Infernal Walkthrough

Jeroen Amin (Invisible Assassin)

invisibleassassin (AT) gmail (DOT) com





Another guide by me. The game isn't really much other than pretty. It's fairly

linear and the entire game consists of run, shoot, power, run, shoot, power.

This guide should be useful for anyone who is stuck on a puzzle and wants to

know how to solve it, or for anyone who wants to know where to go. If you're

reading this to check out whether or not you should get this game, I'd suggest

taking your hard earned money elsewhere. This game is alright enough, but

there's really no reason to own it unless you're very bored and want to play any

shooter at all. Oddly enough, this is the only shooter I've ever played with no

shotgun. Weird.





Fire Rate: ***

Power: ***

Accuracy: ****

Clip Size: N/A

A decent weapon, only available in beginning of the game. Quiet, but you're

never going to use stealth.


Fire Rate: ***

Power: ***

Accuracy: ****

Clip Size: *****

Best weapon in the game because it's very common, can kill any enemy in one

headshot and is very accurate over long ranges.

Dual Pistols

Fire Rate: ***

Power: ***

Accuracy: **

Clip Size: ****

Much less accurate than just one pistol, it's better to use this in closer

ranges. Also, it's only available in the second mission and it's extremely easy

to miss it. Not even worth it really.

Laser Pistol

Fire Rate: ***

Power: ***

Accuracy: *****

Clip Size: ****

Rarer than a pistol, it functions just as well but is more accurate. It has a

smaller clip size and ammo is hard to find as well.


Fire Rate: ****

Power: ***

Accuracy: *

Clip Size: ***

Decent weapon, but the most inaccurate in the game. It's still pretty powerful

and thusly a very powerful gun at close ranges. Ammo is plentiful for it as well

until the final stages of the game.

Machine Gun

Fire Rate: *****

Power: *

Accuracy: ****

Clip Size: *

Basically the M4, but absolute crap. It's only saving grace is its accuracy.

Otherwise, it's a weak gun that doesn't kill unless you use half a clip. Add to

it the fact that you can't hold much ammo for it in the first place, this gun

becomes a waste of time. It's plentiful throughout the game though, and you can

never really run out of ammo for it, but I always use it as a last resort.

Assault Rifle

Fire Rate: ****

Power: ***

Accuracy: ***

Clip Size: ***

The AK-47, it's the best of all the automatic weapons. Balancing out the power

of the SMG with the accuracy of the Machine Gun, it's an all-round gun in burst

fire. Don't use this gun in full auto mode, as you won't hit much then. Just use

burst fire. You don't really need anything more.


Fire Rate: N/A

Power: **

Accuracy: N/A

Clip Size: ***

Shoots a stream of magma. Doesn't really do much and doesn't kill too fast, but

it's good for groups. You only get this gun in the second mission and you don't

face many groups with this gun anyways.


Fire Rate: N/A

Power: **

Accuracy: N/A

Clip Size: ***

Exactly the same as the Melter, but with fire.

Rocket Launcher

Fire Rate: *

Power: *****

Accuracy: ****

Clip Size: N/A

Rocket Launcher. Duh. Works the same as any other game.

Sniper Rifle

Fire Rate: **

Power: *****

Accuracy: *****

Clip Size: *****

This gun kills every enemy but Heavies in one shot. Excellent weapon because you

get it from the 3rd mission onwards. Ammo is scarce though, but the clip size

will let you take down a whole wave of enemies.

Heavy Beam Gun

Fire Rate: **

Power: ****

Accuracy: ****

Clip Size: *****

Very effective weapon. Takes doesn enemies in one hit, except for the Heavies,

who have twice the health of a regular soldier. Shame you only get it in the

last mission, so all you really fight with it are Heavies. It also has a very

large clip size.





Start off by killing the guys directly in front of you. You don't seem to lose

much health at all, so take your time and aim for the head. It's a one hit kill.

