Prey (2017)

Prey унизил консоли

Согласно еврогеймеру Pray отлично идёт в 1080/60 даже на бюджетном ПК с Pentium G и 1050 2Gb GPU.

ПК версия гораздо лучше во всём нежели консольные версии: "The higher frame-rate ensures a crisper response than the Xbox One version, and it feels dramatically better in every way to the PlayStation 4 game, which can feel laggy and lumpen by comparison."

ПК версия загружаеться со скоростью молнии, по сравнению с медленными консольными: "The PC version also offers a more user-friendly experience all-round. With Prey installed to an SSD or even a slower mechanical drive, loading times are a mere fraction of what you get on consoles."

Владельцев PS4 Pro в очередной раз макнули в непонятную субстанцию: "Despite the retail packaging suggesting that PS4 Pro support is included, we could find no improvements whatsoever. The resolution remains identical, frame-rate is still locked to 30fps and even the lacklustre texture filtering is the same."

ПК версия уничтожает консоли в труху: "The PC version benefits tremendously from higher pixel counts, better anti-aliasing and improved visuals so the fact that none of these pre-existing effects were rolled out for Pro owners is tremendously disappointing, and it's surprising that Sony would allow for a high-profile title to hit the market place touting support for the enhanced hardware when practically, there is none."

Игру затачивали для ПК и потом лишь портировали объедки для консолей: "In many ways, Prey feels as if it were designed first and foremost as a PC game then ported downwards onto consoles."

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