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Sacred Guide (English)

Table of Contents

a. Version History
b. Short intro
c. Basics
d. Controls
e. Characters
 e1. Battle Mage
  e1a. Battle Mage skills
 e2. Dark Elf
  e2a. Dark Elf skills
 e3. Gladiator
  e3a. Gladiator skills
 e4. Seraphim
  e4a. Seraphim skills
 e5. Vampiress
  e5a. Vampiress skills
 e6. Wood Elf
  e6a. Wood Elf skills
f. Walkthrough
g. Contact information
h. Blacklisted sites


a. Version History

Currently under writing.
Added blacklisted sites section and fixed some typo's.
All starter quests written.
Walkthrough finished, still need to write the starters for 5 other classes.
Added controls for the game.
Wrote up to the Dams of the Dwarves of Gnarlstat quest.
Changed the document type to FAQ / Walkthrough.
Added Dark Elf's starter quest.
Started creating this document.


b. Short intro
A mage called Shaddar has decided that he is to rule this world, to do this, he
tries to summon a creature called Sakkara Demon. His plan was to absorb the
strength of the demon to himself.

His plan failed, the demon was too strong for the magical binds, and it turned
against Shaddar.

c. Basics
Basic info about game.

d. Controls
The game is controlled by mouse and keyboard. The controls change a bit,
depending on the situation you are in.

Mouse controls:
  Left Click -
                                   On ground - Move / Run
                                 On opponent - Attack
                           On a chest / door - Open
                                    On items - Pick up
                                   On people - Talk
                         On stairs / objects - Use
                   Shift + item in inventory - Throw away
                           Ctrl + left click - Attack in place
                Shift + left click on ground - Walk
                 Shift + left click on horse - Dismount
       Shift + left click on selected object - Drop object

                    Click on ground and hold - Run towards pointer
                  Click on opponent and hold - Attack continuously

  Right Click -
                       On ground or opponent - Special move / Magic / Combo
                                   Inventory - Item is equipped or used
                          Right click + ctrl - Special moves on spot

  In shops -
                           Left click + item - Pick up
                Drop item in trade inventory - Sell
                  Shift + left click on item - Quick sell
                Right click on merchant item - Quick buy

  Multiplayer-only -
Ctrl + left click on ally name (screen edge) - Teleport to location

Keyboard controls:

                    TAB, Middle mouse button - Minimap
                  Numpad + or -, Mouse wheel - Zoom
                                         ESC - Close window, open Game menu
                                           A - Autocollect items (SP only)

                                           I - Inventory
                                           F - Combat art screen
                                           C - Combo screen
                                           L - Logbook
                                           M - World map
                                           O - Options
                                           S - Save / load menu
                                          F8 - Quickload
                                          F9 - Quicksave

                                           P - Pause (SP only)
                                           H - Help
                      Ctrl + B, Print Screen - Screenshot (in Capture folder)

                                       Space - Drink healing potion
                                           Q - Drink Undead Death potion
                                           W - Drink Mentor potion
                                           E - Drink Antidote
                                           R - Drink Concentration potion

                                           1 - Select weapon 1
                                           2 - Select weapon 2
                                           3 - Select weapon 3
                                           4 - Select weapon 4
                                           5 - Select weapon 5

                                           6 - Select spell 1
                                           7 - Select spell 2
                                           8 - Select spell 3
                                           9 - Select spell 4
                                           0 - Select spell 5

                                           N - Multiplayer info
                                       Enter - Chat window
                              Page Up / Down - Scroll chat

e. Characters
e1. Battle Mage

'The Battle Mage is the classical spell-caster, but with one difference; he is
also an adept sword-fighter when the situation demands it. But the Battle
Mage's most powerful weapon is the elemental magic that is able to shake the
very foundations of the world.'

e2. Dark Elf

'The Dark Elf comes from a power-hungry bloodline that has split off from the
pure and noble race of the elves. Dark Elves possess fearsome martial arts
skills and are deadly shadow fighters, favoring poisoned blades and unarmed

e3. Gladiator

'The Gladiator is the ultimate close-combat warrior, skilled and trained to use
most weapons. Gladiators fight with brute force and amazing agility, taunting
opponents before crushing them into the dirt.'

