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Druids: Complete Walkthrough (English)

The Mystery of the Druids

Complete Walkthrough


In the year 1000 AD the druids were facing their extinction. The last druids

decided to transfer their powers and magic onto five babies in a cruel rite at

the megalith circle of Stonehenge, to make sure their secret powers survived

A small group of the druids feared though that these children would never be

taught how to responsibly use their druidic powers - they might become tyrants

nobody could ever stop. To prevent this, the small group of druids kept their

energy in the rite, so it remained incomplete

The children, the Ў®inheritants of the druidsЎЇ, grew up and became powerful

personalities. The secret existence of the druids circle was guaranteed, but

not the whole druidic powers were united

You play as Detective Brent Halligan, inspector of Scotland Yard, who has to

investigate in a mysterious murder case.



Left mouse button:

- Normal arrow ЁC moves character up/down/left/right in the screen (one click)

o - makes character run (double click)

- Special arrow ЁC pick objects, open doors or items

- Directional arrow ЁC takes character to another place (different screen)

- Magnifier glass ЁC take a closer look to an object or section of a room

Right mouse button:

- Special arrow ЁC examines objects

- When holding an object ЁC releases that object

Escape button ЁC go to the main menu or cuts dialogues


Watch movie

Speak with Chief Miller (all topics*). He will give you the green files of the

case (a hard copy of these files comes in the game box, if you want to have a

look what they contain; Anyway the cases description is not important for the

game, it only allows you to understand the context).

Pick the green matches box from his desk.

Go outside the office.

Ў¤ NB: some topics disappear after you chose one sentence. You will have to go

back and re-start the conversation with a character in order to be able to go

through all topics. You can skip topics that you already did by pressing the

Ў®EscapeЎЇ button. Some other topics will appear in the option only after your

character has completed certain tasks or found certain objects, therefore you

might have to do things and then go back and speak again with a character. Do

not hesitate to speak again and again with the same person.

Go through the right door (ChrissЎЇ lab.).

Talk with Chriss (all topics).

Use magnifier glass on the upper right part of the screen (the shelf with white

and orange jars). Pick the fingerprint powder box (black).

Use magnifier glass on the left shelf (chemical bottles). You cannot pick


Exit the lab.

Go to the lower part of the screen.

Go to the second section of the hall.

Go into your office.

Use the magnifier glass on the drawers under the book shelves. (You can open

the four draws separately!).

Pick the green scarf, the plastic bags, the bottle of apple juice, and the


Exit you office.

Go in the left office (Jannet).

Talk with her (all topics).

She will give you a purple form. (If she does not give you one, you can still

pick it from the shelves behind her desk, next to the window).

Go behind her desk and use the magnifier glass on the shelves there.

Pick a white form (for stationeries), a carbon paper, and a note-pad.

In your inventory, use the purple form with the note-pad, then the carbon paper

with the note-pad, and finally the white form with the note-pad (Brent combine

them all).

Exit JannetЎЇs office.

Enter LawryЎЇs office. Talk with him (all topics). You can switch on the big

white fan, but I donЎЇt think that this will change the game. Make sure you ask

him about his office extension number (#196).

Exit the office. Take the elevator, and Exit Scotland Yard.

Go to the Eppiny forest.

Talk with the sergeant (all topics).

Use magnifier glass on the pile of bones. Use the magnifier glass again. Use a

plastic bag on the long bone (Halligan picks the bone). Use the plastic bags on

the small burned grass in the lower right area next to the skull (Halligan will

also pick some grass there).

Go back to Scotland Yard. Go to CrissЎЇ lab. Show him the bone and the grass,

and talk with him about all topics. He will give you the name of Professor

Turner at the Oxford Anthropological Museum.

