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Mafia Walktrough (PC)

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Created on 5 September 2002

By Kevin Mario A.K.A [CrescentSaber]

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FAQ version 1.0a (6 Sept 2002)

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I. | Introduction ( Keyword : INTRODUCTA )

II. | Revision / Updates ( Keyword : VERSIONA )

III.| Gameplay / Controls ( Keyword : CONTROLLATA )

IV. | Walktrough ( Keyword : CONTENTA )

V. | Weapons known to be exist ( Keyword : BIGGUNS )

VI. | Character Informations ( Keyword : CHARACTERA )

VII.| Credits ( Keyword : BLABLABLAs )


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Well first... this is a walktrough for the game called Mafia for the PC, which

requires a lot of harddisk space ( Almost 2 GB) and a hell of computer to run (

Mine's Pentium 4 2 Ghz 256 DDR with GeForce 4MX and it -STILL- lags... ).

I haven't beaten the game yet but I decided to make this TXT file just for fun

( I'm damn bored and I have to wait for a month to get into my University ) so

if there's something thats not to your liking ( either its not complete or

completely wrong ) please mail me WITH corrections, again, WITH corrections !!




If any of you happens to live in Perth / Australia or study in Curtin

University, please send me a note because I'm going to move there and I do need

some directions and few tips.. thanks !




Humm, lets get to the next part..


| |



6 Sept 2002

Version 1.0a

-Added Characters section

-Written the walktrough up to Chapter 6

-Added some new weapons

5 Sept 2002

Version 1.0 ( Original version )

Ehm... anything else I should add here... ?


| |

| Gameplay / Controls | "CONTROLLATA"


MAFIA is a 3rd person shooting / driving and other mixed up game. The control

is fairly easy ( I remapped the controls to usual WSAD control ). I just list

down some of 'em :

-= ( My Custom Controls ) =-



X / Y Mouse Axis - Look Around

Left Mouse - Shoot

Right Mouse - Action ( Talk, Lockpick, Open Doors, Collect Weapons )

double click Right Mouse - Enters Car ( When near a car )

Mouse Scroll - Cycle Weapons

R - Reload

T - Sniper Mode

H - Hide Weapon

I - Inventory

W S A D - Directions

F1 - Objectives

BackSpace - Drop Weapon

LeftCtrl - Duck

LeftAlt - Whistle ( Calls Tram and Taxis )

Space - Jump

TAB - City Map

CapsLock - Enable / Disable always run

Esc - Menu



Left Mouse - Shoot / Arm Weapon ( weapon ready )

- Look Around ( no weapon ready )

Right Mouse - Center view after -Left Click-

- Disarm weapon

Mouse Scroll - Cycle Weapons

M - Toggle Manual / Automatic Steering

Q - Switch gear down ( Manual Steering )

E - Switch gear up ( Manual Steering )

F5 - Speed Limiter ( 60 Kmh )

, - Look Left

. - Look Right

LeftAlt - Horn

Space - HandBrake

TAB - City Map

Well, I guess that all for the controls..

Now we go down to business. In the game, you'll encounter two types of police (

Car / Walk ), therefore there's also two types of punishments, whether :

01. You get a fine - Theres an icon like a notebook in top center of screen

02. You get arrested - HandCuffs icon

I'll list down the law-breaking behaviours :

PS : This will only happen if there's a police within an area of sight

You'll get a fine if you :

- Running across Red Lights

- Crashes into someone's car ( light damage )

- Crashes into someone ( hurt )

- Speeding over 60 Kmh

You'll get arrested if you :

- Runaway from the police with the "fine icon"

- Show weapon when police is around

- Shoot / Crash into Police / Police Car

- Crashes into someone's car ( heavy damage )

- Crashes into someone ( dead )

- Speeding over 120 Kmh

If you get a fine icon and you stopped, the police will only ask some dough

from you but if you get a handcuffs icon, you'll get arrested and the mission

you're in will be considered fail. So I reccomend to stop while the icon is

still the "fine" icon before it changes to handcuffs.


| |

| Walktrough | "CONTENTA"


OK ! This is the Walktrough !

I'm not gonna explain step by step 'coz its gonna spoil the game and the

excitement off, so I just gonna spurt the brief walktrough ( as I'm also too

lazy to explain it step by step ) if there's something you want to ask or

confused with, feel free to mail me.

MAFIA consists of 20 Chapters ( minus the lousy first and the second chapter ),

each of them are similiar and connected to each other. The timespan is around

1930 to 1938 and the place is somewhere in America ( I'm not sure its real or

fiction, I never been there before.. ). The main character is Thomas Angelo,

Tommy, for short.



