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Medal of Honor Airborne 04.09.2007

Патч Medal of Honor: Airborne 1.2-1.3

Патч, который добавляет две новые карты, два новых оружия и один мультиплеерный мод.

This update for Medal of Honor Airborne adds two new maps, Objective Mode for
multiplayer, and two new weapons for dedicated server games, in addition to
multiple bug fixes.

New Features

• Added the option to replace the rifle class with a non-scoped Springfield for
dedicated servers.

• Added the option to replace the rifle class with a non-scoped G43 for
dedicated servers.

• Heraklion map is playable in all multiplayer game modes.

The Hunt Classic map is playable in all multiplayer game modes.

• Objective Mode has been added for all maps in multiplayer.

• Added an in-game server admin tool (Rcon).

• Added a new server command “say” that allows server admins to make
through the console or in-game RCon tool. The announcements will appear on
connected clients and will be distinguished with both a prefix and different

• Every in-game message is now logged in game console (press ` to access it)

• Several options have been set up for which team defends during Objective

• Kill messages now correspond to a weapon type.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug where dedicated servers would crash when multiple users changed
teams at once.

• Fixed a bug where the default gamma setting of the game was incorrect.

• Fixed a bug that happened when the scoreboard "back" button was reassigned to
a key other than tab.

• Fixed a bug where weapons would switch when using the voice chat menu.

• Fixed a bug where hit reactions/indicators appeared when shooting teammates
with friendly fire disabled.

• Fixed a bug where the user returned to the main menu instead of the
multiplayer menu when quitting a multiplayer match.

Balance Changes

• Adjusted the G43 firing rate in multiplayer.

• Adjusted the Thompson damage in multiplayer.

• Modified "true trigger" so that the player can't hold their breath forever.
Hold breath and choke durations are controllable from the server ini file.

Changing Rifle Class Weapons

To change the rifle class weapon you must open your MOHADedicatedServer.ini
and change the follow values:


These are the default values and will use the M1 Garand and K98 if left
this way.

To use the Springfield rifle:


To use the G43 rifle:


These modified versions have no scope. The Springfield without a scope
has been tuned to a one shot kill to match it with the k98.

The weapon select screen was not modified, even when the server admin
changes the rifle class weapon, the M1 Garand and K98 will always appear
on the weapon select screen.

In-game Rcon

To use the in-game Rcon tool, press the ` key during a multiplayer dedicated
server game to open up the console and then enter a command. The syntax is:

Admin " " (eg: Admin "showhud on")

Make sure you have the quotation marks around your admin command.

There are two special commands:

Login: Logs the admin in if the correct password is supplied. Usage:

Admin "login "

After doing this, the admin will be able to issue all the dedicated server

Logout: Logs the admin out. The user won't be able to issue commands anymore.

Admin "logout"

All dedicated server commands can be executed through the in-game Rcon
For a list of all commands please refer to the readmeserver.txt which can be
found in the same folder as this ReadMe.

Setting the Defending team in Objective Mode

If a game is created through match making it will always default to
"Axis always defend". The defend options can be changed only in the
MOHADedicatedServer.ini. Here are the different options that can be set:

DEFENDER_AXIS - Axis always defend.
DEFENDER_ALLIED - Allies always defend.
DEFENDER_WINNER - First round is random, winner defends the next round.
DEFENDER_LOSER - First round is random, loser defends the next round.
DEFENDER_RANDOM - The team that defends is picked randomly every round.
DEFENDER_ALTERNATING - First round is random, then the teams take turns
defending in subsequent rounds.

To set the desired option up, change the MOHADedicatedServer.ini value for the


Medal of Honor Airborne(tm)
Update Version 1.2 ReadMe File - December, 2007

This patch for Medal of Honor Airborne raises the player count,
gives players more options for names, makes some balance changes on
the weapons and adds two new maps.

New Features

• Players can select "Remember Me" which will remember the user’s password
and username.

