Might and Magic VIII: Walkthrough (English)

This walkthrough Copyright 2000 Timothy Ng

The walkthrough is 40% complete and I have a lot of information to update
with very little time.
All the quests are rather sketchy now and some are missing.
I should finish the whole thing in about one week.


Table of Contents

Guided walkthrough/Quest list
Dagger Wound Island
Balthazar's Lair
Ironsand Desert
Garrote Gorge
Regna and the Last Quests

Travel Schedules
Alchemy and Potions
Ore and Smiths
Obelisk Puzzle

Quest List:

Dagger Wound Island

Clan Leader's Hall, Main Village

Brekish Onefang

Objective:Talk to Frederick Talimere

Go to Talimere's hut and talk to him


Objective:Deliver Dadeross' letter to Elgar Fellmoon

Take the ship to Ravenshore and go to the Merchant house.
There are two doors. One leads to a place and the other initiates
a conversation with Elgar. Talk to him to get a new quest.

Rohtnax's house

Objective: Fetch Isthric the tongue for Rohtnax.

Use the teleporter and go to the extreme west island.
Go to Isthric's house and talk to Isthric.
Return and talk to Rohtnax.

Aislen's House, Main Village

Objective: Deliver scrolls of Cure Disease to the infected houses

Just go to the three houses on the extreme west island and click "yellow fever"
in your conversation. Do the same for the three houses on the northwest island.
(The island with the the temple) More potions of cure disease can be found in
the chests in the middle of the extreme west island.

Tisk's Hut

Objective: Find the Prophecies of the Snake

In the Abandoned Temple, after climbing up the stairs from the room with
the four buttons, there are two hidden panels on the walls of the walkway
(right and left), uncovering two chests. The book is in the left chest.

Hiss's Hut, Main Village

Objective: Get the Idol of the Snake

Go to the large room in the Abandoned Temple where there are many
pressure plates and traps. It's the one with the skull boxes in the centre
and 4 traps around it. Step on the sixth pressure plate to uncover a hidden
panel.The chest there holds the Idol of the Snake.

Languid's Hut, Southwest of Main Village but on same island

Objective: Find an anointed herb potion

The anointed herb potion can be found in the smuggler's cove in Ravenshore.
Proceed to the large room with the two wooden doors.
One leads to Arion Hunter the wererat and the other to a storeroom.
The chest in the storeroom holds the potion.


Hall of the Tracker

Objective: Kill all dire wolves

Kill all the dire wolves in ravenshore, including those in the Dire wolf Den.

Elgar, Merchant house of Alvar

Objective: Blackmail Arion Hunter

After delivering Dadeross' letter, Elgar asks you to deliver a letter to
Arion Hunter. Go to the Smuggler's Cove in Ravenshore by following the coast
to the west. There is a hidden door which accesses the rest of the cove.
Just go north of the starting point and click on the wall.
Follow the path until you get to the large room with the two wooden doors.
Go down one of them and you will see another door. Click it to talk to Hunter.

Elgar, Merchant house of Alvar

Objective: Report to headquarters in Alvar

Go to the merchant guildhouse in Alvar and talk to Bastian Loudrin.

Arion Hunter, Smuggler's Cove

Objective: Rescue Hunter's Daughter

Go to the Ogre Raiding Fort in Alvar. Proceed up the stairs to the central
chamber, where there are 2 chests. There is a button on one of the walls.
Push it and return to the entrance. You will see that the barriers have
been lifted. Kill all the enemies here. One of them holds a prison door key.
Go to the southwest part of the fort and insert the key in the keyhole on the
wall. Talk to the greater wererat. Report to Arion Hunter.

