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DeusEx: Solution (English)

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This guide is owned by me, and copyright me (Jeff Novakouski). Deus Ex

is Copyright 2000 Ion Storm. Do not sell this guide, or reproduce it,

or do anything like that without my permission. If you want to do

something with it, like post it on a web site, just ask me; I'll probably

say yes. I've said yes before, and I'll do it again! I'm warning you!


Performance Issues


In this game, Glide will kick D3D's butt any day, and both whallop OpenGL.

If you can use Glide (you'll need a 3DFX card for this; if you don't know

what i'm talking about, suffice to say it has to be a VOODOO card) use it,

but if you can't, then get the D3D update file from the Eidos tech support

page, which is, at this time:

It will make the game run faster and better. I beat the game with a TNT2

on a Celeron 466 without the patch, and while it was slow at times, it

was pretty tolerable. I had Textures on medium, detail textures off.

Detail textures and Decals can make a big difference.

If you want to know more about tweaking, try one of these two tweaking





Deus Ex can make it very hard for the twitch gamer. You are terribly

innaccurate with your weapons at first, so if you start charging guys

with your pistol, they're going to mow you down real fast with their

assault rifles. Trying to get a head shot while running or strafing

is dicy at best, even when you have Master on your chosen weapon

(excluding, of course, heavy weapons, which have little necessity for

accuracy). The best way to get off an accurate shot is to stand still

for a minute, and watch your targeting reticule tighten. Of course, if

you're being shot at, that's not a good idea. So it's good to remain

unseen while you aim.

I find that the best way to take out enemies is to take them by surprise

and put a bullet or 3 in their head, or, in extreme cases, avoid them

altogether. The scope is invaluable for this, as are accuracy mods

(which can stabilize that 'scope wobble') and a laser sight, if you

really want one. I find it's best to stick to 4 or 5 chosen weapons

and mod them, rather than trying to carry 6-8 and eschewing all the

other cool gear that you can get.

When you can't get a head shot off, though, it's good to either sneak

up on them and use a riot prod/crowbar/shock prod, or hit them with

a tranquilizer dart and book it. Sure, they'll chase and shoot you

for a second; then the extra tranq damage starts kicking in, and they

turn and run, and drop in their tracks. Then you can walk up, loot

their bodies and, (if you're feeling especially mean, for no reason),

pick up their body and dump them in the ocean, or something. Actually,

it can be good to have more non-lethal takedowns near the beginning,

so Paul and Gen. Joe Carter, the quartermaster, don't get mad at you.

Try and kill one or two, though, so Manderly and the two mech-augs

(Navarre and Hermann) don't get mad at you. Later on, though, it'll

be best to get in one-shot takedowns so they don't raise the alarm.

Michael writes:

i just discovered that if you shock prod people in the legs it also knocks

them out in one hit. kind of useful for sneaking up on people as you can

stay crouched without needing to reach their head...


Doctor Arcane writes:

I don't know if other people do this but here is a fun trick. Put

attach a LAM next to an alarm panel. You can even do this while

you are cloaked. Back off and uncloak. The result is both funny

and useful, it is guarenteed to take out at least one guy and

alarm panel!



Bible References


Do not be scared! I am not religious. However, I did look up some stuff.

But, not being much into religion, it is possible I made some small

(or large) errors or misread stuff. So this is not to be taken as

ultimate truth. Still...

JC Denton: JC stands for Jesus Christ, maybe? Hence 'Deus Ex', 'God From'.

Paul Denton: Paul is one of the apostles, who preached the word of the

Lord and all that. In the game, he tells you about the NSF,

the conspiracies, and to use non-lethal methods.

Walton Simons: Simon was one of Jesus' brothers; in the game Simons has

nano-augs, just like you. But he's evil. And voiced by

Tom Hall.

J Manderly: Joseph, another biblical name...

So let's start this, already!





















4.3 'TON





4.8 ROOF



4.11 GRATE

4.12 HQ



























13.3 CRANE

13.4 DOOR


13.5.1 FLOOR 1

13.5.2 FLOOR 2

13.5.3 FLOOR 3



15.0 PARIS







17.3 METRO










22.0 SILO

23.0 AREA 51

23.1 HATCH


23.3 SECTOR 2

23.4 SECTOR 3

23.5 SECTOR 4








DOCKS - 1.1


When you get off the boat, you should go find Paul on the docks. He will

give you the choice of getting 1 of 3 weapons; a GEP gun (rocket launcher),

a sniper rifle, and a crossbow.

Don't take the sniper rifle; you can find on in this mission anyway, carried

by a guy marching around the back. You can take the GEP gun if you want (you

can't get one for a while if you don't take it now), but you won't really be

facing too much armor (outside of the security bot, which can be dealt with

in other ways), so you shouldn't need it yet. My choice is the crossbow, as

it allows 1-shot non-lethal takedowns (with a tranquilizer dart) and one-shot

headshot takedowns (with regular darts). Plus, you find lots of ammo for it

in this mission.

It is worth mentioning, though, that you can get the crossbow from any of

the guys that give you the ammo, so it might be a good idea to take the GEP

gun because you won't get one for a while. Just be aware that it takes up

a lot of room in inventory.

Get the crowbar by the crates on the dock. Smash the two crates here, and take

the stuff (lockpick, binocs). Then go down the little ramp into the water and

smash the two floating crates there (multitool, bioelectric cell).

Pick up the soda and the beer on the dock, for healing later.

Go around to the docks exit, smash the three boxes there (prod charger, darts,

10mm ammo), and then talk to paul a couple of times for more in depth info.

talk to the corporal for 'game color' info on Gunther.




