Divinity: Original Sin

Патч Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition (GOG) (v.

Требования для установки:
1. Иметь установленную версию игры от GOG.com
2. Версия игры пропатчена до

1. Запустить и установить "patch_divinity_original_sin_enhanced_edition_2.3.0.10.exe"


Changelog for patch / GOG-10 (Windows) / GOG-7 (Mac) /GOG-2 (Linux) (added 10 March 2016):

- Made certain ingredients for recipes drop more often
- Updated weapon stats for Bairdotr's bow
- Added Tectonic Spray skillbook recipe
- Added notification when failing to identify an item
- Rebalanced combat at the end of the game
- Tweaked mushroom combats in Dark Forest (related to poison clouds)
- Protection crystals are not destructible by default
- Tweaked headless zombie behavior
- Tweaked Icara and Icandra script to not use healing spells on characters that have Zombie Talent
- Removed 10 page limit for books
- Fixed select button in character creation for classes that only take skills from one skill school
- Fixed icon for Burn My Eyes scroll
- Fixed issues with bottom bar not refreshing correctly
- Fixed issue with active search while character is being teleported
- Fixed getting stuck in dialog with Zixzax near endgame (and possibly other scenarios)
- Fixed NPC behavior issues regarding exchanging items between party members and involuntarily triggering guard response
- Fixed slider for splitting items
- Fixed position issues for Turn Order interface, specifically in splitscreen mode
- Fixed issue with dialogs that had several possible answers
- Fixed crash regarding surfaces
- Fixed dialog issue regarding Bjorn and Mara escort quest
- Fixed Warden chasing Hopper in Hiberheim
- Fixed having dead party members that could not be resurrected
- Fixed bartering issue when bartering and donating same items
- Fixed several effects that were looping after combat ended
- Fixed certain types of enemy wards being incorrectly aligned with players
- Fixed Zixzax not opening certain rooms in Homestead
- Fixed amulet being automatically equipped (Hiberheim)
- Fixed certain status descriptions
- Fixed henchmen changing stats on reload
- Fixed crash during unloading of level
- Fixed possible rare crash when using doors to load a different region
- Fixed projectile orientation in certain circumstances
- Fixed ‘close’ button on book interface
- Fixed map markers being shown in different regions
- Fixed Headless Nick giving two skillbooks

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