When you're done, exit through the door to the right of the bar. Remember to

scavenge bodies. In the next room, you'll see one guy hiding behind a column

while another drops in, kill them then move forwards and go into the hallway

to the right. Walk down the hallway taking out every soldier that comes at you

and then take the left after the hallway ends. Go down this hallway, fighting

as you go. At the end, hold off against the enemies that come in. When you're

done, go through the red doors at the right. Head down this new hallway, and

take out the three soldiers. Continue into the elevator.

After the load screen, head to the car at the left.

Mission 1

Hochtempelberg Monastary

Forget the cabin, follow the cobble path along. You'll come to a fork. Go into

the cabin straight ahead for some ammo, then go out and take the right path. Up

ahead, you'll come upon an old man. See the building right behind him? Go to the

back of it and head upstairs. Go along this balcony, enter the room, climb the

ladder and activate the computer. An FMV will show a door opening. Go back to

the village centre and enter the church. Pick up the note on the altar. If you

want some more character development, exit the church, go along the path to the

left and approach the castle doors. To continue on, go through the door to the

left of the altar and go through the cellar door on the floor. Walk down this

coridoor and Black will inform you of a special power. Use it on the three

wooden bars blocking the gate. They consume a lot of mana, but being in darkness

regenerates it. As you enter the next area, an FMV should be triggered. When it

ends, you're facing the doorway you have to go through. Turn around 180 degrees

and you should see a wall with some cracks in it. Do one of your special demon

shots on it. Inside is a crate with pistol ammo and Shuriken. After you're done

you'll have to tackle the hallway with the camera. Just shoot it. One bullet is

fine. Enter the door to the left of it. Go through this room, then across the

bridge. A section of the bridge will collapse ahead of you, so jump over it and

go through the door on the other side.

Continue down the hallway. After the FMV, sneak up on the monk and take him out

by going so close, you reticule gets some red lines around it. You'll kill him

silently without wasting ammo. Black will tell you of another power, which is to

steal souls, thereby healing you while searching for items. You needed the

monk's ID card anyways. Go through the security door. In the next room are two

monks who you can't avoid. Just shoot them. They do a lot more than the clowns

in the Intro, but not enough that you should worry about. When they're dead,

steal their souls then go through the wooden door with the symbol on it. In the

next room, you'll see a wall of blue lasers. Roll through them by double tapping

a movement button. Open the gate and go through the wooden door. There are three

monks in here. As you go towards the door at the back of this room, another monk

comes from it before you reach it, so get ready for the headshot. Continue on

and another monk will pop up from behind a crate except this one's got a pistol.

Past him are stairs leading up, so go up. Open the door to the right and an FMV

will trigger. After it's done, you're in a firefight. Have fun. There are two

monks on the ground, two up top and one in a room opposite the courtyard exit.

When you'r done, use the courtyard exit. You'll be in the middle of two gates.

Take the right one, since the left one is locked. Up ahead will be a cabin. An

enemy will open the door as you get close, so get read. Another two are to the

right of the cabin. Go through the cabin and access the rear. There's a monk

behind here. When you're done, head down into the cellar using the doors at the

right of the cabin's back door. Kill the three monks in the office, then

activate the computer terminal. Head back to that locked gate. Two monks will

attack you at the cabin. Anyways, go through the now unlocked gate. Head around

the building, then take care of the monk on the stairs. Head up the stairs and

another FMV will trigger. Go up against the wall by standing directly in front

of it and double tapping forwards. When you're against it, move to the right

until you're on the platform with the door. Go through it, then through the door

in the room. There will be a lot of monks in the rooms on the second floor.

Assume where you enter is the South part. In the Northeast room, there is a

painting. Interact with is and it will reveal a laser pistol for you. The monk

in the North wall has an ID card. Use it in the Northwest room's security door.

