Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon Walkthrough (English)


* Introduction *


This is a walkthrough for Gorasul: The Legacy of the Dragon from Silver Style

Entertainment and JoWooD Productions. I'm doing the walkthrough using the

medium difficulty setting and (primarily) the middle game type. I'm also

using version 1.6 of the game. If you're using the retail release, then you

should definitely patch it, just for the improved translation if nothing

else. The patch is available at JoWooD's web site (www.jowood.com).

A note on the riddles: There are many riddles in the game, so rather than

print the answers explicitly in the guide, I'm going to print the answers

with their letters shifted up by one. That should allow you to figure out

the answer on your own without inadvertently discovering it while reading the

guide. If you get stuck, just shift the letters down by one -- for example,

"sjeemf" becomes "riddle" -- to see the answer.


* Starting Out *


* --------- *

* Game Type *

* --------- *

The biggest difference between the game types is the riddles. In the fight

intensive version, you won't have any riddles to solve. In the quest

intensive version, you'll have to type in the answers to the riddles on your

own. In the middle version, the riddles will be multiple choice questions.

So unless you really like riddles or you really want extra combat, the middle

mode is probably the best version to play.

* ----- *

* Class *

* ----- *

Although the game technically comes with six classes, there are really only

two: warrior and magician. The other classes are either nearly identical or

strictly inferior. For example, the magician is the only spellcasting class

that gets an intelligence bonus each level (intelligence is the most

important attribute for spellcasters), and it's the only class that doesn't

pay a penalty for casting battle spells (battle magic is the most important

magic school in the game).

Both classes can finish the game just as easily, but if you're planning to go

without a party, then it's probably best to be a magician.

* ---------- *

* Statistics *

* ---------- *

How you spend your attribute points depends on your class. If you're going

to be a warrior then you should divide your points between strength,

dexterity, and constitution (roughly equally). If you're going to be a

spellcaster then you should divide your points between intelligence and

constitution (with a bias towards intelligence). Charisma doesn't do enough

to make it worthwhile to purchase.

For dragon skills, it's a tough call. Dragon eyes is useful because it

improves your sight range and is "on" all the time, but it doesn't help in

combat like the other three. However, the other three only trigger when

you're heavily wounded. So I'd suggest adding dragon breath since it's an

attack that will always hit, and adding dragon eyes until you're happy with

your sight range.

For attack and defense, spellcasters are probably better off with a higher

defense, but otherwise just balance the two.

* ------ *

* Weapon *

* ------ *

If you're a warrior then pick the battle axe and concentrate on accuracy,

durability, and courage. Intelligence doesn't do anything for warrior

weapons since weapons don't make many comments during the game, regardless of

how smart they are.

If you're a spellcaster then choose the dagger and concentrate on

intelligence. Intelligence helps spellcaster weapons since it improves the

rate at which spellcasters regenerate mana. If you find yourself using the

dagger a lot as a weapon, then also think about adding to the other


But note: It's difficult to tell which weapon is actually best since certain

things -- like how courage affects critical hits -- aren't known. So feel

free to take the one you like best.


* Companions *


You'll find a few characters who will offer to join your party as you

progress through the game. They're almost all optional, and you can play the

game just as well with a single character as you can with a party of four.

So feel free to try the game both ways and see which you like better.

Note: Characters in your party share experience, so you'll gain less the more

characters you have with you. Even so, you'll still probably end the game

between levels 15 and 18, regardless of how many you have with you.

The possible companions are listed below, in the order you'll most likely

meet them.

Dadaskar3HumanBanisherJenai's House
Kendal4HumanWarriorTemple Catacombs, level 3

Note: A banisher is what the manual calls a spell worker.


* Gameplay Notes *


Weapon health is shown as a string of O's and -'s. (For example: OOO--.) It

represents a health bar, and the more O's there are the healthier the weapon


Areas in Gorasul work about the same as they do in Baldur's Gate. That is,

some areas appear when you receive quests about them, and others appear based

on the direction you exit from the areas you know about. So if you're stuck,

be sure to exit each area in all four cardinal directions.

There are two ways to remove companions from your party: you can click the

boot button on their character screen, and you can right click on their

portrait and select the "dismiss character" option. So if one way doesn't

work, try the other.

Some of the odd abbreviations used in the game include: LE (hitpoints), AT

(attack), PA (defense).


* Walkthrough *


* ---------------- *

* Roszondas' Tower *

* ---------------- *

You start out in your tower on the third floor. Search all the furniture on

the level to find a couple potions and a book (right click on the book to

read it), plus four locked cabinets. Then kill the wimpy undead creatures

near the staircase and head down the stairs.

