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Changelog for patch (added 27 January 2017):

- Entering Main menu no longer applies language from player’s preferences.
- Should resolve the issue with language reverting
- FIX: Revoke edicts appeals were not functioning correctly
- When revoking edicts, player appeals went to the wrong direction
- FIX: Improve "Age" component saving (value used by events) - We applied a fix for events that needed a specific city age. “Hated Leader” should work now in all cases now.
- FIX: When “load” is pressed, The delete-button should not be clickable anymore.
- FIX: Sales demand - Fixed some issues with the sales demand
- CHANGED: Blocked Event, (e.g. “Cradle of Feminism”)
- Changed settings on the dialog, which may have led to the described outcome where choices in specific events were not clickable. This should work now.
- CHANGED: Deleted placeholder content from the newspaper.
- In localized versions of Urban Empire, there will be no English text in newspapers anymore

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