e4. Seraphim

'The Seraphim are descended from a race of mystical angels. Ancient myths are
surrounding their origin date back to an era long before the realms of elves or
men settled in Ancaria. The Seraphim draws on heavenly magic as well as a range
of graceful but powerful combat moves.'

e5. Vampiress

'The Vampiress is a combination of a knightly close-combat warrior, by day
vanquishing her opponents with the sword, and at night of a diabolical
beast-of-prey turning her victims and creating a ghastly following with her
blood-soaked kisses.

e6. Wood Elf

'The Wood Elf is both a huntress and a ranger. At one with the natural world
that surrounds her, her magic is of protective origin. She uses bow and arrow
with power and accuracy, and only engages in close combat if absolutely

f. Walkthrough
I will base this walkthrough on the fact that you already know how to play the
game. This walkthrough also will contain spoilers, so do not come complaining
to me that I ruined your game experience because you knew what was going to
happen in advance! Why were you even reading this if you didn't want to know?

I will cover only the main quests in this walkthrough, as the subquests can be
completed in any order you want, so it is impossible to tell when to do them.
It is more than likely that you will find this walkthrough boring. ;)
If you want to have more information on where to get certain subquests, please
check out my Quests faq.

After selecting your character, and giving a name, you arrive to the world of
Ancaria. The first part of the walkthrough is divided to 6 portions, because
every character has a different starting story. Later on the stories merge into

_________________________/                           \_________________________
                         \  ACT I: Paths of Destiny  /


                                  Battle Mage

--- A test of magic and courage ---
The Battle Mage starts off right next to a stone circle, you need to talk with
your instructor. He will tell you to kill the Troll which he has summoned into
the stone circle. If you pass the test, you are a full-fledged Battle Mage. Go
into the circle and kill the beast. After you're done, talk with Alcalata for
the second time. He tells that you are now a real Battle Mage, and tells that
you should go see Commander Romata at Bellevue garrison. A soldier called
Ensign Weston accompanies you for the trip.

--- Romata of Bellevue ---
Now start heading towards south, soon you will meet couple soldiers guarding a
wooden bridge. Cross it and follow the road. You will be in Bellevue now. Keep
on following the road and it will take you to the garrison, where Commander
Romata is waiting. He tells you to go find Sergeant Treville in Porto Vallum,
Ensign Weston will leave your party.

This ends the starting story.


                                   Dark Elf

--- What am I doing here? ---
You start off on a small plateau with Maegalcarwen, the Wood Elf. Talking to
her is your first task. She tells you that you both should go see Commander
Romata at Bellevue Garrison, so that she would finally be safe from the
Elendiar, young Dark Elves of Zhurag-Nar, who are hunting her and you because
of the escape from the dungeons. Enter the cave next to you after checking the
contents of the chest. There are wolves and Dark Elves in the cave, but they
should not pose much of a threat to you. After emerging from the cave, start
advancing towards northeast. You should reach the village of Bellevue soon, but
beware, there is a boss blocking your way on the bridge. After disposing it,
you're free to explore the village, or you can go directly to Commander Romata
and finish your first task!

--- Hello there! ---
Maegalcarwen leaves party now and leaves you to talk with Romata. Commander
Romata recruits you to help Prince Valor and his troops, who are fighting the
orcs of Khorad-Nur in the distant borderlands. You are to find Sergeant
Treville in Porto Vallum, who will brief you on the next mission.

--- Checking out the neighborhood ---
Feel free to explore the surroundings of the village, most likely you will
stumble upon some citizens who have tasks for you. It is entirely up to you to
decide whether to accept the tasks or not. However I will not take part on
optional quests in this guide, so read on after you feel like you've seen
enough of Bellevue.

From this point on, the main quest is merged with other characters.



