Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas "Мутации из Fallout 76"

Описание и инструкции

Оригинальное название мода: FO76 Style Mutations V 1.00

Мод для Fallout: New Vegas, добавляет в игру мутации из всеми известной игры - Fallout 76. Таким образом, благодаря этой модификации ваш персонаж может получить новые способности. Получить новые мутации вы сможете несколькими способами: получить большую дозу радиации или выпив сыворотку.

Adrenal Reaction
-Up to 50% bonus damage.
-50 less HP.

Bird Bones:
-Fall 50% slower.
-Limbs cripple 50% faster.

-Turn invisible while standing still.
-Can't be wearing armor.

Eagle Eyes:
-Deal 25% more critical hit damage and plus 1 Perception.
-Minus 3 Strength.

Egg Head:
-Gain 25% more experience.
-Minus 2 Strength and Endurance.

Electrically Charged
-Small chance to fry opponents that punch/melee you, deals bonus damage to robots/power armor.
-You get damaged as well.

-Your companions gain 4 DT.
-You lose 6 DT.

-You gain 10 DT against energy attacks.
-Energy weapons deal 50% less damage.

Healing Factor:
-You regen health and limb condition outside of combat.
-Chems only last 45% as long.

Herd Mentality:
-Plus 2 to all SPECIAL stats when with at least one companion.
-Minus 2 to all SPECIAL stats when without a companion.

-Can jump 75% higher, additional 40 carry weight.
-Minus 4 Intelligence.

Scaly Skin:
-Plus 5 DT.
-Minus 25 AP.

Speed Demon:
-20% overall movement speed increase.
-Hardcore needs rate increased by 50%.

-Deal 25% additional unarmed damage, targets bleed when struck.
-Minus 20 repair.

Twisted Muscles:
-Deal 25% additional melee/unarmed damage, weapon strength checks reduced by 1, thrown weapons go 20% farther.
-Weapon accuracy reduced by 50%.

Unstable Isotope:
-Small chance to irradiate opponents that punch/melee you.
-You get damaged as well, ghouls, robots and some mutants are immune.

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Авторы: Hopper31 и Mimaah (иконки для Vault Boy)

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