. Use single shot
and take them out with scope. Turn right and hide team among the
market stands. Make sure they cover front. In fact, distribute
them slightly so they get the best cover while still be able to
shoot. You go ahead and sneak forward to waypoint. Kill militants
that come running. Your team will take out the rest.

When ready, go into the ruins to your right, but watch for the
backdoor opening. Go inside and explore carefully. There's a
backdoor and it may open suddenly with militants rushing out. Or
you may have killed them all already. Open and sweep. You'll
reach the lobby (see first aid kit?). Go to waypoint to end this

5.4.8 Area C2

You need to clear the traffic circle leading up to the ambush

Open the door and continue into front entrance. Set up everybody
pointing at the entrance in front, but keep one guy pointing
behind you just in case.

Go prone, and try to look to the right at the barriers. Snipe one
guy. Another guy takes his place, shoot him too. The other two
may come up to shoot you, or they may stay at the barriers, where
they can be sniped. If they come at you, they usually take cover
behind the small earthmover, so shoot them in the foot, in the
leg, wherever. Take them out.

Keep looking right at the third-floor balcony of the building
across the circle. There's a sniper on there. Take him out, as
he's got a real sniper rifle, not just an AK.

Look left, and you should see a door into next building. Aim a
bit LEFT of it and send your team there. They'll stop, turn, and
engage a shooter on a balcony on your side. One may get hit, but
there's a first aid kit in the building they're next to.

Run over to that building a go prone. Have your guys cover the
entrance, then go in prone and be ready to hit hostiles. One guy
should approach from the other section of the building. Stitch
him full of lead before he can do it to you. Kill two or three
more that runs in. Get your team inside and heal up.

Advance to the "front lobby" of the building, but do NOT hit the
waypoint yet. Setup your team so all are covering the entrance.
Go prone yourself and move forward until you hit the waypoint.
Atash radicals will rush the lobby, but with four guns pointing
in that little door none will live for very long. The trick is
kill them before they get shots off. If you kill three or four,
the threat should be averted. You can go prone and look at left
side balcony of building across the street, and you'll see a
peeping tom. He has no weapon, but he shows up as "red" hostile,
so it's up to you if you want to kill him or not. Now it's time
for some fun.

Backtrack to the that street with the earthmover (back through
the laundry), then advance halfway to the barrier. Look at the
balcony just above the entrance to the lobby you were just
defending. Keep moving right until you spot the shooter there.
Kill him. Look for a guy hiding just right of the box truck in
the distance, on the road heading up slope. Kill him. If you
can't shoot him, drop a grenade there.

Go to the barrier, then go as far right as you can. Set up your
SAW gunner there, cover up the slope. Setup the rest of the team
to do the same. Go back to your SAW gunner, look up the hill, and
scan left until you see a spot where you can call in some
mortars. Do so. After a little while, a bunch of militia that
ambushed the Marine convoy will run down the street, but you're
at the perfect place to meet them. After a little bit of shooting
the area should be clear.

Go back to the lobby, hold team in the lobby. Go prone, just out
the door, and look left, left, stop looking at the dumpster.
There's a shooter just left of the dumpster, kill him quickly.
Now stand up and go around the pickup. Look right and you'll see
an alley. Throw a grenade into it. Then go to right side of
street, throw grenade into the gap between the box truck and the
wall. There's an RPG guy there and you can't leave him alive.
Setup your team to cover the rest of the street. Go to left side
of street, arm full auto, reload, and then advance slowly. As you
hit the cover of that dumpster, one, then two more hostiles ran
out from the corner. Kill all three and/or let your teammates
help you. Continue into the street, and you should see Khalid
Samar at the end. Cuff him.

Now it should be quiet. Back out, and go uphill. There should be
no more hostiles, so just walk to the waypoint, and you win!

(With capture of HVT, you should get a BIG medal for this one)


Atash leader Tarik Qadan is nearby. Take out the radicals, and
flush out Qadan.

NOTE: Beware, this is the only mission that has FIVE levels.

5.5.1 Area A 1

Clear the streets of radicals, get Tarik Qadan.

You're in a street of heavy fighting. Go to corner and hold, then
turn right and lean out and shoot everyone. There's at least one
shooter on in second story window, pop a M203 grenade in there to
end the threat. There's also at least one sniper in the distance.

Continue hug right side wall, but look left. As you go half way,
you should hear a door go ka-plunk. That's the backdoor to the
fish market further down. Hold team before they enter the
intersection, and have them cover forward. Then pop a M203
grenade into the fish market backdoor. You should hear at least
one body going bump. Turn left a bit, more your team back, and
carefully throw a grenade over the van. That should kill a few of
the shooters in that corner. Watch out for the guy on the
balcony. Kill the shooter on the balcony, then carefully the
shooters beyond the van and the barricade. Or if you're that
good, pop a grenade that way and take them all at once.

Gather your team, watch the branch for more hostiles, enter the
fish market, kill two more inside, go through door to corridor
and end section.