Go up the ramp. The bot on the docks probably mowed down any NSF'er who got

too close to it, so go up and loot their bodies, and the body of the UNATCO

guy. he has a riot prod (better than a crowbar: more damage, less space, still

breaks boxes), a candy bar (healing...2 points!) and cigarettes (pointless).

If for some reason there are still guys around, you can get in a gun battle

(your accuracy will suck at this point) hit them in the head from behind with

a riot prod, shock them a couple times with the shock prod, hit them with a

tranquilizer dart and take cover while the poison gets 'em, or just show

yourself and have them chase you to the 'bot on the docks where he will

machine-gun them for you. This game is very open-ended; there's always another


Get the small metal box by the large gray structure to the left of the ramp,

and put it next to the base of the structure. jump on the metal box, then

up on the structure, and break open the supply crate on the red structure.

Inside is a gas grenade which you may need later. On the side of the gray

structure, facing the path, is a small door that can be picklocked or blown

open. Inside is a medical robot, if you need one.

Far to the right of the entrance is another UNATCO guy, this one with pepper

spray. Pepper spray can immobilize your target (like a gas grenade) but i

never used it. Further right is a guard and another crate on a gray structure

that contains a multitool. Keep going right, and you'll end up at the rear

of the statue, near the back entrance.

As soon as you can, go up the path past the gray structure near the entrance

ramp and take a left; this will lead you to UNATCO HQ. Sergeant Kaplan there

will sell you a scope for 700 (which you can get by keeping your starting 500

and getting the cash from the ATM in the statue), some tranq darts for 60, and

10mm ammo for 200 (a ripoff--you get plenty from the guys around here).

Richard Hickman writes:

You can get the code for the room behind UNATCO HQ by saying the right

things to Kaplan outside the UNATCO HQ. ("I can't speak for command, but

I'm gonna clear the place out.")


In the back, there is a locked comm van. Open the crate to get the multitool.

Now you can either use the multitool to open the passkey, or use the login and

password (which you won't find until you beat the scenario) which is: 0451

25 skill point exploration bonus. Get the tranq darts on the table and the med

kit which is on the shelf above. Hack the computer or use the login/pw that

is on the floor under the table.

Turn off any cameras you feel like, but make sure to open the hatch listed on

the first camera. This opens the hatch outside. Down in the hole you will find

an EMP grenade, which is great for taking out the sentry bot later, and going

in is worth 50 skill points.

Alternately, you can skip going into the van (but you should to get the stuff)

and go around the back of the van to get the nano-key which will be a little

blue thing jammed between the van and the wall. Regardless, you should go back

there to get the lockpick that is in a crate back there. Then, go up to the

hatch, activate your nano-key ring, and click on the hatch to unlock it.




Now there are 2 ways you can get into the statue. You can go in the front door,

which involves getting a key from the guy on the north dock, or using the

computer out front, or you can go in the back way.




You're a shooting kinda guy, aren't you?

Exit the UNATCO compound, and take a left, dealing with anybody in your way.

You can shoot them or avoid them.

There should be a gray structure in this area with some stuff on it, including

a datacube with the security login for the terminals on this level and a prod


You will soon come to an area patrolled by a droid. There are many ways you

can deal with it. Hit it with the EMP grenade you found by the UNATCO comm

van (has to be a good shot to get it), hit it with a LAM (which you probably

found inside), hit it with some of the GEP gun destruction, or just sneak by

it. It has a wide patrol route. As you approach the door, stay out of the view

of the camera. Hack the security computer on the left side, or use the login:



(you should have found this on a few data cubes by now). Turn off the cameras

and set the turret to attack enemies, and open and unlock the door. If the

droid is not already dead, the turret will open fire on it when it passes by.

Usually, the droid wins the contest, but it will weaken and occupy the droid.

By the door you will find some flares and a crate with a lockpick.

Congrats, this is the lobby!




I recommend going to get the key because it will give you skill points. You

certainly don't need it though. First, take care of the situation at the door

(or avoid it altogether). Note that on the circuit of the security droid's

route there is a small alcove containing some flares and a locked chest. If

untrained, it takes 4 lockpicks to open. 2 on trained, 1 on skilled. It

contains 100 credits and some 30.06; not worth the price of admission.

Note the darkened alcove/path north of the gate. A NSF'er with a sniper rifle

(which you should get unless you started with it) patrols this area, but he's

hard to see because it's so dark. Hunt him down and get the rifle. I like to

sneak up on him with the shock prod, personally.

Once you've got the rifle, you can move off to the west to take out a couple

more guys if you want, and loot the body of a UNATCO guy who has...NOTHING!

But the guards have tranq darts, a crowbar, a knife, and 10mm ammo.

Once past these guys, or just the sniper, you should be able to go northeast

right to the north docks. There is a droid patrolling here, but he is your

friend. On the dock are 2 guys who are AI-tied. Hit one, and (usually) the

other chases you. It's best to get one of them and have the other chase you

right into your bot friend, where he can mow the guy down.

On the dock is a body with 3 flares and some cig's, and some boxes with 30.06

and GEP rockets. There is also a TNT box, so if you're feeling saucy, shoot at

that when the NSF guy goes by for a messy surprise he won't soon forget.

On the east end of the dock behind a barrel is a med crate with a med kit. On

the west end is your contact, who gives you a key, and a woman who sells you

ammo; darts, 30.06, and 10mm. Darts might be worth it, as they're cheap and

powerful, compared to the bullets. The 30.06 is useful, but expensive. There

are also some flares and a knife in the shack, and a soda out front. Talk to

your contact again for more 'game color' info. Getting the Key will net you

150 skill points.

