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There are no secrets as such in this level, although the entrance to the nightmare skill level takes a bit of finding. To get there,

head for the easy entrance, but once you're at the slipgate arch, go right and follow the hall. After going around a corner you'll

come across a stack of crates. Jump in-between them and you'll find a lift. Go up the lift and you'll be at the entrance to nightmare level.

Pumping Station - HIP1M1

1. Go past the first door on the right and look for a wall texture on the right that's slightly different. Shoot it to reveal red armor.

2. Go to the bottom of the staircase, take a right and go up the small stairs, which take you to the large outdoor area. Underneath the

bridge, you'll see a small red button. Shoot it, and a secret door will open with a 100 health power-up inside.

3. In the wide open area outside there is a staircase. Inside, on the ceiling, is a red button. Shooting it opens up access to some ammo

and a proximity gun.

4. Before entering the slipgate, fire a rocket at the crates to the right. This will activate a switch producing smaller crates which can

be used as stepping stones. A space inside the slipgate holds 100% health.

5. In the first room past the blue force field door, there is a light strip on the ceiling with one odd light. Shoot it, and a panel will open

on the control station revealing a Ring of Shadows.

Storage Facility - HIP1M2

1. In the area that overlooks the beginning of the level, ledges lead to the ramp on the opposite side. On the opposite wall you should be

able to see the outline of a panel. Shoot and it will open revealing Quad Damage.

2. Facing away from the gold key, drop down to the boxes immediately below. Follow the boxes round to some yellow armor.

3. In the first major room there is a red button above the doorway that leads to the Force Field Bridge. Shooting it activates a short-lived

bridge from the silver key area to the door on the other side. Launch a proximity grenade onto the target, run to the crossing point

and wait for the mine to explode. Cross it to enter the slipgate for the secret level ФThe Military Complex'.

The Military Complex - HIP1M5 (Secret Level)

1. Go straight down the tunnel and, when you reach the corner, look up to see a red target. Position yourself over the platform below

and shoot the target. Ride the platform for 100% health.

2. In the small outdoor area with a guard tower, shoot the red target that's on the ceiling of the tower. A lift will drop down, which you

can ride up for another 100% health.

3. Find and get on the small outdoor L-shaped bridge that leads to th balcony overlooking the start area. Simply look down from the

bridge. See the nail boxes? Walk off and grab them for another secret credit.

4. On the left-hand side of the start area there's a ledge. To reach it, jump off the overlooking balcony, where one of the three trigger

switches can be found, and find the Perforator.

5. In the room with lots of blocks rising out of it you'll notice one of them has a red arrow on it. Using the other stacks, jump on top

of the arrow block. Once there, a box will move revealing some red armor.

6. In the sewage system, walk off the bridge, pick up the yellow armor and turn round. Under the far side of the bridge is a Quad Damage.

7. In the room which houses the gold key door, you can spot a panel with a misaligned texture. Shoot it and enter to collect yellow armor.

The Lost Mine - HIP1M3

1. Keep to the left in the second passage down the long mine shaft. You'll find a pipe to walk down. When you reach the end a door

will slide open revealing red armor.

2. At the area with the exploding boxes, use the rail to jump up on top of the rocks on your right and step up on the plate. It will

open a panel on the left wall in the previous room, which hides a Ring of Shadows.

3. In the area before the machinery, you will find a red button next to some red bars down one of the side corridors. Press it and

jump up the bars to the pipes. Run along these to find a 100% health.

Research Facility - HIP1M4

1. In the room before the gold key door, there is a small blue light above a panel. Shoot the light to open the panel and a single

box of nails. Woo!

2. In the room with the silver key, go up both ramps. You'll hear a door opening nearby, which is in the side of the first ramp.

Jump down and run to collect the yellow armor and some nails.

3. After riding the lift past the silver

key door, you'll be in a control room. On the side of one of the control panels is a red button. Press it to open a cache

containing some nails.


Ancient Realms - HIP2M1

1. At the very start of the level, before you go through the main doors, you can see a small button next to them. Shoot it to

open a passage in the nearby pool of water. A short swim down the pool will take you to a room with a box of shells and 100% health.

2. A red button in the ceiling that's partially hidden by supports can be found in one of the 'button' rooms which adjoin the

silver key room. Shoot it and a secret area at the bottom of the stairs opens up which conceals 100% health.

3. At the end of the banister of one of the staircases, near the floor is a button. Shooting it opens up a section of wall to the

left which hides a Quad Damage.

4. Directly inside the silver door is a room with a lift. Next to the lift is a platform with an Empathy Shield trapped by wooden

bars. Simply destroy the bars with a rocket to gain access.

