Orcs Must Die!


Патч Orcs Must Die! [Update 2 to 6 EN/RU]


Title: Orcs Must Die! + DLC
Version: Update 2 to 6 [EN/RU]
Release Group/Person: SKiDROW
Protection: Steam
Orcs Must Die! Update 6 info:
- No clue!
Orcs Must Die! Update 5 info:
- No clue!
Orcs Must Die! Update 4 info:
- No clue!
Orcs Must Die! Update 3 info:
- No clue!
Orcs Must Die! Update 2 info:
- Added a user.cfg option to limit your frame rate "forceFPS=X" where X is what you do not want it to run faster than (for example: forceFPS=30).
- Added custom keybinding using user.cfg
- Fix for the Tenderized achievement.
- Fix for the fireball achievement.
- Switch to a hardware cursor to help people with slower machines.
- Fixed up the cursor acceleration option slider to make it more useable.
- Fixed up pathing near the doors on Twin Halls.
- Fixed the bug where you could have both costumes on at the same time.
- Fixed an issue where some levels, like Gateway, would crash the game.
- Fixed the text for the costume weapons if you had a particular weaver set selected
- Fixed "Oiled Gears" Weaver Upgrade
- Fixed a bug in upgraded Swinging Mace. It wasn't doing what it was supposed to. It is now.

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