If you go off the north ramp on the dock, you can find a sunken freighter

underwater. Using 2 picklocks (1 if trained or above) you can get in and get

a weapon mod accuracy, a weapon mod reload, and a sawed off shotgun (good

stuff). Try to use one lockpick, surface, use another, surface, and get all

the stuff in one shot. When in doubt, surface. Air is important! Getting in

there is worth 50 skill points. suggests:

I was just commenting on the beginning of your guide wherein u explain how do

get into the sunken ship with the shotgun and mods using lockpicks. There's

actually a much easier way. Take the TNT box and throw it into the water and

wait a few seconds until it is approximately above the locked entrance to the

ship. Then shoot the crate with your pistol, it will explode taking the

locked entrance with it-free access!!





When you leave the dock, take a left. In the distance, you should see a large

gray structure that looks like a ramp. It is actually a bunker of sorts, and

it has some stuff in it that you can use. Beware the multiple guards out front.

When in doubt, lead them to the attack bot.

The first thing you notice when you get around the other side is a ramp leading

downward and a guard. Take care of him in whatever way you deem appropriate,

and get the hazard suit on your left at the bottom of the ramp. Go up the short

ladder and turn on your flashlight (F12) to get the multitool. Head deeper into

the bunker and you'll see a malfunctioning power box. You can either use the

multitool you just found, or use forklift button and 2 small metal boxes to

jump onto the top of the power box. There are 3 crates behind the electricity

arcs that net you 250 exploration skill points, weapon mod laser, weapon mod

clip, and a bioelectric cell for recharging your bio-points. You can also take

a fire extinguisher and a crowbar (on the floor) if you want.

When you leave up the ramp, go to your right and get the 10mm ammo in the

crate. Then climb up the ladder. Move the small metal box next to the higher

platform. Jump on it, then the platform. Do it again with the next. Jump over

the gap. Climb another ladder. Rinse. Repeat. You should soon be on the upper

tier of the statue, watching patrolling guards go by.




There are three tiers outside of the statue, and two of them have guards.

The first tier, which you can access by the back way or by going up the main

stairs in the lobby, has several guards patrolling, all of them pretty far

away from one another so you can pick them off pretty easily. There is also

the statue of liberty's head and some TNT crates. You can use the TNT crates

to make a mess of your opponents, but beware the blasts; they can be lethal

even at a medium range.

On the south side of this tier, near the wall, is a crate with a med kit.

The entrance into the statue (or exit from it, depending on where you're coming

from) is on the opposite side from the back way. Over said entrance/exit is a

ramp heading up to the next tier. The entrance/exit contains a guard, so be


This tier is empty. The ramp up is right there.

The third tier offers 4 entrances into the statue. 2 guards dwell within, and

3 of the entrances have gas grenades stuck to the walls. Sneak around to try

and hear what the guards are talking about, and then disable and take all 3

gas grenades. Use one on the guards, and then take care of them. Make sure you

wait for the gas to dissipate before you move in. Optionally, you can not use

the gas grenade at all, but you've got 4 by now. Why not?

It is possible that you run into these two guys when coming up the stairs from

the lobby. In this case you'll have to fight them or try to sneak by them. I

personally think that you're in a much better tactical situation if you

approach from the outside, however. adds:

When you clear a path to reach the Statue of Liberty by the back way there

are two things which make life easier. First the terrorist is a tough nut

to get rid of (the group that are talking together on the pathway).

I went back and carried a TNT crate as close as possible to them. Dropped

it some way distant and using stealth pushed it as close as I dared.

Back off and stand up. Fire a shot to attract their attention and then

fire at the TNT crate as they come towards you. Ba-boooom they are history.





Ben writes:

If you

enter the lobby from behind, and haven't deactivated the turret, you can

stop it with an EMP, then break the crate, take the pick, and hightail

it into the grate.


You could be coming in from 2 directions, either the stairs (from above), or

the main door. You could skip it to complete the mission, but i recommend going

in so you can save gunther and get some tasty skill points.

Either way you come, be aware of the turret and camera set on the main stairs;

both face the lobby, and you probably aren't armed to fight the turret.

Hopefully you disabled both using the security computer outside of the main

door by selecting the second camera (the middle one) and selecting camera:off

and turret:enemies or turret:disabled. But, in case you decided computers are

for wusses (why are you playing a COMPUTER game?), you'll have to sneak up the

stairs when the camera isn't looking, or disable both with grenades/emp's/GEP

gun rockets. It's also possible you avoided the computer because of the

security droid by the door. In that case, this decision comes back to bite you

in the butt, hardcore. If you want to rescue Gunther and you came in from the

top without disabling the computer, you have to destroy/evade the camera/turret

at point blank range going down the stairs into a room full of NSF. Ho boy. I

think what you COULD do is take a TNT crate from upstairs and chuck it down

the stairs (duck fast!) and it'd blow up the camera and turret, but you'd have

to hide from the guards because they'll set off the alarm and chase you for a

while until the alarm wore off. On the landing by the turret/camera combo is

a box containing a lockpick.

In any case, there are at least 2 guards directly in the lobby, with more

behind that laser field near the desk, so watch out. There's also an ATM worth

200 and a water fountain that will heal you

To get past the field, you can run through the field, setting off the alarm,

use a multitool to disable it, or use the ventilation shaft in the shadows

between the stairs and the desk in combination with some lockpicks or a grenade

to get past a locked door in there.

On the walkway above the lobby is where one of the guards hides, as well as a

crate with a medkit and a PS20 right next to it (it's small--look carefully).

On the desk is a lockpick, a LAM (a grenade) and the login info for the

security system, which you should already know (i told it to you, above).

If you go in through the laser field, left will lead you to the room where

Gunther is held. Beware the camera. You can disable it by sneaking behind the

desk, and backing yourself against it, under the rim, so you don't

automatically stand up. Then click on the security terminal. Same L/PW as

before. Open up the room with Gunther in it, and tell him to take cover; don't

give him your gun. Don't forget to get the weapon mod on the desk and the soy

food by the sink.