5.5.2 Area A 2

Continue to flower section of market. You should see one guy
patrolling here to right. If you're good or lucky you can shoot
him in the back. Kill another to left of entrance. Hold team
while you run to RIGHT of entrance and look left, and see another
hostile. You can probably shoot him THROUGH the gate with a
single shot.

There is an exit to right, do NOT go there. Instead, bear left
into the "dark" entrance, make an S turn, kill 2 guards and you
see exit to right, do NOT exit. BAD things happen if you do. Stay
in the tunnel, go prone and scan from left to right, shoot
hostiles. You should see three if you scan all the way right to
the stairs. Now send your team to back of room, cover front. They
should have nothing to do for a while.

Run back to the flower place, look for the other exit you
bypassed before. Do NOT exit. There's a 50 cal MG covering that
exit. Use SPRINT and run to the RIGHT edge of the exit. Then go
prone, and move slightly left until you see the MG gunner
(actually, just his shoulder). If you can't find it, look for the
awning in front of you, and follow its edge. Shoot the shooter
two or three times in the shoulder (you don't want to see his
face, since that would mean you can see his gun!) and kill him.
Another one or two may take his place. Eliminate them as well.
Someone may rush you in the meanwhile, kill him, then go back to
killing 50 cal gunners. Any one run past the other entrance will
be killed by your teammates.

Now go back to your team, form up. Clear the right side of the
exit. You can probably see one hostile at the stairs. Remove him.
There is a first aid box UNDER the opposite stairs (where your
team wiped out a bunch of radicals before, across from the place
they're holding at)

There are two shooters above you. You may want to exit from the
exit where you sniped the 50 cal. Turn right and look up, then
form up and turn right and almost to stairs. Look up and back,
and you should see that one guy there, with just his face at the
window. Scan left and you should see the other guy. Shoot both
with single shot.

Head up the stairs and follow waypoint path until you reach the
stairs heading in. Hold near door. Stop at door, throw a grenade
in. Duck back out. Boom! Run in turn left and kill remaining
guard and guy at MG nest. Do NOT approach waypoint.

At easier levels, you can assign your rifleman to mount the MG,
your SAW gunner up front next to the MG, covering the yard, then
your assistant gunner covering the entrance you came in at from
in the room, to guard your backdoor, so to speak. When ready, go
to the waypoint. Now you need to defend your location against
attack. However, with the 50 cal MG and your SAW gunner it should
be easy. Heal up the gunners, who may get hit a bit. Your rear
guard should have little if any work, but it still must be done.
You can join the MG guys in shooting hostiles.

At tougher level, shooters in the courtyard will simply kill
anyone mounting that gun. Instead, assign the SAW gunner a post
to the RIGHT of the MG, the assistant gunner or rifleman a spot
behind the potted plant in the corner, and the other guy anywhere
behind a table, just not right at the window. Get into the room,
point SAW gunner back at the door. Direct the other two to cover
the door you came in at, make sure they are behind some sort of
cover. Some hostiles will make a run for your entrance, but your
team will take care of that. Go prone and snipe at people in the

When enough of the hostiles die, the rest will flee. You can then
gather up any ammo you want. Heal up, gather the team, and head
for next section.

5.5.3 Area B 1

Continue chasing Qadan into another civilian sector.

You're in another part of town, and you start in a corridor. Go
through and clear this next room. It leads into the street, but
don't go there. Continue through the other door, but go PRONE in
next room. In the distance out the exit is a BRDM, and it'll hose
you to death. What's worse, BEHIND that is a 50 cal GM nest.
Instead, rush your team into the next room, and assign fire
sectors, SAW and one guy cover one door, another guy cover the
door you came in at. You may see someone on the roof to left if
you are prone, so kill him. A bunch of hostiles may rush you, but
they're no match for your defense. Then sneak up on the entrance,
and call in air strike on the BRDM. Then when that's done, snipe
the 50 cal. the guy who's guarding the door behind you over to
guard your back as enemies may rush you. Keep him to the left of
you covering door and right of door. You need to shoot like four
to five guys off the 50 cal MG before they'll call it quits.

Now you can move out. I'd recommend going all the way back to the
room you came in from. And exit the store from there. There's a
garage around the corner, one guy on 2nd floor inside. You can't
attack him without taking care of the 50 cal MG first. Once
that's done, stay outside the cheese store with the 50 cal, then
quickly go BEHIND the and into the room behind that. One guy
aimed at back while others guard the front. LEAVE the MG
unmanned. Hostiles tend to go man it, but you're behind the MG,
so you can just pick off the gunners. However, one or two
hostiles may come up behind you. Kill them quickly as they get to
short range very quickly.

If you need to patch up, there's a first aid box back near where
you started in the corner office with the "restroom". When ready,
advance to the backdoor of the store with the MG, kill one guy at
bottom, go downstairs and approach the ladder down, go on to next

5.5.4 Area B 2

You start in the sewers. Progress and kill hostiles (use grenades
at junctions) until you come to pump room, It should be obvious.
Have your team cover while you go prone and aim at the ladder. Go
ahead and fire a few rounds to get their attention. A bunch of
folks should come climbing the ladder. Shoot them off until
nobody else tries. Look at the upper balcony, one guy is up
there. Move carefully and take him out. Then look below and take
out more guys. Don't worry if they disappear below you. They'll
get on the ladder and you can shot them off (at least on easy
levels). On tougher levels you have to be careful and shoot them
from up here.

