Europa Universalis 4




Достижение Версия игры Сложность
 A Golden Empire 1.20 VE
 AAA Credit 1.18 VE
 All That's Thine Shall Be Mine 1.18 VE
 Combined Arms 1.18 VE
 Defender of the Faith 1.1  VE
 Factionalism 1.14 VE
 For the Glory 1.1  VE
 Full House 1.12  VE
 Gentle Persuasion 1.18 VE
 It's all about the money 1.1 VE
 Marshy March 1.8 VE
 My True Friend 1.8 VE
 One Family to Rule them All 1.12 VE
 Pyramid of Skulls 1.14 VE
 Queen of Conquest 1.18 VE
 Seriously?! 1.1 VE
 Subsidize my Love 1.12 VE
 Tear Down This Wall 1.20 VE
 That is mine! 1.1 VE
 That's a Grand Army 1.1 VE
 That's a Grand Navy 1.1 VE
 The Continuation of Diplomacy 1.14 VE
 This is My Faith 1.12 VE
 Three Trivial Tributary Tribes 1.20 VE
 Time Bandit 1.16 VE
 Truly Divine Ruler 1.1 VE
 Until death do us apart 1.1 VE
 Victorious! 1.1 VE
 Viva la Revolución! 1.1 VE
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