Now there are 3 guards in this area. I'd be careful if I were you.

Once you've freed Gunther, you can go down to the right and see the control

room and loot it, and see the locked door that you would have come through had

you come through the ventilation system.

If you go in through the ventilation system, (and you should at least explore

it, for a multitool, soy food, med kit, ps20 and atm code), you will end up at

the locked door mentioned above. Go past it, into the next shaft, and get the

stuff on the desk. Then, return to the door. Get it open, move up to the

control room, and then past the laser field to the room with Gunther (see

above for more details).


STATUE - 1.5


Now that you're done freeing Gunther, go up, and up, and up, to the top of the

statue. There will be 2 guards on your way, or more if you didn't come in from

the third tier. The top guards are on a landing with a balcony that

has some flares and PS20 on it. Go around behind the stairs up a ladder to meet

the commander. Don't kill him; you were ordered not to. Make sure to talk to

him multiple times (he has quite a spiel, both in cutscene and out) and GET

THE AUG CANISTER (the blue thing) by him on the crate. Finally, exit the statue

and go back to UNATCO HQ for briefing on the next mission.




Talk to Paul. Then, go down the stairs. 115 skill points.

Get the stuff off the desk (soda, candy bar), and hack the computer if you

like. Go past him, down the stairs, and let the level load.

Go further, use the water fountain if you want, and use the retinal scanner to

get into the restricted area.

Stairs lead down to level one. There are offices you can picklock your way into

and they have some stuff in them. The one on the right has a lockpick and

multitool, and the left one has a office door nanokey (under the desk), a

baton, and a weapon mod accuracy.

Go down the right-hand stairs. On the right-hand side is your office. You can

check your mail, hack other people's mail, and you get 50 skill points for

going in.

Leave your office, and go in the next office on the right, the break room. This

has a case that contains tranq darts, darts, and flare darts. Anna Navarre is

in the adjoining room (to the right of the entrance). Listen to Gunther and

Anna complain about the soda machine, then talk to them. The ATM is worth 300

if you have the login. I just hack it.

Go into the next office, Manderley's. Take the nano-key and unlock the two

closets in the hall. One of them has a crate with a pepper cartridge. The other

has a locked grate that hides a bio cell and a multitool.

Go down the stairs past Manderly's office to level 3. There are some cigarettes

in the men's bathroom, but i have yet to find a use for them. Go straight, to

Jaime Reyes' office. 50 skill points. Talk to him, then heal up and have the

medbot install your aug. I suggest the lifting bonus because it allows you to

move large objects and explore otherwise unusable paths later in the game by

moving large crates and such.

There are items in the med lab: soda x2, medlab nanokey (behind the plant on

Jaime's shelf), medkit (storage closet).

Behind Jaime's office is level 4, which you don't need to know about yet.

Go across the hall from Jaime's to Alex's office. Talk to him.

Items: Candy bar x2, soda x3 closet: bio cell, lockpick

Richard Hickman writes:

There is a hidden compartment in the floor in the room with the

communications guy (UNATCO HQ). It's to the right of the desk, crouch

down and move the mouse pointer around to find it. Inside is the nanokey

for the office doors on the first level (saving lockpicks) and other



Now go visit Carter, in the hallway that's just before Jaime and Alex. 50 skill

points for this. He gives you a stealth pistol (i recommend keeping it forever)

and gives you a choice of a multitool, lockpick, or ammo.


First off, when Carter condemns you for being too trigger-happy in the

first few missions (I easily got that since I killed just about everyone),

he refuses to give you extra ammo and stuff. Unless, of course, your

inventory is full, in which case talk to him again after emptying out for

the full enchilada.


Across the hall from that is Anna's room with darts on the shelf and a bio cell

on the table and a soda on her desk. Beyond that is the holding cells with soda

and a baton.

Now go up and visit Manderly. His L/PW is on his secretary's desk, and you can

read his account or hack it on the secretary machine. Talk to her, and then go

into Manderly's office. 250 skill points. He'll give you 1000 credits, plus 250

if you rescued Hermann. And he'll know if you've been in the ladies' restroom!

"Steve Ragnone" adds:

In Chapter 1, Manderley will also know if you've been killing UNATCO guards,

such as the one at the top of the statue who arrives after you apprehend the

NSF commander. I'm sure he'll know if you do any other naughty stuff, like

breaking windows or cleaning bots in HQ, so try to be as naughty as you can.

This guy is as omnipresent as Santa Claus.


There is soda on his desk and a candy bar in the bathroom behind his office.

You are done here. Head out to the boat dock to go to Battery Park.




First thing, talk to the kid out on the dock. Give him a candy bar, and he

gives you the code to the back door; 9183. This is one of the 3 ways into

Castle Clinton. The second way in is through the front door, shooting. The last

way is to move some crates over by one of the holes in the wall with your super

strength (if you took it).

First, though, let's explore Battery park and get some stuff. By the entrance

to the castle, where Anna is, is a crate with shotgun ammo. Around back is a

crate with assault rifle ammo.

Go towards the vertical slabs and the eagle statue, which you should see in the

distance from behind the castle. Go around them and you should find barricades

and a gunfight in progress.

Once the NSF are dealt with, you can approach the shanty-town behind the

barricades. There is a locked case in one, containing a lockpick, candy bar,

and multitool. There is also soda, many beers, and a grate down to the subway

tunnels, which you may need later. There is another case with a medkit, prod

charger, and flare in it. One of the last ones in the row has a lockpick, too.

Next to it is a combat crate with shotgun shells. There is also soy food and 2

crates with assault ammo. Nearby is the subway entrance (for later) and the

hatch to get into the subway tunnels.




