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To find the nightmare skill level entrance, go straight through the normal

slipgate. Around the left and right corners are two buttons in the ceiling.

Shoot them then shoot the button hidden behind the slipgate under the giant 'Q'.

Go back to the lava tube in the ceiling, stand on the pad on the floor, and move

left and right slowly to activate the triggers that shoot you up to the

nightmare slipgate.


Deviants Domain - R1M1

1. Right at the start of this level, after coming down the ramps and walking

outside, you'll see a moat of slime in front of a castle. Jump in the slime and

collect the biosuit and health.

2. Once you're out of the slime, head towards the building on your left. Going

inside you'll see a lift. Step on and off again quickly to trigger it to rise,

then walk down the shaft below. A Super Shotgun, a box of shells, and a crate of

nails are down below along with a handy slipgate.

3. Straight after getting the silver key, backtrack, and go to the hall which

houses the spike traps. The small passageway coming off of the corridor has its

gates raised, so take the lift down. But before you step off, notice the floor,

which has a small square of toxic slime in it. Drop into it, get the biosuit,

and follow the tunnel until you surface in a small room with 100% health and

some lava nails.

4. After travelling on the second boat, jump off and run through the door. Turn

around and look above the door, and you should see a button. Shoot it, go back

through the door, and see the Power Shield

in front of you.

Dread Portal - R1M2

1. In the room where you begin this level you'll notice little tubs of water

around the walls. Jump in one of them, and you'll find yourself in a large pool.

Find a button on one of the walls, press it, and see an area in the middle of

the pool slide away. Swim in there, and grab the Quad Damage.

2. Go back into the pool in the same way as before. To the left of the button

you pressed is a shaft that you can swim up. It takes you to a box of shells,

and some health.

3. After picking up the silver key, jump down from the cage which housed it.

This will trigger the bars to lower around the lift. Use it, follow the passage,

and drop down the hole. If you hurry, you'll see a section of wall open to

reveal some yellow armor.

4. After opening the silver key door, jumping over the lava, and taking the lift

down, you'll be in a room with two buttons on the wall. Press the one on the

left, look up to see the ceiling coming down, and position yourself under the

hole in it. When it stops, jump through it and it will rise, taking you to a

passage with rockets and red armor.

Judgement Call - R1M3

1. Go through the big door and you'll immediately see the gold key ahead of you.

Go forward onto the little ledge, look down and you'll see some lava nails. Jump

down, grab them, and find the Quad Damage just around the corner.

2. When you find the room with a circular, red stained glass window in it, shoot

the centre of the window, and look behind you and to the left. A panel has slid

away revealing some blue armor.

3 and 4. After using the lift that takes you downstairs even further, enter the

room, waste the monsters, then turn around and look for a button above the

entrance. Shoot it, then go back to the lift. Two panels have opened up with

shells, rockets, a biosuit and some lava nails. Each room registers as a

separate secret.

5. When you next find yourself underwater, surface, and examine the yellow

lights in the ceiling. If you shoot the one that's flickering, it will open up a

door back underwater, which houses a 100% health.

6. After opening the gold key door you'll enter a room full of monsters. During

the mayhem you might notice an ogre jump through the wall on your left. After

wasting everyone, walk through the wall where he appeared to find lava nails,

rockets, and red armor.

Cave Of Death - R1M4

1. After crossing the drawbridge and entering the cave, follow the path along

the outside until you come across a wall with a red button. Shoot it to reveal a

Ring of Shadows and some shells, which you'll find near to the cave system's


2. When you get to the room that has wooden bridges coming out of the water, go

for a swim. Keep close to the outside wall as you go down and you'll find a box

of rockets, lava nails, and some red armor.

3. At the rickety bridge which you cross, turn around and look back. You'll see

a button on the far side. Shoot it to open a panel across the bridge which has

rockets, shells and 100% health.

