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Chrome v1.1.3.0 NA

Описание и инструкции

Chrome patch

Installation notes:
This patch may be installed on the original version of Chrome.

This version is not compatible with the previous versions of the game when playing
multi player over a network. Both the server and client must use the same version
of the game ( in order to connect.

Saved games from earlier versions of the game may not work correctly after
installing this patch. To start mission you have finished, please choose Load
Game in the Main Menu and then click the "Mission" button to select
the mission you want to continue from the beginning.

Changes and fixes in

- Code optimization to make game run faster (both singleplayer and multiplayer

Multiplayer Changes

* The All-Seeing Eye support was added.
* New maps: Autobahn, Deadlock, Chillout, TreasureIsland2, Carbius, Skirmish,
Battledust2, Soilent2 were added.
* New vehicles: ArmoBeatle Mark 4 and Speeder were added.
* Console commands to manage the server were added ? complete command list with
description available at
* Vehicle physics was improved.
* Player tags were added.
* Players in vehicles identification was added.
* Vehicles indicators on map was added.
* Additional anti-cheating protections were implemented.
* Connection problems icon was added.
* Additional map settings e.g. Vehicle auto-return time were added
* Messages informing about connection with Master Server after clicking ?Refresh
List? were added.
* Option not allowing enemy players to get into the vehicle under your control
was added.
* Running Chrome.exe with various parameters e.g. player profile is now possible.
* Player physics was improved.
* Game stability was improved e.g. player disconnecting from server problem
was resolved.
* Network saturation was descreased.
* Other minor bug fixes

Known Compatibility Issues;

Please note that video cards that do not support T&L in hardware do not
fully meet the games minimum spec and will therefore suffer performance issues.

Geforce 4 MX ? On some PC's with this GFx card you may experience problems
with slowdown, if this is the case try lowering the detail levels in the options
to improve things. If you experience serious performance issues in game, try
saving and then quitting Chrome, before restarting and loading the save game
to rectify this.