Terraria "tModLoader v0.11.7.5"

tModLoader - загрузчик модов для GOG-версии и Steam-версии игры Terraria, для её последнего патча. Позволит устанавливать или удалять моды экономя ваше время.

Для установки открываем либо распаковываем архив, и копируем в папку с игрой, согласившись на замену. Если желаете играть и оригинал, и с модами - при копировании оригинальный файл Terraria.exe переименовать.

Данная версия тестировалась с GOG и Steam версией игры

История изменений:


Other: Updated hashes for v1.4.0.5 Terraria Add warning messages for attempting to load 1.4 worlds and players Various typos and localization updates UICommon textures are now public
Fixes: Fix modded banner tooltips Fix MysteryTile tooltip in multiplayer

v0.11.6.2 - 1/2/20


-Fix imgur/mod icon related issues

-Fix issue with high speed yoyos

-Fix issue with multiple texture packs

-Fix issue with hidden files in the texture packs folder

-Fix rare issue with auto migration of Players and Worlds


-Internal loops in .ogg files now supported

-PDB files are available as a separate download for troubleshooting scenarios. If you are seeing exceptions in tModLoader code, placing the pdb file in the install directory and renaming it to the .exe filename should make the exception stack traces have line numbers for tModLoader methods.

Patreon Thanks

-Added POCKETS patreon set



-Auto-Update implemented on Linux and Mac (subsequent release should be available as auto-update)

-Mac manual install greatly simplified

-Linux manual install simplified, now distributed as .tar.gz instead of .zip

-First Launch Welcome Message

-Navigating from More Info back to Mods menu now preserves scroll position

-Clear button in modded hotkeys menu

-Updating disabled mods no longer forces it to be enabled


-Fix issues with logs that prevented the game from launching

-Fix super fast scrolling issues

-Fix server side ModConfigs failing to save when edited in-game

-Fix Smart Select bypassing ModNPC and GlobalNPC CanChat. Thanks@DarkLight66

-Fix ModConfig DictionaryElement Key/Value types swapped issue

-Fix TmodFile leaving handle open on read exception.

-Fix ModNet progress UI

-Fix issue preventing mod compilation in Visual Studio ("Failed to resolve assembly")

-Fix duplicate copies of .tmod mods freezing the game

-Fix issue with hideResources

-Fix cancelled Mod Compile download issue

-Fix out of bounds error with NPCDefinition

-Fix recursive logging bug

-Fix DrawBody issue

-Fix empty enabled.json issue

-Fix "Publish using tmodloader" issue while attempting to publish a mod

-Main.Support4K no longer automatically disabled

-Fix Patreon link being clicked while game not active


-Update Migration Guide -- If you make mods, please consult this page for info on migrating to v0.11.5.

-All generic versions of XType methods in Mod are now Obsolete, use ModContent.XType instead. (Use using static Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent; to simplify code.)

-Move mod unloading onto background thread in client (consistent with mod loading)

-Mod.ExtraPlayerBuffSlots, allows mods to expand the number of buff slots during mod loading. Thanks @AnimeCatgirl

-ColorHSLSlider and ColorNoAlpha attributes for ModConfig Color

-Many namespaces have changed, in case you are doing reflection. (Look in Terraria.ModLoader.Engine, Terraria.ModLoader.Core, etc)

-Many PreX and OnX hooks no longer "short-circuit", allowing all classes to run even if a method in another mod returns a value that will prevent the later methods from running. Thanks @Mirsario

-Logs will now mirror to Debug Output window in Visual Studio

-ModTile.RightClick replaced with ModTile.NewRightClick. New method allows fixing issues with right clicks causing weapons to activate.

-Global/ModNPC.OnCatchNPC hook for when npc are caught in net. Thanks @direwolf420

-ExtractMod now extracts xml documentation file if present.

-ContentInstance.Register can be used to register a single instance of a class, to simplify proper mod unloading

-MonoMod updated to v19.10.05.02.


-Example of Dynamic Localized Label for ModConfig (modded item in chat tag)

-Updated to show GetInstance usage.

ЕЩЁ ПО ТЕМЕ Terraria: Сохранение/SaveGame (Персонаж с ивентом Moon Lord, Воин) Terraria "Стартовый дом, Мастер Мод (1.4)" Terraria "WinTerrEdit 1.10.0 - Редактор инвентаря []"
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а будет tModLoader для 1.4?


не та версия лаунчера написал что для последней версии а лаунчер выложил для версии 3.5