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Список изменений:

Added Rat and Dire Rat to game resources - demo area included (select the "DEMO - Thar be Rats! Yarrr!" module in game by choosing "Other Modules...")
Added support for Shiny Water for ATI Radeon users.
Added an option for users to log client chat to the "logs\nwclientLog1.txt" file. The setting in the nwnplayer.ini file is:

[Game Options]

Changed Journal system to allow for tokens.
Added feedback to text window, for failed level-up attempts.
Official Campaign fixes:

- Chapter 1 - Fixed the force-field door in the Beggar's Nest Warehouse.
- Chapter 1 - fixed a blank journal entry problem.
- Chapter 2E - made a symptomatic fix to the Host Tower: Pinacle bug - currently
broken save games will have to follow the instructions here.
- Chapter 3 - fixed a blank journal entry problem.
- Chapter 3 - fixed force field doors in Creator Race Ruins so that they are closed.
Monks now suffer the penalty of equiping a shield just like equipping armour.
Fixed a bug where character files would be saved out then loaded would sometime be unusable with ghosted inventory items and an inability to act in the game. The Combat Flag was being saved out and reloaded here.
Fixed a bug when validating a Wizard character's spells; it was using their use thier CHA modifier instead of INT.
Made a preliminary fix for the infamous "Swapping Out the Blood Sailor Uniform After Being Shot By Arrows" crash. Oh man was this an obscure one to find.
Made a symptomatic fix to Henchmen going hostile. It seems that after quitting and rejoining a multiplayer game, something was getting corrupted, causing your henchman to go hostile. We have fixed this, although they still aren't in your party even though they show up on your party bar after a load. You can simply ask them to join you again. We are continuing to investigate so we can have a permanent solution.
Made a fix to properly level down multi-classed characters.
Reversed size bonus for Knockdown so that the larger creature has the advantage as stated in the manual.
Changed Improved Knockdown so that the attacker knocks down as if it were one size larger, as stated in the manual.
Made a preliminary fix for corrupted character files crashing the game server. Bad characters will end up as ghosts on the server.
Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never publically discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the game.

Added optional parameter to ClearAllActions() that allows you to clear the combat state on a creature.
Added EffectCutsceneDomination().

// Returns an effect that is guaranteed to dominate a creature
// Like EffectDominated but cannot be resisted effect EffectCutsceneDominated();

Added GetDroppableFlag(), GetUseableFlag(), and GetStolenFlag().

// Return true if item can be dropped
// - oItem: item to query
int GetDroppableFlag(object oItem);

// Returns true if placeable object can be used
int GetUseableFlag(object oObject=OBJECT_SELF);

// Returns true if item is stolen
// - oItem: item to query
int GetStolenFlag(object oItem);

Fixed a script compiler issue where too many variables in a script caused the compiler to fail with a non-descriptive "Privileged Instruction" error.
Fixed a crash if GetIsDM() is called with a non-creature.
Fixed a crash when ActionUnequipItem() was called by a non-creature.
Fixed a crash when certain scripts try delete polymorphed creature items.
Fixed a bug in GetMaxHitpoints() when hitpoints for a PC's level are less than 1 it was resetting their total hitpoints to 1.
GetHasFeat() will now check the highest level of a feat.
DecrementRemainingFeatUses() will now look for the highest level of the feat to decrement. (ie. barbarian rage will decrement properly for higher levels)
GetHasSpell() and DecrementRemainingSpellUses() will now work with master spells (like protection from alignment).
Game no longer behaves erratically when the first element of a structure is a string or engine-defined structure.
Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset

Added the Plot Wizard, for more details see:
- Plot Wizard Introduction
- Plot Wizard Tutorial

Conversation Editor:

- Added flag to NOT zoom camera, overriding user preference in game.
- Added check for stereo sound files for dialog, and issue a warning when user tries to preview one. Mono sounds can only be played in conversations.
- Added 'No Animation' animation. Speaker will continue whatever animation they were already running i.e. continue sitting or lying down.

Changed the Import/Export dialog interface changed so that user adds resources of possibly different types to a list before proceeding with the export. This makes it possible to export resources of multiple restypes into a single ERF using only a single File|Export command, instead of one File|Open for each restype as was the case before.
Changed Token selector dialog to add "[" "]" around highlight tokens.
Fixed Force Field door entry to be Visible.
Hak Pak Editor

Added an 'Export All' option.
Hak Pak editor now restricts file names to 16 characters when saving.
Exporting now prompts for a directory and not for each file that you are trying to export.
Neverwinter Nights Content Installer

Fixed small Windows icons from disappearing after exiting in Win9x.
Fixed menubar not rendering correctly on some Win9x machines.
Fixed text files not opening in notepad under Win9x.
Increased language support for all programs to include German, French, Spanish, and Italian.
Linux Dedicated Server

Fixed a few RedHat 8 compatibility issues causing a shutdown crash and high CPU utilization.

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