Clear out all the monks and collect all the ammo from the cupboards in the

rooms. After you go through the security door, take out the three monks on the

wooden platform, then keep going onwards. You'll come across a laser-blocked

tunnel. Black will reveal your teleportation power. It doesn't work how you'd

think it would. You have to press the button, click where you want to teleport

to and then you have a limited amount of time to do what you need to do. What

you have to try and do is teleport beside the control panel and disable the

lasers. When you're done, go forwards. Open the doors, and here, you will face

a boss.

Some Big Shot Monk

Start off by shooting out the three Lights on the ceiling.

There are two above your area and one behind him. When

they're gone, wait for your mana to hit 20, then do an

Infernal Shot on him. After about four, he should go down.

Go up and grab his ID card and SMG. Then go and open the security door, activate

the terminal inside. Then go through the opened gate and get into the cable car.

Now you're in the main cloister. Shoot out the two Lights and wait for your mana

to regenerate. Open the brown doors and you'll see another one of those laser

grids. Teleport and deactivate. Continue on. In the next area, there are three

monks. Next to the one on the platform is an explosive box, so shoot it if you

want. When you're done, head into the next room and Black will reveal another

power. Use it to look beside the security door for the code. Walk up to it and a

meter will show the time it takes to memorize the code. When you're done, open

the door. In the next room are three monks. Take care of them then head up the

ladder. Shoot the box to pieces, or jump around it and over the fence if you

can. Once on the other side, you'll be attacked by five monks. Clear out the

bedrooms to the left if you want to. Otherwise, shoot the camera in this area

then process through the security door it was watching. Proceed into the rooms

ahead. There are four monks here, three on the ground and one on a platform next

to a Light. When you're done continue onwards. You'll notice the doorway up

ahead is blocked with some crates, so shoot through them. A monk should appear

from around the corner so take care of him and then head into the next room.

Clear the monks here, then climb the platforms for a corpse and some ammo. On

the right are two doors. Take the one to the right, go through the iron gate and

open the box for ammo. Then turn right and take the passageway to what looks

like the security station and kill the two monks here. Go back out and take the

door opposite the one you came in from for some enemies. If you don't want to

fight them, then take the door blocked by the crates. Blast through the wall, go

through the tunnel, blast through this wall, then kill the monk on the platform.

There are two more in the room to the left if you want. Otherwise, turn right

and go through the path with the cameras, taking them out by teleporting under

them and shooting them. Continue on past them. When you're outside, take the

right path and shopot up the third box from the right. Behind it is a hatch on

the ground. A ladder will appear. When you go down, there's some laser ammo in

two boxes. Go back up and continue on the straight path. Be warned, there is a

boss battle.

Another Big Shot Monk

Instead of Lights, this guy brings a new type of enemy,

the Acolytes. They're like the monks but they don't wear

robes and they carry laser pistols. What you have to do

is shoot the Monk with your Infernal Shot six times. The

Acolytes give you mana. They also disappear rather

quickly, so you'll have to be pretty close to their dead

body to get health and ammo. Now, this is the first part

of the game that's any challenge at all, so I recommend

hiding by the big stone column to the left of where you

start, but not going up against it as it restricts your


When you're done, mop up the acolytes, then go through the security door and go


Continue forward through the door. After the FMV, interact with one of the

screens. After the next FMV, hit the screens in the order of 1, 2, 3 and 4. It

says their number on the screen. When you're done, another FMV. Once that's

over, get out of the lab and start killing things. Now, there are two security

doors and one remote access door. What you have to do is interact with a

computer terminal in each security room to unlock the remote access door. Don't

worry about the time, since it's gratuitous. When you're done, go through the

remote access door. You might want to save now, as there's a big battle as soon

as you go up the stairs. The FMV will reveal a stash of explosives underneath

one of those Big Shot Monks. What you have to do is run up and destroy this and

another just like it on the other side of the building. When this is done, kill

the remaining acolytes and head inside. Since this is a church, you'll have no

mana at all. As you're walking closer in, you'll trigger an FMV. After it, head

out through the security door and make your way to to remote access door.

