Europa Universalis 2

Europa Universalis II v1.06

Описание и инструкции

Changes done to 1.06

Features & GameBalance

- The peace system have been completely rewritten to allow better negotiations between alliances.

- The New Monarch message is now shown for each country.

- The primary culture for a nation will now be its capitals culture if no cultures are listed.
- Rounding problems in investment calculations should no longer occurr. All fractions will be added to treasury.

- Research investments are now shown in ledger as expenses.
- In a province is converted to the state religion, any missionary in that province is cancelled.

- When your country can vassalize another country in an event, this is no more displayed as "Gain a Royal Marriage with X" but as "Gain X as vassals."

- Stolen rutters has been corrected: now you gain the knowledge of up to ADM + 5 see or coastal provinces adjacent to those you already know, and the message box is shown only if at least one new province is known.

- The AI learned to no longer stack huge armies at coast waiting for transports.

- Breaches are now reset properly when a siege starts.
- Starving of garrison from sieges now work as originally intended, so a fort can be starved into submission.

- Prices of Cloth, Cotton, Fur, Ivory, Chinaware, Spices & tea increased
- Prices of Sugar and Tobacco dropped.

- Conscription Centers are now the same price as shipyards.

- You can now build conscription centers in all your provinces.
- Manufactories are now slightly more expensive when you build many.

- The manpower effects from the quantity/quality slider is now half of the previous.

- The bonus to leader stats now come earlier than the last step of the off/def and quan/qual sliders.
- The penalty cost of having more than maximum supported units have been tripled.

- A bug which caused the extra penalty of artillery to be 10x as high was fixed.

- Default maintenance costs for troops doubled.

- The highest fortlevels now have incredibly high costs.

- Domestic policy settings were tweaked for a lot of nations.

- Confucianism downgraded slightly.

- +3 stability no longer gives +25 income, but just +20% income.
- Early trade income is now much lower.

- Morale bonus for shia moslems have been decreased.

- Some balances to make reformed less superior were done.
- Fixed some problems with Turkish, Chinese and Japan level 1 unit artwork.
- Added in some Portugese and Venetian 18th century artwork for units.

- Random revolts can now come in non-national provinces too.

- Stability effects from the Serfdom slider is now half as big.
- Conscription centers now only doubles the manpower.

- Upgrading mayors now costs 100$ and takes 2 years.
- You can no longer construct conscript centers in your colonies.

- Gold will now affect your inflation if its above 25% of your income instead of 33%.
- Warexhaustion is no longer magically cleared when at peace.
- Fixed the siege attrition problems.

- Economical resources (monthly income) now affects how many troops you are able to support.

- Estimated monthly income is now saved properly in savegames, so calculations should be more accurate when restarting games.

- Added in MKJ's ai files into the official version.

- Added a new trigger to the event system: ai = yes/no
- Added a new trigger to the event system: flag = flagkey

- Added two new commands to the eventsystem: "type = setflag which = keyname" and "type = clrflag which = keyname"

- Added a new command to the eventsystem, "ai =" to load a new file for the ai.

- You can now set the name "AI_EVENT" in an event to make it not appear in the text-log.
- Ai preferencess are now saved inside the savegame files.

- You can do define "flags" in the ai-preference files, which can be set on and off from events, and triggered upon.

- Maintenance costs for units are no longer affected by slider positions in domestic policies.

- The 'core' event-trigger is now working as it should.

- The 'provinceculture' event command now only works on owned provinces.
- The 'relation' event-trigger will no longer be true if you have no contact with that nation.

- 'Province' events should now fire to the correct target, and not just for the player.
- Trade efficiency above 100% should now look correctly on the tooltip.

- Nations annexed should no longer have any relations left with any other nations.
- Income from production can no longer be negative.

General Bugfixes

- Religious tolerance for pagan religion are now set correctly when loading a game.

- The Centralisation modifier to Production Efficiency is now correct.

- Random manufactories won't appear in provinces with a manufactory under development anymore.

- Naval attrition due to time at sea does not apply after naval tech 41 anymore, as stated in the naval tech documentation.

- Newly arrived units to a province will now join all combats properly, and not just stand watch.

- Fixed the province and modddir bug.

- Removed the debris artwork in various rivers, where it misformed the map.
- Moddir should now be correct for loadgame/savegame dialogs.
- A more accurate income estimation is now done at the start of a game.

- Unitcosts tooltips at military screens should now be correct.

- The technology databases should now work properly with the moddir.

- The mp3 files should now work properly with the moddir.

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