"An offer you can't refuse"

Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

Autumn 1938

After the intro cutscene, a man come out of a train and to a small cafe. There

he meets someone and he told him about his past.

You are controlling a Taxi right now, so don't expect that you can outrun your

chasers just by going straight. If you notice, they will crash into your car

from the LEFT side, so if you stay at the right side of the road and give them

some space, they will bump you and kill you. So instead, stay at the LEFT side

of the road, search for some kind of roadlight or traffic light. You can outrun

them by making them crash into traffic light or roadlight or maybe some cars.

Remember that they will bump you from the LEFT so when they are at your LEFT

just bump into them so they hit the roadlight or the traffic light.

Whoa, pretty confusing huh.. ?

Well anyway, luck really have an important role in this mission. My friend can

outrun those bastards easily because -of some reason- they [unfortunately]

crash into a tram and flipped off, so they cannot chase him.



"The Running Man"

Mission Difficulty : 0.5 / 10 ( oh please.... )

Hell, this is another lousy chapter. You just go around carrying passengers (

daily taxi driver work ) but at the end of this chapter you'll get bullied by

the guys from last night. To get trough this mission just activate your Speed

Limiter (F5) and try not to bump into people. I can't even think why they make

such mission... This kind of mission should be converted into a cutscene >_<



"Molotov Party"

Mission Difficulty : 5 / 10

Congrats ! Welcome de la Famiglia !

In this mission you'll execute your first job as a Salieri. First, get into

Morello's area and park beside his garage. You should be able to enter the

garage from BEHIND ( There's a small alley ) and lockpick the small gate (

Right Click ). Knock Down the guard at the main gate with that brand new

Baseball Bat of yours. Then damage one of the cars with the bat, and blow the

other two with the molotovs ( this mission reminds me of the Bonus Stage in

Street Fighter when you gotta destroy that car with time limit.. oh, 16 bit

games.. ). Don't forget to check the small wooden house to get a Falconer.

Then get back to Salieri's.... Easy, eh ?



"Ordinary Routine"

Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

Ah ! Life as a mafioso ! This is your second mission, collecting Protection

Money from those protected by the Salieris. The Bank and the Restaurant should

be easy, but when you arrive at the Gas Station...

After Paulie is out, go left to circle the house and KILL the dog there. At my

first try I'm too busy shooting the guys from the window and I got killed by

the #$^&*( dog >_< waaaaaah that embarasses my a lot ! I almost spent an hour

swearing at that fluffy thing with jaw. Make sure you don't die like me....


Oh yeah, you should see some boxes arranged at the back of the house. Press

"JUMP" to climb those boxes and get inside the house. After you get inside,

turn right and open the door to reveal the BATHROOM and a guy peeing there.

Shoot him dead and prepare for a three men assault from the stairs. Hide behind

the door or enter a room and kill them one by one. There's two accessible rooms

at the second floor, one have the TommyGun on the bed and the other room have a

healing medicine on the bathroom ( Its a yellow box with a red cross on it ).

Head down carefully, at the room with billiard tables there's 3 men, one at the

left armed with the Tommy Gun, finish him later. The other two is equipped with

some handgun ( I forgot ) I reccomend to finish these two first. After killing

all three you should see a big old man with white clothes - KILL him too or he

will punch you.

Enter the room to see Sam, but after you got out prepare for an one on one

gunfight. This should be easy considering you still have the Tommy Gun armed.

* The Chase *

First of all just go to your car and do your best to tail him. It's almost

impossible to speed him out because his car is way better than yours. Just tail

him and shoot him. Eventually he will fell down ( in my game he crashes to

another car and incapitated, so I got out of my car and shoot him ).




Mission Difficulty : 3 / 10

This time the big boss wants you to steal some brand new racing car from Europe

so the car won't win at the race tomorrow. GO to the place marked at the map (

it's at the edge of the town, there's a label Lost Heaven Racing Arena so you

should be able to find it easily ). After ya got there, talk to the guard and

he'll open the gate for you.

Go to the garage and take the car. When you're driving it in the city, remember

to watch the radar screen for police because they'll chase you as soon as they

see you. And please DO NOT DAMAGE the car by bumping into someone / something.

Go to Luca Bertone's and wait for a moment. After he's finished you just drove

back and put the car to where it was.

* The Race *

RACING difficulty : 15 / 10 (waaah can't they make it a little easier ?)

Apparantly Salieri's racing guy has broke his arm so he won't be driving for

the race, soo, guess who'll drive ?

