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Valley "Update 1.01, 1.02, 1.05"

Описание и инструкции

-Fixed an issue where different machine language configurations could break subtitle parsing

-Fixed an issue where an extra energy upgrade would be reported in level 'Soma Reactor'

-Fixed an issue where the player could bypass the speed upgrade in the level 'Soma Reactor'

-Added -force-opengl flag the game's default linux launch. This prevents GLX crashes from happening

-Added the ability to skip cutscenes in the first level

-Fixed an issue where revisiting 'Wendigo Lake' would sometimes cause it's music to cut out

-Fixed an issue introduced in the previous patch that rendered the controller inoperable while hookshotting

-Fixed an issue making vertical and horizontal mouse speed more uniform with the camera's aspect ratio

-Fixed a circumvent in 'Smoke Lake'

-When returning to a level, the objectives widget in the corner will update the player on how many secrets remain

-Fixed an issue where the left trigger was not responding correctly on mac and linux

-Fixed an issue where the fov can stack causing a skewed 360 view

-Fixed a circumvent that allows players to activate the elevator control in the soma facility from the outside of the room

-Fixed an issue where the player would be unable to complete Smoke Lake by picking up the lake skipper, quitting the game and restarting

-Enabled the developer console; it can be brought up with the '~' key. Warning!! using the "toggledebug" command will result in saving and achievements being disabled until the game is restarted. Using "togglegui" will eliminate player gui for the purpose of screenshots and recording.

-Slightly increased the text size of readables

-Fixed a bug where the player's FOV could go out of control while running

-Fixed a bug where the launcher saving resolution and control customization preferences on Linux were being reset

-Patched a hole in Astra facility that would allow the player to escape the level

-Added an option to launch the game without the configuration window (full controller support)

-Minor text and typo fixes

-Fixed circumvention issues in Titan Rock

-Fixed a respawn issue in Titan rock

-Fixed circumvention issues in Smoke Lake

-Fixed an issue where the player gets stuck beneath the crashed canon in the Astra Facility

-Added a missing death volume to a body of water in Sussurus Valley

-Fixed 21:9 aspect ratio issues with the options menu and travel menu

-Added an FOV slider to the gameplay menu

-Lowered the volume of in-menu hover sounds

-Prevented Amrita swarms from replaying their explosions as the player gets close to them.


- Look sensitivity can now be set much lower

- Added support for aspect ratios outside of 16:9

- Default look sensitivity has been lowered

- Added a menu item to disable mouse smoothing

- Framerate limitations are now set to 90fps when Vsync is set to 'off'. This is the highest available setting without upping physics performance drastically

- Fixed some missing geometry in 'Titan Rock' that would lead the player away from the intended path

- A dark path has been made clear in 'Titan Rock'

- Fixed an issue were collision was missing in the 'Soma Reactor'

- Fixed minor issues with game text

- Fixed an issue where water death tutorials would re-appear every level

- Fixed an issue where the amrita swarms would continue attacking the player despite being pacified

- Fixed a circumvent where the facility window could be broken into without the lake skipper upgrade