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The Solus Project "Update GOG"

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- Now supports Oculus Touch! Functionality wise it should be very similar to Vive, apart from a different button layout.
- On Vive and touch pressing down is now walking backwards instead of resetting the camera. Cam reset is moved to R on the keyboard for now since we assume not many use it a lot (do you?)
- Game now defaults to following the orientation of the controller and not the headset. This can be changed back in the options if you prefer.
- AA now defaults to extra sharpened Temporal AA in VR, giving the best possible combination between AA and sharpness we could accomplish. There is some ghosting using this technique, but it looks better than before.
- Extro has significantly improved cameras in VR, along with additional VR bug fixes and polish
- Because of Oculus Touch, some options in the menu have been reworded to sound more inclusive (the same options now covers Touch + Vive controllers).
- Missing voice acting in the intro fixed when playing in VR.
- Presumed fix for the VR ladder teleport spot for the long ladder down into the Ice Path not triggering.

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