This is only available if you have the super lifting aug.

Circle around the Fortress until you find 2 large crates with a third stacked

on top of it. Move a medium crate next to one of the large ones, and pick up a

small one and put that next to the medium one. Jump onto the small one, then

the medium, then the large one, and activate your strength aug. Push the top

crate out of the way, and you can fit into the hole in the wall. In the hole

should be a crate with a multitool. From here, you can sneak around or shoot

your way through. See the Front entrance for an idea of what to do.




Front or side door, you'll have to go in shooting if you don't go in the back.

Try activating a couple guards and luring them out the front door to get

wasted by anna an the UNATCO guy. Don't forget the combat crate with 12 gauge

shells by one of the large crates, or the one with 7.62 assault by another.

There is a crate with 7.62 in one of the holes in the wall. Going into the

central 'room' gets you 40 points, and giving food to the kid in one of the

rooms nets you another 50. On a shelf in the entrance room you will find a

kiosk nano-key and a baton. In the room with the kid is a locked box with a

bio cell and a datacube with a door key combo; 666.

Use your nano-key on the locked door and open the kiosk hatch with the 666

code. Go down the stairs for 20 skill points. Take a left, and you will see a

door and stairs. Going through the door, you go down a flight of stairs into

a room with a camera/turret and and a few crates containing a medkit and 10mm.

GEP rockets sit on top of the crate med crate.

In the next room (not up the stairs is the ambrosia and a pool of water. 150

skill points. The pool of water leads under the door to a corridor room with

the flamethrower guy and the camera/gun (see back door for more info).

Down the stairs in that original room is a locked door, behind which is the

control center. I recommend using a a LAM, because blowing up the door also

blows up the door to the safe inside, which contains an aug canister. There is

also a nano key to the kiosk doors and a medkit and GEP rockets and napalm. Use

the computer if you want, and disable the security system from here if you

want. If you don't blow up the door, you can use the safe key off of the guard

down by the ambrosia room. adds:

During the search for Ambrosia in Castle Clinton, you can deactivate the

security in the room with the safe containing the augmentation canister.

Login: NSF

P/W: righteous (yes, just like Hell's Kitchen)





First you have to pick the lock next to the soda machine right where you get

off the boat. Then, you have to hack the keypad, or use the combo the kid gave

you, 9183.

"James Towers IV" suggests:

In your first visit to battery park there is a second way to end through the

back door soda machine entrance. In stead of using a lock pick or two to open

the security panel you can just blow up the soda machine. When I was playing

I tried to blow open the panel with the keypad behind it with a LAM and

instead of the panel opening the soda machine completely blew up.


Getting in here is worth 20 skill points, and there is a multitool and flares

on the table past the stairs and a bio cell under that table.

Now go down the stairs. At the bottom of said stairs is a room containing a

camera, an alarm panel, and a turret. You want to disable that camera if you

can with multitools, or at the very least avoid it. In the corner behind the

camera is a prod charger and a grate that will get you into the air ducts (a

good place to be). Beware that a guard circuits through here.

Going down the passage leads to a twisty stretch of corridor, past guard(s) and

a camera. The air duct leads to a ladder down, which puts you square at the

bottom of the stairwell at the end of said twisty passages.

There is a long corridor here, along the water, protected by a guard with a

flamethrower, a camera, and a turret gun. Note not only this, but also that

the afore-mentioned air duct also allows passage past this entire corridor.

This is why I recommend the air duct. However, if you want a short cut, you

can jump into the water and swim under the door to get to the ambrosia room,

noted below.

However, if you are a gun-type person, do no pass up the flamethrower. It hurls

some massive ouch at the bad guys, for a premium in inventory space. I beat the

game without ever carrying one, so make your own judgement.

Past the walkway by the water is another corridor, ending in a room with a

table containing a baton, cigs, and assault rifle ammo. There is a guard here

or in the next room with a key to the castle clinton safe. In the corner of

this room, by the door you came in, is a multitool.

Next to the table room is another room with a camera and a turret and a few

crates containing a medkit and 10mm. GEP rockets sit on top of the crate med


In the next room (not up the stairs is the ambrosia and a pool of water. 150

skill points. The pool of water leads under the door to the corridor room with

the flamethrower guy and the camera/gun.


SUBWAY - 3.4


Now that you've found the ambrosia, go see Anna. Tell her you're learning as

you go, and she'll give you 2 EMP grenades. Now you must tangle with the guys

in the subway. If you went in the back door, make sure to go into the castle

proper and loot all the bodies to get their stuff. They'll all be dead once

you've got the ambrosia.

There are 3 ways into the subway. Go down the stairs in the shantytown,

shooting, use the hatch outside, or use the grate in one of the shacks.


There are 4 or so guys on the landing, and more down by the train. Plus, you

have to disable the blue beams (the bombs) with EMP grenade(s). From there,

it's pretty straightforward. Don't shoot the hostages.


Both ways are essentially similar; they get you into the air shaft around the

subway station. You can approach from the ceiling, or from the ground floor.

Instead of shooting all the bad guys, you can activate the subway doors and

have the hostages board the train to get away.

Either way you do it, you get 300 skill points for getting the baddies. Make

sure to at least go near the blue beams; if you do, it assumes you shot your

way through and you get 40 skill points. Don't miss the crates on the landing

(10mm, lockpick) and all the beers on the ground. There is also a lockpick in a

crate at the far end of the subway station.

Arun writes:

If at all you want to get past the blue beams, you can block them (at their

starting point, preferably) with the metal crates found at the top of the

stairs. This also comes in handy in later parts of the game. I believe this

blocking works only for blue beams and not for the red beams.


Now get on the train.




