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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN BOSS GUIDE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Version 1.4 Date created: January 15, 2002 Last updated: March 25, 2002 Written by Haja Maideen Abdul Hamid aka disket E-mail: DALnet nick: disket ================= Table of Contents ================= 1. Updates 2. Introduction 3. Boss Guide i. Helga von Bulow ii. Uber Soldat iii. Heinrich I 4. Reader Tips i. Helga von Bulow ii. Uber Soldat iii. Heinrich I 5. Credits 6. Legal Stuff ----------------------------------------------------------------------- =========== (1) UPDATES =========== Version 1.0 - January 15th, 2002 ---> Started writing the boss guide. The shortest of all the versions. Was not submitted to any site. Version 1.1 - January 16th, 2002 ---> Added some more details on Uber Soldat. Was not posted on any site too. Version 1.2 - January 19th, 2002 ---> Added some more details on Heinrich I and Uber Soldat. Minor update on Helga. Posted on GameFAQs. Version 1.3 - February 7th, 2002 ---> Major revamp on writing style, now easier to read. Added Reader's Tips section. Added Introduction section. Added Updates section. Version 1.33 - February 26th, 2002 ---> Updated Reader's Tips section. Updated site list. Minor updates in some sections. Version 1.4 - March 25th, 2002 ---> Updated Reader's Tips section. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ================ (2) INTRODUCTION ================ Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the long-awaited sequel to the game that was widely recognized as the grand-daddy of all FPS (First Person Shooter) games, Wolfenstein 3D. In the game, you play as agent B.J. Blazkowicz and you get the chance to blow up everything from Nazis and zombies to robot soldiers and babes in tight leather. In short. this game is excellent. This FAQ provides the reader with in-depth strategy and tactics on how to take out the three main bosses in the game, namely Helga von Bulow, the Uber Soldat and Heinrich I. Apart from these, I'd be glad to answer any questions from readers regarding anything other than how to beat the bosses in a new section that I will add in the future. This is the very first time I've written a FAQ for a game and I hope everyone who is reading this find it useful. I am not a pro in video games and I am still a newbie to FPS. The guide is quite short but oh well, at least some people have found it very useful. You can send me any critics, tips, suggestions or whatever to Now, on to the guide. Happy fragging! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ============== (3) BOSS GUIDE ============== i. ____________________________ | | |FIRST BOSS = HELGA von BULOW| | Mission 2 - Part 4 | |____________________________| This one's pretty hard if you don't have enough ammunition early in the game, so stock up on those before entering the level and with those given to you just before the boss fight. While you walk at the sides, the floor will break revealing zombies, and there are MANY of them. Kill as many as you can before going to the other side. When you get there, Helga will appear with more zombies. Just circle-strafe around her with everything you've got. Watch out for the flying skulls, if they hit you, you'll be temporarily blinded. You have to be very careful not to waste your ammunition as this boss comes pretty early in the game and you don't have any good weapons yet. You just can't afford to run out of bullets when Helga is about to die. Keep firing the MP40 towards Helga's head while watching out for the flying skulls. When your health becomes low, run back to where you started for more health and ammo. Helga won't follow you past the broken wall. After beating her, just proceed to the exit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ii. _________________________ | | |SECOND BOSS = UBER SOLDAT| | Mission 5 - Part 3 | |_________________________| Man, did I have a hard time figuring out how to beat this guy. There are two ways of beating him. The first one is a tip from my friend and the second is the one I used. With both ways, make sure you got full health and preferably full armor before entering the fight. FIRST WAY - Just after Deathshed's short speech, crouch immediately while pressing backwards (S). Use the Mauser Rifle to shoot the boss's head, his helmet will fall off. You should continue shooting until his body armor are worn out too, then take out your Venom Gun and shoot like hell killing him. NOTE - This way was not confirmed to work as I have yet to succeed in using this way. But one of the readers of this FAQ has verified that this works too. A big shout out for Freddie! You can read what he said at the Reader's Tip section. OR you