There's no tips or strategy to pass this race thingy, I have wandered around

Forums about Mafia and most of it is about how hard the racing was. I myself

spent almost 2 and a half hour ( plus 2 bottles of Coke ) to pass this hell.

There's no kind of trick, but there's one bug ( I think ) to get the first and

the second car behind you. When the race starts simply accelerate your car

WITHOUT bumping into other cars and at the first turn BUMP your car between the

First and the Second car ( white and red, supposedly )and you should be on the

first place. I did this and I manage to -SAFELY- pass all the turns (just be

patient and turn slowly, overspeeding will only flip your car)

Well that should work for you, it works like a charm for me tho.

If you want the save file after the racing ( if you STILL cant win the helluva

race ) just mail me again, Chapischi ?

If you customize your controls exactly like mine, then you can steer with WSAD

buttons and before a turn just press the "Arrow Up" key ( its below the button

"End" at your keyboard, just for newbies ) and somehow you'll get a better /

easier turn ( or thats how I think ). Good Luck !




Mission Difficulty : 7 / 10

Carlo asked you to accompany Sarah on her way home, because the night before

some punks are flirting with her.

This mission almost look like a copy of Fighting Force with a Mafia skin... >_<

just punch 'em out with a full power bar and get some weapons dropped. Watch

Sarah's and your lifebar. There's not only 3 punks in there but almost 7 or 8

so better watch your back. After knocking everybody off, escort her to her

house and see some adult scenes ( tee hee...... )



"Better Get Used To It"



"The Whore"



"A Trip To The Country"






"Visiting Rich People"



"A Great Deal !"



"Bon Apetit !"



"Happy Birthday !"



"You Lucky Bastard !"



"Creme De La Creme"



"Election Campaign"



"Just for Relaxation"






"The Death of Art"


| |



Hum, just exactly like the subtitle, I'll write down the weapons available in

this game..

Usually you'll get the "heaters" at Vincenzo's before a mission, but you can

also rub dead bodies of enemies ( or polices ) to get new weapons. The weapons

you get WILL NOT be saved after a mission, so when you advance to the next

mission you'll be empty handed again. ( The most annoying factor in the game..


O yeah, some of the "Found In"s are blurry to me, so I fill those exactly as I

remember, the big prob is I don't remember clearly tho.. please send me the

corrections OK ?

-= WEAPONS known to be exist =-

01. Baseball Bat ( either autographed or non-autographed... >_< )

Efficiency : 4/10.

Type : Meelee

Found in : Almost every mission / sometimes car drivers bring this.

Damage : Low.

PROs : If you hit someone from the back with this thing, they'll be "out

cold" for some time, good range.

CONs : It hits high and usually miss, cannot be used crouching.

Comments : Why can't it bounce bullets off... ?

02. Crowbar

Efficiency : 3/10.

Type : Meelee

Found in : Almost every mission / sometimes labors bring this.

Damage : Low.

PROs : No pros... I think..

CONs : Usually miss, small range, cannot be used crouching.

Comments : I hate this thing, use it only in desperations !

03. Knife

Efficiency : 5/10.

Type : Meelee

Found in : Some mission.

Damage : A litthe higher than Low.

PROs : Just charge the power bar to full and you'll do a whooping 4 hit

combo ! :D

CONs : Usually miss, small range, cannot be used crouching. ( typical

meelee Cons )

Comments : Good when you're weaponless or bulletless ( which is very

impossible to happen IMHO )

04. Smith and Wesson model 10 M&P

Efficiency : 6/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 6 / 30

Type : SmallGun / Range

Found in : Almost every mission.

Damage : Medium.

PROs : Good stuff, can do good headshots.

CONs : Unstable, bounces off after shoot.

Comments : Good gun but I prefer Colt 1911

05. Smith and Wesson model 27 Magnum

Efficiency : 8/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 6 / 30

Type : SmallGun / Range

Found in : Missions up from mission 4 or 5

Damage : High.

PROs : Whoa, this is one of my faves. You only need to shot the head once

to blow 'em off.

CONs : Unstable, bounces off after shoot, long reload time.

Comments : Use it from a long range, save your bullets with h-shots.

06. Colt 1911

Efficiency : 7/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 7 / 35

Type : Small Gun / Range

Found in : Mission 2 I think.. ?

Damage : A little higher than Medium.

PROs : Ehehehe, this is my gun for all time. Very stable and accurate.

CONs : Nothing, I think...

Comments : Use this from a range and the victory is yours. Remember, always

hit the HEAD !

07. Colt Detective Special

Efficiency : 7/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 6 / 30

Type : Small Gun / Range

Found in : Mission "The Whore" and up

Damage : High.