Exit Scotland Yard and go to the Oxford Anthropological Museum. Unfortunately

the Museum is closed. Go to the road in front of the Museum and go left. Talk

with the beggar (all topics). Pick the empty flask at the right side of the


Go back to ChrissЎЇ lab. Use the magnifier glass on the left shelves

(containing the bottles with chemicals. Look closer to the bottles. Use

JannetЎЇs green scarf on the bottles (Halligan will dust them!).

Go and talk with Chriss (all topics). When he asks you if you want to try some

alcohol, say Ў®YesЎЇ. (Halligan will not be able to give this answer before you

dusted the chemical bottles with the green scarf!!!).

Watch the video clip.

Go to the shelves with bottles and use magnifier glass on them (the closest

view). Use the fingerprint powder on the bottles. Examine them. Pick the

alcohol bottle with the positive fingerprint. In your inventory use the alcohol

bottle with the empty flask. Put the bottle back on the shelf (Brent will not

exit the lab with this bottle in his pocket). In your inventory use the apple

juice bottle on the flask.

Exit the lab. Go to the Museum. Go left and talk with the beggar.

Give him the flask containing alcohol and apple juice.

Pick the coins from his hat.

Go to the main screen in front of the Museum, and then go right to the phone

boot. Use magnifier glass on the phone boot and click on the phone. Click on

the phone book (one of them will allow you to do so after you get the money

from the beggar). Use coins with phone (upper part). Talk to the girl.

Exit the phone boot and return to ChrissЎЇ lab (Scotland Yard).

He is back now, so talk to him. He will give you the name of the girl you spoke

with on the phone.

Go back to the Museum and to the phone boot. Redial the museum number and speak

with Melanie Turner.

Exit the phone boot and go to the entrance of the Museum. Melanie is waiting

for you there. Watch the video-clip.

Go to MelanieЎЇs lab. Talk with her (all topics).

Use the bone with Melanie.

Playing as Melanie:

Go to the table (the most south limit of the room) and look at the various

weapons there. Use the bone on the sickle. Melanie will observe that it matches

the notches in the bone.

Go to the table with the microscope and use the magnifier glass on the cutter

machine (upper right from the microscope). Use the bone on the cutter, and it

will cut a small bone fragment.

Use the magnifier glass on the microscope, and use the small bone fragment on

the microscope.

Click on the visa button (the big black wheel on the right). One click on the

visa, then one click on the central image, until the image of the bone fragment

becomes clear (Melanie will make some strange observations).

Exit the microscope, and go to the weapon table. Use magnifier glass on the

journals and books there, and Melanie will read an article in the journal.

Go and speak with Halligan. You will find out about Arthur Balke. Get his

address (it is written under the article).

Talk some more with Melanie (all topics).

Exit the museum and go to Arthur BlakeЎЇs house.

Ring the bell next to the entrance door.

Talk with Blake (all topics). You will find about Celts, Druids and the amulet.

Some topics appear in the menu only after you ask Blake certain questions, so

make sure you re-start the conversation as many times as necessary.

Exit Arthur BlakeЎЇs house and go to Portsmouth.

Speak with the Captain (he wonЎЇt say much).

Speak with Pierre the fisherman (All topics).

Go and see the castle (not much to be seen this time)

Go back to the village and speak with Pierre again. Ask him about fishing. Go

through all topics and he will tell you the whole title of the Captain.

Speak with the Captain, using his title (all topics)

Go back to the castle and in the first main scene go with the arrow on the most

extreme left of the screen. A directional arrow will appear leading to the back

of the main crumbled tower. Go to the left, down the stairs, to the cemetery

gates (locked)

Use the file folder with the gates and they will open.

Visit the cemetery all possible places and look at all the graves. You can use

the magnifier glass on them. Brent will observe that they have a hollow on the

top (there are twelve such graves).

Go and visit the Mausoleum and think about it.

Go back to the village.

Speak once again to the Captain. Ask him about working in the merchant navy,

his memoirs, his stories and about the castle of Carmors (he will tell you the

story of the castle)

Go back and see Arthur Blake. Talk with him about the captain (all topics) and

he will eventually send you back to the village of Carmorse.