The second floor is much like the third, with more furniture to search and

more undead to kill. Only three objects here are really important:

1. The key in the bookstand next to the northern round table.

2. The scroll marked "Horaktatzt" in the eastern bookcase.

3. The empty vial in one of the northern chests of drawers.

Once you have the key, go back to the third floor and use it to open one of

the cabinets (select the key in your inventory and then click the key on the

cabinet). You should find a snake amulet, which will protect you from

poison. There isn't any way to open the other cabinets unless you have the

"lock opener" spell. (But don't worry; nothing exciting is inside them.)

The first floor, again, is a lot like the upper floors. And again, there are

three things of interest:

1. There are three pools on the level. Use the empty vial on each of them

to create a potion of invisibility (and gain 80 experience points).

2. Open the western coffin to find a protective amulet. Put the amulet on.

3. Notice the four statues. The statues are how you exit the tower, but

since you can't come back once you leave, ignore them for now.

Then go back to the second floor and use the "Horaktatzt" scroll on the pool.

Conjure the demon and speak politely to it, and it should eventually perform

a service for you. If you're a warrior select the combat boost (+1 attack,

+1 defense), and if you're a spellcaster select the magic boost. You should

also receive 100 experience points.

Now go back to the first floor and click on the statues. If you're playing

in combat mode you'll have to do some fighting each time you click a statue.

Otherwise you'll have to solve a riddle. The answers to the riddles are,

from left to right: ojhiu, gpvs, tfbm, qpxfs. Once you've completed the

statues, you'll remember the incantation for leaving the tower.

* -------------------- *

* The Village of Tolip *

* -------------------- *

The only place you can go after leaving the tower is the village of Tolip, so

click that location on the map. When you get there you'll find that the

villagers are hiding in their homes, and that hellhounds have taken over the

place. So kill the hellhounds very carefully, resting and saving after each

fight. Once you've killed all of them, the village will start behaving

normally, and you'll be able to start talking to people and finding quests.

Here are the particular points of interest in Tolip:

1. Shanui the healer (northern edge of village, next to the stables). Shanui

will ask you to bring her back some healing herbs.

2. Velaas the marksman (northeastern corner of village). Talk to Velaas and

eventually he'll bet that you can't hit the bullseye of the archery

target. So save before you talk to him so you can keep trying until you

hit it. Once you do you'll receive a longbow for your efforts. The

longbow is better than the other bows you can buy right now.

3. Toralf the blacksmith (near center of village). Talk to him about his

apprentice, Lorin. Toralf can also repair your weapons -- if you can

afford it.

4. Arbaskar the weapons master (near center of town, west of Toralf). He'll

offer to give you some combat training if you can get Toralf to repair his

sword. Also be sure to ask him about the dispute between him and Toralf,

so you can learn about the missing flail. Then go talk to Toralf (who not

surprisingly won't repair the sword) and get his side of the story.

5. Lorin the apprentice (southwestern part of village, near a guard tower).

If you've talked to Toralf and Arbaskar already, then you'll discover

that Lorin stole the missing flail in order to pick up some extra money,

and he'll give you the flail to be rid of it. So give the flail to

Arbaskar to receive Toralf's payment, and give the payment to Toralf to

get Arbaskar's sword sharpened.

Now when you talk to Arbaskar next, you can give him the sword and receive

your combat training. But be warned: the training will involve defeating

his three students without magic or dragon skills (potions are ok). If

you can't defeat the students then you won't get the reward, so save

before trying and only do the training when you can defeat the students

successfully. You'll receive 166 experience points and +1 defense.

6. The obelisk (near the center of the village). Talk to the villager in

front of it, but don't worry about it for now.

7. The well (near the center of the village). When you walk by you'll hear a

voice calling out from inside. So click on the well to learn that Elnor

is stuck in the well and needs a rope to get out. You can get a rope from

Mirbard next to the tavern to the south. Then, when you click the rope on

the well, Elnor will escape and offer you the 20 silver he found inside

the well. Accept it; otherwise you won't get anything.

8. Herard the gatekeeper (near the gate on the southern edge of the village).

Talk to him and he'll mention the kobolds to the south.

Also be sure to talk to a couple of random villagers so you can learn that

this version of Tolip has only been around for five years, and so it doesn't

have anything to do with the Tolip you remember. Also go ahead and do what

buying and selling you can, and then exit the village. You should find two

forest locations available, one each to the north and south. (I think Shanui

triggers the northern forest appearing and Herard the southern one.) Click

on the forest area to the north.

You should find some thieves in the forest, but you don't have to kill them

if you don't want to (or can't). New creatures appear in forest locations

each time you visit them, so they're a good source of experience and

sometimes equipment. But they're not important to kill, so, regardless of

what you decide to do in the forest, eventually exit the area to the north

and select Jenai's House on the world map.

