Spellforce: The Order of Dawn

vERSION 1.0 :

Mirraw Thur Campaign Part 1 :

1) You begin to run in the plain and kill some goblins. 3 chests on the way. You arrive at the camp.

2) Talk to Aedar. Then Talk to Willit. Buy and sell items then continue northwest.

3) Here you walk through a swamp and then you see a fork. On the right is a kithar camp. I suggest you forget it for now. Go left and you will encounter a smaller kithar camp. Destroy it. Then activate the bindstone and you will see the portal.

4) Go back to the second kithar camp and destroy it for exp. Beware of the Kithars level 4 and 5. I suppose you will die 2 or 3 times but you will be rewarded with a new level.

5) Pass the portal.

Stormcleaver Rocks campaign :

1) You meet the Skergs and they ask you to save Janina. She is Dunhan girlfriend so you decide it's ok to do it.

2) You can explore the first part of the map by yourself. You find an ork monument and i suggest you build the first building and troops. You need a small HQ to increase the number of troops and lenya for shamans. You will find them later.

3) With your 10 valiant soldiers and your 2 faithful NPC go north then west to save Janina. You learn that she is cursed and that you will find some help in Hulu's Village. South of Janina is a dragon level 5 with good stuff. Beat him with your 10 soldiers. Go north now. On the way to Hulu's village you find a kithar camp on the west with a chest.

4) You can now advance to the east under some rock arcade and you will be ambush by a kithar horde. This horde is activated once the camp to the west is destroyed. After a possible game over come back to this path and find your way to the magic fountain. COntinue further east to find a second kithar camp. Destroy it. Don't forget the chest. If you go south you can find the entrance to the Hulu's village and also some creatures to kill. There is a chest west of the Hulu's village.

5) Enter the village. The skerg Hulu suggests you find your way northwest to the village of Sterius. He offers help and you find a small HQ. You can also upgrade your number of soldiers and collect lenya. Use the second ork monument near Hulu's village to summon more soldiers and troops.

6) Don't waste your time as creatures and forest specter will attack your workers. Also think to destory the kithar camp north of Hulu's village. It has a growing horde that is waiting for your arrival. The more you wait, the harder the quest will be.

7) Once done, continue north to kill a level 9 creatures named Wumpus. In order to do this send 10 soldiers to fight him, be sure to have 15 shamans and also let the NPC fight for you. Once Wumpus will have no more Mana to heal or to poison your avatar, send her (him) to finish Wumpus. You are rewarded with Wumpus tongue and some stuffs.

8) Finish the last swamp creatures and spiders to not have problems later. Now abandon your ork units and go alone to the village of Setrius. Setrius suggests you poison the kithars water. He gives you the poison and says to go west to the path in the mountain. Do this, note that all other orks troops and village are destroyed by elite kithars.

9) Follow the way, kill some rock spiders and find the root of water. You see a blue object on the map. Poison the water then run to the door to open it . The forester joins you. On the way to the forester i suggest you kill all the swamp things as they can damage your new soldiers.

10) Now go to the Kithar Camp. Beware of the general, use the archer to weaken him. Be sure to stay far of the archer tower as the fire can damage your avatar if she (he) is not immune. Once this camp is destroyed you find some keys. Go to the battlefield where Dunhan is. You find a bindstone here. After the scene, collect the bindstone of Dunhan and go back to the Kithar camp. Free the 3 magicians.

11) Go talk to Gruolun and he asks for an idol in a chest. He gives you a magic stone. Talk to the other to obtain 2 other magic stone. Now Go to Wumpus Lair. Locate the chest south of this lair in the mountain. Click on it and the heroes will go There. Now be sure to have the forester with you and give the idol to Gruolun. You obtain a solar coin and then you'll have to fight the other magicians. Now you can go back to Mirraw Thur.

NOTE : I choose to help Gruolun because he is the only one to give a solar coin. None of the three magicians is "THE GOOD CHOICE". You obtain the same quest items and only magical scroll and part of armor change. No importance anyway. You are free to follow me or not.

12) Back in Mirraw Thur you learn how to join Reowys. Now it's time to find him.