So go back to Portsmouth and to the Carmorse village.

Go to the right extreme of the screen just above the barrels.

Wait for the cat to go behind the first set of crates.

When the cat is there walk to the extreme right down corner. Wait for the cat

to sit in front of the lamppost. Use the green craft on the cat (Brand will

catch the cat).

Go to see Pierre the fisherman.

Use the caught cat on him.

The cat escapes and knocks his baits in the water.

Pierre goes chasing after the cat.

Pick the bucket and the fishing rod.

In your inventory use the fishing rod on the bucket.

Use the magnifier glass on the bottom of the boat.

Use the bucket and fishing rod on the salt deposit on the boat (you will get a

few boulders of salt)

Go to the castle of Carmorse and into the cemetery.

Go to one of the tombs with a hollow on the top. Use the magnifier glass on one

of these tombs. Use the salt boulders on the hollow. Use the big bone on the

boulders (Brand will smash the boulders into salt). Pick the crushed salt and

go to the Mausoleum.

Use the salt on the Mausoleum. The Mausoleum will crush and a red crate will

appear. Use the magnifier glass on the red crate.

Click on it and take the amulet.

Go back to the village and ask the captain to take you back.

On the boat:

Click on the ventilation pipe above the wardrobe (a flap will open).

Use the amulet with the flap (Brand will hide the amulet in the pipe).

Go out to get fresh air.

When you are back, the cabin was searched, and the amulet stolen (I was

wondering why in the world he didnЎЇt keep the amulet with him!)

Go to Arthur BlakeЎЇs house.

Ask him to call Melanie.

Go to Scotland Yard. The chief is, of course, screaming, but go and talk to him

(all topics)

Go in your office. Use the magnifier glass on your answering machine.

Oh, Joy! You got 6 messages! Including one from your motherЎ­ (YayЎ­.) set the

machine on message no. 5. Click on the loud speaker of the phone and dial 196

(LarryЎЇs extension) Click on the play button on the answering machine.

If the timing is correct, Larry will Ў°speakЎ± with the screaming chief.

Go to LarryЎЇs office (empty now) and pick the scissors from his desk.

Use in your inventory. Use the scissors on the notepad (AFTER you combine the

notepad with the purple form plus the cardboard paper plus the white form for


Brent will cut the extra carbon paper. (All THIS just to CUT that &%*?@ carbon


Go and do some small talk with Janet (if you go directly to the chiefЎЇs

office, you wonЎЇt be able to enter because Larry is there!!

After some useless conversation with Janet, go to the chiefЎЇs office. Use the

notepad on him. He will unhappily sign the form.

Go back to JanetЎЇs office. Use the purple form on her.

She becomes (Oh surprise surpriseЎ­) very nice and gives you some information

(talk all topics)

Ask her to print the info for you. She will do so graciously (apparently a

purple form was required to seduce herЎ­)

Use the magnifier glass on the printer. Take the printed-paper.

Go out in the main hall and use the magnifier glass on the photocopier.

Use the printed-paper on the photocopier. Pick up the photocopies.

Go to the museum. Go to the museum door and use the photocopy on the letterbox

in the door.

Go to Lord SinclairЎЇs house.

Ring the bell and the butler will answer.

No matter what your answer will be, he will refuse to open the door.

>From the main gate, go left, and talk with the gardener (all topics)

Look at the pile of dry grass.

Use matches on the dry grass (Brent will set the fire and the gardener will run

for help)

Pick the clippers from the barrel.

Go back to the main gate. Go right. Use the magnifier glass on the hedge.

Use the clipper on the wired fence.

After the clipper brakes, use the scissors to continue the cutting.

But the scissors will brake too. Luckily, the hole is big enough now, but STOP

the fence is electrified!

Use the gloves on the fence (twice!!!)