4. The last secret is right by the level's exit. After killing the Shambler,

look around to find a ledge with some health and red armor on it. To get them,

follow the wooden plank up, but don't jump into the blowhole just yet. Instead,

use the lift which activates once you're under the blowhole to get to the


Towers Of Wrath - R1M5

1. Soon after the start you'll be in a room with lava on the left-hand side and

100% health in a cage on your left. Go straight ahead up the stairs and through

the door. Shoot the light on the right side of the ceiling and a panel opens up

with a slipgate in. Walk through it to get to the health.

2. Soon you'll come to a lift taking you down. Use it, go down the stairs and go

up the ramp. This will trigger a secret opening behind you, so turn around and

collect the Power Shield, blue armor and cells.

3. To the right of the silver key door is a pool of water. Go in and swim under

the stairs, then look for a button. Shoot it and a section of the floor slides

open revealing another pool. Go in for nails, cells and a Pentagram of


4. Just below the silver key you'll notice a part of the wall is misaligned.

Shoot the wall, to reveal Quad Damage behind it.

5. After getting the silver key, go through the door that takes you to a

staircase and some water. Jump in the water and swim under the stairs to find a


6. Go through the silver key door and waste the two Shamblers there. To reach

the 100% health box jump to the tube that one of the Shamblers came out of. Then

jump to the health.

7. After going up a lift you'll find yourself in a room with lots of bookcases.

Push the skull on the far right case to open a panel with Quad Damage inside.

Temple Of Pain - R1M6

1. Near the start, enter the first building and take the lift up. Jump in the

water and swim along until you come out into a long hall. At the end of the

hall, near a torch on the ceiling you'll see a block jutting down. Stand under

it and jump up. To your right you'll see a slipgate appear, which will take you

to a Pentagram of Protection.

2. In the graveyard, you'll see a huge red pentagram in the sky. Simply use the

stones jutting out from the wall and the support beam to get to the top and the

red armor.

3. Just before the gold key door, is a pool of lava with an altar in the middle.

Shoot the cross with a face on it which is above the altar and a stone will rise

from the lava. Use it to get to the altar and the lightning gun.

4. Another one with two methods. When you find the Anti-Grav Belt you can use it

to reach the Quad Damage on the high ledge in the main room of the building.

5. After collecting the gold key and killing the wraths return to the blood red

block you passed in the hallway stone in the hallway. Jump into the hole that

has opened and collect the Power Shield.

Tomb Of The Overlord - R1M7

1. Protecting one of the four buttons you have to find is a hallway with lots of

lava nail traps. The last one on the left doesn't shoot so go up and press it,

turn around and notice part of the ramp is open revealing 100% health.

2. After pressing all four buttons, drop down the hole that used to be covered

by bars. You'll be in a room with stained glass windows of the Horsemen of the

Apocalypse. Shoot the slightly different one to reveal a Power Shield.

3. You'll eventually come to a room which has several doors and a ledge above a

small pool of water. A small alcove with a Quad Damage can be reached by using

the stones jutting out of the walls as a staircase.

4. When you find the big skull and the moat of sludge you'll notice a small

opening towards the right. Jump in and pick up the Power Shield.


Tempus Fugit - R2M1

1. Eventually you'll come across a long tunnel with eels in it. At the end, when

it rounds off to the left, shoot the panel on the right to reveal 100% health.

2. Just above and to the left of the gold key door, there's a ledge which can be

reached via the opposite ledge. Walk to the end and shoot the misaligned wall

texture to reveal nails, multi-rockets and red armor.

3. When you get to the Greek-style temple, hop onto the 'Q' symbol to be

teleported to the ledges above for 100% health and ammo.

Elemental Fury - R2M2

1. At the start when you reach a block going up and down, quickly run underneath

it to find some yellow armor.

2. When you get to the blowtubes,

shoot all four numbers on the tubes to activate the lift behind the exit which

will give you a Quad Damage.