PROs : Similiar to the Magnum but ( I think ) Magnum is stronger..

CONs : Unstable, bounces off after shoot, long reload time, unaccurate in

long range fights.

Comments : IMO, I'd rather use up all my S&W Magnum after I use this one.

08. Pump Action Shotgun

Efficiency : 7/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 8 / 32

Type : Shotgun / Range

Found in : Forgot... >_<

Damage : HIGH

PROs : One shot with the perfect aiming and range = sayonara.

CONs : Usual shotgun cons, the bullets spread.

Comments : Use it for 1 on 1 fights or if lots of enemy are IN FRONT of

you, never use it when surrounded.

09. Sawed off Shotgun

Efficiency : 6/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 2 / 32

Type : Shotgun / Range

Found in : Mission 4 ( I think... )

Damage : HIGH

PROs : Idem.

CONs : Range is shorter than PumpAction, low bullets space, reload time.

Comments : This one only take up space, if you have PumpAction I reccomend

to put this one away,

10. Thompson 1928 / T-Gun / Tommy Gun/ or anything you call it

Efficiency : 9/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 50 / 200

Type : AutoMachineGun / Range

Found in : >_<

Damage : Medium.

PROs : Whoa, the gun of the game ! Lots of bullets to spend and a good

range to snipe out enemies.

CONs : The reload time sucks real hard...

Comments : Either 1 vs 1 or crowded use this one, you can almost kill

anyone without taking damage.

11. US Rifle M 1903 Springfield

Efficiency : 7/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 5 / ?

Type : Rifle / Range

Found in : Mission "The Whore", Mission "You Lucky Bastard !" and up

Damage : HIGH

PROs : This one have one hell of a range ! Use it to kill enemies from far


CONs : Really hard to aim the head from far away, and again, reload


Comments : Use it when the enemy is still unaware of you.

12. Mosin-Nagant 1891/30

Efficiency : 8/10.

Mag / Max Mag : 5 / ?

Type : SniperRifle / Range

Found in : Mission "Election Campaign"

Damage : HIGH

PROs : Hehehe, I really love this one.. Snipers at last !

CONs : Waah, its soo damn hard to shoot someone in the head from a long

range !

Comments : No Comments... :D

13. Grenades

Efficiency : 10/10. ( If used correctly, that is )

Type : Thrown Projectile / Explosives

Found in : Mission "The Death of Art"

Damage : HIGH

PROs : You can kill enemies even before you see them.

CONs : Hard to aim, you have to practise using this one.

Comments : Use grenades wisely, watch for walls because one wrong throw can

be the cause of your own death.


| |



In this section I will explain the red line of characters and their

connections, and again, send me corrections please !


Thomas "Tommy" Angelo

The main character of the game, used to be a taxi driver before he saved Paulie

and Sam's life from Morello's men.


Don Salieri

The big guy of Little Italy, he runs everything in and out. He was once

Morello's best friend before they split the town in two and began to compete

each other.



Salieri's right hand who runs the company from inside, handles all book and

accounts for Salieri.


Don Morello

The boss of New Ark, he runs his regime with blood and violence so people were

afraid of him rather than admire him. He have some politician, the police and

some town councellor as his friends so he's a little stronger then Salieri.


Sergio Morello Jr

Morello's little brother who runs the export/import and shipping at the

harbour. FYA he's a Lucky Bastard >_<



One of Salieri's boys (hitmen, anyway you call them) and Tommy's best pal.



Just another Salieri's boys, but he's not so close with Tom.



Salieri's weapon expert, if you need any heaters just ask him and he'll prepare




Salieri's car mechanic, apart from his superb skill in cars and automobile,

he's an idiot.



Salieri's bartender.



Tom's wife and Carlo's daughter.


Luca Bertone

He runs an automobile repair / tune up shop downtown. You can learn how to

steal new cars from him, usually after a mission ends.



Runs a native Sicilian restaurant, Salieri's Fave.


Big Biff

Paulie's informant who usually hangs out in Chinatown.


| |

| Credits | "BLABLABLAs"


In this first version I would like to thank :

01. God

for creating me and the programmers of this game

02. Parents

for buying me this brand new 2 Ghz pentium so I'm able to run this game,

and thanks for everything !

03. Gathering of Developers and Illusion Softworks

for making this unbelieveably good game. ( can you make the cars go

faster... PLEASEEEE ! )

04. Hum..... [Dr@goon]

for being the real clan out there ! We're gonna kick some ass ! Tee hee !

End of FAQ

[CrescentSaber] 2002/2003

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