--- The promise of freedom ---
You start out inside an arena, there are couple guards and a trainer in there.
Talk with the trainer, named Julius. He will promise that you will be freed if
you win your next battle in the arena. Now go through the middle door to engage
in combat. After beating your opponent, you should be free... But wait! What is
that Orc doing there? You will need to kill that too. Now go back in and talk
with Julius again.

--- Betrayed by own master! ---
Julius had no plans on freeing you, and as you killed the fighters that were
supposed to finish you off, he must do it himself. Now the guards will also
attack you. Kill them all and then talk with the person inside the room. His
name is Rocheford, and he works for the King. He will help you in getting out
of the arena by opening the locks. He also wants to you escort him to Commander
Romata, who is at the garrison in Bellevue. Now go out of the arena.

--- Finding this 'Romata' fellow ---
Ahh, fresh air at last. Now head towards east, following the road. You'll soon
reach a bridge, guarded by two soldiers. Cross it and follow the road to find
the village of Bellevue. Now head northeast and cross the large stone bridge.
Romata will be waiting you in front of the large building. As you speak to him,
Rocheford will leave your party and you are to find Sergeant Treville at town
of Porto Vallum. Remember to activate the waypoint in the northeast section.

That's it for the starter quest for Gladiator.



--- Holy people with robber problem ---
The Seraphim starts at Bellevue abbey, and the First Novice has a problem. Talk
with her, she will tell you that a band of robbers have arrived to the river
and are planning to loot the abbey and abduct people. The robbers are on the
back side of the abbey, so get in there and start the killing. After disposing
of the seven robbers, talk with First Novice Leandra again. Now you are to find
Commander Romata in Bellevue garrison.

--- Sword Sister of the Crown ---
Follow the road towards southweast until it turns towards southeast. Keep on
following and you will soon reach a wooden bridge guarded by two knights. Cross
it and you are in Bellevue, the road will take you directly to the garrison.
Commander Romata will be there, and he will tell you to go speak with Sergeant
Treville, who is located in the city of Porto Vallum. Do not forget to activate
the waypoint in the small garden which is towards northeast from the garrison.

Now the quest continues as merged.



--- Repaying the bad things ---
Vampiress starts on the second floor of an abandoned mansion. Go down to first
floor and you will find a Novice there, speak to her. She wants you to escort
her to Commander Romata at Bellevue garrison as band of slave catchers are
wanting to abduct her. She will join your party and you can leave the mansion.
Start heading towards west and you will reach Bellevue shortly. Cross the stone
bridge and speak with Commander Romata. Romata gives you a letter of
introduction which you are to give to Sergeant Treville, who is at town of
Porto Vallum. The Novice will thank you for escorting her and leaves the party.

From this point on, the quest continues the same as with other characters.


                                   Wood Elf

--- So it begins ---
You'll start on the same plateau as you start on Dark Elf. Your first task is
to talk with Laurelinad, the Dark Elf who has been protecting you ever since
you two fled the dungeons of Zhurag-Nar. Now you need to get into the cave and
find the southern exit of it. Outside you will be attacked by Elendiar, young
Dark Elven hunters. Start making your way towards northeast, following the
path. You will soon reach a bridge, after crossing it you are in Bellevue! Feel
free to explore the city if you want, but you need to find Commander Romata,
who is in the fortificated part of the city. Romata gives you a job to find
Sergeant Treville in Porto Vallum, Laurelinad leaves your party.

And now the quest continues the same as with other characters.


And now we continue on with the merged questing.

--- Just around the corner ---
After you're done with Romata and other business, go back to the place where
you met him, and head towards northeast. First you'll see a teleporter in a
small round pedestal, ignore it for now and continue on. Soon you'll see a
waypoint, activate it. Now backtrack to the other teleporter and step into it.
You step out of another teleporter which is located to the west of the village
of Bellevue. Continue to west, you'll reach a river, follow it towards the
south and you will reach a small bridge soon. Cross it to reach village of
Silver Creek.

