Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy XI: Red Mage Guide (English)



The Intro Stuff

1. Version and Things to come

2. About me

3. Why write this FAQ?

4. Disclaimer

Getting into the Class

1. The Red Mage Job

2. Important Terms

3. Choosing a Race

4. Choosing a Sub

5. Abilities and Traits

6. Spells and Magic

7. Equipment

8. Artifact Armor

9. Acquiring the AF Equipment

10. How to play a Red Mage

11. Where to level


1. Frequantly Asked Questions

2. Credit and Thanks

Intro Section 1. Version and Things to come


Coming in a future version...

Acquiring the Red Mages AF armor

A more complete list of quests for scrolls

Version 1.4 -Added complete info on the Red Mages AF weapon

02/10/04 -New section on getting the AF equipment

Version 1.3 -Apparently by fixing gramatical errors, I manage

02/07/04 to create totally new ones, which I've now totally

fixed. I think...

-Red Mage AF section partially complete.

-Almost completely finished the spell list.

Version 1.2 -Added a list of spells the RDM can use

02/05/04 along with level requirement, and MP cost.

Version 1.1 -Fixed a few gramatical and spelling errors.

02/04/04 Added a tiny bit more material, nothing stand-out-ish.

Version 1.0 -The original.


Intro Section 2. About the Author


Every FAQ needs one of these, but most need a shorter version then what

they have, so ill keep it short and sweet. I play a Red Mage (as well

as many other classes) on the Seraph Server. I go by the handle Danielsan,

and any e-mails asking me if I know Mr Miagi will be ignored. =P

Also, dont spam me, flame me, or anything like that... All other e-mails

that follow a rational thought pattern will (eventually) be responded to.

I appreciate any corrective information as long as you dont start the

letter as so..."st0pib n00b my !nf0 pwns j0 fAq"

Seraph Server : Danielsan

E-mail :

AIM : DanAK97

Intro Section 3. Why Write this FAQ?


I felt like it. I only saw one other Red Mage guide at the time and it seemed

a very incomplete and vauge, so I decided to create my own. Simple as that.

Plus im currently playing the RDM class, after partying along side many at

higher levels, and greatly enjoying it.

Intro Section 3. Disclaimer and the Legal Junk


So far several websites have official permission to post this FAQ.

You can use this guide however you want as long as you follow these

simple rules:

1. Dont profit from my work (I.E. You cant print and then sell this guide)

2. The FAQ must remain in its original form. That means dont replace my name

with your own, you lamer. I did write it after all. Its not like im asking you

to send Gil to my delivery box, im just asking for the credit I deserve.

Simply having my name on here wont cost you a thing.

3. If your going to copy a peice of the FAQ for your own, please cite mine

and put a link. Even if it just says something short like "Section borrowed

from Danielsans FF11 RDM FAQ, found @


4. Send me an e-mail telling me your going to use it, and the url where it

can be found. You dont even need to wait for a response for me. As long as

you followed rule 1, 2, and 3 you should be good to go.

Whew! That was much longer then I wanted it to be....And so without further

Ado, the FAQ!

Section 1. The Red Mage Job


So what exactly is a Red Mage? Well simply put, its a very versatile class that

can do a little bit of everything. A Red Mage (henceforth RDM) is capable of

using some Melee Weapons, casting some White Mage (henceforth WHM) spells, some

Black Mage (BLM) spells, and wearing some armor. However they also have their

own set of spells that can only be used by a Red Mage.

What all this means is you can fill gaps in a party if needed, you can cover

healing but your no WHM, and your nukes will never put out the raw damage a

BLM is capable of. But for the most part, a Red Mage is a Buff/Debuff class.

And as simple proof, they are the ONLY Class that has a perfect score in

Enfeebling. Thus skill will increase slightly faster, and more importantly,

the Cap (max value for the skill) will be higher then another same level class

with a lower rank in that skill. A WHM or BLM may be capable of casting debuffs

but they may find the monsters resist more, and the duration isnt quite what it

should be. Obviously, the reason is their Enfeeble skill caps (maxes out) at a

lower value for the same level then a Red Mages would. All classes have

Rank A skills which will help make it obvious what they should primarilary

be doing.

Examples of classes and their Perfect Rank skills...

Warrior - 2 Handed Axe skill

Samurai - Great Katana skill

Dragoon - Polearm skill

White Mage - Healing skill (duh?)

Black Mage - Elemental Magic (attack magic, basicly)

Red Mage - Enfeebling (debuffs)

I could list more but I think you get the idea...

Section 2. Important Terms



Str - Strength, factors into melee damage

Dex - Dexterity, helps melee accuracy and critical hit chance

Agi - Agility, helps ranged accuracy and evasion

Vit - Vitality, Helps your defense out

Int - Intelligence, Magic Damage, Helps defeat enemy spell resistance

Mnd - Mind, Determines healing spells, and helps you resist spells

Cha - Charisma, Mostly a stat for helping Bard songs and Beastmaster charming

Attacker - Any class that deals damage primarily through physical combat.

