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Devil May Cry 4 05.02.2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Special Edition: Таблица для Cheat Engine [1.0] {hydris}

List of Scripts:

Automatic attach, and automatic setting of favorite options by favorites.txt.
Automatically Skip Cutscenes. (Mission cutscenes, or the "Portal has appeared!" scene in Bloody Palace.)
Disable Camera Events, like above such as "Portal has appeared!" scene, or "Red Wall has dispersed!" scenes, but unlike above there is no screen blink.
This causes issues for certain cutscenes in Missions, but I think it's perfectly useable in Bloody Palace.
"Keyboard Walk" - recommended to assign a hotkey to toggle it ON/OFF.
Allow item buying at Power Up menu in Bloody Palace Start Mission (minor, but it's really a silly thing)
Set Mission Reb Orb Collection to 100% - so every run you can only concern yourself with the combat and time, and not bother with bashing random chairs and props to get that score.
LDK + DMD Difficulty - originally the game's LDK mode is based off of Son of Sparda, but now it's Dante Must Die.
There is also a pointer for Game Mode under Mediator, so if you really want to play that kind of thing you can have LDK + DMD + Hell and Hell.
Must Style Mode - you need to have an SSS rank in order to kill enemies.
Area Jump - you can warp to levels based on level I.D's and Bloody Palace Stages. If unfamiliar, you can reference Infernal Work's Area Code List.
Bloody Palace Stage Jump and Boss Rush - unlike above, this modifies the portal that spawns and relies on the level transition event (as opposed to firing it).
Disable Bloody Palace Timer
No One Dies - you can practice your combos on a makeshift training dummy since the developers didn't add a practice mode for SE.
No One Takes Damage - for the similar effect to above, though here any sort of enemy decisions based off of health shouldn't take place.
Enemy 1-Hit Kill
"Berial Fire Lost" - extinguishes the fire boss and sets his stunned state until the script is disabled.
Always Sprint
Set In-Combat Sprint Threshholds to Out of Combat Threshhold - Nero's drop kick in-combat is more useable now.
Infinite Sky Star (Dante)
Infinite Air Hike (for characters with Air Hike)
Infinite Wall Jump
Infinite Trick Up (Vergil's)
Allowing Vergil's DT Trick Actions without DT
Binding Trick Up to Lock-On + Forward + Jump
Nullifying DT Costs, and Activation Requirement (still needs to be above 0)
Infinite Grenades (Lady)
Costless Summoned Swords
Automatically and Constantly Spawning Spiral Swords (Blue Tutu of Death - was a joke)
Enemy Spawn Swapping - if Scarecrows are too boring, you can replace them with bosses or other enemies vice versa.
Character Spawn - play as Dante in Nero's Mission, vice versa.

List of Pointers:

Vergil Shoot Button Cases - for example, do Storm Sword when doing the usual input for shooting.
Game Speeds - global, cutscene, game, player, enemy, map (obstacles).
Style Meter - current rank, current combo meter drain rate, rank up threshold.
Player Data (Category underneath Mediator) - Super Costume, animation, health (and max), DT (and max), coordinates, sprint, model scale (affects hitbox), delta time, peripheral inputs.
Boss Data (Category underneath Mediator) - position, model scale (affects hitbox), health (and max), and some information specific to each boss.
Data for Currently Spawned Enemies - health (specific to each), position, model scale (affects hitbox), current target.
Game Mediator - mission i.d, room i.d, red orbs (total), red orbs currently acquired in mission, red orbs max for a mission, game difficulty, game mode, enemy difficulty, continue count, gold orbs (in Hell modes), current time in-mission, remaining time in Bloody Palace (applies to Mission 12 Event too)
Save Data - Item purchase counts, Items In Inventory, proud souls per character, some ability unlock data for Dante, Nero, and Vergil, maximum health, maximum devil trigger, whether or not to spawn with weapons as Dante.
Some extras strings for miscellaneous information (e.g Save Data Location, Configuration File Location)

Процесс запуска:
1. Запустить Cheat Engine, "Load" и выбрать таблицу
2. "Select a process to open", выбрать нужный процесс.
3. Выбрать нужную опцию, поставить крест.

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