Rival Stars Horse Racing: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 02.07.2020] {ndck76}


Беск. Выносливость

You can either edit or pause your sprint bar value. Please select ONE only with the correct value. (I.E. You can edit it by looking at the top sprint bar and count per bar is = 1. For instance, 10 bar = 10, 20 bar = 20,etc and then you can pause it) Also, please deactivate this cheat after every race.

Money (Story Mode) // Деньги

- Edit or pause your desire money value.

Note: You need to buy something for the value to update.

Update 2 : 1 Billion Money (Only for Story mode) Use this cheat ONLY after the tutorial training session. Activate it and buy something for the value to update. You can deactivate it after that. Or activate it again if you are running out of money.)

Update 3: Created a "Hotkey" to toggle Sprint Bar and the value will also automatically increase gradually, eliminating the option to edit the value manually. (I.E. How to use. Numpad key 1 - 6 correspond to sprint bar scan number). Also added a hotkey for money script which is "Numpad 0"

Note: From what I have notice is the sprint in Exhibition mode mostly uses Number 1,2,4,5&6 while in Story mode mostly uses Number 6. This might change. So, it's all about just activate and play without looking which one should I activate.

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