Being an attacker does NOT automaticly make you a tank, and vice versa.

Tank - The member who will be taking the hits. Typically a PLD and/or WAR but

at very low levels most attackers can get away with it. Provoke is a must if

your the tank. To best understand Attacking and Tanking, you should go read

another FAQ, since this is the first and last time I will mention either.

Both are somewhat outside the scope of the RDM class.

Hate - Whoever has the most hate will by the one the monster aims at. Doing

anything that hinders the monster (like attacking, debuffing) or helps the

party (healing or using abilties), will build up hate. Even sitting down to

regen HP/MP builds up hate.

Buff - Any spell that increases your/party performance. The spell "Enfire",

which adds fire damage to melee attacks, is a good example.

Debuff - Any spell that decreases your opponents performance. Blind is a very

common and useful spell, which reduces your targets melee accuracy.

Enfeebling - The skill which is factored into the opponent resisting your

"Debuffs." A higher skill means the enemy resists less often.

Pull - One player angers a monster, typically by shooting a bow or throwing a

boomerang at it. Once the monster is after the player, s/he then retreats to

the "camp" where the party engages the monster. In an unsuccessful pull, the

player pulling can sometimes suffer an untimely death. The key is to use

ranged weapons so as to have a generous headstart.

Camp - The spot the party determines will be the battle ground for their

fights. This lets the mages rest while a puller searches for the next target.

A very basic and common, yet amazingly efficent tactic. Obviously dont choose

a spot where aggressive enemies appear.

BC - Burning Circle - An area where certain special events or boss battles

are triggered

NM - Notorious Monster - A hero monster who is much more powerful then the

surrounding area would warrent. Be warned, some of these are soloable at level

15 while others can tear a level 75 party to peices before you can even yell

"Benidiction!" It really depends on the paticular NM.

BCNM## - Burning Circle Notorious Monster ## - Basicly I mention this because

its the affordable way to get refresh. Note that I said affordable, not safe

or easy. The ## at the end signify what the level cap is. Anyone above the

level cap thats participating, will be reduced to the capped level for the

duration of the fight, and believe me, its a LONG Fight. So you may need to

prepare equipment and spell macros.

RDM - Red Mage

WHM - White Mage

BLM - Black Mage

AF - Artifact Armor

Tick - No, not a tiny blood sucking parasite. The ammount of time for a regen

effect to happen. When talking about Auto-Refresh or Auto-Regen, a tick is

every 3 seconds roughly (exactly one vandiel minute). When refering to

Sitting (meditating) a tick is every time you gain that small regeneration of

HP/MP. Sitting longer yeilds a small but cumulative increase to the regen

rate, by the way.

Section 3. Choosing a Race


Lets face it. Some races just arent built to play certain classes. Galka and

Elvaan tend to make poor Red Mages. Im not saying you cant be one so dont even

think of spamming or flaming me, but in my opinion they just arent good choices

for a classthat centers around having INT and MP. On the other hand, Taru have

the MP but lack a few of the other stats the RDM might want (Str, Vit). However

at the higher levels the added MP and INT will really help alot and compensate

for the lack of other stats, so its all a matter of personal taste and style.


Pro : High HP, strength and vitality. Elv have good MND too

Con : The most important stats, Int and MP, are terribbly low

Neither race is well suited for a RDM. The high HP wont help much because you

dont really take damage. So while these races may do just fine for the early

levels, when you start to get higher your low key stats will really start to

hinder your progress and effectiveness.


Pro : Well Rounded Stats, Balanced HP and MP, Can easily play all other classes

Con : No stat excels or stands out

Humes are well rounded, as are RDM, so Hume make a good choice. The ring Humes

get for starting in Bastok is HP +3 DEX +1 VIT +1


Pro : Higher AGI and DEX then Hume. Can play most other classes easily

Con : Lower Vit and Mnd. Chr doesnt matter much, but its very low. Females only

Mithra have a slightly higher AGI which helps dodge and DEX which helps your

melee attacks hit. The lower MND and VIT dont really hurt too much. But damn

the female character only thing! Damn you Square Enix!! The ring Mithra get

for starting in Windurst is MP +3, INT +1 AGI +1.


Pro : Tons of MP, Higher INT, Slightly Higher AGI (then a Hume)

Con : Drasticly lower HP, Strength, and Vitality. Slightly lower MND

TaruTaru also make good RDM because of the MP and INT. However the HP MP

pools are too similar and can cause your Converts to fall short of topping off

your MP. Also their STR and VIT suck, so they need more then a small AGI boost

to compensate. And they are so goddamn...short and cute...I just want to...

punt a field goal with one....The ring Tarus get for starting in Windurst is

the same as mithra, MP +3, INT +1, AGI +1.

