Sid Meier's Civilization 5 V: Трейнер (+17) [ DX11] (Custom Improved)


This is an improved version of my previous custom trainer. The main change is that the cheats are disabled
automatically after 1 use and You don't need to disable it by Yourself. This method also solves the
crash with unlimited movements and it will make the game much more stable.

First run the trainer.
Then run the game.
Hit the hotkey to enable/disable cheats.

Options in the trainer:

CTRL+1 : Enable: Add custom amount of gold
CTRL+2 : Enable: Add custom amount of research points
CTRL+3 : Enable: Add custom amount of building production points
CTRL+4 : Enable: Add custom amount of project production points
CTRL+5 : Enable: Add custom amount of unit production points
CTRL+6 : Enable: Add custom amount of food to the city
CTRL+7 : Enable: Add custom amount of culture points
CTRL+8 : Enable: Add custom amount of golden age points
CTRL+9 : Unlimited Strategic resources (need to be disabled manually)
ALT+1 : Enable: Add custom amount of exp to selected unit
ALT+2 : Enable: Full health for selected unit
ALT+3 : Enable: Set 15 movement points for selected unit
ALT+4 : Unlimited movement points and attack points for selected unit (this need to be disabled manually)
Activate amount of used strategic resources.

Here are some known bugs:

If You use unlimited movement points and You try to step more than 19 squares with one click, the game will crash. Clicking on Auto explore or Auto actions for workers may also cause a crash. It seems this issue can't be fixed by me, the problem is with the game itself. They didn't think about a situation like "what would happen if the unit would get unlimited movement points". It wasn't a problem in previous Civ games but Civ5 seems to have a problem with moving the units intelligently.

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