The Guild 3

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The Guild 3 Русификатор 2019

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Русская локализация игры The Guild 3 от  13.09.2019 (для EA 0.9.2)
Переводчики: Igor Amelin (Raveninc), Alexander Kazantsev (Tomasnuclear), Dmitriy Vladyko (Hikistnyaicu), Kpoji4er, LinXP, D9lgeHbka_MoD

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В переводе не хватает пару позиций,исходя из оригинальной локализации.
Я их вывел,но не переводил. Вам на доработку)
Key = "$ui.TutorialQuest.BuildAnotherBuilding1";
Text = "Time to expand. Build another business.";

Key = "$ui.StoryQuest.Narration7";
Text = "People say everyone can be the masters of their own fate in the free cities. Your parents were peasants who worked hard on the fields of the lord in a village near the town. No one in the city really cared about the poor people who lived there und tried to survive with all sorts of lowly work. You swore to God that you would rule this city one day!";

Key = "$ui.tooltip.AttractivenessDesc";
Text = "'Customer satisfaction' determines the likelihood that the residents will prefer to buy products from your front store to those of other businesses. And if your reputation is high enough, the residents will prefer your front store even if you charge higher prices than in the marketplace.";

Key = "$gui.Career.2Desc";
Text = "As a miller you will be allowed to own and operate a wind mill. With the powerful help of the wind you will be able to grind your grain into flour that you will need later on if you plan on becomming a baker.";

Key = "$gui.Career.3Desc";
Text = "Weapons, armor, tools, a smith has a broad range of products and will always find customers that are more than happy to pay a good price for high quality items.";

Key = "$gui.Career.4Desc";
Text = "Stonemasons are the backbone of city development. Without their work there would be no statues, no building bricks for stone mansions and no gemstones for jewelry.";

Key = "$gui.Career.5Desc";
Text = "Carpenters produce a lot of important everyday goods like carts that are used for transportation of goods and barrels to hold precious beer.";

Key = "$gui.Career.6Desc";
Text = "Apothecaries are knowledgeable about herbs and are also laypersons skilled in medicine and alchemy, which enables them to manufacture remedies and other kinds of potions.";

Key = "$gui.Career.7Desc";
Text = "If you continue down this path you will find yourself sinking ever deeper into a world of crime, where you can learn other >skills<...";

Key = "$gui.Career.8Desc";
Text = "If you choose this skill, then you will embark on a journey down the dangerous and somewhat infamous path of a lansquenet - you will learn to fight, protect others and catch criminals...";

Key = "$gui.Career.9Desc";
Text = "Not only since the discovery of the printing press by Gutenberg have books and other writings been produced and sold by laymen, and not just monks. The demand for the written or printed word has been steadily growing since the rise of the upper classes, so an increasing number of scholars are opening their own scriptorium.";
D9lgeHbka_MoD #
Спасибо большое конечно, но лучше предоставьте скрины с пропусками непосредственно с игры, ибо есть некоторые нюансы в переводе.
D9lgeHbka_MoD #