can use the one I used to beat him here SECOND WAY - As soon as the cut scene with Deathshed is over, jump downstairs as quickly as you can and head to the little room on your right. Use it as your cover, the glass is bullet-proof and the Uber- Soldat's Tesla and Panzerfaust firings cannot penetrate through it. You have to get out of there to shoot him and go back inside the room as quickly as you can. I recommend using the Panzerfaust first. This should wear out his armor with about 3 shots. After that, use Venom to stop the weakened so-called Super Soldier. Take note though, DO NOT IGNORE the scientists who are shooting you from upstairs, taking down whenever you can would make your job a whole lot easier because although they only use the Luger, you'll get wasted in no time, trust me. Also, if you run low on health, dash for the health packs at the back and back to the little room. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- iii. _______________________ | | |FINAL BOSS = HEINRICH I| | Mission 7 - Part 3 | |_______________________| Once again, make sure you stock up on your health, armor and ammunition before facing this monster. You won't get armor before the fight, so just remember not to get hit very much in the levels before this. This battle is going to be hard if you don't have enough ammunition, just circle-strafe around Heinrich with the Tesla gun, it will hit him AND the zombies around him. Plus, you don't have to worry about where you're aiming your gun. When you're shooting, always make sure that the tesla you're shooting always hits Heinrich, and if you could, try to get it to hit Heinrich and his minions. The more you hit at the same time, the better. ALWAYS, keep your distance from Heinrich. He would constantly swing his sword to the ground that would make rocks fly all over and hit you. If you're close enough when he does that, you will bounce towards him, and that means serious trouble. One swing from his sword hits you, it will claim more than half of your health. When your Tesla ammo runs out, quickly switch to the Panzerfaust and hit Heinrich with all the rockets you have. After that, switch to your Venom gun and blast off. When it gets too hot, switch to the Flamethrower and then use a clip of the Paratrooper Rifle. Finally switch back to the Venom gun; it should be cool enough for you to finish off Heinrich. Hopefully, he'd die before you run out ammunition. If he doesn't, take out the next best weapon you have and waste him. Actually, he should be dead while you were using the Venom, but just in case. Take note though that after your Tesla ammo runs out, you'd have to be extra careful when shooting the zombies that are holding shields with the Venom. This will be VERY dangerous if you don't aim carefully when shooting them as the shields bounce back the bullets that you are shooting. So, you have to aim at their heads or strafe around them and aim at their bodies. Also watch out for the flying skulls, you'll be temporarily blinded if they hit you. However you beat him, be proud of yourself and enjoy the cut scene that follows because you just beat one of the beat games ever made. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ================= (4) READER'S TIPS ================= i. ____________________________ | | |FIRST BOSS = HELGA von BULOW| |____________________________| ---> From Macewind <> Helga can easily be beaten by running back down the trench you enter the level from. Then simply run forward, lure her to follow you and drop down the trench whilst firing. She'll turn back and walk into the center again without firing. Keep doing this until she dies. ii. _________________________ | | |SECOND BOSS = UBER SOLDAT| |_________________________| ---> From Freddie Your first suggestion for beating the UBER SOLDAT works. The first few rounds were pretty frustrating until I stumbled in to what you wrote. From where you are at the start of the duel, the super soldier will step back after a few rounds thrown at you. Obviously your health should as such to absorb a few hits.When the super soldier steps back, infront of the door where he came out from, start shooting the robot with the sniper rifle and aim for the head. The super soldier will not fire anymore! Just keep on shooting and be mindful of the scientists that will occassionally come out and shoot at you as well. Pause to shoot at these as well then continue on shooting at the Super Soldier. I managed to defeat the super soldier by just using the sniper rifle. ---> From Lightning <> The method for ducking and sniping works but an important part was left out, you must move to the left or right side along the wall. Once the railing on the sides of the extended portion of the platform is between you and Uber Soldat, it