Soldier of Fortune 2 Cheatcodes (Englsih)


Here are the cheats for this awesome game. Just do the following steps:

1.) Change the properties of your game shortcut and add

+set sv_cheats 1 behind your EXE

Example: D:\GAMES\SOF2\SoF2.EXE +set sv_cheats 1

2.) Edit your base\myconfig.cfg and search for "toggleconsole".

Here you can define any key you want to toggle the console ingame.

Example: bind X "toggleconsole"

3.) Start the game and open the console and type one of the following cheats:

GOD (invulnerability)

NOCLIP (you can go through walls)

GIVE ALL (gives you all the fine weapons)

NOTARGET (enemies won't hit you)

PINKSPIDER (gives you infinite power)

KILL (guess what)

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