Arion Hunter, Smuggler's Cove

Objective: Deliver fake report in Regna

After getting to Regna, head for the tavern and talk to the pirate.
(See the Last Quests for more information)


Bastian Loudrin, Merchant Guildhouse

Objective: Find a witness to the sea of fire

Leave for Ironsand Desert and talk to Overdune Snapfinger in Overdune's House.
Go to the Troll tomb and to the largest chamber. Remember that the tomb has
multiple levels so the map will be misleading. However, the main tomb is on
the lowest level so many staircases leading down is a sign that you are
travelling correctly. Go north and click on the northmost stoneslab.
A message saying that vilebite is now at rest will appear.
Go back and talk to overdune, who joins your party.
Make sure he is in your party when you report to Bastian at the guildhouse.

Fromago Manor

Objective: Find three cheeses

One of the three cheeses is in a Temple of Eep.
The three temples are in Ravage roaming, Garrote Gorge and Ravenshore.


Objective: Find the Bone of Doom

The Bone of Doom is in the Dire wolf Den in Ravenshore.
Go to the southeast chamber in the den. The bone is in the chest.

Hallien's Cottage

Objective: Get a vial of Grave Dirt

A vial can be found in the Vampire Crypt northeast of Shadowspire Town.
Take the room on the left and examine the wooden table to yield a starcase
going down. Go down and follow the passageway until you reach a big room.
On the stand to the north is the vial of grave dirt.

House of Benefice

Objective: Get the puzzle box

The puzzle box can be found in the mad necromancer's lab.
Refer to the Knight Promotion Quest for more details.

The draining of Balthazar's Lair:

Pull lever A and go down. Look for a parchment marked Emergency Meeting and
follow the instructions there. If you do it right, you get to watch a short
movie clip after you pull the lowest lever.

Ironsand Desert:

Pole's Hovel

Objective: Deliver 6 potions of fire resistance to the homes.

Go to the homes at the far end of the village and deliver the potions.
You may need to obtain extra potions of fire resistance

Garrote Gorge:

Foestryke residence

Objective: Retrieve the drum of victory

The drum is in the Naga Vault

Promotional Quests

Knight: Stormlance residence, Garrote Gorge

Find Blazen Stormlance and Ebonest

Both of them are in the Mad Necromancer's Lab in Shadowspire.
Proceed north to the lift from the entrance of the Lab.
Blazen Stormlance is behind the door. He is held captive by dark powers
and asks you to get help from his friend in Ravenshore. Leave for
Ravenshore and talk to Dervish Chevron,
who gives you a crystal. Return to the Lab and talk to Blazen,
who offers to join you. Ebonest is below, in a chest in the green dungeon.
A puzzle box is also in the dungeon. Other chests there hold soul jars,
which are needed for the Lich quest.
Talk to both Stormlance and Quixote for your promotion.

Cleric: Murmurwoods

Find the Prophecies of the Sun

The book, Prophecies of the Sun, is in the Temple of the Snake on
Dagger Wound Island. There is a place in the temple with many split corridors,
in between the pressure plate room and the pit room.
Follow the map from the start of the split corridors:


You will finally reach a large area with a secret wall
on the left of the chamber. Click on it to reveal the book.

Necromancer: Taleshire Hall, Shadowspire

Find the lost book of Kehl

The book of Kehl can be found in the Uplifted library on the Southeast island
of Dagger Wound. You have to get there by water-walking or flying.
Take the lift up, cross over, take another lift up, cross over again and take
a third lift up. Take the staircase up and walk to the center of the platform
where there is a button. Depress it and wait for the platform. Step on it.
You are brought to a stone room with a chest. The chest holds the book of Kehl.

Soul jars are obtained from the mad necromancer's lab.
Refer to the Knight Promotion Quest for more details.

Dark Elf: Blackthorne estate, Alvar

Find Cauri Blackthorne

Go to Dantillion's residence in the town in Murmurwoods and talk to Dantillion,
who gives you a scroll of stone to flesh. Cauri Blackthorne is near the
Druid Circle. She has been turned to stone along with other dark elf pilgrims.
She offers to join your party after you have found her.