Opposite it is a terminal behind blue lasers. Remember: you can roll through

them. Do it and deactivate the lock. Head through the now opened door and

through the security door right after it. Turn left and you'll see a blue laser

dancing along the coridoor. Roll through it, then repeat it at the next one. You

will be in a little alcove here. The game will tell you that you can crouch now,

if you haven't already figured that out. Shoot the glass ahead of you and crouch

through. For some reason, this one is susceptable to destruction but others are

not. Bad game design, I guess. Oh well, interact with the terminal up ahead. Go

through the opened door next to you and steal the dead body's soul. Now you have

an ID card. Go back and head to the door on the left. Open it by interacting

with the screen and then opening the door immediately after it with the ID card.

Use Infernal Vision on the map between the door and the terminal and memorize

the code (by walking up to it, remember?). Input the code into the terminal and

head to the now opened door behind you. Watch out for the blue lasers. Go around

them and roll past the laser camera and through the next few rooms. After the

FMV, run straight down immediately. Red screens of death will come at you, but

each one has a white tag on either its top, bottom or side. Shoot it and the

RSOD will dissapitate. If you stay back, you'll be overwhelemed, so rush and

shoot. Roll through when you get close enough to and there's only one screen in

your way. After you'r through, you've beaten Mission 1. Congrats.

Mission 2

Grey Rock Refinery

Start off by killing the soldier here. Watch out, the machine guns the soldiers

carry pack quite a punch. Be sure to get one. Anyways, head through the space

between the two buildings on the right after killing the soldier and the two

others which appear on the bridge overhead. After you open the fence gate, an

FMV will play. Immediately after, rush the guard shown in the FMV and move

inside. Kill all the enemies who come in after you, then go up the stairs and

kill whoever's left. Head across the bridge upon which the two enemies you

killed earlier were and go downstairs. Open the wall locker for a new weapon:

Dual Pistols. Yay. No go back to where the turret is and head into the path

behind it. Open the door, then head down the stairs on the left. Kill the

soldier on the stairs and then kill the one on the ground floor from the landing

then head down there and kill the three soldiers that come in. After all that,

head outside. Go through the fence on the left and an FMV will show some jackass

blocking your pathway. He's in the sunken pit to the right. Funny story, I

killed him. Hilarious, huh? Anyways, kill him and then close the valve. You'll

see that the door is locked. Position yourself so that you can see the terminal

on the landing of the stairs, then teleport yourself up and activate the switch,

then head up the stairs. Head through these rooms, kill the guard and an FMV

will be triggered as the big iron doors open, revealing new jetpack enemies.