Mirraw Thur Campaign Part 2 :

1) Go to the Kithar camp on the right of the fork (as if you wish to pass the portal to Stormcleaver Rocks). This time the tree are cut and you can advance. Kill the beast men and also the ice elves you meet on the way. You will notice to the north some of them, don't attack them now. Go south to an ork village.

2) One of the ork, Kongar claim for Wumpus death. Give him the tongue you obtained earlier. Now exit to the east and notice a portal, an ice elf armies behind another portal and also a hero monument. Summon Dunhan. Go north and kill the ice elf for exp. Now go south and find the second refugie camp.

3) Talk to Aedar (by the way how did he manage to teleport here ?). Now go east of this camp to the bindstone and the portal to the next world.

Echo Swamp Campaign :

1) After the scene, fight Reowys. Now go west and summon the dark elves. North of here is an ork camp without any magic fountain. Destroy it now or you will regret it later. Meanwhile, you can build the dark elf camp. The major problem will be the ogre teams that will come from the northeast.

2) Be sure to build the necromancian. They can summon additional skeletons and goblins. With them you are invincible. Once your army is ready go northeast and at the fork go north. Beat the ogre camp. Now continue east to kill more orks and ogres. If you go south you will meet the masked man. He asks you for his stock. You can go to the goblin camp near the mine and fight with Gitzo. You obtain Gitzo fial and also save the apprentice. Go back to the masked man and he will give you the bindstone of the hero goblin.

3) Continue farther in the map and by destroying some camps you will eventually meet Hortar. He will give you the key to succeed against the dark magician. You must find the Svera flute. It is not your lucky as you must follow Hortar to the next monument. A horde will come from the Svera camp and it is north of where your camp is. That's why i suggest to destroy the first part of this camp. You will notice west of the masked man an ogre horde. Be sure to beat it.

4) Go back there asap and kill a svera soldier to obtain the flute. You can now control the swamp creatures. You will use them to fight the dark magician elite horde.

5) You must now inside the svera camp and find a locked door. Only the avatar can open it with the key she (he) found on a corpse (or in a chest in this camp). Explore the river and kill all the specters. You will find a stone and try different combination to obtain a stellar coin and also a solar one. You can obtain other items. Once all the specters are dead, Hortar will wait for you near the swamp creatures cage. Give him the flute and go away.

6) Hortar will be killed by the creatures. If they didn't notice you, let them eat all the elites. Be sure to search for the blade rune in the swamp creatures cage. Then bring it to the masked man. You obtain a blade hero. Now continue and finish the camp of Whorim. You obtain Reowys rune. Finish this map and destroy everything until you meet stone golems. Then you reach the last bindstone. Go back to Mirraw Thur.

Mirraw Thur Campaign Part 3 :

1) Now talk to Aedar. Summon the 2 heroes and then lead an army of forester to the elf village. Kill them all. The fight will be hard and you will probably finish this battle without any survivors. Grimaud obtained the key to the prison.

2) Go south and open the portal. You free the prince of darkness. Elune comes and offer you to go north to escape from the red empire. Follow her.

3) You arrive north of the map and pass the door once Elune gives the order to. Touch the bindstone. Pass the portal to Frostfall.

Frostfall Campaign :

1) Lena explains how to win. Talk to her, open the chest and touch the bindstone. Now prepare to conquer an ork camp. Go to the ork camp. You conquer it by touching the ork monument. Now send the workers to activate each building and build also a small army. YOu rmission is to collect food to help the refugies.

2) You must destroy to ennemies camp. One to the north (with a mine) and one to the south. By the way be sure to build some hunting lodge on a clear plain to find more food. Hurry up as the time is precious. Don't forget to kill every single creatures to free the way for the refugies.

3) Once they have enough food, it's time to run, leave your army and go north in the swamp to the elf fortress. In there summon workers and troops to use them as decoy. There is a trick now. Activate the bindstone here and go north again. You find a hero monument. Call the 2 heroes you have and continue in the mountain. You arrive in an ice elf camp. Touch the bindstone here and go back to your elf camp. Now pass in front of Aedar and he will leave to the east gate. Follow him there and let all the units you can to slow down the progression of Dracon.

