Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 "Паркур и бег по стенам"

Описание и инструкции

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Оригинальное название: Mobility Mod for Half-Life 2

Версия мода: v2

Модификация MobilityMod для Half-Life 2, добавляет бег по стенам, двойные прыжки, скольжение и хват за края. Кроме того, автор подключил отдельную кнопку для гранаты — в оригинальной Half-Life 2 её приходилось выбирать из меню оружия. Гранату можно «приготовить»: кинуть с задержкой, чтобы между броском и взрывом прошло меньше времени.

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Установка: понадобятся Steam, загруженные Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two и инструментарий Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer. Последний находится в вашей библиотеке Steam в разделе «Инструменты». SDK нужно перевести в бета-версию upcoming в меню свойств.

Автор: MobilityMod

Список изменений
    • Based on the Episode 2 Engine
    • Combines Half-Life 2, Episode 1, and Episode 2 into one mod (just keep scrolling on the chapter menu to get to the episodes)
    • New melee controls:
      • melee key for a quick crowbar attack
      • hold melee key and press secondary attack for a crowbar slash attack, which hits multiple targets and does more damage, but is slower
      • hold melee key and press primary attack for a rocket-boosted surge attack, which pushes you forward, hits as soon as the target is in range, and does a lot of damage.
      • Surge attack while in the air lets you fly a short time, or change direction. Surge attack while crouching will trigger a slide even if you weren't moving.
    • Very basic tutorial for the new melee
    • The airboat rockets seemed to please the personnel last time, so now there's a portable version. It's called the EGAR (Everyone Gets A Rocket!), and you can get it by typinggive weapon_egar in the console.
      • Like the airboat rockets, it regenerates ammo.
      • Hold secondary attack to target enemies, and release to fire rockets.
      • Press reload to lock all remaining rockets onto the last target.
      • Unlike the airboat rockets, press primary attack to target whatever is under the cursor, even if it's just a spot on the ground.
      • A nice side-effect of this system is that if you hit primary and secondary attack at the same time, it fires one rocket at whatever you're looking at, so it's like a quake-style rocket launcher.
    • Movement enhancements:
      • Time-to-duck has been reduced, so sliding is much more responsive.
      • Console variable to lock direction while sliding, so you only slide in a straight line, no matter which way you're facing (set sv_slide_lock to 1)
      • Console variable to limit sliding, slide-jumping and wall-jumping to only boost you to sv_maxspeed. Normally these speed boosts are cumulative and not limited (set certain_restrictions to 1. I recommend this setting. It makes the game feel less crazy, and more consistent.)
    • lessclip - it's like noclip for invisible walls. Use with caution, because it turns out there are a lot of invisible walls and ramps that you need.
    • New HUD features:
      • artificial horizon (can be turned off or set to a custom opacity with cl_horizon console variable)
      • crosshair hit markers (diagonal lines. Can be turned off, set to a custom opacity with cl_hitmarkers, made bigger or smaller with cl_hitmarks_scale, faster or slower with cl_hitmarks_fadetime)
      • shotgun hit markers (circles showing hit pattern. Can be turned off or set to a custom opacity with cl_shotgun_hitmarks, can change the size of the circle with cl_shotgun_hitmarksize, can change the size of the pattern with cl_shotgun_hitmarkspread)
      • New grenade count display. In v1 there was a big row of grenade icons along the bottom, but that would clash with the vehicle locator display in ep2, plus it was a bit ugly.
    • Destroying an APC ejects the driver up into the air.
    • Unlocked a door in Nova Prospekt so that you can skip the first conversation between Alyx and Eli.
    • 'CONTINUE LAST SAVE' button on main menu - loads your last autosave.

    Returning from version 1:

    • Wall-running
    • Double-jumping
    • Power-sliding
    • Ledge-climbing
    • Grenade button, ability to cook grenades
    • Unlocked Field-of-View (In HL2 the max was 90)
    • Tutorial and mini-campaign (only a tiny change from version 1, so if you played through it already, you're not missing anything if you skip it)
    • Reduced bullet spread of automatic weapons while crouching and not sliding
    • Louder, bass-heavy bullet impacts on hits (possibly too much so)
    • Cheat modes - exploding bullets, extra enemies, floor lava (just damage over time when you're on the ground), Mario mode, tough citizens
    • A whole lot of console variables to customise just about every aspect of the mod. Want to slide longer? Wallrun faster (or slower)? Jump higher? It's all configurable. Look in ep2_mobility/cfg/mobility.cfg.

    Bugs Fixed:

    • driving the buggy over a cliff no longer crashes the game
  • fixed some near-clip problems when using high field-of-view
  • fixed mysterious rising into the air (if you started climbing, then turned away so that there was no space to move into, you would just keep climbing)
  • fixed voice lines in the tutorial being counted as music, and controlled by the music volume slider
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