Shrek 2: The Game

Shrek 2: The Game Walkthrough (English)

1. Shrek's Swamp

Location : Shrek's Swamp

Enemies : None

FGM Drive Through : Yes

Coins : Around 27

When you start the game you'll see the book from Shrek 2 and a guy named Allister tells you the story (not the whole one but a piece of it). Of Course you could think Donkey is around and always has comment on it. When Allister is finished telling it you'll see a cutscene where Donkey is relaxing with a drink and a newspaper when Shrek and Fiona are arriving. When Shrek sees what happend to his swamp he asks Donkey, he explains there has a lot of crazy stuff happend while they were gone. The soldiers want to arrest the fairytale creatures again, that's the "wanted posters side quest" you can do if you want

You'll also find coins floating in the air. Those are used to buy potions with

And also energy bars, if your hp is low you can pick them up and regain health

Also Donkey tells Shrek & Fiona they are invited to go to Far Far Away for

their wedding ball. The invitation came while they were gone.

But you can't leave until all this, like Donkey says "Hoodoo-voodoo" is gone.

So you and Donkey explore the swamp while Fiona packs for the journey.

After the cutscene (which you can skip by pressing the spacebar) you'll find yourself playing as Shrek. Now we have to collect all coins.

Jump from lillypad to lillypad to reach the other side of the water. You can

walk in this water but sometimes you won't be able to climb back up to the

ilillypads and you'll have to go and swim all the way back to the side.

Most of the time the game will help you a hand and if you don't jump 100%

correctly it won't matter. So that are 3 coins already. Follow the pad to

get another 4 coins. See the punching bag? You'll need to hit it! When it's

gone you'll get another coin. Go to the treestumps and get on them. The

tutorial tells you Shrek will automatically climb onto the high platforms you

can't reach by jumping. When you're up to the highest one you need to grab the vines.Just press the jump button and you'll be hanging on them.

Use your rigth arrow to continue, collect 3 coins and you'll now have 11 in


You'll now have to double jump on the bridge to get to the other side.

Just double click the right mouse button and you'll make it. Get another

4 coins for that. Now you see the crates, destroy them by attacking.

Each box has one coin in it. When you continue Donkey will tell you about the four leaf clovers. You'll need to get it later. Now you have to jump on the lillypads and jump on the sparkling oragne one to get across those briars.

You have to punch the boards to continue, just run towards them while clicking the attack button and you'll slide them to pieces. You can go to the next part if you broke all three of them. In front of you, yu'll find a hero bar, pick it up if you think you're hit (you can check it out by watching the

health bar in the left corner of the screen.)

When you're on the bridge, jump on the green lillypads to get 2 coins, now

jump on the sparkling one to jump to the other side while getting one coin.

This brings you on a total of 25 coins. Now hop on the logs and you'll see

a guy in a tutu called Roy. He's your "Save-fairy". When you go close to him he'll save your progress. When your game is saved you'll hear him say: "You're saved" or any other stupid quotes. Now climb up and stand in front of the lever, now use your left mouse button to pull it. The briidge will now be ready to cross. Oh, yes, if you want to practice your punching a little, you'll find another punching bag beneath th bridge but it has no coins so I don't see the point of it. When you're crossing the bridge Donkey will tell you how to get the four leaf clover. Now jump onto the platform and destroy the board to get it, very four leaf clover you find will increase your health capacatiy. Jump down.

You'll find another new thing on your way, the FGM Drive Through.

(FGM = Fairy GodMother). These drive-in shops will sell magical potions.

You can buy them with the coins you've collected on your way. If you rather save up your coins you can chooce not to buy potions because else the game would be too easy. After the little cutscene you can buy potions.

Now continue because you don't have enough coins to buy one. Now continue and collect another 2 coins. Now rip off the poster. After you did that, you'll be back at Shrek's house and the onion carriage is ready to leave.


2 Going to Far Far Away

Location : A forest

Enemies : Bandits

FGM Drive Through : No

Coins : Around 60

You'll see another cutscene in the onion carriga where Donkey keeps asking

"Are we there yet" -_- While Donkey is talking and talking the carriage stops, some bandits blocked the road with trees, they also stole a wheel.