When ready, have your team get down the ladder and take cover
behind something. Some militants should appear to the far left,
help your team pin them down and use M203 grenade to cook them.
More may appear out of right, take them out too.

Look left for a small room with first aid kit inside, where the
hostiles came from. Then continue out the passage to the right.

Follow through to next section of tunnel, which is older. Keep
killing bad guys until you've got to a bit of empty area with big
catwalk overhead. There's ruins to your left, send your team
there for cover and they'll unleash firepower on everybody in the
distance. Help them with control bursts and get rid of all
hostiles. Even after you got "secure" two more hostiles may run
at you. Either shoot them or yell at them to comply.

When ready, continue forward, shoot more hostiles, up the stairs.
There's opening in front. Take care of any hostiles in your way,
and eventually work your way to a three-exit room with a RPK guy
defending. Two of these exits lead to same branch, so it must be
third, which will lead you to a curved corridor up, which leads
to next level.

5.5.5 Area C 1

You're in the slums. Head upstairs, and deploy in the room that
you see when you open the door, furthest left corner. There are
snipers on the upper floor of next building over. Kill any one
that charges you. Go right and look left into next building, kill
two snipers. Go to door, and kill another sniper to right front.
Your team mates should be looking out the window at hostiles. You
explore, they shoot any one that spawns.

When clear, Hug the RIGHT wall, make your way through, kill any
hostiles. I know it's the long way around when the waypoint says
to go left, but trust me, it's safer this way. There's a small
tunnel hidden next to the broken pickup next to the barrels and
barrier. And a first aid kit, if you need it.

Keep hugging the wall and neutralize any threat you see. Go into
the first door you see after you've made your way around and are
once again heading to the waypoint. Duck into the building. Climb
stairs, stay prone, and see if you can try to shoot hostiles in
the distance. Your team mates will kill any one coming out of
that building. Continue hugging right wall, find your way into
building, empty that room, and there's a "bathroom" in the far
corner with a first aid kit restock. However, do not approach
yet. You need to setup the team for the next ambush.

Face the exit of this room, turn left, then make an S-turn out of
the room, and look at the window, hide on left corner, turn 180,
and tell your team to go into that corner. Then go back into the
room and hit the waypoint, then come back to the same spot.
You'll hear a door klunk, then two hostiles will appear in the
window. Shoot them. Then another will appear. Shoot him too. And
maybe a four guard if he's not patrolling the corridor to left.
Now you can head to the "house under construction". Take the exit
just to your right, and turn left. There's another passage there!

Go inside, kill one radical if you haven't killed him outside,
then at turn, turn right and lean in, and kill two more. Do NOT
go through that next door, as there's a 50 cal MG to your left.
Deploy group now into room and hold. Pop smoke into the corridor
further down, then advance one section and turn right, then turn
180 and shoot everybody. Some may approach in smoke to melee,
kill them. Go prone and sneak right, kill like 4-6 hostiles there
through hole in the wall. Use the angle to shoot M203 into the
room with 50 cal gun, wait 10-15 seconds, and do it again. Then
crouch, go into the next room (but still remain out of corridor),
and underhand a grenade into the machine gun room, and retreat.
If you angle it right, it should kill the gunner and everybody
else. Repeat if you are not sure you got everybody.

Advance past the MG, empty the next room of hostiles, and you'll
advance to the next section. (There should be a first aid kit
before you exit)

5.5.6 Area C 2

You start in a small utility tunnel. Advance through the tunnel,
and look for a right branch near the exit. Go that way, kill four
or five hostiles in the center room, and come out the other end.
However do NOT exit, as there's a 50 cal in the distance to your
left. There is also a sniper on upper level, slightly left. Kill

Head back through the tunnel and take the original exit and sneak
right until you can see the gunner at the 50 cal and kill him.

A guy with pistol will rush you, from right, kill him. If you've
cleared the tunnel before there should be nobody making trouble
from the other entrance. Take out any other gunners you see. Then
take your team and advance hugging the left wall. As you advance
past the ruins, kill two hostiles. Go around the excavator and
almost head into the building. Kill one guy that runs out, then
kill another guy to right. Then kill two more upstairs through
the hole in the ceiling. Get team into the corner and have one
point up the stairs, one at the door, and one at the ruins. Then
kill attackers that approach. When nobody seems to be coming,
form the team and explore the top and bottom.

You are then asked to locate the stairs heading down, which leads
you to a back door into underground tunnel, to next section.

5.5.7 Area D 1

You start in a small room, fight your way out, but there's bad
news in the distance... a BMP up the hill. Try not to destroy it,
as you'll need it later. Snipe off the gunner on top. However do
what you must. It just makes your life easier if you don't
destroy it. Call in a sniper team is best. They will help you
defend the place.

