Патч WorldShift v1.0.21 RU

Описание и инструкции

UPDATE 1.0.21 (8 September 2008)


Added a new special location: “Bridges of Trial”, unlocked by completing “Dunetown Base”.
Individual players can now pause the game up to 3 times in multiplayer games. Added a pause counter to the pause window.
Fixed several issues related to the regional chat channels. Now these channels should work properly again.
Added Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese regional channels.
Limited the acceptable characters in a user channel name.
Fixed several Vista related issues under restricted user accounts, like non-playing movies and forgetting the CD key entered by the user.
Fixed some character portraits: High Priest XLII in “Caught in the Web”, the technicians in “Following the Crumbs”, the Surgeon in “New Enemy”.
Fixed the effect icons in the Selection Info window when a mob or boss is selected.
Fixed some effect descriptions and icons for the variants of the Confuse action.
Removed the obsolete description identifier that showed when the Tribes’ structure was selected in “New Enemy”.
Fixed an issue related to picking terrain points at bridges.
Units that have died on a bridge will fade out out instead of sinking into the ground.
AoE action decals now correctly represent the area affected.
The conversation lines in story missions are now correctly visible at screen resolution 800x600.
Fixed a bug that caused the cursor not to be changed when selecting items.
Fixed an untranslated ‘Alert’ message box title.
The Statistic window is now hidden immediately on exiting the lobby.
Apostrophes, quotation marks, etc. should appear correctly in the items’ tooltips again.
Addressed some crash-related issues under Vista.
Moved the numerical indication for Power in the selection info window a little to the right (4-digit health values used to overlap its icon sometimes).
Fixed crashes related to incorrect model cache flushing on closing a map.
Sound volume now should be restored to previous levels when switching to/from the game.