Shrek decides to teach those bandits a lesson. There wil lbe bandits running towards you but they are so easy to defeat, they wait until you hit them or you have to wait like 10 seconds before they strike. When you defeated 2 bandits they'll make a circle around you and throw the wheel to each other so you can't catch it. You have to run up to the bandit that has the wheel and when he throws the wheel to a friend you can punch him, keep repeating this until there is no bandit left. Now if you didn't pick all the coins (also the ones in the tree log) you can do it now. After you took them you should have 63 coins. Now run to the wheel and pick it up. If you're hit by a bandit you'll lose some coins but also health so after you put the wheel back on, Donkey gives you a box of hero bars to regain full health. Now you need to take care of the road blocks, just use a combo punch to destroy them.

Now you'll get back into the carriage and Allister will tell another piece

of the story.


3 Hunt Adventues

Location : Far Far Away's Forest

Enemies : Bandits, Fire-Flowers, Trees

FGM Drive Through : Yes

Coins : 297

When you arrive in the forest you'll see a cut scene where Shrek tries to

rember where he should meet the king. When they decide to go deeper in the forest you'll hear a banjo and see the hat of Puss in Boots. Shrek is going to check it out and the scared donkey is on is own, you now have to play with Donkey. Follow the road and don't forget to collect the coins. Now is the good time to buy I potion, I suggest if you want to buy some you buy the Flash Freeze Frosty Flakes Potion, it freezes your enemies for 5 seconds.

If you continue you'll find mushrooms, click the left mouse button to pick

them up and throw them t the purple ones with another click. Go through the wooden log and you'll find Roy the save-fairy. You can't go on now because the bandits have control over the bridge, you'll need to kick the bandit and cut the rope. Now head to the sparkling mushroom and bounce it. Now defeat the bandit and cut the rope and you can continue. Now do not jump because you'll lose health, go to the back of the platform and jump on the mushroom, you'll be jumping to the wheat that will break your fall.

When you crossed the bridge you're be in an outpost of the bandits so you'll need to kick them all. After that go behind the house for 2 coins.

See the little cabin next to the house? At the side of it you'll find another

poster. Go in the little road and you'll find some coins and a hero bar box.

Go back and take the left road now, jump on the sparkling spiderweb. Walk on the stick if you want the two coins, now jump on that mushroom. Walk forward collecting the coins and defeat the torch holding bandits. GO down and your game will be saved. See that other spiderweb and the door? The door is locked so you need to jump your way across. Walk the logs and kick the switch to open the door. If you want you can jump on the wheat but it makes no difference.

When you took the bowl of coins you go to the seond part of the woods. When you're here defeat the cherry bomb throwing tree. Go up the hill and press the switch. When you're back down you need to jump across the vines but you have to be careful about the swinging ball. Just jump on either the most left or right side and you won't be hit. Break the box for a coin. Go on and take the hero bar box. Watch out for the mushrooms, when you touch them they explode. Now hit the trees. Cut the rope to lower the bridge, as soon it is down a ball will sttart swining across the bridge, walk over it when the ball at the highest point. Save and now to break the boards, jump and kick.

Beat the bandits and go on. Take all coins in the area and go up the hill,

break the barrels with mushrooms first because the bandits will run to them and trhow them to you. Now jump on the mushroom and collect the two coins.

Go down and cross the bridge. Hit the switch to open the door.

Beat the bandit and continue. Go down and jump over the flames. If you go to the right you'll find some bandits and a tree, defeat them and take that road.

You'll see a FGM Drive Through. You can buy potions if you want. See the other cabin? Behind it there is a four leaf clover. Take it and your health will be extended. Go back and jump on the sparkling spiderweb. You have to hop on the logs to continue, if you fall down you'll be dead. Don't worry the only thing you have to do is a double jump and you'll land safely. When you're at the other side Roy will save your game.

Continue and defeat the bandits. Now, you'll see a blocked road and two

switches. The point is to hit the switches so the holes are all on the bottom

so you can walk through them. Defeat the trees and bandits. When the third tree is gone you'll get a hero bar. Continue to the left, jump the vines and defeat the bandit. You have to cross another road with a Fire-Flower, now you see logs bumping against each other. DO NOT TOUCH THEM or you'll be dead.

After the second one, collect the coin and hit the switch to open the door.

When you're in the next part Donkey will see a sign with "Free Food" on it.