Troll: Schmecker's Hovel, Ironsand Desert

Find the Ancient Troll Homeland

The Ancient Troll Homeland is in the Murmurwoods. Just enter it and get
out straightaway. Return to Schmecker's Hovel to get your promotion.

Vampire: House of Lathaen, Shadowspire

Find Coffin and Remains of Korbu

The crypt of Korbu is in the north part of Ravage Roaming. Go north from the
entrance and down the stairs. Activate the hidden panel to the right. You will
find the coffin of Korbu but not his remains. Go to the Cyclops Larder in
Ironsand Desert. From the entrance, take the door to the right.
Enter and walk straight to the door at the other end.
In that room is a lever. Pull it to activate reveal a hidden platform.
Step on it to go down. Proceed to the room with a big cage and two chests.
Korbu's remains are in the chest on the right.
Report back to Lathaen.

Minotaur: Tessalar's House, Balthazar's Lair, Ravage Roaming

Find Balthazar's Axe in the Dark Dwarf Mines

Go to the Dark Dwarf Compound in Alvar.

The axe is in a chest in the place marked X.

____________ | |
_________ |_____| |__________
| __________ ____
| | | |
__________| | | |
| __| | |
| ____ | _______| |
| | | | | |
| E | | | |__X_______|

Next go to the Clan Leader's Hall on Dagger Wound Island
and talk to Dadeross. Get the certificate of Authenticity
and return to Balthazar's Lair for your promotion.

Dragon: Dragon Cave, Garrote Gorge

Kill all Dragon Hunters

Kill every dragon hunter on the map and in the camp of Charles Quixote.
Also kill Jerric Whistlebone and get his sword.
A message will appear when you have killed all of them.

The last quests

Bastian Loudrin, Merchant Guildhouse

Objective: Persuade three out of five members to join the alliance.

You can choose: 1) Minotaurs of Ravage Roaming
2) Knights or Dragons
3) Clerics or Necromancers

1) Just speak to the Minotaur King after draining Balthazar's Lair.
2) Both Knights and Dragons require you to find a dragon's egg. Proceed to the
Barbarian fortress in ravage roaming. With respect to the minimap,
climb the southeast staircase and pull the lever.

| |___= =___*| | Go up the stairs marked X and pull the lever.
| | = = | | Next go to * and notice that the walls are lowered.
| | = = | | Proceed down the passageway "="
| | = = | | Make your way south until you come to a wall with a button.
| | = = | | Pressing it uncovers two chests.
| | | | One of them holds the egg.
| | | |
| |___________| |

Note: you can give the egg to either the dragons or knights,
gaining support from either one of them.

3) Visit either the Temple of the Sun in murmurwoods or the Necromancers'
guild in shadowspire. You then have to find Dyson Leyland.
Dyson Leyland is in the necromancers' guild in Shadowspire. Climb the main
staircase and turn left to climb the west staircase. Follow the path down
until you come to a circular room. Press the button to go up. You will meet with
Dyson and recruit him into your party.

Cleric: With Dyson in your party, return to the necromancers' guild, climb
the staircase and take the main door. Follow the path to another circular
room and take the lift down. You will enter a room with many levers, two
buttons and a beam. click on all the levers to raise them up (you will
have to do this in a certain order) and then press the button on the west
wall to shut the door click on the beam and then walk into the large area
if done correctly, you will get to see a movie.
Report back to the temple of the Sun.

Necromancer: I'll play it later.

Report to Bastian Loudrin.

Return to the Merchant House of Alvar in Ravenshore.
There is a staircase leading up to a door in the house.
The door leads to the council room.
Talk to all your council members to get the quest.

Objective: Sink the Regnan fleet

Travel to Dagger Wound Island and go to the Regnan Pirate outpost. It's to the
west of the library and south of main island. Push the button on one of the
crates to reveal a hidden entrance. Make your way to the southeast and
kill the head pirate who drops a key. Use the key to open the area in the
southeast revealing a submarine. Click on it.