Shoot them, and you'll see someone going onto the turret. Rush in close enough

so that he can't hit you and kill everyone else. Get to an angle where the guy

will get off the turret and then kill him. Once you move up, a doorway explodes

and two more guys come out along with a jetpack guy. Then eight more guys pour

out. You might want to save right before as your framerate WILL drop. Once done,

head up the stairs to the right of where those jerks came out of. Head through

the security door upstairs. Activate the terminal and then go back outside. You

will have to fight even more guys. And some of them have RPG's! YAY! When you're

done playing bad cop, head up the stairs to the left of the door you came in,

above the platform and go through the security door upstairs. Save before

opening the door on the left, as the two idiots out there could somehow blow you

up in a few seconds. Go through the door they came out from and you'll see a

fenced section inside. Equip your Infernal Vision and you'll see a code on the

left wall. Go inside and fight the four or six jetpack guys who fly in, then

memorize the code and activate the terminal. Go back out, head across the bridge

and then into the security door to the left of it. Make your way across the

path to the security door on the other side. Go down, open door, kill jetpack,

activate terminal, go back up, go back out. Kill newly spawned enemies. Go back

into other compound, get to ground floor, go through newly opened iron gates to

the right of the hole where those jerks came out of earlier. As you progress

through the new compound, more jerks come out of another jerk hole. After

they're dead, there's a cutscene for you and a new Levitation power. Yay. Why

Black calls it teleporting, I don't know. It clearly isn't. What you have to do

is build some stairs out of the boxes lying around to get over to the place

where the chick jumped into during the FMV. The crack in the wall, which you can

blow open, leads to some more boxes. You only need two or three, anyways so

don't waste your mana. Make some stairs, go over. Go down the hatch to the


Follow the path and you'll come to a grate. Teleport over, hit the button. Now

turn around and go back and take two rights through to the now opened path. You

will meet a new enemy, and the only way to beat them is to shoot the tank on

their backs. Run right around him and shoot him a couple of times in the tank.

Hit the keypad on the column opposite and another Welder will come in, so shoot

the explosive barrel next to him. One hit kill. As you go through the door,

another Welder will come in from the right, so get him too. Go down the path and

then jump onto the pipe going over the lava. Keep progressing. Two more Welders

on the other side. These guys are really asses. You'll see four doors with these

weird shields on them. Shoot the four yellow things in their corners to disable

them. Inside each one are valves, so turn them. While you're doing that, a

Welder will come and turn them back, so kill him. When you're done, a door will

open, so head through it. Go down the ladder, watch the FMV, kill the Welder,

move the huge stack of boxes, go through pipe on other side of them. Kill the

two jetpack guys, go up the ladder, kill two more jetpack guys. Jump onto pipe

on the ceiling and go over to the next pipe. Continue on the path. Hit the

keypad on the way to open the door. Go forward, a Welder will abush you, kill

him, open the door again, and another Welder comes in. Kill him too then finally

proceed through the door. Save first. Boss battle.

Major Elena Zubrov

She's really simple. Just shoot here. Really. Later in

the battle, she takes you to a new area and equips not

one, but two rocket launchers. Same tactic. Really.

Jump onto the yellow electric box to the right of the platform and onto the

overhanging pipe. Go across, steal Elena's soul, and approach the security door.

An FMV should start; after it, go straight on and up the ladder to the right.

Go through the fence gate and move along. You'll come across some guy in a

turret, so run under him, blast him up, then turn around. On the fence to the

right, it creates an alcove and one of the walls has a sign on it. Climb up the

fence where the sign is and jump on the other side. Yeah, apparently you can

climb some, and only some, fences. In the explosive room, kill the three guards.

The room behind them contains some pistol ammo. Head to the right of the

entrance doorway to that room and roll through the steam and open the gate. Go

down here and up the stairs on the left. When you get to the top, three soldiers

will appear in the tower ahead, so take them out. Then continue along the

catwalk, up the ladder, continue along, jump over the hole, climb up the fence,

and through the security door. Kill the three goons inside. As you turn around

the corner to the right, two more goons will appear. Then as you go to where

they came from, three more goons will appear... below you. Then as you proceed

along, a jetpack guy will appear. There's a scientist up ahead, but don't bother

killing him. The room he's in regenerates your mana, his sould gives only 1 HP

and he doesn't do you any harm. It's just a waste of ammo. Hell, if you use your

Infernal Vision, you'll see he has a health zone right behind him. Teleport onto

the elevator and hit the switch. Go through the gate and onto the elevator

platform and hit the switch. It stops on the next floor. Yay. Kill the two

jetpack guys, run around the platform, killing the most recent horde of meat.

Make your way down the stairs. Repeat. This floor mixes it up by adding a

section where you have to use an overhead pipe. You'll reach a fence. Teleport

through and activate the switch. Now, fight your way back to the elevator. There

is a shortcut as a new stairway near you is opened. You'll notice it by the two

guards who are shooting in your general direction. Head up and open the gate

immediately to the right. As you're going around this floor, two guards will

come down to your level with the elevator. Kill, get on, hit switch. Stop at the

next floor, kill the two jetpacks, go through the security gate, go down the

stairs to the ground floor (finally!). Save and then go into the area under the

elevator. You're going to have to hold out against about 12 enemies. Once you're

done, go over the fence where the first two came and move on.