--- Schniepel! ---
Continue on towards northwest, following the road, when it splits, take the
left route. About halfway towards Porto Vallum, you'll reach a small settlement
with a merchant, horse merchant and a combo master. Stock on items if you need,
then continue on the road. On the other side of the bridge you will meet
Sergeant Treville, but before talking to him, remember to pick up the waypoint!

--- Recruited ---
Treville tells you that they were attacked by the orcs just before you reached
Porto Vallum, and they had to close the transfer portal to their encampment.
Also it appears that a man named Wilbur is trapped in the orc camp, and you are
to rescue him.

--- Babysitting ---
Your mission now is to save Wilbur out of the orc camp. Just head south from
the waypoint, you'll reach a dense forest soon. Keep on going at the treeline
towards southwest, you should see a narrow path in your minimap heading towards
southeast there. Go there, you reach the Orc camp soon, beware of the Shaman,
he can summon meteor storm on you and that does hurt. After you have killed the
Orc shaman, you can go to the last hut and talk with Wilbur. He wants you to
escort him to Prince Valor, who is waiting in the fortress of Urkenburgh. Now
backtrack to the edge of the forest, and head towards southwest until you reach
the desert, now you just need to follow the wall, and you'll be in Urkenburgh
in no time.

--- Burp... err... Urkenburgh! ---
Prince Valor is at the top of the plateau in Urkenburgh, go talk to
him. He will thank you for saving Wilbur, and will ask you to go see DeMordrey,
a Baron who lives in Crow's Rock Castle. He will also drop a portal rune for
you, which you can use to activate the portal behind him, it will take you back
to the orc camp. Now head back to Porto Vallum and start heading north. There
is no road to follow, so just stay near the river, but don't cross it. It will
bend towards west further in the north, and eventually takes you to town of
Faeries Crossing.

--- Heading to Crow's Rock ---
Now cross the stone bridge, you'll be attacked by some Ronins
and you can get a quest reward back in Faeries Crossing if you want. Continue
following the road north, in the first intersection continue further north. On
second intersection you'll see a signpost, you should head towards east now.
After a short walk, you're in Crow's Rock. Baron DeMordrey's castle is on the
north side of the town, head there and talk with him.

--- I smell something fishy ---
DeMordrey gives you his signet ring for you to show to his troops in Ice Creek
Pass. The cheapskate said that 1 group of troops is enough for Prince Valor in
this battle. Now head out of the Crow's Rock from where you entered it. Go a
bit to west, then head north, stay near the wall. You'll enter a forest section
leading to a dead village, exit the village from the west side, and continue
onwards, in the intersection, pick the north path, you'll reach the town of
Slater's Grave in no time.

--- And I was right! ---
Exit the village of Slater's Grave from the west side and go north, following
the road, you'll reach the DeMordrey's elite troops along with a waypoint,
remember to activate it. Talk to the Sharuka Captain, he'll say that because
you have the signet ring, it means that you're interfering with DeMordrey's
plans and deserve to die! The troops now attack you. After killing them all,
you notice that Wilbur has fallen...

______________________/                                \_______________________
                      \  ACT II: Banners of the Blood  /

--- Revenge for a good friend ---
You can still talk with Wilbur before he passes away. He tells you to go to
Wyvern Pass to warn the Prince about DeMordrey and his plans. Then he's gone...
What a nice chap he was, didn't talk much though. The quickest way to Wyvern
Pass is to take the waypoint to Porto Vallum, and then heading west. Continue
towards west until you reach a wall, then just follow where the wall takes you,
soon you are at the gates to Wyvern Pass. Couple of DeMordrey's gate guards are
blocking the way, so you need to teach them a small lesson.

--- Battlefield ---
After the guards are dead, you are free to explore the Wyvern Pass desert,
first you need to pass a small camp right after the gates, then just head
towards south. The quest compass will be really helpful here. After a long run,
you will find a place with many dead soldiers, with Michaelius, a dying soldier
who will ask you for some water. To find water to him, head towards south, you
will come to a small oasis. There is a small water bottle on the north side of
the pond. Pick it with you and take it to the soldier.
*Note* A lot of people have trouble with this quest because there seems to be a
glitch where the water bottle does not spawn. To get past this, you need to
open the game console by pressing the ~ button, or whichever button is under
ESC key in your keyboard. After the console is open, you need to type this word
into the box: wasser. That will make the water bottle visible. The horse is not
part of the quest at all. If you have an AZERTY keyboard, the console opens
from a button near the enter key, unfortunately I do not know which one, so just
try them out.

