Патч Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder v1.01 (EN)

Описание и инструкции

-Исправлен баг в инвентаре
-Исправлена ошибка с символами
-Hookstick появляется в инвентаре.


1-) An Inventory Item Bug Fixed:
Dragging and droping a clue from the list onto an item in the combining slots causes the item get lost permanantly. This one was a bit serious, since player may not go on without the lost item. Only reloading a previous saved game would work in this situation.

2-) Symbols List Bug Fixed:
After opening the safe with the maps in the Ivar's Galleries, 4 symbols became underlinable in a paper in Loath Nolder's office. The bug is actually with the 4 symbols in the symbol list. If you just underline the eye symbol and go back to the map marking device then mark it; you will lose the underlining of the symbollist. Because the game thinks you've got all symbols and marked them all (But you may not...)This means you can't underline the other 3 symbols and finish marking the map and eventually get stuck.

3-) Hookstick appears in the inventory:
This bug doesn't cause the player to get stuck. Actually makes the puzzle easier for them. If you don't take the hookstick from the cabin's kitchen and then go check the secret trapdoor on the ceiling in the hallway, the hookstick appears in the players inventory as you click back from the closeup screen. So the player can use it and open the trapdoor without knowing where it came from.
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лучше бы исправили проблему с исчезающими предметами