will try to walk backwards and continue trying to be able to get into range to shoot you. As a result, it never shoots at you. I ducked the whole time so I don't know what it would do if you stood up. ---> From Rockn-Roll <> I approached this as I do most bosses, keep moving and duck after firing. You are right to keep an eye on the scientists cause they do some damage with their Lugers. I also found that exploding the tanks when the uber soldier was near them helped out a lot, they are worth like about 5 Panzerfausts or something like that. ---> FiresDestiny <> I was kinda lost fighting this guy (i didn't notice the little room down below. So instead after Deathshed finished his spiel, I fired one Panzerfaust into the super soldier and then ran to the right behind that little lab that Deathshed is in. I jumped up on the rail with the Venom out and started it spinning. As soon as the Super soldier came around the corner, I just unloaded point blank into his head/upper torso. Plus being behind that lab I didn't have to worry about the scientists at all. After killing the Super Soldier, I just took them down with the Mauser. ---> William Chau <> Immediately after the cut scene with Deathshed is over, jump downstairs as quickly as you can and head towards the little room on your right. Use it as your cover, the glass is bullet-proof and the Uber-Soldat's Tesla and Panzerfaust firings cannot penetrate through it. As you look out the glass window, wait till Ulber moves pass your front towards the left entrance of the room. At this juncture (timing is critical), dash through the right entrance towards the health packs, jump up to the first health pack on the bench and crouch. At this angle, your position will be aligned directly against where Ulber is standing, with the wall of the room in BETWEEN YOU BOTH! Ulber will be standing still, not knowing where you are (maybe the wall is blocking his view) or undecided as to which direction to take (left or right). Take out your muscle rifle and shoot at his arm (you should be able to see only his arm, swinging up and down at this angle). Similarly, the scientists upstairs will not be able to detect you. ---> Shahar <> I have a new way of killing the second boss, I think it's easier than all the other ways. You need full health to do it. When the fight against him starts, run directly to him while using the Venum, and stand as close as you can to it. Apparently the Tesla gun isn't so dangerous when you're too close. He will die fast, and you can kill the scientists with the Mauser. *Author's Note: Anyone who succeeded in doing this, please tell me. iii. _______________________ | | |FINAL BOSS = HEINRICH I| |_______________________| ---> From Elise Cisneros <> The way I defeated Helga von Bulow was to run around the pylons keeping helga on the other side. When the skulls shoot out, run around the pylon. The skulls dont go around and follow you. It took me SEVERAL tries before I figured this one out. ---> From Tony <> When you first see Heinrich, he is REALLY far away, and really tiny. One trick that I used was firing my Panzerfaust as I ran to fight him. That way, before I was even in his range I had already smacked him with at least 2 rockets. Circle strafing is the key. After I ran out of rockets (I hit him with 4 I think), I switched to the Flamethrower, emptied that and used the Venom on him till it overheated, then I switched to Tesla, and that killed him. It's important to save up your ammo. ---> Rockn-Roll <> I took out the girl right away with the Tesla, a few of the others went with her. Take note that if you step off the platform you will be attacked by ghosts flying in from outside the map, so STAY ON THE PLATFORM. I mostly ignored the other enemies and concentrated on Heinrich because even if you kill one then Heinrich somehow calls one up from hell, or at least from the ground in the center where he came from. After using up the tesla and Panzerfaust on Heinrich I switched to the Mauser and would run to the other end of the platform and snipe in on Heinrich and get about 2 or three shots at his head. Then, I would sprint (speed key) away from him before he started to run up to me. It doesn't take but about 50 rounds of head shots and upper body shots from the Mauser to take him out, then I finished off the shield and sword warriors with my knife. ---> FiresDestiny <> Basically just circle-strafe and avoid the skeletons. Kill the zombie woman first. Then while you're Tesla-ing Heinrich to get in some extra damage whenever he does the raise the spirits thing he does three raise motions. Run up next to him and kick him. You should be able to get one more kick in than he has raise motions before he's ready to go in. Also pretty much anytime he swings his sword or