Make your way out of the small sub pen and you emerge at Regna.

Enter the pirate stronghold of Regna (on the main island with the shops)
take the right lift down and search for an entrance leading down.
You will find an exit with the message
"You find an entrance leading downwards"

This puts you at the "Passage under Regna"
There are many exits from this place but take the northwest one.

You will find yourself in the back entrance of the abandoned pirate keep.

| | | _____ |
| | | | | |
___| |_____| | | | X is where you start
___ _____ | | _______X_ Y is the chest with the cannonball
| | | | | | * is the exit to the keep
| | | |_____| | (search for it)
| | |_________|
| | ______
| | | ____
| | | |
| |___| |_____________
|_____ __________Y__
| |
| |____
* |______

At Y, go up the stairs and open the chest.
You will find the Cannonball of Dominion and design notes.
Exit the Keep. there is an exit to the Southwest so there's no need to go all
the way back. (high perception required). Outside the abandoned pirate keep
you find a cannon positioned towards the regnan fleet. Selecting the character
with the cannonball, click on the white panel that says "Fire the cannon!" :)
If you have fly, go take a look at the damage.

Return to Ravenshore and report to the council.

Check the hostel near the guildhouse. If Xanthor is not in, rest for a day
of two or train up. Return after your break to talk to him and get your quest.

Objectives: Get the Heartstones of each plane

Fire Ironsand desert
Water Ravage Roaming
Air Murmurwoods
Earth South east island of dagger wound

The Fire heartstone is in the castle of fire.
(northwest part of the plane of fire)
Be careful not to fall in the lakes of fire here.
Climb the platforms and make your way to the right side of the castle.
While on the platform, you can see a square-based pillar. Jump on it and it
will go down. Go back to the entrance and you will see that the originally high
platfrom has been lowered. Jump on it to go up. Follow the path to another
platform bringing you down. Follow the path to a place with suspended beams.
Go to the northeast one and pull the lever. You will see steps appearing.
Jump on to them and walk into the fire wall. You will be teleported to a
tunnel of fire. Follow it and you will again be teleported to a small room
with the heartstone.

The water heartstone is found directly in the plane of water itself (so you
don't have to go into any buildings) Go to where the strongest congregation
of monsters is. (To the Northeast) Pick up the stone and run for it.

Go to the castle of air, west of the exit from the plane of air.
Walk straight up the staircase and turn right, walking up that
staircase as well. Walk down the corridor, taking the second room on the left.
Check for a hidden doorway next to the chest of drawers.
This reveals the air heartstone.

The earth plane is a mess of tunnels but you should make your way north.
You will eventually come to a large room where you can take a platform down.
Climb the stairs there and make your way
north to a circular room, where the earth heartstone lies.

Return to Xanthor to get the key.

Using this key, open the door to the crystal.

I can't continue now because after i completed the game, the crystal was
destroyed and removed from the map so I can't give details.

However, here's a brief outline:

Travel to plane between planes
Talk to Escaton
Give answers to riddles:
Prison, Egg, Inside
Get the key
Save the Four elemental Lords
The end

Travel Schedule

Dagger Wound Island
Ship goes to Ravenshore on all days


Guild Caravans

Monday: Alvar 2 days
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Shadowspire 4 days
Friday: Off
Saturday: Alvar2 days
Sunday: Garrote Gorge 2 days
Arena 5 days



Monday: Ravage Roaming 4 days
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Shadowspire 6 days
Thursday: Off
Friday: Ravage Roaming 4 days
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

The Dauntless

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Dagger Wound 5 days
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Dagger Wound 5 days
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off


Guild Caravans

Monday: Ravenshore 2 days
Tuesday: Shadowspire 3 days
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Garrote Gorge 3 days
Friday: Ravenshore 2 days
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Garrote Gorge 3 days


