Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy XI: Auction House Guide (English)


I was at the Auction House in Bastok and I was browsing through the item lists looking for a specific item. I didn't know what category my item was under and I looked for what seemed like forever. I eventually found it, but it took way too long to find my item. I assumed many others were also having the same problem, especially those new to the game. I was curious if anyone had a list of what item goes where. After searching for a while, I found nothing and this is how this FAQ began. I thought it would interesting to write a FAQ that labeled what items go with what category. Hopefully this FAQ can help you determine what items are where, so you can quickly buy that item before someone else does. Also, I hope this FAQ can help you better understand how the Auction House works, so you can use this great feature in the game to its fullest capacity. So, that's the history of how this FAQ came about.

Without further delay, it's time to advance to the useful part of the FAQ!

Andrew Bertino

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