Game Of Thrones - Telltale Games Episode 1: Трейнер/Trainer (+1: Freeze Decision / Заморозить Решение) [1.0] {LinGon}

  • Home Key - Trainer Activation(Активировать Трейнер)
  • End Key - Freez Decision(Заморозить Решение)

1. Before using this trainer make sure to disable any running firewalls or possible antivirus Programs running in the back. My trainer may sometimes alert such applications as antivirus programs and malware programs, this is due to the protection used on most of my trainers. If you are unaware of whats called "False Positive" files then you may not be aware that these types of files are completely harmless and is infact just seen as such but are not. My files are completely clean from any type of viruses or mallware and the like, they have not even been near to such and will not harm your system in anyway. If you feel uncomfortable and do not trust any of the above provided info, then please avoid using my trainers because i cannot help you then. 2. Run the trainer in administrator mode even though you might be logged on as admin. To run the trainer as administrator, right click the trainer file and select properties/Compatibility and select "run this program as an administrator". 3. Make sure to disable windows UAC if your OS is using this - User Account Controller. 4.Make sure to close all open unnecessary running applications, Background applications can sometimes cause interference with the trainer, preventing it from running/working properly. In this case make sure all such are closed before you start the game and the trainer. Sometimes the trainer may need to be restarted while the game is still running and reactivated in order to work. 5. Make sure that you are not running your game in any kind of virtual environment: E.G Sandboxie, Virtualbox, or Hyper-V for windows 8 etc.... - Sometimes these needs to be uninstalled completely in order for the trainers to work. 6.Make sure to read where and when to activate the specific trainer in use. Most times the trainer can be activated while at the games menu and afterwards while inside game, but sometimes the game need's to be loaded into the game itself before it can be activated and work properly.

Скопировать все файлы из архива в корень установленной игры.

Запустить сначала трейнер, потом игру. Во время игры

Нажимайте на клавиши указанные в трейнере.

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в "волк среди нас" я использовал пробел чтобы паузу поставить на выборе диалога )0)))
Странный, бесполезный трейнер, - он просто дублирует нажатие клавиши Space - Пауза.
Надо бы не Замораживать, а Задержать до Принятия решения.
Я надеялся, что так и выполнено...
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