[GOG] Patch Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 1.01.1 (14291) to 1.02 (14748)


Summary: A bug fixing patch that addresses a range of issues reported since Patch 1.01. The patch includes fixes across subtitles, gameplay and audio. In addition to bug fixes, mouse sensitivity options and DualShock 4 support have been added for PC.

Full list of changes:

• Various subtitle corrections across the game.
• Fixed a potential progression stopping issue where the player couldn’t progress beyond the 4th shard Challenge after focusing on it.
• Fixed an issue where quitting the game then reloading it during the Blindness shard challenge caused post FX to be lost.
• Fixed an issue where Senua was stuck in the animation of ladder climbing.
• Fixed multiple issues across the game where the player was able to bypass collision.
• Fixed a rare issue where Senua would not revert from her combat stance after defeating the enemies at the Gate to Helheim
• Fixed an issue where inverting Y-axis in the options menu would not be saved.
• Fixed a potential issue where activating photo mode as enemies are spawning would cause them to animate in slow-motion until struck.
• Fixed an issue where quitting the game during cut scenes would cause audio to be lost after reloading.
• Fixed potential progression stopping issue after finishing the Valravn boss fight.
• Fixed potential issue in Beast cave where Senua’s torch would not be visible.
• Fixed a potential issue where a brazier in the Fenrir Cave is missing.
• Fixed a potential issue where lighting would disappear after completing Surtr.
• Fixed a potential issue where some symbols in the Valravn section are not illuminated.
• Fixed Senua occasionally missing her sword.
• Fixed miscellaneous audio issues.
• Fixed minor graphical issues.
• Added mouse sensitivity to the options menu.
• Added Dualshock 4 controller support.
• Fixed a potential issue where the game would stay on a black screen for PCs with an AMD CPU.
• Changed the default keys for left and right target switching when playing on mouse and keyboard to ‘Z’ and ‘C’.
• Support for AMD VSR and Nvidia DSR.

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