--- Visiting Prince's loved one ---
After you have given the water to the soldier, he tells you to find Vilya, the
Baroness of Mascarell. She knows where the Prince is, because he survived the
battle with the Orcs. Then he passes away. Now your job is to go to Mascarell.
Start by heading back to north, all the way up to the gates. You're at the
gates now? Good, head towards northwest, you'll reach a small town called Porto
Draco, which is located a bit to southeast from Mascarell. So head northwest.
When you enter the city of Mascarell, you notice that it is fairly large.
Locate yourself to the river that surrounds the middle part of the city and
cross it all the way to the northwest part. You'll enter a garden, go to
southwest and into the mansion. Baroness Vilya will be waiting there.

--- Grounded? ---
Vilya wants you to escort her to Tyr-Fasul, Prince Valor's forest fortress, but
DeMordrey has placed Vilya under house arrest. You will need to fight your way
out of the city! Now head back to the middle part of the city, and cross the
river again, then head north but follow the river, you will reach a gate in the
north side of the city, where a big battle has taken place between Mascarell
guards and DeMordrey's troops. Get rid of all DeMordrey's troops and you can
pass the gate.

--- Navigating through the forest ---
Now head northwest, crossing the river, then towards west, following the road.
The road turns towards south, keep following it into the forest. You'll reach
an intersection in which you must go to west. In the next intersection pick the
north path, same thing with the third one. Again you meet another intersection,
continue towards north, as the east path takes you to an empty cabin only.
Shortly after that, there is yet another intersection. Pick the right side path
and you are basically now in Tyr-Fasul. Prince Valor is waiting inside the
small castle.

--- Wow, a dragon! ---
The Prince is thankful for rescuing his beloved Vilya, and tells that you
need to speak with Shareefa about you next task. Shareefa wants to find out why
the Orcs are fleeing from their own lands. She will open a portal to Ahil-Tar,
enter it. You'll find yourself in the desert oasis of Ahil-Tar now, go out of
the camp from the south exit and follow the path until you reach the
intersection. Pick the left path. You'll reach the city of Khorad-Nur, but it
has only 1 entrance and it is guarded by a big, stinky Orc. The Orc has a task
for you. You either need to kill an undead dragon, or fight the gatekeeper.
Better reward can be gotten from the dragon quest. The dragon is located just a
bit towards south from the city gate, you really can't miss it.

--- What's this...? ---
After disposing of the dragon, or killing the gatekeeper, you can enter the
city of Khorad-Nur. Locate the waypoint, which is a bit to east from the middle
of the city. Kill the orcs that attack you, then examine the Demon Horn they
dropped. You'll be greeted by a short video clip again.

_______________________/                              \________________________
                       \  ACT III: The Restless Dead  /

--- Ooh, the capital! ---
Pick up the Demon Horn.
Now you need to find the capital of Ancaria, the city of Braverock. The Prince
Valor is somewhere there. Take the waypoint to Porto Vallum, and head north,
until you see a bridge crossing the river. Cross it, and start following the
road. Keep following the road until you pass a farm and the road turns towards
south. A little bit further down there is an intersection, pick the right side
and start heading north. Keep going until you reach a 4-way intersection and
pick the east road, you'll be in Braverock in no time. Go into the city, and
navigate to the east part, but remember to take the waypoint, which is located
in the upper part of the city. Don't cross the bridge, there should be a wench
called Lara Aisha next to a house which is a bit to north from the eastern gate
of the city. Talk to her, she will tell you to find a man called Pry, he is in
tavern called Ascaron's Call. Now head south, through the gate, into the
southern part of the city, start heading west. Go past the horse stables, but
turn north a bit before hitting the blacksmith's building. The pub is located
inside the wall, Pry will be waiting for you outside.