Section 4. Choosing a Subjob


This is a very important aspect, and often sparks heated debates between

players that can lead to unrest in a party, hurt feelings, and petty name

calling. Lets all take a minute to realize its a game and people are free to

choose whataver subjob they want. Having said that, be aware that at higher

levels, a Galka Red Mage/Warrior is not likely to get too many invites

compared to a Hume Red Mage/Black Mage.

Subs for Red Mage

Warrior - You'll have a Defense Bonus, eventually an Attack bonus, and some

nifty abilities to keep your chain spell company. However, what you really

want at higher levels is MP and INT and warrior simply fails to deliver. The

same mostly holds true for all the Non MP using classes such as Theif, Monk,

Samurai, Ranger, Beastmaster and Dragoon.

Bard - Bards are very good as a main job but get reamed in the arse when

subbed. No instrument, and songs that are WAY behind the level that they would

be useful at, should make you reconsider using Bard as a sub for any class.

Ninja - Surprisingly, this seems to pop up as a RDM sub very often at low

levels. Considering that its not a very good sub for a RDM I cant imagine

why. You dont really get any useful Ninjitsu, and Duel Weild lets you weild

two weapons, but the delay time is doubled, so whats the point unless your

going to get a high ninja level, when duel weild stacks and reduces delay time.

Paladin - This sub actually adds some decent MP, some defense, but lacks in the

INT area. The MND boost isnt bad, but Paladin makes a better Main job. By no

means will you be able to tank when subbing PLD.

Dark Knight - Heres an intresting combo I have yet to try. Compared to Black

Mage, the INT is only a tiny bit worse (like 2 points), but the MP lacks a

little, which really hurts your convert ability. Also it doesnt add nearly

as many useful spells and abilites as BLM. The attack bonuses dont hurt

either, but RDM would get it around the time their Melee damage really drops

off compared to an Attack class, making them mostly worthless in the grand

scheme of things. Weapon bash is a wasted skill, and Using Souleater

(Sacrificing your HP to do extra melee damage) conflicts with Convert

(sacrificing your HP to restore MP)

Summoner - You still have a very high INT, Good MND, and your MP pool will be

big. However the summons are all half level, which means they kind of suck.

Auto-Refresh is useful, but RDM get Convert and the Refresh spell 10 levels

sooner so its not as useful as one might think. So while this is a good sub,

its not a great sub.

White Mage - Now were getting to the Good stuff. White Mage is the "prefered"

sub till mid-high levels. A RDM/WHM has a good HP and MP pool, as well as the

ability to be a strong backup healer with a solid MND attribute. Clear Mind

helps regen MP, and it stacks with the RDM clear Mind as well. Divine Seal

(Whm 15) is a good ability for when you hit RDM 30, and auto-regen at 50

(whm 25) never hurts. You can get some of the party buff spells (like

protectra) and your INT is also decent. WHM is the best sub to start, and

the second best RDM sub after lvl 30 or 35 (in my opinion). This is also

the prefered sub job for RDM's doing BCNM 40.

Black Mage - Save the best for last, I always say. This is the prefered sub for

the higher levels, once you really start to get going. With the 2nd Best MP

(Summoner is 1st) and the Best INT, this seems to take the cake. Better still is

the BLM Magic Attack traits that stack with the RDM Magic Attack traits, making

for some excellent spell damage. Black Mages also get Clear Mind (stacks with

RDM clear Mind at lvl 31) and Elemental Seal (a great ability for debuffing) at

level 15, so you'll unlock those at RDM 30. And at RDM lvl 40 (BLM 20) you will

also get MP conserve which sometimes randomly reduces the cost to cast spells.

Warp at RDM lvl 34 also helps to make you lazy. =P

Section 5. Abilities and Traits


Active Abilities - These abilities must be activated by the player. They have

limited durations, and a refresh time (sometimes called a "cooldown" time)

before they can be used again, but you already knew that didnt you?

Chainspell - Level 1

This is the RDM jobs 2hr. Some people say it sucks but they obviously havent

been using it correctly. True, its use is not quite as obvious as Manafont

(the BLM 2hr) or Invincible (PLD 2hr) but in the right situation it can be

very handy. If used properly you can drop tons of spells on a target in a

matter of seconds!

Duration - 30 seconds

And of course being the "2hr" ability, the refresh time is, 2 Hours.

Convert - Level 40

This ability will finally show up in your job skill list at level 40 (by now

chainspell must have been getting lonely) and its well worth the wait. Its

simple purpose is to directly and instantly swap your HP and MP values. So

if you have 2 MP but 500 HP, after using convert you will have 2 HP and 500

MP (you cannot exceed your BASE HP or MP, which do NOT swap with this ability).