Look for snipers on upper floor to your left and to your right.
When clear, advance, hug the LEFT wall. Be careful when you reach

When you do, you need to fight off advance of Atash forces.
Quickly go forward and into the ruins, and take the left branch
Away from the windows. Move EVERYBODY inside. Set your gunner
to cover the gap in the wall (or else someone will snipe him),
the other two cover the entry door. You stay between the SAW
gunner and the other two, ready to heal any one who got hurt a
lot, and snipe in the meanwhile. There's a first aid kit in the
corner if you need to refit. The assault will hopefully stall as
your SAW gunner and your other two have the only entrances
covered. You, on the other hand, should find an angle and shoot
the snipers in the distance, as well as the BMP gunner, as
there's like quite a few of them. Keep sniping until there are
no more hostiles.

When clear, go for the door you came through, but hold. Look up
and right, and there's a sniper there. Deal with him, and his
partner (yes, he has a repeat too). Then turn around and look
toward the BMP, there should be another sniper in the distance on
a balcony. Take him out. Then the field should be mostly clear
except for a few snipers. If you have called in a friendly sniper,
all the hostiles should be dead.

Now you can get out, but watch for more snipers. Go down to where
you first came out, then go up to the BMP via the right wall,
while look at left for more snipers, probably one on the balcony
just above your building. When you get to the BMP, it depends on
if you have destroyed it or not.

If you still have it, heal either assistant gunner or rifleman,
and have him mount the 50 on the BMP. Then put the other guy
against the LEFT wall if you're at the BMP facing entrance, and
have him cover high on the other wall, across the door, where you
shot a bunch of folks off before. Some folks may attack from the
backdoor. Your SAW gunner can go to right of BMP and give him
order to cover whatever he can see, or even put him as close to
the edge of the plateau as you dare. However, there isn't much
cover there.

Now heal up everybody and restock using the first aid kit just
inside the door. If you want to, take the extra ammo in the crate
as well. Then go to the waypoint. Now you need to hold off
another Atash attack, but with the 50 it'd be easy. One or two
guys will sneak through the back, but you can kill them with your
"backdoor guard", and your 50 cal and your SAW gunner will clean
house. Feel free to throw some grenade LONG distance. If you
called in a sniper he'll have a field day too. And keep healing
the 50 cal shooter as he'll get hit a lot.

If you don't have that 50 working, I'd recommend retreating into
the building, and go prone, hide behind furniture if any, else
line up on the sides, and basically, again, shoot all comers.
Survive the human wave attack.

When you kill all attackers, you "win"!

5.5.8 Area D 2

You are getting REALLY close to Qadan.

You start in a room with 2 exits, which leads you to
archeological digs. There's left exit, and right exit. There's a
skybridge in front, with fighting positions on top, and a 50 cal
in the distance, and misc. hostiles here and there.

There are several approaches to this tactical problem, as there
are several ways into the compound Qadan is holed up. The obvious
way is fight your way past the 50 cal and the various hostiles.
There's roundabout way. Go left, up stairs, across the bridge,
advance, and you can enter the compound on the second level. You
can also go right, and that'll lead you sort of "behind" the 50
cal to deal with that. Or the most prudent. stay back and snipe
off as many hostiles as you can first, THEN advance.

If you can call for some mortar fire or sniper near the 50 cal to
cover your attack, do so. But it's not critical.

Assign your SAW gunner to guard one exit, and 2 riflemen to guard
the other exit. The right side is more dangerous, so you may want
to guard that one from your original room (which probably has a
first aid kit). Snipe from the left side is safer, but you have
to deal with the folks who will rush. So you may want to shoot
from the right, then retreat so ambush anyone that come to look
for you, THEN go left. Take out one gunner with RPK up on the
bridge, then snipe at the 50 cal gunner across the yard. There is
an angle prone that only the gunner's head is visible, and can be
sniped safely. You'll just have to find it. Also watch out for
hostiles that pop out from ahead.

(Alternatively, you can pop smoke from the left door, then run
for cover on the left side, and advance up to the bridge, and
fight from the bridge instead. You got better firing positions up
there, but that 50 cal may have the angle from there as well.)

When the hostiles run, after you got enough of them, keep sniping
at the gunner, there are another 4-6 gunners to go, really. When
ready, pop smoke and advance left (though smoke is probably not
needed), keep wall to your left and follow carefully up to
bridge. Cross the bridge, and it should be all quiet. Advance
until you are just inside the building. Setup your team so that
EVERYBODY is covering that little door to your front (likely,
nobody will be coming up the stairs). Sprint forward to spring
the trap, run back, and let your buddies perforate any one
foolish enough to charge. Move in and kill any survivors. There's
another RPK gunner in next room to right. Kill him. Continue
through. Tarik Qadan is on the far side. Secure him, and you're


General Badr has declared himself president of Lebanon. Evict him
and all Syrian fighters and militia. However, you need to revisit
some of the earlier levels, albeit via a different angle, and
fight your way through a lot of Syrian and militia hostiles.

5.6.1 Area A 1

You need to clear the town of hostiles again.