--- Time for a pint ---
Pry opens the locked door in the back side of the pub, and you can start the
search for Prince Valor. Cross the little bridge and head northwest for about 2
screens, then turn northeast. You should find the entrance to the second level
rather quickly there. Go down the ladders and again head northeast through the
door, then turn northwest. Again you must turn, this time towards southwest,
and the entrance to 3rd level is in your sight by now. Then just head north and
you will find Prince Valor with Shareefa in the room there. He will tell you to
show the Demon Horn to sorceress Shareefa, and tells that the rebellion against
DeMordrey is starting to take effect.

--- It's so cold ---
Now speak with Shareefa. She will join your party, you are to head towards the
Seraphim Monastery in Icecreek Dale. She will open a portal for you, which will
take you both outside the pub again, now head to the waypoint in the upper part
of the city and pick the destination to Ice Creek Pass. You remembered to
activate the portal there, didn't you? Now start heading north, crossing the
river and entering the snowy region of Icecreek Dale. Follow the path which
leads towards east. Soon you'll enter a dead city, go through it, towards
northeast. You will come to a very large gate, behind lies the Seraphim
Monastery. Dispose of the Ice Giants that are attacking the Priestesses there.
Then speak with the Seraphim, she says that there is information about these
Sakkara Demons in their Library, but it is infested with Ice Giants and other
monsters now, you will need to fight your way through.

--- Talking with an image ---
Enter the monastery. Go towards southeast until you reach a stairway. You'll be
outside again now, follow the path into the Library. Make your way towards the
northest room inside, then kill all enemies in there. Speak with the Seraphim
hologram. The hologram will tell some information about the Heart of Ancaria,
the soul of the world. Now speak with Shareefa, she tells that she understands
the mystic instructions: You need to collect the Elements of Ancaria to create
the Heart of Ancaria, so you can destroy the Sakkara Demon! The element of air
is in the Palace in Frostgard, element of fire is in caves of Alkazaba noc
Draco, element of water is in ruined fortress of Verag-Nar and the element of
earth is in the caves of the Dark Elves of Zhurag-Nar. She will leave your
party now, and you must make your way back to the Seraphim Monastery.

--- Snagging the Element of Air ---
Head back to the Monastery Entrance, but do not go out. Instead, go into the
north room there, and find a small crack in the wall. Go through it and find
the way through the icy section, and past the small river into the cave there.
You are now in Frostgard, follow the path towards northwest and you will find
the Ice Palace. The first element awaits you in the second floor. Pick it up,
then continue towards northwest. You will encounter the Ice Dragon, beat it up
and it will drop a Portal rune, which you can use to activate the portal in the
northmost section of Frostgard. Enter the portal, and you will find yourself in
Wyvern Pass again.

--- Searching for Element of Fire ---
Start heading towards west, until you encounter the wall. Follow it until you
find a path to the upper plateau. After you get into the plateau, first go
towards northwest over the first large island, then head to southwest. You'll
find the entrance to Alkazaba noc Draco in the wall there. When inside the
city, make your way to the northwest exit. You're at another lava zone again.
Head towards north, use the minimap on navigation. Enter the cave in the north
section. Go towards northeast, until you see a small doorway inside the walls,
then just keep on heading to northwest. Soon you will reach another dragon,
which you must also kill... The dragon drops another portal rune, after picking
it up, your quest compass updates, now head through the door in the west. Go to
southwest and pick the element of fire from it's pedestal. Continue until you
are on the most southern island, use the portal rune to activate the portal,
and enter it.

--- The Search for Valley of Zhurag-Nar ---
You find yourself in a place between Porto Vallum, Bravesbury and Bellevue. Go
a bit to west, cross the bridge and then head towards Braverock again. Find the
stone bridge in the eastern part of Braverock, just under the Arena. Cross it,
and climb up to the plateau. Keep on following the road towards northeast. You
will pass the town of Bravewall on the way towards lands of Zhurag-Nar. Keep on
following the road, pick the lower path in the intersection. From the next
intersection, pick the upper path. You'll pass a waypoint just before going up
to next plateau. Continue on until you reach... Guess what? Another of the
lovely intersections. Pick the right side path, it will take you directly to
the largest dungeon in the game.

