Paraworld 1.01

Описание и инструкции
Патч версии 1.01 вносит в игру следующие изменения:

- The snare trap crash in campaign level 5 is fixed.
- The proxy server address which used to run on port 2222 was changed due to compatability problems with some anti-virus programmes.
- Epoch progress is now visible both in the replays and to Spectator watching the game.
- Unit access to Bunkers has been improved.
- Tooltips for level 2 units in the Army controller now function after sorting.
- The Poisoner now runs through the poisoning animation when he kills himself.
- The bug which sometimes led to the left wall section being removed when a gate was torn down has been fixed.
- Resurrection of Dustriders could be abused with the help of allied players; this was repaired.
- The problem with system messages closing the Dustrider infantry construction menu has been fixed.
- The calculation of projectile trajectories has been corrected.
- Falling Stones are now only triggered once construction of the wall in question has been completed.
- A bug allowing units to run through any wall built right in front of the building's exit has been corrected.
- Fixed a bug which caused some characters in Quotes.txt to be displayed incorrectly.
- Freezing now has a visible effect.
- Building rotation speed has been doubled.
- The Parasaurolophus and Seismosaurus Gatling units now automatically target and fire upon enemies if no manual attack commands have been issued.
- Animal death animations now display properly.
- Forests can now once again be harvested after restarting/loading during a running game.
- Jungle Faketrees have been made larger and no longer ignore the range of view.
- Titan selection is now more precise.
- Poison effects are now visually recognizable.
- Characters loceated near to buildings may now be selected using a double-click.
- Construction speed increase is no longer limited to 10 Workers.
- Fixed an error which caused the Allosaurus' armour to disappear as soon as the "Allosaurus Scrunch" was researched.
- Incorrect Tree values which prevented Collectors from harvesting trees have been corrected.
- The Load screen now deletes correctly when the server connection is lost.
- Spectator are no longer able to change Player grouping assignments.
- Spectator are no longer able to chat with other Players.
- Spectator can now leave a game in progress using the "Abandon game" function.
- Spectator can no longer pause a game.
- Each unit can now only be resurrected by a single Shaman, as multiple simultaneous resurrections led to the creation of "virtual" units which
served no function yet still occupied a slot in the Army controller.
- Buildings can no longer be frozen, as this also prevented unit construction.
- The animals used for the Shaman ability "Camouflage" can now be assigned individually for each map as some maps do not use the standard animals.
- Shamans now automatically lose their camouflage as soon as they cast "Resurrect", "Termites" or "Tornado".
- Berserkers can no longer be controlled using the "Defensive", "Aggressive" and "Hold position" commands.
- River shaders were added to rivers in the Icewastes and the Jungle.
- The Arch Druid no longer attempts to perform his non-existent finishing move.
This had led to errors in enemy unit animation.
- Whenever a player uses random choice to determine their tribe in multiplayer mode the other players will see the message "predefined deck".
- The Dragon Clan "Mortar" unit now only does 15% damage to Infantry and Animal units.
- Stina's armour value against Animal attacks has been raised from 50 to 75 to allow her to block enemy Animal units more effectively.
- The Governor's Special move now takes 10 seconds longer to recharge and only causes damage within a 6 instead of 7 meter radius, as he was previously
capable of destroying too many units in too short a time period.
- The Jetpack Axe Warrior Special move now only requires 17 seconds to recharge; disruptive tactics are now possible.
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