5. On the left-hand side of a wooden walkway which overlooks the room with a swing door, there's a window. Shoot it with the

super shotgun, and a door opens revealing a Ring of Shadows.

6. In the swing door room, go underneath the walkway and shoot the wall that has a slightly different texture to the rest. It turns out to be

a hidden door leading to a room with red armor.

7. In the same room you can run and jump on top of the flip door when it's open. Above the top of the door there's a stone which can

be pushed in. Doing so will open a secret door on your right containing a grenade launcher. There's a barrier here too, but you can't

move it yet...

8. When you get to the end-of-level exit, don't go through it. Instead look carefully at the top of the door just above the goat's head.

You'll see a red button which when shot with the nail gun removes the barrier from the previous secret. So, make your way back and

press the button. A lift will take you to a slipgate for the secret level, 'The Gremlin's Domain'.

The Gremlin's Domain - HIP2M6 (Secret Level)

1. At the start there's an ogre in a cage. Shoot the wall just below and to the right of the cage to open it and get the yellow armor.

2. After you've lowered the column in the gold key room which houses the 100% health, look up. You'll see a small red button.

Shoot it to open some stairs which lead you to a Thunderbolt.

3. Under water where the silver key is found, look to the left to see the outline of a door. Shoot it and enter to get to the hammer.

4. In the room with the stained glass windows and the nail traps, shoot the purple window. Behind it is a slipgate taking you to some

red armor.

5. As you pass through the gold key door, there's a skull near the exit. Shoot it to reveal a Ring of Shadows.

6. After picking up the wetsuit, shoot the button which is just inside the door that takes you to the water. In the water, an opening

will now allow you to surface and get a Quad Damage.

The Black Cathedral - HIP2M2

1. After going down the stairs and entering the library room, you'll see three tall bookcases in the corner. Push the book that's

sticking out to revolve the bookcase and reveal a room which houses a Pentagram of Protection.

2. At the main altar, stand at the pulpit. When it tells you to, look up and you should see a very small red button. Shoot it to cause

one of the pews to slide back revealing a slipgate. Go through it and you should go back to the start of the level, but this time on a

piece of scaffolding, facing 100% health.

3. The room with the gold key door has a staircase leading up and out. Follow it and then examine the blocks on the walls. One of

them has a misaligned texture and can be shot to reveal a Ring of Shadows.

4. In one of the corridors containing a few knights, there's another bookcase with a book sticking out. Push it in to move the bookcase

and reveal a Quad Damage.

5. After getting through the room with the lava trap and pressing the button on the wall, look above the doorway. You should see a

block decorated with a cross sticking out. Shoot it and turn around. A staircase has risen and one of the windows has slid away.

Go through to get 100% health and to get to the end of the level exit.

6. Although not credited as a secret, opposite the pulpit the giant wall with Christ on it hides something. Shoot at its head for a nasty

surprise. (It's advisable to save the game before trying this.)

The Catacombs - HIP2M3

1. On the edge of one of the two corridors separated by lava you'll be able to make out some ledges. Use a low step on your

right-hand side to get to the steps on the right. Climb up to collect the cells.

2. Once you're inside the building, a recessed door is visible. Go to the torch on the wall and jump up and hit it. The door slides

up leading you to a super nail gun and 100% health.

3. After lowering and descending the spiral staircase, you'll find a small mound of dirt with a white cross on the wall right in front of

you. Shoot the cross and watch 100% health fall from the sky.

4. In the room containing the hammer Mjolnir, you can see an Empathy Shield through a small opening in the wall. To collect it, go

up the stairs, and at the top turn round and stay on the left. You should be able to see three steps on the wall. Hop up them and drop

through the hole.

The Crypt - HIP2M4

1. In the first room, which contains coffins and a giant bookcase, use the stool or rocket jump to the top of the bookcase. This opens a

cupboard on the other side of the room, which contains a Horn of Conjuring.

2. In the same room, stepping on the square skull plate in one of the coffins teleports you to a room with three graves. Turn around and

there's a hammer nearby as well as another teleport.

3. Go back down the stairs and take the other hallway. Step on the small square on the ground, and you'll float up. Pull the switch then

turn around and jump to the crossbeam. From there, jump to the ledge on the right and a door will open for you revealing 100% health.

4. When you reach the gold key, look to the right. Follow the right ledge and a wall will open in front of you containing a laser gun.

5. In the second crypt room, housing a fiend and a few zombies, look at the blue stones underneath the yellow armor. Jump onto the

lower stones and jump towards the taller one. As you land on them a panel opens up nearby with Empathy Shields inside.

6. Near the rocket launcher, high in the sky is a rafter you can jump up to. Jump towards the ledge on the other side of it. The wall will

open, revealing some rockets.