Brooklyn. The station has many sodas and beers. You can talk to some of its

residents for 'game color', so to speak, but no one really has anything useful

to say except that the NSF is hanging out in the 'ton hotel (called that

because the 'Hil' part has burned out on the sign). The ATM is worth 524.

Meet your brother at the stairs and take his key and a riot prod charger. Then

head up.

This area is all about free exploration. First, hang a right into the alley and

search the bodies by the stairs and on the landing. You should get a candy bar

and a bio cell.

Then, about-face and go past the wood walls into the basketball court and take

out the 2 NSF thugs. The guy you save will give you a password you'll need,

and the knowledge that the NSF is in the sewers.

If you go past the court, around back into the alley, you'll find a locked

trailer with a 50 skill point bonus and a ladder leading to Smuggler's hideout.

Go back out, by the subway station, and talk to the 2 guards out on the street

in front of a wooden wall. They'll give you 3 gas grenades if you want. Also

by them are crates with 30.06 and 10mm.

If you go through the hole in the wall you'll find the back entrance to Paul's

room (up the ladder, not usable yet) and the back entrance to the Underworld

bar. suggests:

I did find it possible to use the ladder to reach Paul's bedroom window.

Collect the metal crate by the side of the alley and jump from the crate onto

the ladder.


Further up the street is the 'ton and a gunfight, if you walk into it. Past

that is a crate with 10mm in it. When you take the right, past the 'ton, note

that there is a bio cell in the darkness of the alley almost immediately to

your left, past the phone booth.

The guys in the gunfight have good stuff, including an assault rifle (my

favorite for taking out heavy targets, once you get grenades for it), a nano

key for the warehouse building that you have to get into (osgood & son's) and

some tranq darts, as well as 7.62 and buckshot.

Past Osgood's is a park, where you take a right and note that the clinic is

to your left. There is the potential of another gunfight here; best to let the

troopers handle it and loot everybody's bodies. There are 3 crates here by the

clinic door, with 30.06, 10mm, and 7.62. There is a prod charger in the phone

booth right across from the clinic.

Go straight and you find yourself by the back entrance to the Underworld bar.

Past that is an alley, where you will find Jonny the pimp accosting the Renton

girl. He'll eventually try to shoot her, and her dying is a bad thing, so it's

best to get the job done first. If you try to 'rent' the girl, he'll make up

some crap about getting another girl, and take your cash anyway. You can find

out more about this situation in the Underworld Bar. Taking him out is a good

idea. Talk to the girl twice; the second time, she gives you the password

'bloodshot' to get into Smugglers. Also, go back to her friend in the bar;

she'll give you the warehouse code: 3316. Then talk to Sandra (the girl you

saved). She'll tell you about her father. Leave. For that you should get 150

more skill points.

Take another right, past the alley, and you find a long street with the

Underworld main entrance to your right (with all the red light). Continue

straight and you're at the subway entrance. Phew!




I assume you go in the front (poor assumption, but i have to make a few for

this huge game). ATM is worth 411. Hacking both will get you no-where; you can

only get the money from one of them.

As you go into the bar proper, start sacking it for snacks and liquor. Approach

the man and woman talking. Ask the guy about ambrosia (don't threaten him with

arrest). Then, talk to him again, and he'll give you the code to the lift in

Osgood & Sons, 3316, that will get you to the rooftops.

Talk to the bartender, and go behind to get the medkit behind the bar.

Jock, the guy in black, wants you to buy him beer as he tells you stories. Do

so; it's cheap, and good info and story.

In the next room is a girl who gives you the quest to go beat up Jonny and get

the Renton girl back. If you do so and tell her, she'll give you the password

to the Smuggler's hideout, where you can buy all sorts of stuff. There is also

the Midnight Sun Tabloid guy. Talk to him if you want, but don't tell him too

much; don't want to jeapardize the op. Past that is the bathroom (empty) and

the back entrance.


CLINIC - 4.2


This place is pretty straightforward. Just go down the corridor, and listen to

the bums if you want. Then head into the main clinic room. Nothing in the

bathrooms. Use the water fountain if you want, but we're about to get some

free healing...

Some of the people sitting in here have some interesting information, but it's

mostly just stuff you already know. The doctor in here will sell you medkits

for 300 or use of the medical bot for 2000. Luckily, he gives you the code to

a door for the 2000, so i can put it here and you can get in for free! 2153

Also, you can get cheaper medkits. See below

You should have another canister that you can use now. I choose aqualung for

the simple reason that you can get lots of places using swimming, and there are

not nearly enough rebreathers in the game. There aren't as many radioactive

areas, and radioactive suits are usually right nearby.

Now go talk to the guy confronting the doctor in the other room (it should

be behind a non-locked glass door, at the other end of the same wall that the

door to the medical bots is on).

Tell the guy to be more appreciative, and he'll storm off. Talk to the doctor

again, and he'll offer the door code for 1200 (but we've already got it) and

medkits for 180.

That's it for the clinic. The computers don't really tell you anything useful,

so leave them be. You should get 150 skill points on your way out if you've

done everything i've told you.


'TON - 4.3


First things first: the ATM is worth 332. Head down the corridor past the ATM

and do it quiet-like; the main room at the end of the hall has NSF terrorists

within earshot of it. The best way to take them out is to go into the elevator

shaft (opposite the entrance stairs) and climb up it. Don't miss the 2 crates

on the floor and the 3rd level, which has a multitool hiding on it.

Now you have come upon the enemy from behind. Take careful shots, if you shoot,

so you don't hit the hostages. If you sneak up on them and use the riot prod

or some such, be quiet about it. Make sure you get them all; there are 3. You

should get 65 skill points for taking them down.

Now that you've taken care of the terrorists, talk to the guy prisoner. He'll

tell you about a password for the security setup, 'righteous'.