Use the green scarf on a plastic bag in your inventory. Use the green scarf and

bag on the loose wire on the ground that you can see through the opened hole on

the other side of the fence.

On your side of the fence, in the right, lower corner, you will find another

piece of loose wire. Pick it up.

Use the directional arrow to jump on the other side of the whole in the fence

(though you lost the precious perfumed green scarf, you gained a no less

precious wire)

Go in the garden and the bodyguard will catch you and take you to see Lord


Watch the video clip.

You are locked in a room.

Look at the picture on the wall. Click on it and it comes out. Look at the nail

on the wall (upper right)

Use the picture on the nail (Brent will use the frame to lever and extract the

nail from the wall)

In your inventory use the nail on the picture which will detach into the canvas

and the frame.

Use the magnifier glass on the light coming from under the room door.

Use the nail on the upper edge of the lowest tiles.

Brent will scratch and detach 2 tiles.

Use the canvas on the gap. Use the nail on the keyhole. Pull the canvas and

pick the small key. Use the key on the door.

Go out in the corridor and staircase. Visit the dinning room and look at the

pictures on the wall.

Look at the set table. Go out in the back garden and watch the dreadful video

clip (classified 15!)

Play as Melanie

Go to Lord SinclairЎЇs house. Go right from the gate (the butler will not open

the gate of course.

Go through the hole in the fence. Two guards are patrolling and you need to

hide behind the first bush (the left front one).

Melanie will pick some rocks.

SAVE GAME NOW (if the operation fails, the game will end)

When both guards turn their backs, use the stones on the bush next to the front

entrance. The guards run to the bush, towards the main entrance to investigate

the noise. Click on the bush at the left of Melanie (towards the open window)

DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO THE WINDOW (if you do so, the guards will catch you no

matter how fast you are)

Once hidden behind the second bush, click on the directional button in front of

the open window. Melanie will climb up (it will probably take several tries to

succeed this.)

You find yourself in SinclairЎЇs study room.

Look to the altar.

Look to the left picture on the wall.

Look to the bines and skulls in the left cupboard.

Look at the paperweight (a skull, no surprise hereЎ­) on SinclairЎЇs desk

(Melanie will say she cannot take it with her because it is too heavy)

Look the pentagram on the window newt to the wall. Click on the little men

figures around the pentagram until the standing one (itЎЇs in the lower middle,

at 6 oЎЇclock) click on the internal ring until the black bead is directed

towards the standing man (at 6 oЎЇclock) A crack is heard.

Use the magnifier glass again on the picture on the left. Click on it and it

will reveal a safe.

Click on 10 until the red indicator gets there.

Click on the rectangular button (hear a click)

Click on 1 to get the red indicator there. Click on the rectangular button


Click on 6 to get the red indicator there. Click on the rectangular button


The safe door is opening and reveals the amulet and a parchment.

Watch the video clip.

Go to BlakeЎЇs house and talk with him (all topics). You will be asked to find

a book.

Go to Oxford library.

Look at the books in the display cases.

Talk to the woman at the desk (Misses Owen)

Of course she will not help you, why should she?

Go in the right entrance and pick a copy of the book displayed there (Some

cheap sort of book on loan)

Go out in the main hall and then to the left entrance. Talk with the senile


Use the cheap book on his pocket.

Exit the library and use the magnifier glass on the black car parked outside

(the professorЎЇs car)

Use the wire on the top of the opened window.

Watch the video clip.

Take advantage of the situation and go to the computer room. Use the computer

to find the position of the book you are looking for. (48/3-C-B)

Go to the biggest library room behind Mrs OwensЎЇs desk

As you enter, click the right direction arrow, towards compartment C

Click on the third shelf marked 3!!!

Brent will climb up the ladder and pick a book.

Go to the main hall and talk with Mrs Owen.

Go to the right book room again and use your precious book on the cheap books

on loan on the table (Brent will pick a cover and hide his book in it)

Speak with Mrs Owen again and give her your fake book.