One last thing, use it VERY carefully while in combat because it can get you


Duration - Instant HP MP swap

Refresh Time - 10 minutes

Passive Traits - These abilities are always "on" and working. And yes, they

are cumulative.

Trait Name level

---------- -----

Resist Petrify 10

Fast Cast 15

Magic Attack 20

Magic Defense 25

Resist Petrify 30

Clear Mind 31

Fast Cast 35

Magic Attack 40

Magic Defense 45

Resist Petrify 50

Resist Petrify - This trait prevents you from being petrified as easily, and

supposedly reduces the duration even if you are. I havent seen it in action

too much, and I doubt anyone will find it very useful. And yes they obviously

stack, so having two resist traits will be stronger then just one.

Fast Cast - Finally, at level 15 the RDM gets a useful trait! Although the

effect may seem small its there. Once you get the 2nd Fast cast you will

notice a drastic casting time decrease, and the RDM AF has another Fast Cast

trait on it (specificly the headgear)

Magic Attack - You may not find this too useful at level 20, but you'll be

glad to hame them later on. This somewhat raises the damage your elemental

skills do (Stone, Water, Aero, etc)

Magic Defense - Really, this one is self explanatory. And though it wont stand

out much, its effects are there and can come in handy at times.

Clear Mind - The RDM gets this trait very very late, compared to both the WHM

and BLM but its much needed as your MP becomes more and more important as you

gain levels. Normally when you sit you regen somewhere around 10-12 HP/MP per

"tick" and each additional "tick" gets a cumulative +1 to the regen

10, then 11, 12, etc. This trait boosts the Starting value of MP regen to

something like 16, so it goes 16, 17, 18.... The difference is very noticable,

and helps reduce downtime greatly. Im not sure about stacking clear mind Traits,

I believe the added effect is much smaller, like an additional +2 to the

starting value or something (18, 19, 20...)

Feel free to e-mail me if you know the exact details.

Section 6. Spells and Magic


Spells for a Red Mage are pretty easy to figure out. The easiest way is to go

to your local Auction House and look under Scrolls, then either White or Black

Magic. The levels and classes that can use that spell will all be listed. Red

Mage can use a fair number of both spells, but note that there are drawbacks.

In most instances, the level requirement is higher then either a WHM or BLM,

or the spell has a diminished effect.

For example, Stone is a lvl 1 BLM spell, and Cure is a level 1 WHM spell, but

RDMs cannot learn Cure till level 3 and Stone till level 4. Another example is

protect. At level 7, a RDM can learn Protect, which targets a single person.

But a WHM at level 7 can learn ProtetRA which hits the entire party with

protect for the same MP cost as one protect spell. Also there are many spells

that ONLY a White mage or Black Mage can learn. However Red Mages do get a few

spells to call their own.

Unquie Red mage spells mostly consist of the En's. These add damage to your

melee attacks. Its pretty simple, you cast on yourself and for the duration of

the spell every melee hit you land will also deal small elemental damage. This

works best with fast weapons that hit often. All of the spells are fairly easy

to acquire through the towns spell shop or the AH. If your having trouble

affording or finding a certain spell scroll, odds are its one that can be

acquired through a quest or NM drop.

Here is a list of all the spells a Red Mage cas use up to level 50. The rest

will be added later.

Spell level MP Description

----- ----- -- -----------

Dia 1 7 Lowers targets defense and deals 1 damage/tick

Cure 3 8 Restores targets HP, Cap is 30 HP

Stone 4 9 Earth based damage to target

Poison 5 5 Deals 1 damage/tick

Barstone 5 6 Increases your earth resistance

Paralyze 6 6 Target randomly "skips" actions (is paralyzed)

Protect 7 9 Improve targets defense by 10 points

Barsleep 7 7 Increases your sleep resistance

Blind 8 5 Lowers targets accuracy

Water 9 13 Water based damage to target

Barwater 9 6 Increases your water resistance

Bio 10 22 Lowers targets attack and deals 1 damage/tick

Barpoison 10 9 Increases your poison resistance

Bind 11 8 Target is unable to move (can still attack)

Aquaveil 12 12 Reduces spell interruption

Barparalyze 12 11 Increase your Paralyze resistance

Slow 13 15 Slow targets attack speed

Baraero 13 6 Increase your wind resistance

Aero 14 18 Wind based damage to target

Cure II 14 24 Restores targets HP, Cap is 90 HP

Diaga 15 12 Casts an Area of effect version of Dia

Deodorize 15 10 Prevents enemies from smelling you

Enthunder 16 12 Adds lightning damage to your melee attacks

Shell 17 18 Improves targets magic defense

Barfire 17 6 Increases your fire resistance

Silence 18 16 Target is unable to cast magic

Barblind 18 13 Increase your blind resistance

Enstone 18 12 Adds earth damage to your melee attacks

Fire 19 24 Fire based damage to target

Sneak 20 12 Prevents enemies from hearing you

Enaero 20 12 Adds wind damage to your attacks.