Now go back down to the manager's office and snatch the credits within and

talk to the owner. Also, get the nano-key in the cubbies. He'll also tell you

to go find his daughter, if you've saved her already (the girl in the alley).

You can't actually do this; it's just game depth, or somesuch.

Now, you should begin to loot the apartments. I started with the one closest

to the elevator; Paul's. The table has the code for the pad behind the painting

(which is to your left): 4321. This opens the secret compartment with LOTS of

good stuff: 2 lockpicks, 3 multitools, 2x 10mm ammo, a bio cell, a medkit, and

ballistic armor. Getting in is worth 40 skill points. There is soda and soy

food on in the kitchen shelves. There are 350 credits under the night stand in

the bedroom. There is a medkit in the bathroom to the left of the sink. If you

like, you can log in to Paul's computer using the login on the floor. There are

some interesting foreshadowings and a reference to a current-day pop band; see

if you can find it! I'm sure the movie references mean something too, but I've

never heard of/seen those two movies.


In you strategy guide for Deus Ex you mentioned the two films that are found

in Paul Denton's e-mail in his apartment. The second one i've never heard of

but the first one, Blue Harvest, was actually the 'cover' name for Return of

the Jedi during the initial filming of it. Useless info but interesting to

know, i think.





Smuggler's paranoid, and so you need a password to get in (from the girl in the

underworld bar, after you save sandra in the alley), or you need to use the

ladder in the trailer in back of the basketball court.

There is a crate in the entrance 'hall' with a lockpick, right near the ladder

up to the trailer (to your right if you came down the elevator). Coming down

the ladder is expensive in terms of lockpicks, but you get the exploration

skill point bonus (50). If you come in through the elevator though, turn around

before you use it and note the beer and prod charger hidden in the corner,

behind the door.

To get past the laser beams blocking your way to Smuggler you can either use an

EMP grenade or disable it in the little checkpoint hut to the left of the

lasers. There is a control panel there, and a multitool too (which you should

get regardless).

Right past the lasers is a crate with ballistic armor. Past that, in the next

room, is a crate with a prod charger. In that room, in one of the niches in the

right wall is a door. Go through and get 20 skill points. Go down the stairs,

into the next room, and snag the candy bar on the table. Then talk to Smuggler.

Get from him the key to get into the sewers, and hear his story. He'll sell you

some over-priced hardware which you can get a much better deal on if you save

his friend.

Upstairs are 2 crates with 7.62 and a prod charger. There is a lockpick and

flares on shelves near the bed, and behind the bed is a keypad that you can

use multitools on to open the mirror. In this iteration (it changes each time

you come here), you will find a medkit, thermoptic camo (100 real-life skill

points if you can name where that comes from) and a weapon mod clip.

Alex Hill suggests:

I've got a suggestion for Smuggler's Lair: the mirror

hiding the Medkit, Thermoptic Camo and Weapon Mod Clip

can simply be broken with a crowbar or baton or

whatever; you don't need to hack the panel.


David writes:

The password to the mirror in smugglers second story

is 432. Also, everytime you visit hells kitchen, you

can go into the back entrance of the MJ12 sewers to

find a crate with armor in it and no gaurds.


"Mimi" suggests:

About the ATM: there are account infos in the game and if you empty an

account first and hack the machine afterward you'll get MORE money than

only hacking the ATM . Heck it's not clear isn't it? Okay: directly hack

an ATM you'll only get let's say 100 credits OR empty an account first

-let's say 50 credits- AND hack the ATM for 80 credits.. TOTAL: 130

instead of 100!

There are alot of account codes given in the game and generally, it's

like computers, each ATM deals with only one account. So before hacking

it, you have to find the account it deals and take all the cash.. I know

it's a boring stuff but it's worth it (and generally the infos are written

in your inventory)... For example hack the smuggler's computer and you get

his account info (that's NOT noted in your inventory though, this one is

'hidden')... A hundred credits for free... I even found an account worth

more than 200!

* The smuggler's 'hidden' treasure: i tried a LOT of combinations and didn't

find it... :-[ 5 decoders (sorry can't remember it's english name :-) are too

much. So i found a better way: BREAK the mirror with your knife: hit it a

dozen of times and... Voilà! Loot the smuggler's stuff for 'free'.


"jae jang" adds:

You know the number pad behind the bed in Smuggler's Lair. The code is 432.





Not strictly necessary to complete the game, but it's worth it to get cheaper

prices and to get some more stuff and skill points. Once you've gotten the

sewer key from Smuggler, go down one of the sewer grates. I'm going to give

the explanation as if you came down the one right by the back door to the bar.

Go down the ladder, and then down the passage a little ways. You should see a

suspended walkway here, with a hostile guard on it. I recommend taking him out,

but note that there are other guards in lower passages to your left and right;

a quick takedown (with the sniper rifle or a well-placed crossbow shot) is

recommended. There is also another guy, patrolling the walkway to your left.

Get him too. The funniest thin happened to me here; I hit that guy with a

couple of 10mm rounds, and he ran for the alarm. Then I hit him once or twice

more and he ran off the edge into the sludge below. Weird.

Please note that the sludge below is considered a biohazard, and will eat your

health relentlessly. There are some boxes and stuff down there, but in general

nothing is worth the damage you will do to yourself getting it.

Getting to the middle of the grate platform is worth 50 skill points. Opposite

where you came in is a door with a guard and 2 crates behind it (medkit,

lockpick). Under the table is a prod charger and the security login MJ12/

coupdetat. This is a hint as to just who is behind all the bad things going on.

You'll find out more later.

Exit the office, and procede to your right. There is a security computer there

under the light that you should use. Rotate the bridge, then go down the

stairs. Here you will see a crate and a security terminal behind the crate.