Don't go yet *cough*trap*cough*. Instead of going to the right go to the left and collect the coins. Jump the lillypads but if you fall into the water you have to go back to the side and try again because Donkey can't crawl back on.

When you've collected them all go to the "Free Food". Jump over the mushrooms and you'll find an area with a bowl, watch the cutscene. The bandits have trapped Donkey. Shrek is back and you need to defeat the bandits before you can rescue Donkey. If you have a freeze potion it woul be wise to you it now.

Now punch the stone. Donkey is free again! Collect the hero bar boxes and

return to the area with the lillypads. Notice the sparkling leaf? Jump on it.

Slide to the left, now watch the cutscene and jump over the log, go up with

the leaf. Kick the rope and a ball will hit the wood so Donkey can jump across

the water. The gate will also open.

Watch out for the bear traps, don't walk on them. Another Fire-Flower plant

along with bear traps, just double jump across them. Defeat the bandits and the tree and collect the hero bar. Next you see bear traps and coins between them, collect them. Watch out for the Fire-Flower and go on. Save your game when you reach Roy and collect the Hero Bar Box. Before you go any further you can jump to the right where there is a FGM and some coins. Beat the bandits. There is a huge pumpkin blocking the way, throw the little ones next to the house at it and it will explode. Only two pumpkins are enough.

Go on and you'll see a cutscene where Donkey's uncle Clearance says :

"Red is bad, green is good". Like this, jump on the green mushrooms and try to avoid the red ones. Defeat the bandits and the tree. You'll now find some mushrooms, wait until there is a pad you can walk. Now save your game.

Your first boss battle awaits, it's Puss in Boots. Check out the boss section

on strategies to defeat him. When he is, you'll see him lying on the ground.

When he's coughing Shrek picks him up and the Puss surrenders. He will

be at your service because you spared his life. He was sent to kill Shrek

by the king. Shrek wants hapiness for him and Fiony so Puss in Boots tells

them about the FGM agency that makes potions. So they decide to go there.

If you did all things I told you you'll get 2 photos.


4 In search for a potion

Location : FGM Agency

Enemies : Workers

FGM Drive Through : Yes

Coins : Too many

You'll see a cutscene where Shrek asks a Happily Ever After potion.

But the fairy says ogres can't have them. They decide to search for it

themselves, Shrek steals a suit from someone working there. Puss in Boots decides he will get the potion for Shrek because he's the only one who can go through the small vents. Shrek and Donkey will hide.

When you can move there wil be a worker attacking you. Defeat him and pull the lever to open a door. Beatthe workers and climb up, pull the lever to get the hero bars. Explore the room, beat all the workers. On the right you'll find 2 pipes thar are climbable. Climb on the rigth one first for a bowl of coins. Now climb the left one. Jump to the other platform and climb another pipe. Now pull the lever so the way is free. You now have to jump to the pipe.

Do a double jump and you'll have it. Remember to click jump again when you're at the highest point of your normal jump, if you just click the jump button twice you won't reach it. When you hang on the pipe go to your left. Jump to the platform, jump over the flames and save. Pull the lever. And jump to the platforms. Crawl through the vent. Jump from platform to platform and make your way to the closed vent. Use your attacks to break it. Take the hero bar and get saved. Beat the workers and open the wardrobes to get some coins.

At the end double jump when you're in front of the pipe and Puss will grab it.

Climb up and pull the lever. The lifts will now work and you have to jump on them to get to the broken Fairy Godmother painting. The lever automatically will switch back so if you missed it you'll need to pull it again. Take the coins and go back up. Now instead of jumping on the other moving thing go into the vent. Break the vents and go on. Now go right and then jump on the ground. If you don't want to lose a lot of health you'll need to avoid the lasers, it's pretty easy. On the other side you'll get a hero bar and go through the other lasers. Climb up the boxes and jump on the pipes.

Drop down on the platform and jump to the lever. Pull it and the platform you're on will begin moving. Jump ...again... to the other platform and break the vent.

Take the coins and let Roy save your game. Beat the workers and get the wanted poster from the fridge. You now have activated the coin mini game. The only thing you need to do here is get as many coins as you can. When your time runs out or you fall to death you return to the actual game. Next to the fridge are boxes, climb up the platform and pull the lever. Go to the soda machines and climb up to it, now jump to the platform. Jump and get on the pipe. Pull the lever to lower a platform so you can reach the vent. When you walked through it you'll be in another room with lasers. After them there wil lbe a worker throwing something at you, kill him and continue right. Jump onto the platform to get some gold.