Go to see Blake and give him the book.

Watch the video clip.

Talk with Melanie about all topics (including her agitated personal life!!)

Look at the danger signalling board.

Pick the two wood pieces of the board.

Walk over the bridge as far as you can go.

Use one of the boards on the right edge of the bridge. (Brent will place this

board between the two edges.

Walk on the board.

Use the second wooden board ahead of you, also between the two edges.

Walk on this second board.

Pick up the first board and put it ahead in front of you.

Repeat the operation until you crossed the collapsed part of the bridge.

Use the amulet with the big bucket.

Use the wooden danger board with the opened door.

Go back and pick the amulet from the bucket.

Enter the tower and look to the bucket in the center of this room.

Go out again and use the magnifier glass on the previously lowered bucket.

Click on the left, half unscrewed screw. (I am not sure why you have to do

this, but just do it anyway)

Go back inside the tower.

Look to the door from the inside of the room. Pick the board that is holding

the door.

A huge hourglass rises from the floor.

Use the broken scissors on the screw.

Use the metal hook on the device.

Watch the video clipЎ­

CD 2 Ў°The pastЎ± Played as Melanie

Pick up the book on the barrel furthest left.

Look at the scales. Look at the shelves with lots of pots.

Pick a metal tray from the right lower shelf.

Click on the first right jar on the middle shelf.

Click on all other middle shelf jars, from left to right.

Pick up the wooden bowl.

Pick some hot water from the cauldron with the wooden bowl (however does she

put it in HER POCKET?! ItЎЇs full of hot water!)

*In you inventory you now have a:

A green plant: Menthol.

An unknown plant: Yellow.

A cinnamon plant: Red

A fleshy, herbaceous plant: Brown, but itЎЇs rather green.

An Aniseed plant: Blue, but this one also looks green.

A spongy plant: Lilac, rather brownish.

Go outside and speak with the soldiers (all topics)

Offer them to make a love drink.

Go one moment in the kitchen and use the small metal plate of the scale.

Return to the soldiers and speak to them.

Take a coin from the bag on the floor just behind the chatty soldier.

Go back in the kitchen and use the magnifier glass on the scale.

Use the coin with the metal plate on the right.

You will weigh out the plants since the coin is one once.

Each once of plant should be added to the water separately immediately after


You must put: 2 ounces of the red plant (cinnamon), 2 ounces of yellow plant

(unknown plant), 1 ounce of the blue plant (aniseed).

Now the water in the bowl becomes clear again and the potion is ready.

Go to the soldiers and make them drink.

Go back in the kitchen and take some more water.

Return to the fast asleep soldiers.

Pick the key from John (the blond one).

Go through the right door, down the stairs. Talk to Brent and open the door of

the cell. Talk to him.

Go up the stairs and check the key in the main door (but it doesnЎЇt fit).

Go back down and speak with Brent again.

Go to the crates next to the stairs and push them. Go into the secret passage.

Go ahead in the dark.

Watch video clip.

The monastery

Look through the two windows.

Pick up the cover from the bed.

Watch video clip

Talk to Maglor (all topics)

Go out of the room.

*There are ten rooms that you will need to visit. And I will number them

starting from the first one (MaglorЎЇs room, first door on the right of the

BrentЎЇs room- left of the screen. The direction will always be towards the


-Room one: first room on the left is Brother MaglorЎЇs room. Speak with him all

topics. Go out.

-Room two: The meat store. Nothing to do here.

-|Room three: Next room on the right of the tapestry on the right of the boat

is a monkЎЇs room. Nothing to do here either.

Go out and go straight through the door at the end of the corridor.

You will reach a big blue hall with a locked gate on the right. Look at the two

heavy locks.

Go to the furthest left corner. You will enter another corridor.

-Room four: First room on the left is the candle deposit. Pick some candles

from the pile on the floor. Go out.