Elemental Fury II - R2M3

1. After wasting both Chthons in the lava pits, you'll come across two moving

platforms by an inaccessible 100% health box. Go over the platforms and down the

side passage with some lava nail traps in the walls. At the end, face the right

wall and walk through the middle panel. Shoot the switch, head back to the

hallway, and use the new steps to get to the 100% health.

Curse Of Osiris - R2M4

1. When you get to the temple you'll find an Anti-Grav Belt. Get it, and look to

the right. You'll see a button, so shoot it. A passage has opened where the

Anti-Grav Belt was leading to a Ring of Shadows, health and some cells.

2. You'll soon come across a boat which has some stairs up the side. Climb them

to reach a 100% health.

3 & 4. At the large entrance way with the Cobra statues you'll find some red

targets. Shoot them to slide away the Cobras, and drop down them both to get

Quad Damage, red armor, health, a Power Shield, rockets and cells.

5. Right at the end of the level you'll see some hieroglyphics on the walls.

Shoot the left one to reveal a teleporter, which will take you to red armor,

rockets, and health.

Wizards Keep - R2M5

1. After the first lift you'll notice some bookshelves. Jump up and hit the

piece of wood in the centre of them to reveal a Power Shield in the shelf to

your left.

2. Next you'll come across an altar with candles around it. Shoot the middle

(dimmer) one to open a button in the centre of the altar. Then shoot that to

open the left panel of stained glass and reveal 100% health.

3. Just to the left of the silver key door, you'll see a group of spikes. Jump

over them to reveal a Ring of Shadows in the next room.

4. Once through the silver key door, you'll go down a lift. Go right outside it

and to the right you'll spot a panel of stained glass. Go back a bit and look at

the floor until you spot a darker tile. Stand on it, shoot the window, and

you're raised up to health and lava nails.

Blood Sacrifice - R2M6

1. You'll find a misaligned wall texture after crossing the lava pit on the

moving platform. Walk straight through it to get an Anti-Gravity Belt.

2. Soon you'll come across a sawblade in the ceiling. Shoot the misaligned wall

texture to the left of the sawblade to open a secret room housing red armor,

lava nails, and rockets.

3. When you get to the giant reptile face, shoot the red target in its mouth to

stop the lightning. Then go into the room on the right, and press the switch.

Returning to the reptile room you'll notice some bars have moved. Shoot the

panel in front of you for health, ammo and a Pentagram of Protection.

4. At the end of the hallway that leads from the reptile room you'll find a seat

made of skulls. Jump on it to trigger a secret room at the end of the adjacent

hallway. Go inside, enter the slipgate and you'll find yourself on a wooden beam

that was above you. You'll find ammo and a Quad Damage.

5. Just before the exit you'll come across a walkway with lava nail traps

shooting up from underneath you. At the corner of this walkway you'll see two

faces. Turn around and jump up at the one on the right, hitting your head on the

snake-like thing jutting out of the wall. It will reveal 100% health.

Last Bastion - R2M7

1. At the start, jump in the castle's moat. Swim to the left to find health and

yellow armor.

2. When you reach the tunnel with the spikes in it, run to the end and wait for

it to retract. Then run to the doorway you entered from, and let the wall pass

you. Slip behind it and press the button. This triggers a Ring of Shadows to

appear in the room past the silver key door.

3. Past the spiked wall in the previous secret are some pendulums, and past them

is a pool of sludge. Jump onto the platform in the pit, turn to the left, and

shoot the wall. Then jump to the 100% health box.

4. In the underground tunnels, which are full of zombies, you'll see a number of

candles on the walls that lead to the switches which get you out of this

section. Shoot the four candles at the beginning and end of each hallway, and

you'll open up a Pentagram of Protection opposite the exit.

5. After you activate the drawbridge and portcullis, you'll enter a large grey

room. In the upper-left hand corner you'll see a red target. Shoot it, and go up

the stairs to get red armor.

Note: Source Of Evil - R2M8 and the Deathmatch level CTF1 - have no

designated secrets.