Europa Universalis 2

Europa Universalis 2

Most of these codes also work for Europa Universalis I. To activate the codes,

push F12 during the game. This will activate the console. Type the codes in the

first column to gain the advantage mentioned in the second column. Once you are

done, push F12 followed by any other key (or mouse movement) to close the


polo - Improve trade efficiency

richelieu - Toggle control of other countries' troops

pappenheim - Toggle Fog of War

columbus - Discover all Terra Incognita

gustavus - Increases Land Technology Level

drake - Increases Naval Technology Level

cromwell - Improve production efficiency (infrastructure)

oranje - Gain perfect stability (+3)

cortez - Toggle natives

alba - Toggle rebels

tilly - Toggle aggressive AI

montezuma - Gain 50,000 ducats

pocahontas - Gain 6 colonists

dagama - Gain 6 merchants

swift - Add 10,000 population to the capital

peterthegreat - Remove troop building limits

russianhordes - Gain cannonfodders (manpower to build troops)

difrules - Toggle God mode

ney - Toggle hand-offs

robespierre - Toggle free reforms

tordesillas - Toggle the Treaty of Tordesillas

vatican - Gain 6 diplomats

loyola - Gain 6 missionaries

shogun - Closing Japan

event [#] - Trigger Event [#] (See List)

luther - Toggle Luther's Reform

calvin - Toggle John Calvin

trent - Toggle the Council of Trent