--- Dungeon of Zhurag-Nar and the Element of Earth ---
Go through the first door which is right in front of you. In the next set of
rooms, head towards northeast and pass through from the small alley. Keep on
going towards northeast. You should see a room with large boulders in your
minimap now, go into that room in the north. Pass through it, same thing for
the next room, go straight towards northeast in the corridor. You should see a
room with red carpet on the north side now, enter that and dispose of all
enemies in there. In the backside of the room, you see a High Matriarch. Kill
her to get the key to the inmost parts for this dungeon. Now go back to the
room before this one and continue towards northeast. In the next corridor you
see some sort of lightning beams going on the floor, try to avoid them as well
as you can. In the end of this corridor there is also a nice boss monster which
you must kill to be able to pass the door. After that problem has been taken
care of, continue onwards, now you have only 1 way to go. After few bridges,
you find the element of the Earth on it's pedestal, take it, continue onwards
and take the portal to get out of the dungeon.

--- Smell of the forest... and trolls. ---
Back in fresh air! Now you must head towards the south again, follow the path
to the lower plateau, and then head towards southeast. There is a little slope
next to the waterfall, go down, and then follow the riverbank. You'll soon meet
a peasant, named Loknor, who tells you that you need to close the dams in the
abandoned fortifications of Gnarlstat before you can enter Verag-Nar. He also
gives you a portal rune which you can use to activate the local teleporter,
which is just a bit north from him. Activate it and step through, you're almost
at the entrance to the dungeons of Gnarlstat. Enter the cave in the wall.

--- The Dams ----
Head into the room with a statue and pick the left rail path. Keep on following
it until you reach a small fenced area with red floor. Don't turn right in the
next intersection, keep on heading towards northwest until the rails turn to
northeast. The rails split into 2 now, keep on following the left side rail.
Ignore the room you pass, just stay on the rail until you reach a blocked path.
Go south until you see another adjacent path, then enter the second level of
the dungeon. Now here head towards south, you will reach another dragon here.
You don't need to kill this one though, it's just for phat loots. Now head to
west until you can't go there anymore, you should be in a corridor leading to
southeast now, follow it for a while, then flip the dam switch you find in the
room. Then just exit through the doors. You're back outside now.

--- Verag-Nar and the Element of Water ---
Head to south, to the place where you found the peasant. Cross the river to
northeast and enter the underground. First level is short, you find the door
directly under you. Follow the poles until you reach the fourth element, the
Element of Water. Snip it from the pedestal, then go back out. You will need to
walk a looooong time, towards south, into the Mystdale Castle.

--- Locating the Mystdale Castle ---
First step is to get back to the peasant, then head to south. You'll soon see
a stone bridge, after crossing it you are in Gloomoor town. Follow the road,
selecting the left path on every intersection. Soon you leave the town, and be
in the wilderness again. Keep on following the road, after reaching a roadfork,
continue towards southwest on the road. You'll pass some buildings in the next
intersection, just keep on going to southwest. Cross the bridge and follow the
road south, and you will be in Mystdale! Remember to activate the waypoint on
the way. Head into the castle to chat with Shareefa.

--- Wait a minute, I thought there were only 4 elements? ---
Shareefa tells that you are late, now you need to get into Shaddar-Nur, to find
the fifth element, the Element of Void, along with the Black Book of Sakkara.
Head out of the town towards southeast. You need to pass a short forest path,
then you will be in a dead village, going towards northeast, you will soon see
a long stone. This is a teleporter, walk on the stone slab in front of it.
You'll be teleported into a short desert section, head towards south and enter
the cave in the wall. In the cave just head towards east, this isn't very long.
You'll emerge in the desert, stay alongside the wall and head towards east.
Follow the wall until you see a reinforced cave entrance and go into it.
Staying on the right hand side wall is the easiest way to pass this dungeon,
again you emerge outside, this time in Shaddar territory.