On the corridorЎЇs wall left from room four there is a tapestry with a war


-Room five: Next room on the left of the tapestry is a monkЎЇs room with a fire

lit in the fireplace and a basket opposite the fireplace.

Go out and continue on the corridor.

-Room six: ItЎЇs another MonkЎЇs room.

-Room seven: The room at the bottom of the corridor is SerstanЎЇs room. Speak

with him all topics. At the end of the conversation he will throw you out. But

donЎЇt despair and re-enter the room and speak with him some more. He will

throw you out again. Insist and re-enter. Do so until he allows you to look

around in his room. On the walls there are three pictures representing three

elements, Earth, Air and Water. On his desk you can see a red crate with a key

inside (coincidence? I think notЎ­)

Look and think about the key, but when you try to take it, Serstan will not

allow you. (Should this be considered as a surprise?).

Look through the two windows.

Go out. Go left on the next corridor.

-Room eight: the Dinning room. With a completely undisturbable monk.

-Room nine: The kitchen. Look at the working bench on the right, close to the

door. Pick the iron Crucible. Look on the table opposite from the door. Pick

the green roots. Exit the kitchen and continue on the corridor.

-Room ten: The double door on the left lead to the Ў°conference roomЎ± with the

Ў°throneЎ± and the kind of abacus on the wall behind the throne.

Going through the small door in this room will take you to the library where

you find Melanie reading an old book.

Talk with her all topics.

Exit to the corridor.

The big arch on the right leads you to the garden. Go back in the corridor and

in the room with the fireplace (room five). Put the iron crucible in the

fireplace. Use the candles with the hot crucible (they will melt) and you get

back a wax block and the crucible (Which will probably burn your pocket, but

who caresЎ­)

Now go back in the garden.

Go right and get to the shed with the blacksmith anvil in front of the door.

Enter the shed and talk with the blacksmith (all topics).

Look around, click on the fireplace and think about it.

Go back to your room and look through the window next to the bed. Click on the

nest on the top of the chimney and think about it. Go back to the garden. Go

left and look to the salad patio. Use the roots from the kitchen on the drain.

Turn the switch on the pipeline on.

Follow the water pipe to the back of the yard, past the stables, and right to

the cistern.

Use the magnifier glass on the switch there (under the pipe where it exits from

the cistern)

Turn the switch.

Go back to the salad patio which is now flooded.

Use the magnifier glass on the ground and pick the three worms. (Now, not only

is his picket going to be burnt, itЎЇs going to be soggy as well!)

Go back to the blacksmith shed.

DonЎЇt enter, instead go left and click on the back of the house to the lower

edge of the roof, just above the window with a red curtain (An upwards

directional arrow will appear.)

Brent will climb on the roof.

Use the worms with the roofЎЇs side on the left side of the screen.

Watch video clip.

Pick up the nest.

Go back in the blacksmithЎЇs shed and talk to him.

Go out and behind the blacksmithЎЇs shed again) from where you climbed on the

roof and put your cursor to the lower edge of the screen.

Go there (it is the very end of the garden, with another shed and a chopping

block with an axe in front of it)

On the chopping block there is a little piece of wood. Pick it up.

Go in SerstanЎЇs room (room seven)

Go behind him with the picture with the water symbol and use the magnifier

glass on the secret compartment just under the picture.

Use the little piece of wood with the secret compartment.

Exit the room and go to see Maglor (room one) and convince him to lure Serstan

out of his room.

Go to SerstanЎЇs room and look to the secret niche.

Click on it, and pick up the red crate.

Also pick up the little piece of wood.

Use the red crate with the chair just in front of the secret compartment.

Take the key and in your inventory use it on the wax block.

Also in your inventory use your key with the red crate and replace it in the

secret niche.

Use the big stone to lock the secret niche again.

Exit the room and for the blacksmith.

Use the wax block with the key impression on the blacksmith.