• Players can now set a clan tag that will prefix every instance of the
player’s name.

• Players can set an alias that will be display instead of the player's

• Games can be created by a dedicated server without a player cap.

NOTE: 12 player games are supported. Any player count that is highter is not
by EA and performance may be affected on low spec machines. We encourage
to lower their game settings when playing in larger games.

• All in-game screens will show 24 players correctly.

NOTE: Teams can have more than 12 players, however only the top
12 players will show up on the scoreboard. The player will always be
able to see where they rank on the scoreboard regardless of the amount of

• Market Garden map is playable in all modes.

• Factory map is playable in all modes.

• Added more spawn points and second tier spawn points to prevent spawn

• Player ping times now show up on the scoreboard.

• Server name now shows up on the scoreboard.

• Increased chat text time on screen.

• Moved the chat text up above the compass.

• "Say" text is now white and "TeamSay" text is now yellow.

• Removed auto taunts when a player dies.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a crash that would send the player to a white screen.

• Fixed various clipping issues with geometry in Destroyed Village.

• Fixed a bug where players could walk through objects in Remagen.

• Fixed a bug where audio would become muffled after a map change.

• Fixed a bug where the server list wheel scroll didn't work.

• Fixed a bug where the server list would refresh while scrolling and send
the user back to the top of the list.

• Fixed an issue where the dedicated server crashed after entering
an admin command.

• Fixed a bug that allows remote server to remember the last connection.

Balance Changes

• The recoil on the B.A.R. was reduced in multiplayer.

• The damage on the B.A.R. was reduced in multiplayer.

• The damage on the MP40 was increased in multiplayer.

• The recoil on the G43 was reduced in multiplayer.

• The K98 grenade count was lowered from 4 to 3 and now has the same amount
of grenades as the M1 Garand.

Other Changes

• Added a period at the end of a sentence in the last readme.

Medal of Honor Airborne(tm)
Update Version 1.1 ReadMe File - August, 2007

This patch for Medal of Honor Airborne enables the Dedicated
Server, fixes several bugs, and makes some balance changes on
the Anti-Tank weapon.

Dedicated Server

•Allows all clients to join dedicated servers.

Note: To run a dedicated server, the Medal of Honor Airborne
Dedicated Server Application must be downloaded and installed.

Note: For information on the dedicated server, please read the
Dedicated Server Readme.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug where Match Awards wouldn't work with a dedicated server.

• Fixed a bug where player would become stuck in the sign-in menu after
trying to create an account with a username already in use, then
logging in using an existing account.

• Fixed a bug where "Punkbuster" messages would display during SP games.

• Fixed a bug where players are shown debug text when any player switches
teams from Allies to Axis.

• Fixed a bug where if the Springfield's ammo is expended in the current
clip in scope mode, the player does not leave scope mode to reload.

• Fixed a bug where the user could crash when selecting a game on the
server list.

• Fixed a bug where the background of the "Terms and Conditions" screen
is out of alignment.

• Fixed a bug where hovering the mouse over the sliders in the "Audio and
Video" menus do not highlight them.

• Fixed a bug where exiting out of the "Controller Scheme" does not take
the player to the options menu. The player is taken back to the game.

• Fixed a bug where 'Loading' text overlaps level portrait in loading
screen for multiplayer matches at 800x600 resolution.

• Fixed a bug where the arrows in the "Custom Match" menu are not centered
with the rest of the text when running in high resolutions.

• Fixed a bug where a sound doesn't play when scrolling the "Aim Sensitivity"
slider bar in the in-game pause menu.

• Fixed a bug where a sound doesn't play in the multiplayer pause menu,
indicating how loud the sound FX volume is after change.

• Fixed a bug where the player is prompted to save changes in the
settings when there were no changes made.

• Fixed a bug where a specific tip text overlaps soldier art on single player
enemy soldier load screens.

