Патч Etherium Update 1(v0.0.8952-1.0.9083)


-Improved: stability during a game 

-Fixed: an issue with QWERTY keyboards, the mapping should be right by default now. 

-Fixed: air-drop ships that could be invisible with some units 

-Fixed an issue when changing the game’s resolution (should prevent stability issues when using FRAPS) 

-Fixed: An issue with the secondary factions that would stop to attack the opponents army when their control center was destroyed 

-Various fixes on the lobby screen 

-Fixed: For screens with a native resolution of 1440x900 game now uses the right resolution by default 

-Fixed: Some issues with secondary factions rally 

-Fixed: Some issues with turrets selection 

-Fixed: Turrets attributes are now correctly updated when losing their territory’s supply. 

-Improved: Turrets range’s FX 

-Fixed: issues when converting an extension while selling it 

-Fixed: issues with Intar’s infantries animations in the lowest graphical settings 

-Fixed: an issue with volcanic eruptions FXs on the client side (Pilo maps) 

-Fixed: an issue with Intar’s teleportation FX and sound FX on the client side 

-Fixed: a shadow issue with the « parasite » faction 

-Fixed: a rare issue on the score screen if 2 players lose their control centers at the same time 

-Fixed: a rare issue allowing the player to own 2 control centers on the same map 

-Fixed: a rare issue with Intar’s teleportation 



-Optimized: management of FXs for the shots impacts 

-Optimized: pathfinding calculations 

-Optimized: AI calculations 

-Optimized: Deploying of airdrops 

-Optimized: Various UI optimization 



-Various netcode improvements 

-Various fixes to improve ranked matchmaking 

-Various fixes to improve the multiplayer lobbies 

-Added: Feedback when a player leaves the game or the lobby 



-Fixed: Issues in the Lobby menu 

-Fixed: Minor graphical glitch on the Settings menu 

-Fixed: update of control groups on the secondary factions UI 

-Fixed: A.I. names using server’s localization instead of players localization in a 2v2 Lobby 



-Fixed: Cases when the IA could still build turrets on lost territories. 

-Improved: AI behavior when building turrets 


Conquest Mode: 

-Fixed: It’s now possible to open the pause menu during AI’s turn 

-Fixed: A rare issue allowing the player to finish the conquest mode before the last turn with less than 12 victory points 

-Fixed: When hatching, an Etherium egg will also disappear from the mini map 

-Added: There is now an alert when an Etherium egg is laid or hatched in a game during campaign 



-The game now features a special setting for players using 32bits systems to improve stability.

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