Патч Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim v1.0.97 EN


Патч для английской версии игры.


- The name of the paladin's spell "Holy Attack" has been changed to "Holy Partonage" (English version only).
- Fixed issues with incorrectly named Fear Flag (English version only).


- A system that checks for game updates has been implemented.
- If the graphic settings exceed the system's capabilities, and the game crashes, then "safe mode" will be automatically activated on next launch.


- Fixed an issue with desynchronization of game time speed and speed of building.
- 140-character posts are now allowed in lobby chat rooms
- Fixed quest mark dissapearance after loading a saved game.
- Fixed incorrect heroes icons appearing after an upgrade to another class.
- Multiplayer: fixed a game crash.
- Fixed rare issues with drawing loading screens.
- Fixed a rare crash during the aftermath screen in the multiplayer.
- Multiplayer. After finishing a multiplayer game, the "Waiting for other players" panel closes automatically.
- Fixed an issue with drawing a screenshot of the first saved game.
- Fixed a rare issue in the GUI, with the party panel not closing after the death of a party member.
- Fixed incorrect display of dead heroes in the GUI.
- Fixed the crash during saving-loading with a full "building queue".
- Fixed an issue with missions being not flagged as "completed" after their completion in some cases.
- Fixed an issue with screen overlightning on some ATI videocards.
- Fixed an issue with bloom special effect.
- Fixed an issue with haze in the "Big Problem" mission.
- Fixed as issue with spells and great artifacts being cast on the selected unit icon.
- The cost of spells is now shown correctly.
- Fixed an issue with camera's trembling while scrolling near map borders
- Fixed an issue with saving-loading time being too long
- Multiplayer. GameSpy rating are now calculated and displayed correctly.
- Multuplayer. GameSpy error messages are now displayed correctly.
- Multiplayer. Fixed an issue with re-connection to the server after first attempt.
- Multiplayer. Server filters have been added. Now it is possible to show in the list only those servers that are available for connection.
- Multiplayer. Fixed an issue with the game being non-syncronized.
- Multiplayer. Fixed an issue with the info panel of enemy heroes or buildings.
- Fixed an issue with lords' ammunition and artifacts having no effect.
- Fixed the crash with saving-loading while the character characteristics panel is open.
- Fixed an issue with upgrading a hero while the hero is joining a party.
- Fixed an issue that allows you to choose suitable trading lands and holy grounds, through the fog of war.
- Quicksave and quickload hotkeys are changed to F5 and F9.
- Fixed an issue with scrolling in the GUI.


- The cost of inventing the "Grab-grass" spell has risen from 500 to 2000 gold.
- The cost of casting the "Grab-grass" spell has decreased from 500 to 250 gold.
- The cost of inventing the "Stone Incantation" spell has risen from 1000 to 2000 gold.
- The invention of "Stone Incantation" spell has moved to the second level of Dwarven Settlement.

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Патч это хорошо. Будем ждать русскую версию.


Народ, а только у меня во второй миссии в компании (сразу же после обучения), время от времени весь экран горит голубым (прозрачным) цветом? Т.е. при навигации по карте, время от времени появляется как пленка голубого оттенка, но при этом все функционирует и карту видно...


Явно проблема в железе...


Быстрёйебы вышел патч на русак