While waiting for the key to be ready, go to the library and talk to Melanie.

Go back to the blacksmith and the key will be ready.

Go and speak with Maglor and then will Melanie in the library again (all


Go to the blue hall.

Use the magnifier glass on the locked gate. Use the key on both locks.

Click on the large wooden plank blocking the door.

Click on the door and enter.

*You are in a strange sort of maze. I will number the doors. 1 being the one

furthest left on the screen, and 2, 3 or 4 being on the right side of the


Sometimes, you will have to go back through the same door. I will approximately

describe the symbols, but have a look to the attached pictures. (Coming soon)

1) Balcony with an arrow symbol. (Directly from the blue hall, which is door

2): go through door 3. (Right)

2) Balcony with a Y shaped symbol: go door 2.

3) Balcony with reversed arrow: door 4.

4) Eye with legs symbol: door 3.

5) Sigma like symbol: door 1. (Back through the same door)

6) Y shape with an extra line symbol: door 1.

7) F shaped symbol: door 3. (Back through the same door)

8) Very complicated X and brackets symbol: door 2.

9) Upside-down Y symbol: door 1.

10) Criss-crossed arrowheads symbol: door 3. (Back through the same door).

Once you reached the lower level, go straight to the opening with three


Look at the young tree, hourglass and old tree.

Turn around (using the directional arrow) and close the gate behind you.

A secret passage will open under the reliefs.

Go through it.

Go left and look at the intact beads apparatus (abacus like thing) similar to

the one in the big conference room, under the old tree relief.

Go right, and right, to the broken beads apparatus, under the young tree


Go back and down to the center of the room.

Use the magnifier glass on the crystal ball.

Click on it and an image of the destroyed Stonehenge appears.

Go back to the monastery, to the library door, inside the conference room, and

speak with Maglor.

Enter the library and speak with Melanie.

Go behind the throne and look to the beads apparatus there. It looks like

I-Ўс-I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I---I (14 notches with a

bead at position 1)

I--------I---Ўс---I--------I--------I--------I---------I (6 notches with a

bead at position 2)

I------------I------------I------Ўс------I-------------I (4 notches with a

bead at position 3)

I------I------I------I---Ўс---I------I------I------I------I (8 notches with a

bead at position 4)

I----I----I----I----I--Ўс--I----I----I----I----I----I----I----I (12 notches

with a bead at position 5)

This structure represents a calendar (a bizarre one I think but a calendar

nevertheless. If you find some significance to it, please Email me)

Go back to the crystal ball room (luckily, Brent goes right to there without

passing through the maze)

Go left, to the intact beads apparatus. The two upper strings are supposedly

SerstanЎЇs new addition. So leave these two upper strings alone, and set the

lower 5 in the order seen on the beads apparatus in the conference room.

The code being: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Go and have a look in the crystal ball. If you have entered the code correctly,

you will have a glimpse of an intact Stonehenge.

Go back to the intact bead apparatus, and set it as to show the execution date.

Here the code will be from the top string: 6, 2, 3, 2, 3, 4, and 5. (The most

top string shows the twelve hours, so it must be advanced to 6; the second up

shows night/day succession- just 2 notches and it must be set to 2, ie. At

night. The third probably shows the days, so it should be advanced by 2. Have a

look in the crystal ball again.

And watch the video clip showing your execution. (That, of course, if you have

entered the code correctly.

Go back to your room and speak with Maglor. Use the bed sheet in your inventory

on the candle on the table.

Use the magnifier glass on the left window.

Click on the two white buildings in the distance.

Watch video clip.

Go back (down the screen) to the forest.

Look for the hurt Maglor.

Speak to him.

Use magnifier glass on the weeds at the far end of the screen.

Use gloves on the healing mistletoe.

Pick it up.

Use the healing mistletoe on Maglor. (Too late, he is already deadЎ­)

Pick the top (Magic gyroscope) from dead Maglor.