stomps on the ground you have a second or two to run up and give him another swift kick. Not only is beating him in this way still fun, it's also quite amusing that you can actually kick the big baddy of the game. Another fun thing that just sort of randomly happened while i was fighting was when i kicked the zombie woman, that must've been the last bit of health she had because she exploded. ---> Lou <> Not exactly a tip, but a funny thing that happened on the last level. I'm in the tunnel and looking out at Heinrich I and his undead minions. Of course, they spot me and make their way toward me. I waiteed where they can't see me, but of course when they do round the corner, all hell breaks loose. In sheer terror, I bolt out of the cave and run straight for the extra ammo and health. After I power up, I notice that, well, I'm still alive and nothing is coming after me. It takes me a while to realize that the cave-in (that was triggered when I left the cave, and which is supposed to prevent the unlucky player from hiding from Heinrich et al.) has trapped EVERYONE inside the cave! Unfortunately, they are impervious to anything I can throw at them, including grenades, which just bounce back toward me. So finishing the level from here was quite impossible. I was thinking, however, if there was a way to trap everyone except Heinrich inside, maybe it would make killing him a whole lot easier. But I'm sure that duplicating that first accident is much tougher than it sounds. *Author's Note: Anyone who succeeded in doing this, please tell me. ---> William Chau <> When you first see Heinrich after exiting the door to the open field entrance, he is REALLY far away, and really tiny. Don't enter the open field. Instead, take out your Mauder rifle and kill the girl. The rest of the pack, the undeads and Heinrich will be closing-in fast at this time. Dash back through the door and wait. Once you're sure there aren't any homing skulls , go back out through the door around the corner to check Heinrich's position. Again, don't enter the open field. If he's still far away, you'll have to LURE him towards the open field entrance. Use the same technique, shoot at him and dash back through the door. Once Heinrich is at the open field entrance, bolt out of the cave (sprint!) PASS Heinrich into the open field. There will be a cave-in at the entrance, and if the position is right, the rocks actually CRUSH HEINRICH TO DEATH! *Author's Note: I have tried to do this many times but failed. The flying skulls come into the room and kill me even before Heinrich is inside it. If there is anyone that can verify this, please e-mail me. ***** Please send me any other ways of how to beat the bosses in this game; I will add them to my later revisions of this guide. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- =========== (5) CREDITS =========== Firstly, kudos to id Software and Gray Matter for making this wonderful game! Without them, this FAQ won't exist :). GameFAQs and all the other sites for posting this FAQ on their site. A big thank you to those who have emailed me saying thanks and most of all to those who submitted tips to me because that's what makes this FAQ more complete. Finally, to YOU for reading this! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- =============== (6) LEGAL STUFF =============== You can post this guide at your website, given that you ask me first and tell me the site's address so I could take a look and PLEASE do not alter the guide in any way. Do not republish or use any part of this document in any form without my consent. This FAQ is supposed to be in the following websites only, if you found it at any other place then that is mentioned here, please tell me. 1. GameFAQs ( 2. NeoSeeker ( 3. ActionTrip ( 4. Cheat Happens ( 5. Games Domain ( 6. Games Domain UK ( 7. (www.DLH.Net) You can always get the most updated version of this guide at GameFAQs. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is (c)2001 id Software This document is (c)2002 Haja Maideen Abdul Hamid. Any further questions, comments, critics, suggestions, additional info or anything associated with Return to Castle Wolfenstein should be sent to with the subject "RtCW Boss". #End of document#

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i have only just got the game and it' pretty cool ive only been playing for an hour and killed myself three times twice with the cyaniad (accidently) and got shot to death on the 2nd level. But my dad completed it and i watched him it was cool but he had to use god mode on the 1st super solider which is the hardest to beat cause it shoots elecricity and you r standin on metal!.
(P.S with the cyaniad i only did it once my sis came in the room and pressed the wrong button therefore killing me)