Mortum's Keep - HIP2M5

1. Just after the area that contains the rocket launcher there's a room with a gate blocking a pool of water. Shoot the skull in this room

and the gate will rise allowing you to collect boxes of ammo.

2. Lower the gate from secret one by shooting the skull again. Then get on top of it and shoot the skull once more. From here you can

get boxes of cells, and if you jump towards the ledge in front of the wall on the right, it will slide open to reveal some red armor.

3. In the room with the large crates you can see a Quad Damage in a skylight. To get it, jump from the top of the staircase onto the

door keystones that are sticking out. From here you can get on the tall crate which triggers the wall to reveal a teleport. Use it to

reach the Quad.

4. Eventually you'll be on a balcony overlooking the place where you started. Look above the goat's head and notice the stones set

back into the wall. A long running jump from the top of the platform will land you in front of it. A hammer and a couple of boxes of

ammo can be found behind it.

5. In the room which has two triggers on the side walls, there is a push plate in the centre of the middle structure. Jump onto it from

the staircase, and you'll notice a door open in the side of the room. This will lead you to a 100% health box.

6. In the room with the small square pool look underneath the walkway on the entrance side. One of the blocks is sticking out, which

can be pushed to reveal a section on the opposite wall which contains some yellow armor.


Tur Torment - HIP3M1

1.To the left of the gondola switch it's possible to walk onto that tiny ledge - at the end you'll find a small room with some rockets.

2. From the top of the tower, jump past the silver key onto the cable car rail. Run along the rail and jump off to the rockets on the ledge.

3. From the same place, turn to the left and fall off the roof from the furthest left flat section onto a ledge and a 100% health.

4. Just outside the second silver security gate you'll find three skull plates. Push the one on the left to reveal stairs which lead to a

Quad Damage.

5. Just past the silver security gate, there's an area with two large staircases. Go down the first staircase, keeping an eye on the wall

for a plate to shoot. This will activate stepping stones across to 100% health.

6. There's a red button on the very top ceiling of the spiral tower. Shoot it to open up the big daemon face in the middle of the tower.

This can be jumped to from the opposite window and houses a Ring of Shadows and two health packs.

Pandemonium - HIP3M2

1. In the first room, shoot the yellow vent to open a secret door on th balcony above containing a nail gun.

2. Along the first corridor there's a compartment filled with grunts. Shoot the vent inside to open it and collect the shells and blue armor.

3. In the hallway that was blocked by a grate just before the staircase, shoot the last wall panel on the left. It opens, leading to the

lightning gun which you can just make out underneath the stairs.

4. When you reach the silver key guarded by the Vore, shoot the wall behind it. It will reveal a teleport that takes you to the room

above, which has health packs, rockets and cells.

5. As soon as you get the gold key, look off the ledge below and shoot the red button. A panel opens up to your left with 100%

health inside.

Limbo - HIP3M3

1. From the silver security door, go down the stairs to the area with two daemon faces on the wall. Shoot the cross next to them to

open a room on the wall opposite which contains ammo and the hammer.

2. When you find the platform in the sewer with the wetsuit on, jump into the water and swim towards the floodgate. On the right

you'll see a panel which looks different from the rest. Shoot it and swim up to the 100% health.

3. Just to the right of the gold key is another wall with a misaligned texture. Shoot it to reveal yellow armor.

4. In the same room, shoot the cross on the wall. Then, head back to the silver key room, look for a red button above the floodgate,

shoot it, then go back to the room with the gold key and go into the pool. The grate will open allowing you to swim in. Follow the

tunnel and you'll see a square pool. Surface, and you're at the exit taking you to the secret level ФThe Edge of Oblivion' (HIPDM1)

which doesn't contain any secrets.

The Gauntlet - HIP3M4

1. In the first room, shoot all four daemon faces on the wall, then step on the plate which opens up. This opens up more floor and

some red armor.

2. After taking the large lift up, shoot the face on your left and turn round to find 100% health.

3. In the room just past the silver key door, there's a panel on the right side of the stairway. Shoot it to open a room with a teleport.

Walk in to get to Quad Damage.

4. From the Quad Damage in the previous secret, look down at the main entrance and look for the brick that's sticking out. Jump

off and press it, and a doorway opens to your right. Follow that hallway for a Pentagram of Protection and to see Hipnotic's logo. The

logo can be revolved by shooting the red target on top.

5. At the bridge which spans the red water, jump in and swim into the tunnel. Here you'll find yellow armor, rockets and a teleporter

which takes you back to the bridge.

6. After travelling down the long underwater tunnel you'll come up near a staircase and a big face on the wall. Push on the panel to

the left of the face and get some ammo and 100% health.

Armagon's Lair - HIPEND

No designated secrets.