I think this is a good time to stock up your potions. I bought all nine too see if you get the plastic thing, but no, you don't get anything. So don't waste 300 coins like me -_- Go back and take the left pull the lever to open the gate. Roy will save your game.

You're in the potion room, one of the hardest things if you're not good at

jumping. First, go to the boxes in front of you, jump on the platform and

follow the others too. When you made it pull the lever to go to another one

pull it too, because this platform is now here you won't have to jump the

whole thing anymore, if you fall down you can use the other boxes. Now

it's easy, jump from platform to platform and you'll reach the potion

eventually. Take it and when Shrek and Puss in Boots are save Donkey will be trapped because they found out there are thieves. Shrek and Puss in Boots can run away but Donkey needs to find another way out.

You'll now be playing with Donkey again, all the alarms have gone off so there are a lot of workers that want to catch you. Leave the potion room and jump over the flames. You'll be back in the room with the soda machines and fridges

When you defeated all the workers the door will open for you. Go back through the lasers, at the end you'll see Roy. You'll now be in the room again where the workers are sliding. Notice that the door i now open so you don't need to go all way the way around. Jump over the lasers and the game will zoom to Roy telling you, you have to go there. When your game is saved the door will close and the Fairy Godmother will release the Pink Potion of Pain so get as high as you! You can jump over the flames and evade the workers, you'll have more than enough time.


5 The return

Location : Far Far Away Forest

Enemies : Bandits

FGM Drive Through : Yes

Coins : Around 290

When you're up Shrek will tell you to go to the window. The next screen you'll be outside. After a time of walking Shrek decides to drink the potion. But it seems nothing has happend so Donkey will try now. Nothing happend so they decide to take a rest in a barn. Donkey & Puss in Boots are racing to it so Shrek needs to get it there by himself. Cross the bridge, when you're a bit further there will be some bandits that want to kill you. When they're gone you'll see that the gate is now open. Before you go through it you can get some coins by going to the back of the house. Follow the path up to the boards and break them. If you fall off the cliff make sure you hit the wheat

else you'll be dead. Beat the bandits and go on. In this area bandits will

hide in the bushes and will appear when you are close to them. Slay them

and pull all three levers to open the gate.

Save your game with Roy, then go right and take the wanted poster that's on the wall of the house. Beat the bandit and collect the coins. Nowgo back and continue to the other path. You'll see some people on the roof of a house but you can't reach them. Now break the boards to advance. Bandits will appear out of the bushes on your right so beat them all, a bit further on your pad you'll find another pair of Fire-Flowers. Also watch out for the bear traps. At the end of the road you need to kill 3 bandits to open a gate.

You'll find yourself in a bandit village, look around and collect some coins.

The other gate will be closed so go further and notice the large tree in the

middle of that place, at the other side of it there is a lever, pull it to

open the gate you found earlier. When you defeated the guys jump on the

sparkling leaf, follow the road and Roy will save your game. Go on and collect the coins and the hero bar box. At the other side of the tree there is another lever, pull it to open the new gate. Go up the hill and jump in the well.

When you're down you are in some kind of cole mine, go on and let Roy save your game. Go to the right and get the coins, watch out for two new enemies, the bats and spiders. Go left and watch out for the giant spinning things.

You're now on a road for mine cars go left and collect coins, now go right.

Notice that the bridge is closed so you'll need to jump over it. A double

jump will do the trick. Save game when you meet Roy and go on. Pull the lever and jump from platform to platform but evade the spinning things.

You'll find a board, break it and go on. Hop onto the lift and pull the lever

in the next room. In this room you can buy potions at the FGM drive.

Pull the lever to open the gate. There is now a shortcut because the other

gate has opened too. If you missed the leaf clover you can now get it back, if you go on the lift go the other way and you'll be in a room with bats and the end the clover. now break the boards at the right of the clover's location, make your way over the things and hop on the elevator.

You'll be outside again with another FGM Drive Through. Kill the bandits and go on to the path. Jump on the lillypads and collect the coins. When you reach the sparking one you'll jump in some kind of mini maze. When you squashed the rats the door will open. Beat another 4 rats to exit the maze.