You start near a bridge, and you may recognize this as the "save
the reporters" level. Turn right 30-45 degrees and send your team
to that corner. They will deal with the hostiles across the
square in the apartment. Turn left slightly and advance to edge,
hide behind M-1 hulk. Shoot any one approaching. You should soon
see the two BRDMs approaching, so call some mortar on the left
one, but the mortar fire mission will destroy both. Now call in
the marine sniper as well. You can use the cover. Watch which way
he's shooting, and take on his targets. There are probably two
gunners near the destroyed BRDM. You can shoot them from behind
the M-1, so zoom in and give them one shot in the head each.

Call the team to hide behind the M-1. Assign each a position that
will allow each to engage targets further down the plaza, but
still with lots of cover behind the M-1 hulk. Turn left, look for
a corner where you can hide from anything further down. Sprint to
the corner. You should get shot at twice, but that sniper will
miss. Peek out and you should see him at a second story window in
the distance, and he's pretty good. You can counter-snipe him,
but it takes some good shooting.

After you have taken care of the sniper, return to the tank hulk,
and this time, advance down the RIGHT side of the street, keep
your team covering you. Advance, and shoot hostiles coming around
the corner. When quiet, return to the tank hulk. Now advance down
the left side AGAIN, but watch for hostiles in the window of that

When ready, go between the box truck and the left wall. Send your
team behind that. Follow your team. Form up and advance down left
side of the street, ready to engage right. Some enemies will come
from further down the street, others will try to shoot down from
3rd story window. Remove them. Use grenade or grenade thrower if
needed. Use the truck as cover.

Keep advancing until you see the garage that's open. Run inside,
cover the stairs heading up. Some hostiles may come down after
you, but if your SAW gunner's on the job he'll take care of them.
Or you can shoot a M203 up there. Advance and kill more hostiles
at the door if any, check both left and right for hostiles. Now
hold right and cover the door further down on left side, which
will open and multiple (4?) bad guys will come out, one at a
time. Kill them, send your team behind you and cover, but leave
one guy covering the staircase as some more may come up. Another
guy is at the 3rd story window. Remove him with grenade as he
pops too much.

Gather rifle and ammo, turn left into the door that opened for
you onto next section.

5.6.2 Area A 2

You are clearing another section of town of hostiles. It's now

You start in a square with a crashed Marine Cobra gunship, a dead
LAV, and some other dead hulks, and a technical. This is
basically the "protect the convoy" level from another
perspective. You can call in a mortar on the technical, or use
your M203 to get rid of it. Or just keep shooting it until it
blows up. Then take care of any shooters.

Go prone and advance to behind the box truck, hug the left wall.
If you see enemies, drop prone and see if you can shoot them in
the leg from UNDER the truck. Keep advancing, stop at the dead
LAV. Turn right until you face the store. There's a hostile there
with a 50 cal on the balcony above it. Snipe him. Then it should
be mostly clear to the waypoint. However, now's the tricky
part... Order your team into the building first (it's friendly),
but do not enter yourself. As soon as you hit the waypoint all
hell breaks loose, and if your team was caught outside it won't
be pretty. In fact, if you got sniper team coverage you may want
to call them now and point them before you get inside the

Once your team is inside, send your team to the room with the 3
windows, and have them cover out the window. You shoot any one
who made it inside, and you watch the BMP for bad guys. Shoot
them off the BMPs. Keep doing this until they give up, or if you
have any mortar fire left call it on the BMP. When you kill
enough hostiles, you've beaten this level!

5.6.3 Area B 1

You need to reclaim the hospital from the hostiles.

This is a toughie. You have hostiles in front, and a BRDM
breathing down your neck. I suggest blitzing the hostiles. Stand
up, and run around the dead humvee, turn right. If you hurry
enemy won't be awake yet. Arm M203. Hug right wall. As building
ends, fire M203 into open door in front, kill the guy in front if
any, and rush in. Get your entire team inside quickly and huddle
them in a corner. You lean out and take care of threats, and when
ready, call in the gunship to deal with the BRDM. That should
also take care of most shooters outside. Have two guys guard the
back door, which will open. Some hostiles may come down, so take
care of them.

Head upstairs where the hostiles came from, and find the way to
other side of barricades, which will take you to the back of the
restaurant. However, now this gets BAD. Keep your team as far
back as possible, keep two guys pointing at the door you came
through. Some hostiles may run the backdoor. Now, crouch and get
to the downstairs, and go prone there. Shoot at hostiles up the
street, then move right a little and look left until you see the
gunman, take him out. Keep going right and look left until you
see the guy with the RPG (he may or may not be there). That's
your priority target. However, depending on their psych state
they may decide to rush your position. If that's the case, just
wait for them and shoot them at the corner.

There are two snipers up on the roof and so. Some hostiles may
run at your backdoor, which is why you have two guards.
Countersnipe the snipers, and the threat is mostly clear.

Reform the team, and advance across the street and check in the
building, and get on the second floor, look on balcony. You
should see shooters at the 50 cal MG in the distance, which can't
hit you, so feel free to snipe them if you want more "one-shot
kills". Else, come back down, turn left, and up the stairs. Then
head inside, kill one militant, and head to waypoint to next

5.6.4 Area B2

--You need to find a rear entrance into the hospital.