Blazing 20 8 Deals fire damage to enemys who attack you


Gravity 21 24 Lowers targets movement and evasion

Barblizzard 21 6 Increases your ice resistance

Regen 21 15 Automaticly restores 5 HP/tick

Enblizzard 22 12 Adds ice damage to your melee attacks

Blink 23 20 Causes next attack/spell to miss you

Barsilence 23 15 Increase your silence resistance

Blizzard 24 30 Deals ice based damage to target

Enfire 24 12 Adds fire damage to your melee attacks

Sleep 25 19 Puts target to sleep

Barthunder 25 6 Increases your lightning resistance

Invisible 25 15 Prevents enemies from seeing you

Cure III 26 46 Restores targets HP

Protect II 27 28 Increases targets defense

Enwater 27 12 Adds water damage to your melee attacks

Thunder 29 37 Lightning based damage to target

Dia II 31 59 Lowers targets defense more, deals 1 hp/tick

Dispel 32 25 Remove a helpful enchantment from target

Phalanx 33 21 Gives you a certain level of damage resistance

Stoneskin 34 29 Absorbs a certain ammount of damage

Stone II 35 43 Stronger Earth based damage to target

Bio II 36 66 Lowers targets attack more, deals 1 hp/tick

Shell II 37 37 Increase targets magic defense

Raise 38 150 Brings a dead player back to life

Barvirus 39 25 Increase your virus resistance

Water II 40 51 Stronger Water based damage to target

Ice Spikes 40 16 Deals ice damage to enemys who attack you

Refresh 41 40 Automaticly restores 3 MP/tick

Barpetrify 43 20 Increase your petrify resistance

Aero II 45 59 Stronger Wind based damage to target

Poison II 46 38 Stronger version of Poison

Sleep II 46 29 Stronger version of Sleep

Protect III 47 46 Increase targets defense

Cure IV 48 88 Restores targets HP

Haste 48 40 Increase targets attack speed

Fire II 50 68 Stronger fire based damage to target

Shell III 57 56 Increase targets magic defense

Shock Spikes 60 24 Deals thunder damage to enemys who attack you

Protect IV 63 64 Increase targets defense

Stone III 65 108 Earth based damage to target

Water III 67 119 Water based damage to target

Shell IV 68 Increase targets magic defense

Aero III 69 159 Wind based damage to target

Fire III 71 145 Fire based damage to target

Blizzard III 73 158 Ice based damage to target

Cure V 73 144 Restores targets HP

Thunder III 75 Lightning based damage to target

Quests for scrolls

Yes I know alot of these are BLM only, many of the quest scrolls are. But

BLM IS the "prefered" RDM sub at high levels after all...

-=Star Struck=-

Client : Koru-Moru, Windurst Walls

Reward: Blaze Spikes scroll, lvl 10 BLM, 20 RDM (I have NOT confirmed this)

Trade him a meteorite (its rare/ex). It can be found on enemies in the

East/West Sarutabartua areas. Its a very very low drop rate.

-=Mean Machine=-

Client: Unlucky Rat ,Bastok Metalworks, 1st floor, Cermet Factory

Reward: Warp scroll, lvl 17 BLM (I HAVE confirmed this)

Simply go to the Auction house and buy a Slime Oil, then trade it to him.

There are no low level slimes that can drop this, that im aware of, plus its

very cheap at the AH.

-=Making the Grade=-

Client: Fuepepe, Windurst Waters, Aurastery

Reward: Aspir scroll lvl 25 BLM (I HAVE confirmed this)

The quest can be very veyr easy and cost you about 3000-4000 gil or it

can be very hard, take hours and a full party of level 40+ characters.

The easiest way is to simply buy the "Test Answers" from the Misc section

of the Auction house

-=The Rumor=-

Client: Novalmauge, Bostaunieux Oubliette, Chateau d'Oraguille, G-8

Reward: Drain scroll

Go inside the castle and down to the oubliette. Not too far inside is

Novalmauge. He wants you to bring him some Beast's Blood. Simply head to

Pashlow Marshes and near the swamp areas (green spots on map) are some

leeches. Kill them for Beast's Blood, then go give it to Novalmauge.

Finally, When he asks you if you believe the rumors say no, and your

reward will be a long winded speech and the Drain Scroll.

WARNING: Enemies in this area can be pretty tough if they gang up on you

so watch yourself.

More quests coming...

