Star Trek Elite Force 2 v1.1


Список изменений (на английском) :

* Mouse 4 and 5 are now key-bindable in the Configure menu.

* The game can now load machine names and .cfg files that contain non-US characters.

* The sniper rifle now reloads automatically in all game modes. It no longer waits for the player to let go of the fire button.

* The point of view for demo recording will now follow the direction in which the player is looking.

* Saved games issues with long computer names fixed. Long saved game names are also now supported.

* You may find that some saved games no longer load as expected. We've tried to minimize the impact, but we do not recommend that you load in saves from before the patch.


* Jumping physics can be adjusted by setting “sv_crouchJumpVelocity” and “sv_jumpvelocity” to new values. Setting these variables to 0 and 270 respectively will closely mimic the jumping physics found in Star Trek: Elite Force.

* Scores in MultiMatch Capture the Flag matches now only exist to show successful flag capture and flag recovery. Each time a team captures the other team’s flag they score 100 points. Frags do not count towards winning or losing a match.

* Dedicated servers no longer require a CD in the drive.

* When playing a Disintegration match in MultiMatch, the reload delay for the sniper rifle is now shorter.

* GameSpy and All-Seeing-Eye support have been fixed and now display player lists and players in game.

* Players can no longer hear taunts originating more than 20 feet away in MultiMatch matches.

* A shell toggle for strafe jumping has been added to the Advanced portion of the Start Server menu in MultiMatch. The default is on. This can also be turned on/off via the cvar command “sv_strafeJumpingAllowed.”

* The HUlagometer in MultiMatch has been moved to an area not covered by the HUD. The lagometer is displayed by entering the cvar command “cg_lagometer.”

* The outline of the chat box over the player’s head is now translucent in MultiMatch.

* Hitting REFRESH on the server list on the MultiMatch menu will now refresh the list while maintaining the current sorting selection.

* Death will no longer break chat in MultiMatch. The player can now chat until he or she respawns if already typing.

* Issues with delayed flag capture messages by the game announcer have been resolved.

* Teams are no longer auto-mixed on map restart in MultiMatch.

* MultiMatch vote messages have been made more noticeable.

* “getstatus” and “getinfo xxx” spam console issues in MultiMatch have been resolved.

* The game will now only switch to better weapons in MultiMatch.

* When the cvar command “r_displayrefresh” is changed, it will not return to default settings when player quits game.

* Text chatting in-between Capture the Flag rounds in MultiMatch has been added to the score screen.

* Issues which had been causing server crashes during capture the flag and other team games in MultiMatch have been resolved.

* When reviewing server settings in MultiMatch, the detail tab will now show the currently selected game modifier.

* MultiMatch autobalancing issues have been resolved.

* The visual graphic indicating that you have the flag in MultiMatch Capture the Flag matches has been enhanced.

* Bot models will now show up correctly if they are added to the scripts directory and use the extension ‘.bot’.

* FOV settings in MultiMatch will not change on map restarts if set via the cvar command “userFOV.” The simple “FOV” command is used by the system, but should not be adjusted by the player.

* Weapon reload times can be eliminated in MultiMatch via the cvar command “mp_skipWeaponReloads.” Setting this to “1” will eliminate all weapon reload delays.

* Taunt frequency in MultiMatch has been reduced to 4 seconds. A cvar command called “mp_minTauntTime” has been added and set at a default of 4 seconds.

* Chat issues during map cycle in MultiMatch have been resolved.

* The server will now inform the player if they vote to switch to a map that doesn’t exist on the server. The player will be given the option to change their vote, and the vote will only count if the player votes for a map that exists on the server.

* If a client does not have custom skins that are being used on a server, the custom skins will be displayed as Munro instead.

* A cvar command called “cg_viewWeaponBob” has been added to disable weapon bob in MultiMatch. It is on by default. Note: weapon bob when strafing has been eliminated permanently and cannot be turned on/off.

* The sniper rifle will no longer automatically zoom out after the player shoots.

* The player is now able to turn head bob/sway when strafing on/off in MultiMatch. This is done via a cvar command called “cg_viewStrafeTilt.” To turn off the bob, set this to 0. The default is 1.

* The player cannot see version 1.01 games online when running version 1.1.

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