Disciples 3: Renaissance "Balance Rework Mod v1.5 от Mr_KBS13 + LarkinVB"

Мод состоит из следующих модификаций "Larkin's balance mod", "Larkin's battlemap mod", немного изменений заимствует из "Wabbit's tribute mod", а также содержит некоторые доработки авторами Mr_KBS13 и LarkinVB. Для его 100% работы нужна игра без модов, желательно на английском языке (на русском должно работать - не проверял)


Unit balance: same as Larkin's balance mod (include the latest updates). Larkin's battlemap mod also incorporated into this mod.
New units:
+Empire - Mage Tree - White Wizard/Arcane Master: the White Wizard now uses fire element while the Arcane Master uses air element. Both units are based on the White Wizard model, but different outfits, each reflecting the elements they command.
+Empire - Fighter Tree - Paragon Crusader: Upgrade for Grand Inquisitor. This unit receives lesser health boost, but more skills, and higher evasion boost. If the Angel is the right hand of the Highfather, than the Paragon Crusader can be considered the left hand. Unit is modeled after Emperor Ferre in story mode.
+Elves - Zephyr - base fighter unit: the Zephyr replaces the Forest Elves as base fighter unit. This change leads to a change in Elven Fighter Tree, now has 2 equally balanced paths. Path (1) Zephyrs > Forest Elves > Lord of the Woods. This path represents the wild elves, more versatile play style. Path (2) Zephyrs > Champion of the Dale > Grove Rider. This path represents the noble elves, less skills, but more hardy in combat (high weapon resistance & double interception points)
+Demon - Fighter - Doppelganger: alternative to Inferno Knight. Inferno Knight is more about quickness and dealing damage swiftly. The Doppelganger is more versatile, lower hit point, lower damage, but significantly higher evasion (the highest in the game). Originally this unit is in the Mage tree, which make no sense to me at all since it attack is melee.
+Demon - Special unit - Fiend: the Fiend is re-skinned to look more intimidating and hellish.
+Demon - Summoned unit - Beliarch: the Beliarch is re-skinned to be purple. I think the re-skin is quite cool, the purple color reminds me of some hard core demon units in Disciple 2.
+1 new leader for each faction.
+The thief is modified to be a tactical unit. You can now use all of the thief's global skills upon recruiting (steal, poison, duel). The thief only have 1 leadership point, and 10 levels maximum.
+Resources: now the capital will generate a steady amount of all resources (including runestone mana). Note: In Larkin's balance mod, the capital is intended but does not produce runestone mana, which I figured out why and fix it.

+Fix all mistakes in translation, texts, unit info, object/item description, skill description, and such details. The game should be rid of all these minuscule but inconvenient mistakes. If you find anything still wrong, please feedback.
+Fix all the graphical issues related to adding new unit or customizing build trees (buildings disappear in capital scene, or overlap each other). No such issue still presents, you wont even feel that this is a mod, more like an actual official patch.

Установка "Balance Rework Mod" :

1. Копировать "balance-rework.vpack" into "\Documents\My Games\Disciples Reincarnation\Mods\"

2. Копировать содержимое папки "system" в "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Disciples III Rebirth\system\"

3. Подключить в настройках игры - дополнения.

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