You are in a small corridor. Watch for the brick hole to your
right... It's a firing port! Roll a grenade to the opening to
your left to clear it, then hold your team, go prone, and go
around to deal with the hostiles to your right behind the firing

Once that's done, there should be an exit to some sort of open
walkway on third floor. One guy is further down the walkway, take
him. Then go prone, and look through the gap through the floor...
one guy is next to the pickup truck. Finally, another guy further
in the distance, 2nd story almost around the corner. Deal with
him or not, it's your choice. Turn right into next room, and this
was the room where you rescued 2 marines way back when. There's a
first-aid kit here too. Two or four hostiles are to your left
like last time. You can pop a grenade in there to cook them, or
pop smoke and get your team inside. Then deal with them.

Watch for hostiles coming up from behind through the "courtyard"
below. Reorient your team (same as last time). Kill like 3-4
hostiles that charge you. When hostiles have been cleared, head
downstairs, and clear room by room. I would NOT start in the
courtyard. But pick the side rooms first. Use grenades if you
need to. Clear them one by one. In one of the rooms is first-aid
kit refill. Then you get orders to do the rest of the hospital.
Reverse course and head back to the stairs, maybe kill a few more
hostiles in your way. Stop at the exit back to the staircase.

When ready, head downstairs, kill one guy. Or just throw / shoot
a grenade in there. Bottom floor power goes out, but you have
night vis, so no problem! The trick in night fighting is NEVER
give the guy a chance to shoot back... Either hose them until
they go down, or give them one shot in the head. Don't give them
a chance to shoot back.

Once you cleared the bottom and killed all hostiles (about 6),
the mission's done.

5.6.5 Area C 1

-- Work your way to basement of the building, so you can go
through the underground passage into Grand Serail

You start on top of a building near the Grand Serail. Issue
orders to cover the temp bed in front left, kill one or two
there, while you turn left then left again and kill hostiles
sneaking up at the gap. You can probably shoot a few right there.
When it's mostly clear, work your way around, though there are
two snipers in the distance at the front steps of the Grand
Serail. Kill them. Clear top level first.

When ready, work your way downstairs, perhaps go into the room to
your left first. There should be a first aid box at the first
floor in the corner, though a hostile may be outside. When ready,
come back into corridor and clear the rest of the level.

Go downstairs again, hold at stairs, cover the other door, which
should suddenly open. Kill hostiles, else peek into the room and
shoot them as they come. Keep killing them and advance, stay in
cover, until you come to a metal gate. Shoot hostiles behind the
gate, open the gate, continue into tunnels. Keep advancing until
next section starts.

5.6.6 Area C 2

-- Work your way through utility / storage level to get into the

You're almost ready to enter the warehouse. Enter and go LEFT,
hug left wall, look through crates and see if you can see someone
through the boxes, and shoot a guy through with the scope. You
should just see his waist, but that's enough to kill him by,
though it'll take a few shots. Shoot the guy at upper floor,
who's hiding almost above you so you have to go AROUND. Pop
grenade into door to right, which is your exit. Watch for
shooters up top, and two coming in via the door. Use a grenade to
kill them is best, though don't kill the civilian that may run

When ready, get into tunnel, which takes you down. Watch out for
one hostile at the end of the tunnel, shoot him before he shoots
you. Clear each small room. First room on right should be empty.
Next room on right has first aid kit, and one hostile. Last room
on left has a ladder up.

Go up, go prone, advance slowly, stop and turn right 30 degrees.
One guy will walk out from behind the boiler, shoot him in the
head. Scan under the boiler to right and see if there's any more,
if so, shoot him from under the boiler. One more bad guy hiding
behind the furnace in the corner, and bad guys can shoot through
the grates in the ceiling from level above. Snipe one guy whose
legs you can see in the first grate. This is a very difficult
section. What happens next depends on your choice. Hold your team
there, it's safe enough where they are, near the ladder.

Method 1) Go for cover. Load M203, and put a shot slightly left
of the furnace in the corner. You want to get the guy behind it
quickly, even if you take a little injury. And he's too smart to
expose himself. When he's taken cared of, RUN for the furnace and
get to that guy's position. Remember, HOLD your team! Someone
upstairs will try to pop a grenade. Sometimes he kill himself as
it didn't fall through, sometimes it did fall through and do big
damage, but you're behind something, it can't affect you. Then
lean out from it and shoot hostiles from cover. You are looking
for hostiles both through the grate in upper level, AND in the
next room through that door. Probably kill like 3-4 above, then
another 1-2 at the same level in the next room. Once you cleared
enough, you can then proceed into the next room, then attack

Method 2) Smoky blitz. You can pop smoke to give you a little
time to deal with the next section, which is the warehouse, with
stairs up. One guy standing on top of racks shooting down, he can
be dangerous. Others behind the racks. Take care of them in the
few seconds of smoke left, then get your team through quickly,
and attack upstairs as usual.