4) Once at the gate you see that it is closed. No problem. Talk to Lena. Use your heroes and the new troops to kill the ennemies while the heroes go to the bindstone. You teleport back to the ice elf camp and talk to the keymaster. Go all the way back to the door, use your heroes and ice army to kill the wolves on the way.

5) The keymaster opens the door. Now you can run to the next fortress in the ice mountain. You have the choice to beat or not 2 low ennemies armies. But if you do this, the timing to complete this campaign will be very short. Run to the fortress and talk to Lena. Now run to the portal to Tirganach.

6) Your armies will be probably destroyed as you must slow down again Dracon. But if yu can keep a part of the ice mage for the battle in front of the portal. Dracon won't appreciate to lose and will run after you. But if you have enough man you can choose to kill him instead of simply pass the portal to the next campaign. Do as you wish, the campaign is over anyway.

NOTE : If you pass the portal to Shal Dun, you arrive in a small fortress with a special rock inside. You can use there you stellar, lunar and solar coin to obtain cool items.

Tirganach Campaign :

1) Your mission is to help again the refugies. Go left first and kill a small skeletons horde. Open the chest. Ignore Ashgork for now and go to the door. Lena arrives and says that the wolves have taken the key. They are south of the door. Kill them all. Follow the road and be sure to get rid of all the ice spirit.

2) You arrive at Tirganach town. Talk to Lena, then to Elune, then to Aedar (for a reward) and last to Aedale the ice priestess. Now wander in town to meet old good pal Darius. He will tell you about good stories. Talk to an archer near the priestess to discover that Ashgork can help you. Talk to Flink (remember him ?) who is in jail. He asks you to find a book and give it back to Darius. In some shop you can buy old rune heroes from "Order of Dawn".

3) Find the bindstone in Tirganach between 2 statues and teleport back to Ashgork. Talk to him and you obtain a new sidequest. Go back to the town.

4) With your remaining troops go east and find the hero monument. You must kill all the 4 wolves here. Now summon your heroes. With them and your army go west. After you exit of the town go north to find 5 skeletons. They hold the book Flink wish you give back to Darius. Kill them. With your heroes in front line, the archer have just to hit the butcher. You obtain the book and also part of a blade. Show them to the masked man. He suggest you find 2 other parts. Show the book to Darius and he says that 3 pages are missing. Talk to Flink and he says that they are in Frostfall.

5) If you go farther west of the town, you will find a village of dead. There are 6 crypts to destroy. Here is a method. With only your avatar and 3 heroes go to this town. Begin to destroy the 2 first crypt. Use your heroes as decoy while your avatar do the job. After a first game over do this again. This time be sure to concentrate all 4 soldiers on the main tomb. After this powerful creatures will appear. After another game over continue to attack the 3 remainings crypts. Send your heroes on the right and all creatures will focus on them. Your avatar will be free to destory the crypt on the other side. Again game over, repeat the process to destroy another crypt. Scaramangir will show himself. He hits hard, but is only level 12, meaning he is weak. Now use your avatar to destroy the last crypt and the heroes to lure Scaramangir. After another gameover all the crypts are destroyed. It's time to ask for help. Your army will shoot Scaramangir while your avatar and heroes will hit the horror specter and Scaramangir. Once he dies a new horde appear, fall back, or at least save your army, you need it. After a last gameover come back and kill the last horde with the heroes and avatar. Open the chests.

6) Now you must go east but 6 trolls blocked the way. Go to their village and hide behind the statue. At the night they come to pray. You can order them to give an artefact, to kill the monsters east of here or to die. The item is a poor hammer so don't ask it as they will discover you. Kill them or use them according to your remaining soldiers.

7) Now go east in the mountain. To arrive to the portal you will have to deal with lots of dead. Begin to destroy the small waves, then the first crypt south of the "village". Open the chest. Go north now and concentrate on the crypt and tomb. If you manage to destroy them all the monsters won't respawn. Kill them all (it won't be easy) and progress to the portal where a Munch level 14 must die. He can summon indefinitely monsters. Once dead, kill the rest of the army and open the chests. You can now pass the portal to Winterdeep.