Go up the hill and beat the guys. In this area you'll find a huge windblower

jump onto it and it'll break the boards. Jump onto the wheat and jump on the other one for two times. Jump on the leaf to get the hero bar, now fall down on the windblower. You expect the house to break but the only thing that will move it the tree that blocked your way. Jump on the stomp and hop onto the roof, you'll need to jump into the hole, Roy will save your game. Continue to the camp of some bandits there will be some pairs of them appearing out the tents. Continue through the gate and Roy will save your game once again.

Jump on the wheat, notice there is a small sign telling you you can't swim

in this water, and it's right, you shouldn't because you'll die. Go to the

stone bridge and lower the other side by pulling the lever, another load of

bandits will appear so kill them. If you want a hero bar, to the right off

the bridge is a little island with a bar on. Now cross the bridge and you'll

be in a small boss batte, refer to the boss section if you want more

information. Cross the bridge and continue right. This is getting a little

boring but you need to beat another pack of bandits on your way.

You'll see Donkey and Puss in Boots waiting for you, walk to them and watch the little cutscene. They go into the barn to shelter for the rain.

Allister will reveal another piece of the story. He tells that the next

morning the potion worked after all, Shrek is now human and Donkey is a noble steed. The Fairy Godmother tellls the king to arrest the guys.


6 The Prison

Location : Far Far Away Prison

Enemies : Rats, Bats, Guards, Spiders

FGM Drive Through : Yes

Coins : N/A

Play again with the Puss, break the vent and climb the pipe. Pull the lever to your left and Shrek and Donkey will be free too. The guards noticed you

escaped. Te game will now split up, you'll need to escape with all three of

the guys, the first one is Donkey. Next to the FGM Drive there is a switch,

hit it and you'll activate the elevator. When you're up, Roy will save your

game. Go left for a crate with some coins, now head to the giant spider,

when she's defeated jump on the web to go up a floor. Now go left and

jump to the next platforms. Break the into the jail and hit the switch.

The bridge will spread out and you can cross it to go up another floor.

Go round and break the bars to get a hero bar. Now jump on the jail boxes

that are hanging in the air. Before you break the bars and save at Roy's

go further and beat the spider so you can jump up. Go on and break the bars and collect the 5th wanted poster. Now go back down via the diagonal stone.

Go back and save your game when you meet Roy.

In this room you'll find boxes with coins and a crazy guard. Now jump on the wooden platform but don't stand on them too long because they will fall down.

Beat the guard and hit the switch. Go up on the stone platforms. Go on and

jump on the new wooden platforms. Hit the switch so the platforms wil appear.

Jump on the stone platforms and hit the switch so the others will appear.

Go back and go up. Now go on the wooden platforms angain and jump to the stone one on the other side of the room. Now jump towards the spiderweb.

Roy wil save your game, in this large romm are guards so beat them. Collect the coins if you want, on ther right side of the room is a jail room with a switch, hit it. A door will open, jump into it and you'll hop on some webs.

Go counterclockwise and jump on the platforms. Jump down on the jail boxes.

When you're down jump on the spiderweb. You'll go all the way up and you can get some coins. To go down again jump on the spiderweb below. When you're at the bottom again, break the boxes and go into that jail. look to your right and hop on the platforms, watch out for the swinging boulder.

When you're in the middle platform Shrek will appear for a second. Continue.

Jump diagonally to reach the other side. Watch out because the last two

platforms are made of wood. Go down and save at Roy's. Defeat the guards and break the pannels. Go down the stairs and beat the guards, now run down when the logs are at their highest point. Now the hardest part.

You have to get across this platform without any boulder hitting you.

First, jump onto the pltform, look at the first boulder and go on when he

passed you. Quickly run to the right so it won't hit you. Now when it has

passed again run forward and evade the other two boulders. Don't get

discouraged if you die a couple of times, it happend to be too. Go down and Roy will save your game.

You'll encounter Mr. Fancypants-a-lot -_-, a boss battle. When you beat him the large gate will open. Now you'll se the older scene again but now you have to play with Puss in Boots.