One set of stairs goes to "overlook" area which overlooks both
warehouses, and it's also where you got shot at from above
before, or go to another door. Get up there and shoot remaining
guys, maybe use your M203 here. May want to hold team below
visible horizon, then you go prone and attack from the door. If
hostiles have you pinned, bring up your team, then you slide back
out and feed the guy a grenade.

Send your team inside and take up defensive positions pointing
back out. You get an attack wave, but you hold the high ground
and should have no problem defending against a few folks coming
up the stairs. More hostiles will enter from that other stair you
haven't explored. Clear them all. When it quiets down a little,
assign sectors properly, one at the other stairs, two at the
level below.

When it's quiet, look down through the grates and see if you spot
any one from up here. Then heal up (maybe go back for first aid
kit downstairs), then proceed up the other set of stairs, kill
one guy, then continue, kill another, and you're in the building
proper, and next section starts.

5.6.7 Area C 3

-- Clear main staircase of Grand Serail

Get into room, line up behind door, but do NOT do takedown. It's
better to line up, then cover the door, then do peek-a-boo. Open
door, shoot, close. Heal, repeat, until you don't hear any more
shooting. Then you open door, prone, slide and scan, and take
care of any remaining. Watch for shooters on upper floors. One of
your marines may rush up the stairs and engage in hand-to-hand
combat, which is not good, so issue takedown, then hold once the
group enters the room. Cover the stairs. Scan right until you see
a sawhorse. There's a hostile directly above that. You may want
to slide along the wall and see if you can nail him first. Heal
up. Advance up the stairs when it's cleared.

Open door, but do NOT go through yet. There's a sofa on left
side, send your team behind that. Enemy should be popping out of
the woodwork further down. Stay at door, do lean-in or prone, and
shoot hostiles. And/or arm M203 and drop a m203 shot in their
midst. Shoot it out.

In front of the team, just past the sofa, is a small corridor to
left. Perform takedown and eliminate the two hostiles inside. Or
do the line-up, cover the door, and do the peek-a-boo routine.

Advance into junction. Left has nothing. Front has two offices
one to left, and one to right. Right and left office each has one
militant, but one MAY have more, as survivors from the junction
may have retreated into one of the offices. Line your team behind
the desk facing the corridor you have NOT cleared. Keep them
behind cover! Then feed grenade into the office with first aid
kit, then rush in after the explosion, and shoot the survivors.
Both offices have one first-aid kit restock, so use as many as
you want. Heal up everybody, as another tough fight is just

Now comes the tricky part. Keep your team oriented toward the
remaining section you didn't explore yet. Go forward in prone
position slowly against the right or left wall, pointing toward
the side door you can see. Sudden both side doors open, four
hostiles rush in! Immediately open fire and kill both hostiles in
your view. Any one who run into the corridor will be killed by
your team. You just kill any one hiding behind a column or
something. Heal up again, restock first aid kit, continue through
left side (right side would also work.) Note first aid kit here
(not available on the "right" side.

Hold when you can see the ballroom. (I tend to go left) You're
told that friendly units are on the way to help you hold up Badr
and his gunmen. Stay hugging the right wall, send your team mates
to left front corner so they can cover your flank and the
staircase. Go prone, sneak up to the edge, and shoot hostiles
below in the ballroom. Try not to get hit, but it'll be
difficult. Use every inch of cover available. You may want to go
M-16 doing single-shots. Continue shooting, heal yourself if you
got hit, until there are no more. Form up and head downstairs,
beware of some last hostiles.

Now it's your turn to get Badr, who's holed up in a briefing
room. However, beware of one possible hostile hiding in the dark.
Now you have a choice... You want him alive, or dead? The enemies
inside are very good... if you order a takedown, you'll likely
lose team members. If you do frag takedown you run the risk of
killing Badr. What you may want to do is peek-a-boo, open the
door and lean to shoot, repeat until you kill all the shooters
(should be only two) inside, then go in and get Badr. Another way
is line up as far from the door as possible, in the corners, with
the SAW gunner in the middle but slightly left. Have them cover
the door. You open the door for 2 seconds, then close it. That
should be enough to kill at least one guy dead. Heal up any
wounds. Repeat until you don't get any return fire. Then you play
peek-a-boo with the remaining one. Repeat until there's nobody
alive left in room except Badr.

Badr is on the left side of the room, ready to be cuffed. Get in
there, cover him, cuff him, and you win! Lebanon is back in
Lebanese hands!