* ------------- *

* Jenai's House *

* ------------- *

There isn't anything you can do outside the house yet, so simply head north

and go inside. You'll find yourself in a large room with lots of things to

examine, so go ahead and touch everything except for the books, which will

damage you. When you click on the small table in the middle of the room or

the passages on either side, Rufius will appear and lead you into some sort

of dining area.

In the dining area you'll find a table in the center with five dishes of food

on it. Each dish will give you a temporary change to your ability scores,

and you can eat two before Jenai arrives. Here are the effects:

Bowl of broth : no change

Plate of spinach : -5con, -5cha

Plate of chicken : +5str, +5con

Bowl of broccoli : +5str

Cup of wine : +5con, +5cha

When you talk to Jenai, you'll learn that somebody has put a soul net over

the islands, and that you'll need five magicians in order to break it. You

and Jenai are two of the magicians, so you'll still need to find three more.

You'll also learn that Jenai doesn't have any healing herbs for Tolip, but

he'll mention that you might have luck finding the "flower of life" in the

orc forest, and he'll suggest you take his apprentice with you to find it.

Lastly, Jenai will mention that you might be able to find the Wand of Xar by

visiting Veas the dragon on the Firewall Island.

With all that information in hand, exit the house, taking Jenai's apprentice

Dadaskar with you if you want. Then circle around the house to the west,

save your game, and click on the large rune stone. The magic word is


* --------------- *

* Firewall Island *

* --------------- *

Notice that you can't leave the island and that there are probably wolves

nearby. The regular wolves shouldn't be too bad but the shadow wolf might be

a problem. So save your spells and dragon breath for the shadow wolf, and

try to kill the other wolves using more mundane means. If you just can't

kill the wolves, then come back to this area later (or not at all; it's


Once the wolves are dead, move east and enter the small cave (you can't get

to the large cave). You'll be confronted by Veas the dragon, and he'll tell

you that you must pass a test before you can receive the Wand of Xar. The

two tests (located to the northeast) are The Eight Soul Victims and the Fate

of Five. The "soul" test involves battling zombies, skeletons, ghouls, and

satyrs, and the "fate" test involves playing a card game. The card game is

potentially much better (and I've never survived the other test) so choose

the "fate" gate.

The game works something like this: you receive five cards, and you must

remove two to the left (by clicking on them and then moving them). Of the

remaining three, you can either keep them face up or face down (by right

clicking on them), and the different cards give different permanent effects.

Here are the effects:

CardFace UpFace Down
Angel+1 protection-1 protection
Black Bear+3 strength-3 strength
Black KnightMove to "soul" testNothing?
DungeonLose objectOption to try again
Elf Face+3 charisma-3 charisma
Fool-5 intelligence-3 intelligence
Golden Dragon+3 dragon skills-3 dragon skills
Horseshoe+1 attack, +1 defense-1 attack, -1 defense
Idol+5 hitpoints-5 hitpoints
Magic Wand+5 mana-5 mana
QuiverReceive 10 arrows +2No damage / ranged weapons
RainbowReceive 500-1000 goldGold turns to silver
Shooting StarCharacter healedCharacter reduced to 1 hp
Solar Eclipse-5 dragon fear+5 dragon fear
Solar Flare+10 dragon breath-10 dragon breath

The cards that come up are random, so save your game before clicking on the

table, and then keep trying until you get a combination you like. If you're

playing a warrior, then you should probably make sure one of the cards is the

rainbow, just so you can repair your weapon.

Once you leave the test, explore the rest of the cave before talking to Veas

again. You'll find some bones to the south, and when you click on the bones

you'll find (among other things) dragon scale armor and leather pants. Then

talk to Veas to receive the Wand of Xar and to be teleported back to Jenai's


Note: The Wand of Xar is expensive to repair, so I always give it to a

spellcaster companion (like Dadaskar), who can use the bonuses without

damaging the weapon.

If you need to do some shopping or repairing, visit Tolip. Otherwise just

head to the orc forest.

* ---------- *

* Orc Forest *

* ---------- *

Near your starting position you should meet a berserk. He'll be injured, and

you can heal him with a healing potion if you have one. But if you do, he

and a friend will return later to steal the "magic water" from you, and

you'll have to fight them.

Roaming around the area you'll find some orcs and undead, but they should go

down quickly if you get wounded enough to use your dragon powers. In the

northeastern corner you'll find three orcs pacing around a campfire. Once

you kill two of the orcs, the third will ask for mercy, and you should grant

it. As a reward, you'll find out that the orcs were looking for healing

herbs, too, and that they developed a special potion to deal with the

lindworm guarding them.