Go on and jump on the platform. Jump to the pipe and go down. Beneath the platform is a wanted poster. When you got that one you'll have to play another race for coins. Go in the sewer and go into the green shiny pipe, at the end will be a four leaf clover. Go back and take the other pipe. Jump on the little boat thingy and it will sail across the poisonous water. Jump towards the pipe. Climb up and follow the road, Roy will save your game. Jump on the little islands. When you're on the other side, climb up and do another island jumping. climb up and go into the hole. Roy will save your game. Jump down on the coin boxes and go to the other side, pull the lever so the sewer water will rise, make sure you hop onto the platform else you'll drown. When the water stops the platform will sail to the pipes, climb up.You'll be in a room with rats. Defeat them and go to Roy to save your game. Follow the road and you'll see a little cutscene with Shrek. Go on, jump to the pipes and climb down.

When you're down a platform will bring you to a switch. The sewage will go

down so quickly jump onto the platform before it's too deep and you die.

Wait until you're on the bottom and go through the hole. Hop onto the

platforms to reach Roy. You'll be on another hopping thing but now the pipes will go into the sewage so hop onto them when they appear and quickly continue now follow the road. You have to hop ... again. This one is even harder because you only have pipes no little islands anymore. This is one of the most frustrating parts of the game if you don't have a little luck.

Now go into the hole and follow the road until you meet Roy. Beat the giant

spider and jump on its web. You'll now have to fight Mr. Fancypants-a-lot

again. It's the same one so it's too easy.

You'll now have to work your way through the prison with Shrek, first defeat the guards. Go up the stairs and notice that the switch is broken, stick your sword in it to activate it. Before going to the other side, jump down on the platforms but watch out for the blue beams. Now activate the switch, hit the spider and jump up. You'll jump back on the bridge again, continue.

Break the boards for two hero bars. Beat the guards. Go up the stairs and

Roy will save. Kill the other two guards and smash the crates and boards.

There will be a hidden switch, activte it and the gate will open.

Jump on the platforms, stock up some potions if you want and continue left.

Hop onto the jail cages to get to the other side. kill the guards so the cage

will go up and the way to the lever is free. Pull it to open the door. You'll

see the cut scene with Puss again but now from Shrek's point of view. Go right and break the boards to get a hero bar box. See the searchlights? Don't stand in them, it's like the lasers. Walk on and get saved by Roy. Smash the boxes for some coins and hero bars. Destroy the boards and activate the lever to open a door. Go into it and work your way through the bumping logs. Go up the stairs and there will be some more but the ground has gone into the deep so you can't walk freely. Go downstairs and you'll see another bunch of searchlights, also the cutscene with Donkey will appear. Stick to the walls to evade the lights, save your game. Pull the levers to open the gates.

Behind the boxes is a hidden path, follow it to collect a lot of coins.

Now the gate is open you can go on. Follow the road and you'll see another

path with logs and boulders. Use the same strategy like last time. When you're on the other side, take the box and jump down. For the last thing you need to do in the prison Roy will save your game and you'll need to kill Mr. Fancypants-a-lot again. When he's defeated watch the cutscene with the all three of them. Gingerbread Man comes and saves the day!


7 Storm the castle!

Location : Far Far Away Castle

Enemies : Guards

FGM Drive Through : Yes

Coins : N/A

You'll start with a cutscene showing Gingerbread Man is running towards the gates. He breaks down the gates. Walk on and smash the gates where the knights are coming from. Walk on the knights to kill them, you can also kick them.

Now pick up some trees and throw them to the bridge so it will lower down

and you can cross it (do not walk in the milk!) Four trees will do the trick.

Smash the wall and cross the bridge. When you're in the castle Roy will save.

Go on and break the boards when they are gone Ginger will be dead and Shrek will go into the palace. You either left or right it doesn't matter and get saved. Go to the left and pull the lever. One piece of the door will be open but the little one on the left will be open too and guards will come to attack you. Go into the small room and on your left will be a wanted poster.

Now go right and break the boxes, behind them will be a secret switch

activate it and you'll turn to a secret room. Pull the lever to go back.

Pull the other lever in the corner and the giant door will be open but you

need to kill some knights first. The giant door will now open with again some guards. Go into the door and go left or right to check out the things, collect coins and hero bars, when you approach the giant door you'll see a cutscene with the Fairy GodMother. Prepare for the final battle!When the fairy is defeated all magic will return to normal so Shrek is an ogre and Donkey is a donkey again. After the cutscene Donkey will tell the end of the book.

The credits will roll.....THE END
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