• Fixed a bug where non-localized text appears in training mission pause menu.

• Fixed a bug where the back button art in the "Extras Menu" is inconsistent
with the rest of the shell.

• Fixed a bug where the back button art in the "Stats and Medals" screen
is inconsistent with the rest of the shell.

• Fixed a bug where using the arrow keys to select an unlocked video removes
the "Unlock Criteria" text from all video descriptions.

• Fixed a bug where the cancel button is misaligned with its background when
the user attempts to quit the game through the shell on the following
resolutions: 1280x1024, 1360x1024, and 1600x1200.

• Fixed a bug where there is no "Remove from Favorites" button in the
"Favorite Servers" submenu of the "Trusted Server list".

• Fixed a bug where the "Options / Controller" menu has a missing field across
from the "Move / Lean" toggle option.

• Fixed a bug where if the player tries to join a multiplayer game with a
host that has edited an INI file then the player cannot enter multiplayer
without restarting the game.

Balance Changes

• The M18 Recoilless Rifle and the Panzerschrek damage and damage
radius were both lowered in multiplayer.

Other Changes

• The "r" in PunkBuster was added in the credits.

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Блин какойто патч весит 1гб и мало сказавть чего даёт... Вод бы Crysis также оперативно обновляли :)


Я не играю в эту версию MoH, просто стало интересно, какой патч может весить 1000Mb (ровно 1000 причем)


слишком много аркадности в этой гаме... патчами это не лечится, к сожалению.


В игру было добавлено на много больше, чем здесь написано. На много больше.


Носд если что http://letitbit.net/download/fab47c740093/Medal-of-Honor-Airborne-v-1.3-NoDVD.rar.html


эт просто лень разработчиков сказывается ) пихают в архив уже патченные файлы и прекрасно себя чуствуют). вы на размер демки посмотрите вам всё станет ясно ).


патчи ставяться на пиратку? или нех качать


Меня радуют патчи для этой игры... Первый - 1300 мб Второй - 1000 мб Третий (предположительно) - 700 мб+)))


Eto ne patch a kusok igri... kotoriy razryabi ostavili usebya ..zanachki tipo....:))))


Задолбал уже всех этот letitbit вместе с людьми которые хотят на этом нажиться...


поставил качатся...вообще стоит оно этого ?


скачал...пишет MOH not installed :((


кто знает 1,3 ставится на 1,1 или надо 1,2 качать ?


Народ у французов пак1.3 -2.4 гига весит пачамуто http://www.ea.com/moh/airborne/community_downloads.jsp


1-1.3 Gb патчи?! Это издевательство!!! Игра этого действительно не стоит.


Бредятина! Стоко БЕСИТ(весит) НАХРЕН!


Такого размера патч должен как минимум пол игры исправлять


да там особо то и нечего исправлять,графу улудшить если токо и оружица побольше ну и миссий конечно хехе


Да чё вы гоните,игра на самом деле очень даже кульная,самая кульная из всей серии МОНа,и потом она сделана на унреаловском движке!!! А что косательно объёмов патчей: так там же не только всяких мелких исправлений добавленно,и в сингл,и в мультиплеер,но эт мелочи можно сказать...,самое увесестое там это то,что добавленны новые карты и соответственно миссии на этих картах,и ещё так же добавленно новое оружие и враги...!!! Вообщем патчи безусловно стОящие,но вопросы канечно имеются:устанавливаются ли они на пиратку,и как робят новые карты...??? Если кто поставил и протэстил-отпишись пожалуйста в личку,есле не трудно а!!! За ранее благодарен!!!


Он мультиплеер фиксит, на сингл не влияет особо. Нафиг!


Че то патчи какието странные. Первый патч 90, вроде нормально, а потом пошло. Второй патч 1300, и теперь вот третий 1000. Если такие патчи будут выходить на все игры, на консоли перееду.


да вообще игра не очень её ещё такими патчами нормить не прёт ваще!!!