You'll find the lindworm in the southeastern corner. There's a slight

possibility you can defeat the worm without the potion, but chances are

you'll have to use it. So select the potion from your inventory, and then

click it on the lindworm. It'll run away. Nearby you should see some white

flowers. Click on them to receive a flower of life.

If you helped the berserk before, he and two friends will show up now in

roughly the same place you saw the berserk before. So if you want, you can

walk over there and kill them. Otherwise, simply exit the area to the east.

Back in Tolip, give the flower of life to Shanui (on the northern side of the

village) and receive two healing ointments and 186 experience points as a

reward. Then do some shopping and repairing, and exit the area. Click on

the forest south of Tolip on the world map.

This forest is much like the orc forest, except without the berserks and the

lindworm. So fight what you want to fight and then exit the area to the

south. The kobold village should now be available on the world map, so

select it.

* ---------------------- *

* Kobold Village Ninigod *

* ---------------------- *

Like Tolip before it, you'll find that Ninigod is mostly deserted when you

first arrive. So explore the area but keep heading east. After you cross

the river you should find the king's hut. Talk to the king and he'll ask you

the hardest question he knows. Answering "xbufs" will prove you to the king

somewhat, and it'll cause a kobold girl to claim you as her own. Just let

her follow you around. She'll help in battles, and I don't think she can get


Then talk to the war trainer on the left. You'll have to defeat him and the

other trainer to prove you can lead the kobold army. Once that is done,

click on the war plan next to the king's hut. You'll be taken to an overhead

view of the village, and you'll have to "command" the kobold army. All the

kobolds are in the upper right hand corner of the map, and what you need to

do is click on a kobold to select it, and then click again to tell it where

to go. Just keep sending the kobolds to one skeleton at a time, and they

should win easily.

Once the threat is ended, the village will come to life. At the northern end

of the river you'll meet the kobold thinker. He'll offer to make something

for you if you bring him a special metal that is harder than steel. (The

metal is mithril, but you won't find it for a while.)

Crossing the nearby bridge you should find a kobold youngster. Call him a

"big warrior" and you'll match him up with the kobold girl. (She wouldn't

have left the village anyway, and this way you'll receive 200 experience


Continuing west you'll find three kobold elders. They'll talk about a mighty

warrior they met a few days ago, and they'll suggest you find him in the old

temple catacombs. (This conversation will open up the catacombs on the world


Continuing west some more you'll run into the kobold shaman. Every time you

enter the village in the future he'll restock his potions, and so he's a good

source for healing potions later in the game.

Once you're ready to move on, exit the village and select the catacombs on

the world map.

* ---------------- *

* Temple Catacombs *

* ---------------- *

The catacombs have three levels, plus the surface area. Mostly what you'll

do here is fight undead creatures and hunt for treasure. So just move around

slowly, resting and saving between fights, and explore each level thoroughly.

The main things of interest you should find are:

1. A large statue (first level, southeastern side). It requires two keys,

which you'll find lower in the catacombs.

2. A gold key (second level, northeastern corner, in barrel).

3. A bronze key (second level, northwestern corner, in chest). The chest is

guarded by a bunch of small demons, so try to draw them out a couple at a


Once you have both keys, use them on the statue on the first floor, and

you'll receive a jewel. The jewel doesn't do anything. You can just sell

it for gold.

4. Floorboards surrounded by candles (second level, western side). The

stairs are blocked, so you have to use the floorboards to access the third

level. The answer to the riddle is "bjs."

Note: Once you use the floorboards, you won't be able to leave the third

level until you've killed all the creatures in it. So if your weapon is

heavily damaged, or if you need potions, run back to a town first and then

tackle the third level.

5. Kendal (third level, northwestern corner). Kendal is the warrior the

kobolds told you about. He's being guarded by several satyrs and demons,

so try to draw them to you one or two at a time. Then talk to the demon

next to the table, who will proceed to attack you. Finally, talk to

Kendal, who will offer to join your party.

Once you've rescued Kendal, go ahead and search the rest of the level if you

want, but none of the chests can be opened. Then go back to the floorboards

and answer the new riddle: "cpez." That will take you to the surface area of

the catacombs, and from there you can travel to Dengard, which was triggered

by talking to Kendal.

* ------- *

* Dengard *

* ------- *


* Revision History *


July 6, 2002


Initial release. Includes everything up to Dengard.


* Permissions and Updates *


This guide may be posted on any web site as long as the text is not changed

and as long as I am informed of the posting. I will always submit new

versions to GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) first, so if you are looking for the

most up-to-date version of this guide, that is the place to look.


Copyright c 2002 by Steven W. Carter

Steven W. Carter
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What is the proper passwords for the statues at the start of the game?
What is the proper passwords for the statues at the start of the game?