6 Miscellaneous


Here's a list of medals and how to get them:

Combat Action Ribbon - Participating in combat, awarded after
first mission
Purple Heart - Seriously wounded in combat (and survived) (below
20%? 10%?)
Sharpshooter - 50% one shot kills, minimum kills 35?
Marksman - 60% one shot kills, minimum kills 35?
Sniper - 70% one shot kills, minimum kills 40?
Bronze Eagle - 5000 pts on a level
Silver Eagle - 7000 pts on a level
Bronze Star - 10,000 pts on a level
Navy Cross - 18,000 pts on a level
Demolitions - For every 8 hard targets destroyed (I wonder how
they count it.)
Salvage - For every 8 hard targets captured (I wonder how they
count it.)
Close Combat Meritorious Unit Commendation - 20,000 pts on a
Close Combat Unit Commendation - 35,000 pts on a mission
Exceptional Unit Commendation - 50,000 pts on a mission (which
are comprised of several "levels")
Bronze Cross - No team members lost in mission, you get `w/
anchor' on gunny level, and `w/ anchor and globe' on `sim' level.
Silver Cross - No team members ever impaired in mission, you get
`w/ anchor' on gunny level, and `w/ anchor and globe' on `sim'
level. (impaired means any of the team member's health dropped
below 20%, which usually will impair accuracy or morale or
discipline, until healed.)
Gold Cross - No team members lost in campaign, you get `w/
anchor' on gunny level, and `w/ anchor and globe' on `sim' level.
Close Combat Service Medal - 150,000 pts for the game (campaign)
Medal of Valor - 200,000 pts for the game (campaign)


There are none.

6.3 SOME Q&A

Q: Why am I getting a 1335 error during install?
A: You have an Installshield conflict. Go to Windows / Common
Files, look for the subdirectory InstallShield, rename it to
something else, then you should be able to install. Rename it
back after you are done.

Q: The game crashes right after launch!
A: Rename the various *.AVI files in the game directory and try
again. If it works now, one of your playback codecs was probably
damaged, preventing playback of those AVI files.

Q: Why doesn't my gun appear on screen? I had turned it on in the
HUD options.
A: If your computer specs are not strong enough, some of the HUD
features will be disabled to improve performance, and that
includes your gun appearing onscreen.

Q: Why are there no sidearms? (i.e. pistols?)
A: Technically, only marine officers get pistols. You are playing
as a lance corporal (enlisted) (though you get promoted to
corporal later). However, some enemies may drop M1911 .45 cal
pistol, and you can pick it up and use it as a secondary weapon.
Also, your team members, if they run out of ammo for their
primary weapon, they will draw a pistol and use that. (I've seen

Q: Why M16A4's? I thought M4's are the standard?
A: Marines have tested all the weapons, and found M4's, while
lighter and more compact, suffers in accuracy when compared to
M16. The difference is not noticeable within 50 yds, but is quite
noticeable at 500 yds. M4 also has balance problems when equipped
with various night sights, flashlights, ACOG sights, and so on,
being a lighter weapon overall. Finally, M4 has no built-in iron
sight, for the situation when everything else has failed. Marine
Corp ordnance command eventually decided that the M16 is more

Q: Do weapons jam in CCF2F?
A: No, they don't. This is a game, after all.

Q: Can you do melee attacks in CCF2F?
A: Yes, there's a key dedicated to melee attack (basically a
buttstroke). Beware. It does MASSIVE damage. And enemy can do it
to you too.

Q: So what exactly does this mean that the game is based on a
Marine training tool?
A: Destineer was asked by Marines Training Command to develop a
simulation that is can be configured to allow squad leaders to
learn tactical decisions based on real battlefield conditions.
That tool, with a bit of fictional background and some mission
design and play balancing, became Close Combat First to Fight.

Q: Why is it called Close Combat? This is a FPS, and Close Combat
games are tactical RTSs!
A: This game has psych model for every AI character, just like
the older Close Combat games. You can see the morale and
discipline of your team members, and that would affect their
aggressiveness and effectiveness. The hostiles also have those
numbers, but you can't see them. Basically, enough firepower can
cause the hostiles to retreat, or at least keep their head down
and allow you to do something. And also, this is a SERIOUS
shooter, almost a sim (in fact, on the highest difficulty level,
it is virtually a sim), not a simple shooter.

Q: Is it possible to capture all five HVTs?
A: Yes, all five HVT's can be captured. They surrender if 90% of
their guards have been killed, according to Destineer. You just
have to find them, as one of them is a bit "out of the way".

Q: So what happens if the HVT was killed before the guards?
A: Some will drop weapons and run, some will continue to fight,
some will go berserk and suicidal (and just charge you)

Q: I played the same mission but the enemies aren't where you say
they were!
A: The enemy will move around, based on their original mission,
as modified by their behavior after receiving shot stress.
Basically, the more he gets shot at, the more timid he will
become, until he snaps (and either surrenders or becomes

Q: What do the different symbols on the "radar" mean?
A: white dots: Your team
green dots: friendlies
yellow dot: civilians / surrendered hostiles
red dot: hostiles
Triangle pointing up: waypoint, in a level above you
triangle pointing down: waypoint, in a level beneath you
square: waypoint, but you have not yet eliminated all nearby
bullseye: waypoint, approach when clear

Q: What are the differences between difficulty levels?
A: As far as I can tell, these are the effects:
RECRUIT: reduced damage by enemy, enemy suffers higher shot
MARINE: regular damage, regular shot stress
GUNNY: extra enemies (at least it seems that way)
SIMULATION: extra (realistic) damage by enemy, reduced effect of
first-aid kit (30 pts instead of 40)