--- The land of Shaddar-Nur ---
This path is rather long, but you find your way easily because it is quite
narrow. After taking about 2000 turns, you'll reach an intersection. The right
side takes you to a dead-end, so pick the left path and continue towards north.
Follow the snow path until you see a fork where other path leads to north,
other to east. Go north first, as there is a waypoint to activate, then return
to the eastern path. You'll find the Castle of Shaddar here. Enter the castle
and go down the stairs inside. Kill all the monsters, you'll get a portal rune.
Now you can take the Element of Void and Shaddar's Diary. Now go back up the
stairs, talk to Glubba, he will join your party. Go out of the castle and head
to southeast. You'll be able to activate the portal there, go through it. You
are now back in the dead village, now go to Mystdale waypoint and teleport to

--- Visiting Valor again ---
Now you need to go back into Ascaron's Call pub, and into Prince's hideout.
Speak with Shareefa first. She will thank you for bringing the Element of Void,
now speak with Prince Valor. He will join your party to storm the Castle, where
Baron DeMordrey currently is! A portal will be opened to you, go into it and
you're again outside the pub, now head to Braverock Castle, which is in the
north of the city. Enter the castle and kill DeMordrey. After he is dead, speak
with Prince. Now you must go into the cave behind the castle, and find the
Forge of the Ancestors, where the Heart of Ancaria can be made. Shareefa will
join you.

--- Forge of the Ancestors ---
Go through the first three doors, then head northeast. In the first
intersection you need to turn left. Pass through the next room, then head to
northeast when you have the chance. In the next room, go through the northwest
door, then the door on your right side, now you enter the second level of the
dungeon. Keep on heading towards northeast, this level isn't long. You have
found the Forge of the Ancestors. Shareefa leaves your party to create the
Heart of Ancaria. Now pick it up from the pedestal and speak to Shareefa.

--- Summoning the Sakkara Demon ---
She will open a portal for you and rejoin your party. Enter the portal to reach
the room where she will summon the Demon. Speak to her again, then drop the
Heart of Ancaria to the socket in the statue. She will drop the Demon's Horn.
Speak to her yet again. She will leave the place and you are to destroy the
horn to summon the Sakkara Demon. Attack the horn! The Sakkara Demon appears.
The Demon is rather big, but you need to kill it. After it is dead, pick up the
Heart of Ancaria from the socket. It has been corrupted! Enter the opened
portal to exit the dungeon. You are now back at Braverock Castle.

--- Betrayal! ---
Speak with Shareefa, she will morph into Shaddar! She has been acting all
along! He steals the Heart of Ancaria from you. Speak with him. He will summon
some DeMordreyan Warrior skeletons and teleport himself away, along with Vilya!
Prince Valor dies in the surprise attack, you must speak with Alcalata now.

__________________________/                         \__________________________
                          \  ACT IV: Turns of Time  /

--- Shaddar! ---
After speaking with Alcalata, you have to make your way back to the Castle of
Shaddar. You did remember to take the waypoint on the last trip? Good. Now exit
the Castle of Braverock and go to the waypoint. Teleport into Shaddar-Nur again
and make your way into the castle. It is payback time now! Go downstairs, when
you walk close to the portal, you will be given a message to export your
character, so you can play with it on another difficulty setting. When you are
done, enter the portal to engage the final battle!

The room has some Sakkara Priests in the middle. Shaddar will appear in the
left side. To be able to kill him, you will need to catch the light balls that
fly around the room, but they appear only after you have killed the Priests!
Catch one of the light balls, then quickly go attack Shaddar, if you notice
that you're not doing any damage to him, go catch another light ball. Shaddar
should go down quickly and you can enjoy the end movie!

Whew, the walkthrough is here. Hope you had fun playing! I still advise to do
some of the side quests in the towns you pass in the story! You can explore the
world quite freely no matter which part of the main story are you in! Use the
advantage of exploring and subquests, they will help you a lot later on in the

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