Professor Wolf

Big bad Wolf. Or is he good? Either way, he sends these

weird zombie things after you. They're really easy to

kill, just one shot to the head with any gun. Your real

target are those big orange cylinders on his machine.

Use Infernal Shots to destroy them. You can get mana by

killing those zombies. After the FMV, use your

Levitation to pull the balls out of orbit. Another FMV.

Alright, now all you have to do is keep teleporting

behind him and shooting the canisters on his back until

he's dead.

Mission 3

Malovia Steelworks

Approach the gate and you will have your teleport powers expanded. See the

switches on the left and right, on the platforms? You're going to have to hit

them, so use your Teleportation power. What you do is select two telportation

points and then teleport as normal. When you're done in your first location,

just wait and you will be taken to your second. It took me about three tries to

work properly. In the next area, there's a new enemy, a sniper. He can teleport.

Kill him, then the guards that come. Two new weapons to get: the sniper rifle

and the assault rifle. Continue on. A guard will shoot at you from a little

gatehouse. Kill him. To the left of him is a path between the crates, go through

there and an FMV will show two guys on a boat. Don't waste ammo on them, just

run down the path. It's quite linear. As you go over the bridge, a crane will

destroy the middle so jump over, take the next left and keeping going. The crane

returns on the third bridge, so jump over the gap, and keep running until the

end. Turn right and you'll see two white crates. Jump across them and onto land.

Run onto the stairs inbetween the crates and blast your way down the path. As

you go down the stairs and head down the path, a sniper will appear. Kill him

and move on. There's really only one way to go. You'll come across an outpost

with three guards. Kill them then open the blue wall lockers inside. One will

have an ID card. Go back to where you came down the stairs into the area and

open the security gate there. In the next area, kill the two guards, then use

your Infernal Shot on the three wooden bars with a red X painted on it. Go into

the little outpost up ahead and hit the switch. Go through the newly opened

gate after killing the sniper who appears. Blast through the wooden bars ahead

and keep moving. Kill the three footsoldiers and sniper in the next area, then

shoot the wooden bars and keep heading down the path. You'll need to go up some

stairs. Two guys on the right will see you, so gun them down before moving on.

As you go on, two more on the left. Kill them, go down the stairs, and go down

the path again. Quite linear. As you go down the stairs ahead, take the left.

Some civilian will be blown up and an FMV will start up. After it ends, kill the

two in the catwalk. The civilians here, unlike Mission 2, give lots of health.

Feel free to use a few. Use your Infernal Vision to see the mines and walk

through, killing any guards in your way. The path will go forward, then make a

U-turn, so follow it along. At the end, use the door at the left. Go up the

stairs, over the bridge and into the door.

Go down the path to the left, killing the two guards who shoot at you. As you

get to the bottom, you'll meet some jerk with a flamethrower. Kill him and take

it. Head down here, up the platform, kill the flamer, go down to the next area.

Go up the stairs immediately ahead, kill the flamer on top, the three who appear

in the tower next to you and keep going. Follow the path and then at the end, a

guard will appear on the left. Kill him, then drop down and run around until you

reach a ladder. Go up and you will be on the catwalk he was on. Head forward on

it. Head all the way up and onto a platform, where you will have to take out

about four guards. Kill them, then teleport over to the right, where the

machinery is hanging and hit the switch. After the machine moves, jump over the

gap and shoot the chains holding up the walkway above you to drop it. Follow the

walkway and then fight your way down the stairs. Follow the path along into the

next area. After the FMV, turn around and head around the machine opposite of

Lardass' machine. Climb up the ladder and then get in. Here, just use your mouse

to move the crane around to dodge and left click to fire your bolt. It's really

easy. When you're done, go down the ladder and into the doorway. Kill the flamer

and fight through the rooms ahead. You should go into an FMV after entering a

room up ahead. When it's done, turn right and proceeed therough this pathway.