Go to the temples (on the other side of the river where you landed)

Go to the left temple. Use the magic gyroscope on the table on the left.

Go through the entrance that opens.

Repeat (itЎЇs a rotating door)

When you exit the second time, a stone relief appears on the ground.

Use magnifier glass on it and you will see that the first two buttons are


Click on the middle stone button.

Go in the rotating door and you enter a hall with two sets of stone steps and a

copper plate on a pedestal.

Use the magnifier glass on the plate.

Pick the flint.

Go up the stone stairs and use the magnifier glass on the second copper plate.

Look to the iron ladle. Take it.

Exit and re-enter the rotating doors. You are in another hall with a copper

plate in the middle containing a bubble that you cannot take.

Go up the stone stairs in this hall and use the magnifier glass on the other

copper plate and pick the small shovel up.

Exit and re-enter the turning doors. You are standing in another room with a

pedestal bearing a copper plate full of clear water. Use the ladle on the


Go up the stone stairs and pick the second flint from the second copper plate.

Exit and re-enter the turning doors.

Use the magnifier glass on the copper plate containing soil. Use the small

shovel on the soil.

Go up the stone stairs and pick the bellows from the copper plate.

Re-enter and exit through the turning doors twice (to get to the bubble room)

Use the bellows on the bubble and it will suck some air from it.

You know have the 3 elements Earth, Water and Air.

Exit the left temple and enter the right temple.

Use the magnifier glass on the middle pedestal but you cannot take the key.

Enter the upper left area with a cage filled with straws.

Pick the torch on the wall at the left.

Use the flint with the fire symbols on it on the cage and it will light the


Use the magnifier glass on the golden lock at the bottom right of the cage. Use

the amulet against the lock. Open the cage and use the torch on the burning


Go to the next area on the left where there is a large metal ball with a hole

at the top. The ball has the symbol of Air on it.

Use the bellows on the metal ball.

Use the torch on the small grate under the metal ball to light the fire


Continue to the left area but you find a locked door and further on the left

another iron ball with the Water symbol on it. Click on the ball to open it.

And use the ladle full of water on the metal ball.

Click on it again to close it and use the torch under the ball as previously.

In the next area to the left, there is a third big metal ball, open it and use

the small shovel with soil.

Click on it to close it.

Use the torch again to light the base of the ball.

The barrier around the pedestal with the golden key vanishes.

Pick the golden key up.

Go to the locked door and use the key on it.

Go down two flights of steps and use the magnifier glass on the right wall (You

can do that in TWO places) pick the two tiles up (wind and earth symbols on

them respectively)

Same at the next floor (tiles with water and fire symbols respectively)

Go down two more flights of steps.

Use magnifier glass on the LEFT wall. Pick the two tiles (air and fire


Same with the next floor. (Another air and water)

Reach the main underground room with a pedestal in the middle containing the

staff, and four other rooms around it, each containing a pedestal and a


>From where you stand, at the bottom of the stairs, BrentЎЇs face turned

towards the central pedestal.

Go towards the left side of the screen (right from the stairs)

In the first room put a tile containing the symbol of the earth on the

pedestal, and air on the megalith.

Exit this room.

Go left and left. In the next room place fire in the pedestal and fire in the


Exit to the main area and go left and left.

In the next room set air in the pedestal and water in the megalith.

Exit to the center area.

In the next room to the left set water in the pedestal and air in the megalith.

The light barrier on the central pedestal with the stuff vanishes.

Use magnifier glass on the central pedestal.

Pick up the staff.

Watch the video clip.

Use hedge clipper on Melanie. (if someone understands WHY he did that PLEASE

let me know!!)

Watch video clip.

Use healing mistletoe on Melanie.

Watch final video.


Game played by: Myster Mask and Monica.

Original walkthrough written and typed by Monica.

For any inquiries, and help, please Email Monica at:

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