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Студия Lionhead выпустила новую заплатку версией 1.30 для стратегической игры Black & White. Данный патч устраняет несколько ошибок и добавляет возможность играть с использованием дополнительных устройств, шлем перчатки виртуальной реальности
Black and White Retail Patch v1.3

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Black & White(TM) Readme File

A message from the Lionhead team (6am January 23rd 2003).

Thank you for buying Black & White. We spent three years writing this game and it is, we believe, unlike anything else you will have ever played.
It is everything we hoped it would be, and contains all the features we thought a ground-breaking game should have.
We hope that you enjoy playing as much as we've enjoyed working on it. In fact, we hope you enjoy it more than that because there have been times when it's pushed us to our very limits.
Making this game, we found out who we really were. We hope that, as you play, you'll find out who YOU really are.
Please do look at this readme document. It'll enhance your enjoyment of what we hope is an incredible game to play.

This latest patch will add a whole new element of gameplay in Black & White.
It focuses around the use and control of a new PC interface device called the P5 from Essential Reality.
You can learn more about it at It allows the gamer to play the game via the use of a virtual reality glove interface device.
You literally can be the hand of god!

Thank you.

All at Lionhead Studios Ltd.
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а где его устонавливать?????????)))))))))))))))))))
выдает ошибку, что игра не установлена =____=
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