You'll get another FMV and when it's done... a timer! Yay! Shoot through the

flamer then shoot the chains holding the next walkway to bring it down and make

a ramp. Fight through and you'll come across a huge gap. Teleport over, hit the

switch and keep going. You should eventually comes to what looks like a dead

end. Shoot the chains holding the walkway up and it will create another ramp for

you to use. Go to the stairs to the left, then up the ladder there and fight

your way along the walkways. At the huge gap, use the overhanging pole to shimmy


You're on a mounted machine gun turret now. It would be a great idea to lower

your visual specs, as this part is going to really tax your computer. Shoot

every enemy that appears, starting with the three on the bridge. When you're

done, an FMV will start up and you will be left with 1 HP. There are no enemies

so just kill the civilians while working your way to the right of the trainyard.

You will come across a car with boxes covering its entrance, so use Levitation

to move them out of the way. Inside is a box with an ID card. Go back the way

you came to the train (not the one you came in on) and get into the engine car

and activate the panel. After the FMV, you'll face a new enemy: basically

SpecOps who can turn into some sort of passable form like you do when you roll,

except they can activate it at any time and can shoot from it. They also can

hold it for 10 seconds. Fortunately, they use the ubercrappy machine gun so

they're not hard at all. The path here is linear as well, so just go in a

straight line. As you near the exit, an FMV will come and some more of these

SpecOps will arrive. Kill 'em then run outside.

And now you're on a plane. This mission just doesn't end. Go forward, up the

ladder, Levitate the boxes head through. Now, if you want some health, open the

door on the right, the door right after it and use Infernal Vision on the next

door to see a code. Go out into the tiny hallway and use it on the security door

and then head inside and use the Vision for a health pickup. Otherwise, just

roll through the blue lasers, activate the switch and then head through the

security door on the left. Go into this hallway, but use your Infernal Vision

before going into the room. See the blue squares on the ground? Don't step on

them. They activate a poison gas that will kill you in a few seconds; it's much

more potent than the one the evil Samus knockoff set on you earlier in the game.

What you have to do is roll over to the terminal, activate the switch and then

roll to the door. If you activate the gas by accident, haul ass to the door. If

you didn't hit the terminal yet, you're dead. Anyways, continue onwards. Roll

through the blue lasers in the next room, hit the terminal and go through the

door. Destroy the camera here and proceed. In the next room is another one of

those floortraps. So just roll over to the terminal, open the door, go through,

proceed onwards, blah. FMV. Activate the switch at the back right of the room.

It blends into the background because it uses the same damn texturing. Ugh. Hit

the switches at the poles surrounding the machine.

Mission 4

HMS Liberty

Try and take the other guy's soul. You can't. The lady will unlock the doors for

you so head out and move to the right. One of the rooms up ahead will have an

enemy, so sneak up, kill him, take his weapon and ID, go into the next room,

take the health and ammo from the wall lockers, go all the way back and destroy

the camera and keep going, then up the stairs. Open the door then head left, and

keep going through the doors and Barbara will warn you about the officer's

quarters. Keep going. Shoot the cameras and proceed through the door straight

ahead. Keep going ahead. There's only one path, so you can't get lost. In the

magazine, Baraba will tell you to search the lockers. Do so and you'll find

health and motion detecting bombs. When you're done, hit the keypad.

Mech Things

To kill these, lure them into red barrels, then blow 'em

up. There's one at first, then two more.

When they're gone, some other guy will come in. Kill him, then go through the

door he came in from and head up the stairs. There's once again only one path to

follow so keep going until you reach an FMV. After you're done, fight your way

back down to where you fought the mechs. Once you're down there, you'll see two

guys lower themselves down on a contraption. Jump onto it via the boxes next to

it and hit the switch and then go up the stairs. Once again, one real path, so

follow it. After the camera area, take the first door to the right, clear out

this locker room, them exit out the door opposite the one you came in from. Go

up the stairs, go left, go into the blue room, then go down the stairs and

through the door at the bottom. Go through the door on the left and hit the

switch in the magazine room.