Section 7. Equipment, Weapons and Armor


This section is really a no brainer. The Auction house is the best way to tell

what you should be wearing, simply go into the approiate section, sort by

level, then sort by job (in that order, doing it backwards nerfs things up).

Armor - Basicly you should be wearing decent armor, similar to the attacker

classes (not quite as good as the tanks at higher levels). Try to aim for rings

and earings that add MP, INT, MND, and mabye resistance to Air. "Air

resistance you say? Wtf??"

The short answer is the the status effect "silence." It is the bane of every

job that contains the word "Mage", and having a resistance to air also doubles

as a resistance to silence. The Air Solea footgear adds Air resist and Evasion,

which makes for a good peice of footgear that will last you a while. But its up

to you really, Silence doesnt come into play all that often so it really takes

a backseat to the other stats. The "Converts HP to MP" rings are very useful for

Non-Taru RDM. Taru might actually want a "Converts MP to HP" ring. Evasion up

gear is also a good idea.

Weapon and Shield - Just find a good short sword and decent shield. The shield

isnt too important, as long as you have something in that spot for the sake of

your shield skill. At the earlier levels (till late 30s I guess) you can still

hit well and deal good damage despite your best weapon skill (1 handed sword)

not being a Rank A. But as the levels go by, you will slowly notice you start

to miss way too much and dont deal enough damage to those "ITs". At that point

you may want to keep both a good Sword, and a Club that adds +int/mnd so you

can switch as needed.

Quests for low level gear

-=Legendary Plan B=-

Client: Kopuro-Popuro, Manustery, Windurst Woods

Reward: Scentless Armlet

You need to get a Revival Tree Root, Rabit hide, and a piece of Luminicloth.

The easiest way to get these is the AH.

NOTE: You need at least a decent level of fame to do this quest.

Section 8. Red Mage AF


I have no idea whatsoever how to get all of these yet. ill find out and post

that info eventually.

Weapon - Sadly, the RDM AF weapon is only ok compared to other L41 swords.

Level req. 41

Damage 22

Delay 224

MP +10

Int +1

Mnd +1

Headgear - A spiffy red hat with a white feather, like in original Final Fantasy

Defense 23

Level req. 60

MP +20

Int +3

Elemental skill +10

Enhances Fast Cast trait

Body - A red vest, it stands out but not nearly as much as the hat

Level req. 58

Defense 44

MP +14

Cha +5

Spell interuption -10%

Enfeebling skill +10

Gloves - Red of course, but as with all the other peices, not as stand outish as

the hat. The hat is like a beacon that simply screams "Im a high level Red Mage!"

Level req.54

Defense 16

MP +12

Dex +4

Resist Dark +10

Parry skill +10

Legs - No more descriptions, go find a screen shot. A picture is worth a

thousand words. Im pretty sure has a good one.

Level req. 56

Defense 33

MP +13

Mnd +3

Healing skill +10

Enhancing skill +10

Feet - Red Boots. Screenshot. Find.

Level req.52

Defense 13

MP +11

Agi +3

Resist water +10

Shield skill +10

Section 9. Acquiring the Red Mage AF


You must do the AF peices in order, from top to bottom. I will have them

all listed in the correct order once I discover how to get other peices.

-=Red Ordeal (AF1)=-

Client: Sharzalion, South San d'Oria, the Pub/Inn

Reward: Fencing Degen (RDM AF Weapon)

Talk to Sharzalion. She will ask for an item, something like Orcish Food.

The NM that drops the key that leads to this item is in Davoi. It will

eventually spawn at E-9 once you kill the place holder orcs. The NM is a

very dangerous Black Mage named Purpleflash. Hes a big fan of the GA's and

II's (such as Firaga or Stone II) so Shell II is a MUST. I think the NM is

only level 45-50, so with 2 players above 55 you should be able to take

him out.

Once he drops the Storage Key, you need to find the "Storage Hole" in Davoi.

This is easier said then done, as the spot seems to teleport randomly around

the zone, every 60-120 seconds. (This is not an exact time, just an educated


Once you find the hole, quickly trade it the key and get your Orcish Food.

Then simply return and trade it back to your cilent.

NOTE: If you /shout asking (nicely) where the storage holes, nearby players

may tell you if they spot it.

Section 10. How to Play a Red Mage


In this section I will typify and generalize what a RDM should and should not

be doing in a normal (successful) battle.

When soloing early on, simply start by casting a debuff from a distance, then

engage the enemy in melee. Theres not much more to it then that.

