Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 "Update"

Описание и инструкции

- Added gem filtering
- Fixed inventory hang bug
- Added option for canceling conversations using "Escape" on keyboard or "B button" on gamepad
- Fixed calculating multiline label size
- Added hiding client hud after a challenge
- Fixed gem crafting exploit
- Fixed an issue with embedding elemental gems
- Fixed an input bug that could occur after dying in challenges while in menus
- Fixed crafting gems that are restricted to weapons

- Various stability fixes
- Fixed a possible crash after using explosive bolts

Photo mode:
- Fixed "Lock in first person" screenshots
- Fixed "screenshot" command in photo mode
- Fixed exposure increasing

Gameplay fixes:
- Slight improvements to double jump
- Fixed teleporting after loading bug
- Weapon history fixes

- Patch

The Way of The Wang DLC includes:
Seven Brutal Trials
New Crafting Modes:
Infuse Gem - merge gem with weapon, available after finishing two Trials of Infusion
Purify Gem - remove negative stats from gem, available after finishing two Trials of Purification
Embed Gem - upgrade base weapon stats, available after finishing two Trials of Embedding
New Weapon: Fist of Gozu. Finish Trial of the Ancient God to receive this powerful weapon
Five New Achievements
Three new difficulty Tiers for Insane difficulty

Updates Include:

Photo mode:
- Fixed photo mode camera orientation reset when changing fov

Engine fixes:
- Fixed 'Saved Games' relocation
- Corrected blade intersection test
- Fixed missing shadows after changing a map or weather
- Gamepad sensitivity curve adjustments

Gameplay fixes:
- Fixed blob transformation when he is electrocuted
- Fixed Warlord force slash bug
- Fixed incorrect Vanish behavior
- 'Plasmoid' camera clipping fixed
- Pickup item disappearing on hard landing fixed
- Alt weapon ammo counter fixed
- Mech: fix for minigun and grenades killing other enemies
- Fixes for places where player could get stuck
- Added missing minimaps
- Fixed 'Second Chance' skill trigger on Blob transformation
- Various audio fixes

Multiplayer fixes:
- Fixed rotation of some quest items
- Fixed damage caused effects for other co-op players
- Fixed a bug where co-op partners get level up while still in loading process
- Fixed disappearing weapon after cutscenes in some circumstances
- Some optimizations
- Fixed quest sword not showing up for clients
- Fixed barrier not spawning when fighting the last boss
- Fixed a situation in which client is blocked in hub after he is teleported to a cutscene from active mission
- Fixed chi and health not regenerating while in hub for client that teleporting to a cutscene
- Fixed client spawning outside of temple when dying during the fight with acolytes
- Fixed a possibility for a client to be forcibly teleported to a level from hub
- Fixed quest giver Kamiko not spawning for clients in hub area
- Fixed client block on 018kmh after last cutscene
- Fixed door sigil for clients
- Fixed taking damage from neutral opponents
- Fixed anvil not showing for clients
- Fixed Kamiko's spikes remaining on map for clients
- Fixed an issue with client seeing closed vault doors after he joined during a cutscene

- Levels of other players are visible on their avatars
- Players will get notifications via multiplayer chat about teammate's death, level up, connecting and disconnecting

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Пока ещё нету, этот патч самый свежий.
Для Стим версии уже есть и репаки на его основе тоже.
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Там предоставляет сайт патчи, а в стиме - разработчики.