Guild Caravans

Monday: Ravenshore 2 days
Tuesday: Ironsand Desert 2 days
Wednesday: Ravenshore 2 days
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Ironsand Desert 2 days
Sunday: Garrote Gorge 3 days

Ravage Roaming

Ship: Mist

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Ravenshore 4 days
Wednesday: Shadowspire 6 days
Thursday: Ravenshore 4 days
Friday: Off
Saturday: Ravenshore 4 days
Sunday: Off

Ironsand Desert

Guild Caravans

Monday: Alvar 2 days
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Shadowspire 2 days
Thursday: Ravenshore 3 days
Friday: Off
Saturday: Ravenshore 3 days
Sunday:Shadowspire2 days

Garrote Gorge

Guild Caravans

Monday: Ravenshore 2 days
Tuesday: Shadowspire 3 days
Wednesday: Alvar 3 days
Thursday: Off
Friday: Ravenshore 2 days
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Arena 5 days


Monday: Ravenshore 4 days
Tuesday: Ravenshore 4 days
Dagger Wound 5 days
Wednesday: Ravenshore 4 days
Thursday: Ravenshore 4 days
Dagger Wound 5 days
Friday: Ravenshore 4 days
Saturday: Ravenshore 4 days
Sunday: Ravenshore 4 days


There are quests where you gather reagents to make black potions.

Endurance Thalion Ironsand Desert
Intelligence Kelvin Shadowspire
Personality Castigeir Murmurwoods
Speed Thistle Dagger Wound Islands


Items you can sell:

Royal Wasp Jelly Schmecker's Hovel,Ironsand Desert
Dire wolf pelts Hall of the tracker, Ravenshore
Ogre Ears Keldon's Cottage, Alvar
Wasp Stingers Veldon's Cottage, Alvar


Long-tail's hut, Dagger Wound Tobersk Fruit (200) Tobersk Brandy
Treblid's home, Ravenshore Tobersk Pulp (300) Tobersk Fruit
Neblick's House, Ravenshore Forged Credit Vouchers (6500) Silver Dust of the Sea
House of Brandy, south Alvar Tobersk Brandy (500) Tobersk Pulp
House of Journey, Shadowspire Silver dust of the sea (5000) Ground Wyvern horn
Whisper Hall, Shadowspire Pirate Amulets (1500) Heartwood of Jadame
Pavel's Place, south Regna Dried Sunfish (2000) Pirate Amulets

Item making:

Here is a list of the different types of ore and the smiths.

Stalt (in Vault of Time)


Bombah Hall, Alvar
Brightsprear Hall, Shadowspire


Bowes Residence, south Alvar
Caverhill Hall, Shadowspire


Breman Residence, south Alvar
Crane cottage, Shadowspire

Obelisk Puzzle

There is one obelisk for each map square.
Here are the clues.


Compiling together, we have:
The unicorn king holds old thorn's key among his subjects.
Appears while the sun shines on midsummerday.


Go to Murmurwoods on June 24.
You must have the druid circlet of power.
Kill the unicorn king on the map and he drops a key.
Use it to open the vault of time in ravenshore.

You will get:

7 stalt-laced ore
Scepter of kings

Things to come:

Hireling list with full statistics
Potion recipies
More quests
Ending of the game walkthrough
Greater elaboration of details
Other stuff i missed out

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There is only one cheat I've heard of for Might & Magic VIII. You press "C" to view your spellbook, and click ONCE on a spell...eg. Torch Light. Press a different page eg. Air magic... and press the Quickspell button on the left side of the book that looks a bit like a football. Exept colourfull. Get out of your spell book and right click on your character to view your status. Down the bottom should be your set spell. If you clicked on Water Magic, then set in Air, your quickspell will be Fly, which allows you to get to the boat docks in daggerwound Islands as soon as you start the game. There are other ltimate spells you can use straight up, such as infernos, but be careful because it might put a bug in the game.
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