In a party you should be focusing on debuffs. Blind, Paralyze, Dia, those kind

of spells. Later, the battles sometime last long enough that the debuffs will

wear off, and so obviously, you will need to recast them. Having a RDM can take

away the need for a BLM and WHM to blow part of their time and MP on Debuffs

that work less often and for shorter periods of time. Debuff Examples are

causing enemy to inflict less damage with Bio, lose attacking time when

Paralyzed, miss altogether with Blind, and lose defense with Dia. Then you

basicly move into melee and start attacking. Also, you can do backup healing

since those debuffs are generally very cheap. Because the enemy is less

dangerous and inflicts far less damage, this means less pressure on the WHM

to heal. More WHM MP means more EXP chains, making RDM a valuable job. Its

probably more efficent to have a RDM and a WHM then to have two WHM, though

dont quote me on that.

Strategic retreats - This is another area where the RDM shines. When shit hits

the fan and you need to run, more often then not half your party will fall to a

grisly fate before reaching the zone. And if the White Mage uses benidiction,

then s/he is mostly likey the first to fall. However as a Red Mage part of your

job is to see it never comes to such a thing. There are several ways to help

prevent this situation from ever occuring but your 1/6th the party, so if the

other 5/6th manage to botch things up theres not a thing you can do to stop it.

However there are plenty of ways to walk away from such a situation without a

single death.

The first is Bind. A level 11 spell that prevents and enemy from moving. It

doesnt hold strong enemies for more then a few seconds but sometimes thats

enough for your party to make their escape. Enemies can still use spells or

ranged attacked. Not that great at higher levels.

The second, and much more efficent way, is Gravity. A level 21 spell, this

reduces the targets Evasion, and movement speed. As you may know, Monsters

have a nasty habit of hitting you while giving chase, even though they seem

to be too far away and you can never seem to hit them if the situation is

reversed. Most enemies are exactly as fast as a human character and some are

faster....there are very few (if any at all) that are slower. But gravity cuts

down monster movement speed to half! This spell easily allows you and your

party to escape the monsters drasticly oversized melee range and flee to


The third and most popular way is sleep. At level 25 RDM learn sleep and so

unless someone damages the monster, it will typically stay asleep for a long

time (a long time to escape, not long enough to sit down and heal) Ive seen

groups of monsters that were totally immobilized by a high level Bard and Mage

using sleep spells and songs so dont underestimate the power of sleep. Just

let your party know not to hit it anymore.

Just be warned when the status wears, and the enemy is unbound, unweighted,

or awake, YOUR most likely going to be their first target.

Section 11. Where to level


level 1-10 - Sub or no sub, you should be able to solo till about level 10.

Start the battle by drawing your weapon from a distance, then casting a spell

on the enemy. Level 1-5 all you really have is Dia, which is fine. At level

6 you get paralyze which is a slow casting spell, making it a prime choice

to start the battle with. Basicly cast your debuffs, then smack the enemy

with your sword till it goes down, curing yourself as needed.

level 10-14 - now you need to start partying. Perfection wont be demanded so

relax and learn the ropes, youve got some space to screw up still, at this

point deaths dont hit your EXP nearly as hard as later on. Better to make your

mistakes early when they wont cost you as much. Basicly one person should pull

to the area youve decided to camp, and inbetween battles all the mages rest

for MP. Simple and basic concept.

level 15-20 - I suggest going to valkurm dunes, since you will want to unlock

your sub job there at level 18 anyways.


The following is an excerpt from Tyrant234's Subjob/Advanced Job FAQ, also

found at

There are two places you can obtain a sub-job. The first

of which is Selbina, in the Valkurm Dunes, halfway between

San d'Oria and Bastok. The second is Mhuara, a port city

Northeast of Windurst.

Once you receive the SubJob quest from either Selbina or

Mhaura, you cannot go to the other town and attempt to do

that quest. Be absolutely certain you want to do the quest

in the town that you are in before talking to the NPC that

enables that quest. Those NPC's are Isacio and Vera, from

Selbina and Mhaura respectively.

In my opinion, the Selbina SubJob quest is the easier of the

two as Snippers, Damselflies and Ghouls are nowhere near

the difficulty of a Bogy at this stage in the game. However,

Bogy's are not near the rarity of a Ghoul, and Ghouls do tend

to have a very low drop rate for the Magicked Skull.

In order to get a SubJob in Selbina, several conditions

must be met:

1) You must have a Damselfly Worm

2) You must have a Magicked Skull

3) You must have a Crab Apron

4) You must be level 18.

In order to get a SubJob in Mhaura, several conditions

must be met:

1) You must have a Dhalmel Spit

2) You must have a Mighty Rarab Tail

3) You must have a Bloody Robe

4) You must be level 18.

And thats all from Tyrant234's Subjob/Advancedjob FAQ.


I personally agree. Both Ghouls and Bogys only show between the hours of

22:00-4:00 but Bogys are a level 25 monster, and a very nasty one at that.

