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Changelog for patch (added 31 January 2017): 

Christmas Quest

- Winter has come and gone.

Gameplay fixes:

- Fixed blocking weapon after interrupting climbing on ladder by starting a cutscene.
- Fixed sprint speed after zoom and cutscenes
- Fixed hands animation after releasing teleport button.
- Fixed a hud issue caused by interrupting a teleport by cutscene in multiplayer.
- Fixed enemy navigation in challenge levels
- Fixed various audio issues on levels
- Fixed objects hovering in mid-air in certain conditions
- Fixed various issues with spawning enemies
- Fixed various issues with objects in cutscenes
- Fixed lightning issues on levels
- Fixed various collision issues on levels
- Evil rabbit spawn fix.
- The friendly Crawler in the hub got a new mask and a new name
- Certain Champions have invested in stronger bodyguards in order to hold off the Wangpocalypse


Changelog for patch (added 31 January 2017):

- It's Payday time for Lo Wang! Two Payday 2 weapons are available in Larry's shop for free that go in pair with a new multiplayer skin. Suit up and put on a classic Payday Dallas mask for some coop action!

Gameplay fixes:

- Added new reload animations for full clip


- Fixed a quest barrier persisting for client who joined during gameplay
- Fixed explodable damage indicators
- Enemies now regenerate HP after client dies
- Fixed damage future weapons damage indicators
- Fixed coop issues with Crampus giftbag
- Fixed cutscene display for client when he was in hub after triggering it
- Fixed game difficulty displayed on server list


- Intel graphics card crash fix
- Radeon graphics card crash fix

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