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Husk "Update 1, 2, 3"

Описание и инструкции

  • using melee weapon now damages enemies instead of stunning them,
  • you can't leave the police station without acquiring the gun anymore,
  • workaround: added the gun pickup before the gate in the forest for those of you who missed the gun at the police station - that means you don't need to go back anymore, simply move forward and you should find the gun inon a stone in the forest in front of the gate,
  • removed firing spread/offset when stamina level is low,
  • the first enemy type has now less health points,
  • various sound fixes,
  • various model improvements,
  • various texture fixes,
  • fixes for some moments when levels were not being loaded correctly


  • added new types of scripts in Act V,
  • added an invert option to the game menu.


  • direction-light shadows are now disabled when using medium graphic settings,
  • dynamic Depth of Field is now disabled when using medium graphic settings (or lower).


  • fixed problems with collisions in Act VII,
  • fixed main data streaming issues,
  • the elevator in Act II should work properly now,
  • various small fixes, including no sound while equipping an item, sound issues, scripts repetition, etc.
  • new types of scripts in Act VI;
  • the third type of enemy (call him Mr. Slow) has been reworked and now has an additional range attack;
  • fixes for waking up script – it should work properly with rebound keys;
  • fixes for keys rebinding – if a certain key is already taken, it gets deactivated from the previous bind;
  • additional optimisation tweaks;
  • new fixes for level loadings.