Okay, now you're on the top deck. Turn left and fight your way through. Then,

when you're out in the open, turn around and head down to the otherside of the

carrier. There's plenty of explosives up here you can use to take advantage of

the enemies and their stupidity. Eventually, a wall of fire will pop up to guide

your way, but just keep moving to the otherside of the carrier. Eventually, you

will reach a point where the fire will not let you pass at all. Head all the way

to left as much as you can, then turn around and head back to the otherside. You

should encounter enemies and then a little path to the right. Take it and keep

going. It should take you around the fire wall and back up onto the carrier,

giving you a clear path to the end of the carrer (after some more fire dodging,

that is).


He's in a helicopter. Turn around the search the boxes

for a rocket launcher. The rest of the boxes contain

rockets. Just shoot him down.

Mission 5

Etherlight Sattelites Center

Follow the trail until the FMV. After it's over, run and kill everyone. Barbara

will open the gate, so enter and keep following the brown trail. In the compound

kill everyone, then enter the building left of the entry gate and activate the

terminal at the other end of it. Go into the building to the right of the gate,

which had one guard in its window, and enter it from behind (LOL!). Climb up

the ladder inside and position yourself so that you can see both switches from

where you stand. Teleport to both and activate the switches. An FMV will start.

Once it's done, there will be a new type of enemies: Heavy Jetpackers and Heavy

Soldiers. Two of them have Heavy Beam Guns, so grab one off of them. When you're

done, proceed forward, following the trail. When you reach the gate that's

locked, follow the wall left of it to a tunnel and proceed through there. Once

you're out and meet Barbara, inspect the boxes to the left for a Sniper Rifle.

Go through the fence and up to the left. Enter into the dark building on the

right. Go through the building, Barbara will activate the terminal, go outside

and follow the brown trail. Up ahead is a gigantic turret, so destroy it with

your Heavy Beam Gun. Run up to the fence, then Teleport over to the switches and

activate them. Run inside and watch out for soldiers. On one of the buildings

are to or three guys. Kill them, then look at the building and move back until

you see three switches. Teleport to all three and activate them, then go into

the building. Run upstairs to the roof, then go onto the stairs to the right.

After the FMV, run through the hole in the wall. Follow the trail left and up

the stairs. Kill the soldiers and the turrets on top of the walls. Open the door

at the top of the stairs.

Now you're inside. Fight your way down on the left path. You'll come to a door

marked 03 that is locked and a huge gap. Teleport over it to the terminal and

activate it to unlock to door. Go inside and open to doors on the right and go

through. Fight your way down, it's a straight path anyways. Eventually, there

will be fire and a gap blocking your path, around door 06. An FMV will play and

Barbara won't be with you. Go into the door now and open the door on the right

and keep fighting your way down. This goes on until the 14th floor. At the

bottom is Carlos.


The worst part about this fight is the extreme slowdown,

even on low settings. Otherwise, it's just like the Wolf

fight. Kill soldiers, destroy the generators. Aim at the

generator caps and use your Infernal Shot. It takes

about two shots. You get mana from the soldiers. For the

second part of the battle, just run into the Infernal

markers to recharge your mana and use your Infernal Shot

until he dies.

Lucius Black

This is a pain in the ass. Shoot him until he's on his

knees, then activate the yellow terminal, then run up

the ramp you came down on and opposite the door is a newly

opened door that takes you onto a catwalk going towards

the center of the arena to the machine. Run up to it and

activate the panel on it. Do this three times. Each time,

the machine rises higher and higher. Once you're done,

Lucius is dead. Pansy.

Congrats, you've finished Infernal.




This guide is Copyright (2007) to Invisible Assassin

You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me.

Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not

like it to be passed off as somebody else's.
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