Use it to open the door. Avoid the lasers and find the hatch at the end of

the corridor. Hack it open.

Now you should go straight, to the platform with the bodies on it. Pass over

the locked box (this opens the hatch from this side) and the control panel

(This disables the lasers in the corridor you just went through). You'll set

off an alarm if you hit the laser going onto the platform, so just wait the

alarm out by hiding from the turret gun. By doing this, you get an assault

rifle, 2x 7.62, the code to the warehouse later on (2167), 2 multitools, 2

lockpicks, and 2 medkits.

If you go down the other hallway (the one protected by laser tripwires), you

end up at the other entrance, the one by the sewers. It's somewhat harder

coming in this way (and more expensive tool-wise) so personally, I recommend

coming from the other way. But if you insist...

You should come down the ladder and disable the control panel to your left, and

then picklock the box on the wall and hack open the hatch using multitools.

Don't forget to get the items on the platform to your right. That will get you

to the hall with the laser tripwires, and you'll have to use multitools to open

the door here, and in here will be the hallway that will lead you to the large

platform hanging over the sludge!

Now, back to our other guy, who came in the recommended entrance. Once you've

sacked this area, head back the way you came to the main sludge platform. The

door you opened with the security computer is locked again. Use the code 2167

to open it again.

Note that when you come out of that door, and around the corner past the

security computer, you will see ahead of you and slightly lower on the wall a

similar tunnel on the other side of the large shaft with the sludge. Also note

that there is a guard there. If you see him, duck! He can probably see you too.

Either pick him off here with the sniper rifle or climb up the ladder when he

isn't looking and deal with him later.

Climb up the ladder and cross the bridge (assuming you rotated it with the

security computer) to the other side. Go down the ladder (CAREFUL-like; there's

nothing to catch your fall except sludge) and move onto the platform to your

left. Here is where you have to deal with the assault-rifle-toting guard if you

didn't before. Have fun! I already killed him with the sniper rifle. But if you

don't know how to deal with a guard by this time in the game, bring it back to

the store, eh?

Down the tunnel is a camera (that you should have disabled already). If the

guard hit the alarm, it turns all the security back on (and hostile) so be

wary if he saw you. Go up to the unlocked door and open it. You should be in a

corridor with niches on the right side. They are there because you will have to

periodically hide from the camera that is here, if you haven't disabled it.

Getting about halfway down this corridor is worth 50 skill points.

There is a door at the end of the corridor. Behind it is a short twisty

corridor to another door locked by a keypad. The door will be periodically

opened by a guard if you don't open it yourself with tools or the code: 2167.

Take care of the guard and his buddy, and go through the door. You find

yourself on a walkway guarded by a camera. Evade it and stealthily make your

way over to the security computer. There are several guards on the lower level

who will sound an alarm if they hear you. The login is the same as before,

mj12/coupdetat. Disable all the cameras and open all the doors.

Quietly go down the stairs. Try and pick off the guards quietly, if you can. If

you're a more violent type, a fun way to get their attention is to open up with

the assault rifles into the gas drums on the floor below (note the bio cell

behind them). The drums will blow up and the guards will come running into a

gass-filled room and die. Or, you can shoot them. Either way, it's the Rambo

way to do it, and i've done it more than once. Also, Note that there are

shotgun shells under the stairs.

Make your way into the lab, once you've got all the guards (there are 3 or 4).

Talk to Schick and tell him you'll protect him. Escort him out. Once you get

out out to about the ladder, he'll say he can make it from there and you get 80

skill points.

Now go back to the lab. Note the bio cell behind the desk. Open up all the

drawers, and take the contents, including a lockpick and a multitool. In the

next room is a platform over some water, with 2 crates in the water. These are

a lockpick and 10mm. The guard room (which will be on your left when you exit

the lab/water platform area) is bare except for a computer you can use if you

want. The last room (on your left as you come down the stairs, or on the

opposite side of the guardroom) is locked with a keypad, but it has a different

code and I don't know what it is.

If you get in by hacking the door, you will find a lot of ammo and your first

LAW, a 1-shot rocket launcher that messes stuff up really good.

Once you have done all of this, you are finished with the sewers. Return to

Smuggler for your reward.

"Mimi" adds:

* The sewers: when you rescue the smuggler's friend: the small locked room

with ammo just to the left of the lab where that guy was held... Well i

found the code by chance: this part of the game looked ALOT alike the old

N64 James Bond game!! Yeah, the code is 007 !!





I know of 3 ways to get in here: pick the lock, use the key from the dead guard

out front, or break the window on the side of the building (the right side).

If you go in the front, you'll be in the same room as if you went in the side

and then went up (not down) the stairs. You can use the 2 little crates to get

on top of the stack and get the bio cell in the crate on top of the box stack.

There is also a locked door here, with a keypad code. I don't know the code,

but behind the door is a crate with 10mm and an augmentation upgrade cannister.

This will allow you to increase the abilities of upgrades you have already

installed (ie from level 1 to level 2 and so on).

There is also another unlocked door in this room, leading to a hallway with a

crate containing a flamethrower, and a bio cell right next to it. 50 skill

points for 'exploring' here. Continuing down the hallway will lead you to a

back alley that you must get out of to get to the rooftops. Use the metal box

to jump up onto the other crate and then onto the (amazingly strong) 2x4 that

is balanced on the fence.

When you jump into the alley, try and see the telltale red blinking of the LAM

set up against the wall. Run up and disarm it. Now climb the ladder. You should

now be on the rooftop.




If you go in the side window, you'll notice stairs down. Or, you can go down

the stairs through the open doorway in the entrance room, down to the anteroom

with more stairs.

Here we find a room with a crate (lockpick) an a control panel that you can

disable to get past the laser
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