But if you have a high level friend who doesnt mind coming to kill a bogy

for you, the drop rates on the Bloody Robe arent too bad. From my experiance

they drop the robe about 1/3rd of the time.

level 20-28 - You must make the dangerous walk to Jueno eventually, and 20 is

the level most people choose to go. Thats because the chocobo quest is doable

at 20 (NOTE: Now its 15 but it used to be 20) and this way you dont need to

leave and go back to valkurum to get your sub job unlocked. You can also start

leveling at Quifim (connected to port jueno) at level 20. The enemys there

start getting weak at 26 or 27, and By 28 you cant even chain enemies for

good exp anymore. Thats when you know its time to move on.

After that, most people move to Khazam, or one of the areas surrounding Jueno,

but where you go is up to you...

Closing Section 1. Frequantly Asked Questions


Wouldnt be much of a FAQ without this section eh? If you have any questsions

not covered in this FAQ feel free to e-mail me.

Q. If Red Mage can do some of everything, doesnt that make it the best class?

A. No! It makes it a very versatile class but you can only do so many things

at once. Red Mage is the best AT Enfeeble. Just like White is the best AT

Healing, and Black Mage is the best AT getting the party killed by casting

stonega into a room full of bats....well you get the idea

Q. Can I solo after level 10?

A. Solo for EXP? Not really, this is a game that emphasizes partying. Only

the beastmaster can effectivly solo for EXP after 15.

Q. Why cant I be a Galka? Or an Elvaan? I dont care what you say, im being

a Galka RDM anyway!

A. Your absolutely right! its your character and your choice, and no one has

any right to tell you what you can and cannot do as long as it doesnt infringe

on their rights. But I do suggest you go read my section titled "choosing a

race" beforehand. Here is an actual quote from a party leader, during one of

my many party experiances.(our party was all about lvl 20, 5 members)

PT Leader "No ones /inv.... except a level 20 RDM/WAR.... elvaan =/ Should

we invite him?" Rest of Party, almost as if responding in usion "No"

So as you can see, you CAN be whatever Race you want, but dont expect parties

to fight over you.

Q. Is Red Mage Expensive? I can never seem to afford everything I want!

A. Red Mage does seem costly at first but its not nearly as bad as a Ranger

or Ninja. Also you can skip alot of spells if your short on gil. The most

important thing to do is to stay current with your debuffs, and try to get

stat + items. Also make sure you have a decent sword and shield, No one will

be expecting you to tank or take much damage so DEF boosting armor should

come last.

Q. What foods and drinks should I be using?

A. At lower levels, honey can be found on the bees, so I suggest you simply

store it away till you start to party. You should be able to save up a

stack of 12, or mabye even two stacks. Honey restores a few extra HP and MP

when meditating, and lasts a half hour. Juices add auto-refresh but only

last for a few minutes. Both of those items help with exp chains. The

strength and duration of the refresh vary by the juice type. Later you

will want to start using Khazam Pinnapples and Apple Pies. Pineapples give +5

INT and Apple Pies give +5 INT and +25 MP but Pineapples are much cheaper.

Both last 30 minutes.

Q. So whats the deal?! Do Bio and Dia stack, or cancel each other?!

A. Sadly I have no hard evidence to prove either side, but far more experianced

players seem to believe they cancel, rather then stack. I guess I would have

to say they cancel as well since I dont recall ever seeing Bio and Dia active

at the same time on me. But thats specious reasoning now isnt it...

Q. Why cant I be a really good Galka RDM? I can just use my RSE and get a big

boost to MP and INT! Then I have really high HP, MP and INT! So there!

A. Dont kid yourself into thinking that at level 60 your going to want to

still be wearing your level 30(ish) RSE equipment. Everyone else in your party

will just laugh and laugh....

Q. You mentioned in your 'Where to level' section that the minimum level for the

chocobo quest has dropped to 15, but that's not exactly accurate. I'm pretty

sure you still have to be 20 to do the actual quest, but now you can RIDE at 15

[if you change to a lower level class].

A. Thats entirely possible but all of my characters did the quest well before

the limit was dropped to 15 so I have no way of knowing. Just to clarify, at

15 you can ONLY rent from inside a town (cant rent at Gate Mea, Dem, etc)

and the riding time is half, 15 minutes. No riding gear helps either.

Closing Section 2. Credit and Thanks


First of all, Thank you to all my friends and family who have tolerated me

and my antics over the years, youve all been a great source of inspiration!

Thanks to the members of my linkshell, "Strength of Lunacy" for proving that

sanity and sleep are both greatly over rated.

My special thanks to "Simozene" for his help with information gathering, to

"Medicus" for his motivational speeches about how school is more important

then FF11, and to both of them for some of the best butt-kicking party

experiances ive had.

My Thanks goes out to both "Square Enix" for making such an addicting game,

and "GameFAQs" for hosting my FAQ.

And last (but certainly not least) I thank myself for writing this FAQ

based on my experiance.

Peace Out!


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