Frostpunk: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 21.12.2018] {Csimbi}

Описание и инструкции

Hiya peeps,
here are a few scripts I built for 1.3.2 on Steam.
Might work with future versions, too, but don't expect much support from me.
I did not clean them up or merge them so you can easily fix it in a new release (if need be).
Scripts included:
- ResPileUpdater; This allows you to have an infinite supply of resources from the piles scattered about the city. Not recommended as these piles use up build space. My recommendation is that you ignore this and use ResourceCalc instead to give yourself resources.
- ResourceCalc; This will look at the total resources you have, and allows you to specify a min. ratio available in the stores. Do not go above 1.0 (that's 100%). The ratio is applied to the total storage - so if you build more storehouses, you get more resources at the same ratio.
- BuildingWorkCalc; This will allow you to speed up building construction work. See comment below from jonaaa.
- GeneratorStressReader; Keeps generator stress at zero.
- ResearchStarter; This will allow you to speed up research. Note: it is applied when you start the research (so it's ineffective for already ongoing research). Is you cancel a research and you start it again, the mod will be applied again. That 0.001 is pretty much instant, making research a boring click-fest :P This script has a fixed offset, likely to break in the next patch but it should be an easy fix.

One of these also speeds up construction in the factory, so you can build and army of automatons in no time.
Not sure which one it was anymore, try to experiment, probably BuildingWorkCalc.
With these scripts, I survived the storm with 618 people (1 amputee and 3 killed) and it took 1 day (of real time) to finish the game.
Go, ruin your gameplay like I did - I totally sucked at this game :-(

Процесс запуска:
1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

Скачать Cheat Engine с нашего сервера Вы сможете здесь.

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