Spider-Man 2: The Game - Walkthrough (English)

Spiderman 2 - The Game PC Walkthrough BY ADK

Final Version :

Well this games seems to be based on the second movie, i hope the movie will be

better than this game...

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Final Version : Added a boss fight i forget in chapter 7. Look in the credit

section also.

Program :

1 Review

2 The about section

3 Walkthrough

4 credits

1 Review :

Here we go with another Activision game about Spidey. Many have tried to make a

decent Spidey game from the genesis to the gameboy, passing by the snes and the

saturn. The best Spidey game i played was Spider Man the movie. The

Dreamcast/Playstation game Spider Man 1, arrives in second position simply

because it is less fun but i do appreciate it. That's why i decided to play

this one. I expected a good and fun action game. I was very disappointed. This

"Spider Man 2 - The Game" based on the second movie is a very low budget game

especially on PC. The PC version seems different from the Xbox and PS2 one and

it is really a shame.

Let's begin with the presentation composed by FMVs that even my gran'ma can do

on a Playstation or a Saturn (and probably on a Sega CD and Nec CD). The CG

graphics are terrible and only Spidey look fine in it. The animation is awful

and the action in each of them is not very delightful...

The graphics are good and bad at the same time. The 3D models are very low, but

the number of sprites and their movements in the town are very real like true

citizens. I supposed it is the price to pay for a true AI but i am not sure of

this fact. The hero sprite is smaller than in any of the previous Activision

game. The ennemis are very "various" with a docker, a robber, a punk and

bosses. Oh sorry i forget to mention the inmates...

The animation is very smooth and never slow down. It is the probably the best

point of the game except for the fact that it doesn't run at 60 fps, on the

contrary once again of Spider Man the movie. The game is less fun than its

ancestor in this case. Yes zipping and swigging in town is cool but not as cool

as in the previous installment. Spidey has few moves to fight and he uses them

randomly. No combos to buy, to win or to discover...

The sound can be composed on a genesis or a snes. The musics sounds good but

they are dynamic and we hear them very few time. However during a boss fight

the atmosphere is very good. The voice acting is poor, Tobey has a terrible

one, sorry for the fan but i am a huge fan of Spidey and it sounds not like the

voice of Spidey. More of a moron... Other actors are as terrible as Tobey...

The controls are reduced to the minimum. Hiding behind the lame excuse that

many PC players doesn't have a pad, no control pad can be set for this game.

The keyboard controls are excellent but honestly you will tell me that you

don't have a control pad ? with so many emulators running on PC and so many

games that can use it ? Sorry but i won't excuse the programmers...

What do we have here ? A poor game. It's not a bad one, but technically it

doesn't use 25% of the power of a PC. The game can be done on low machines, of

course with less details but for a PC the result is terrible. The story is

unclear, the game is not difficult. After an afternoon you will beat it. So

what's the point about buying the game and even (in my case) doing a

walkthrough ? I appreciate the game as it is and enjoy it because it has one of

my favourite hero. I also enjoy the few original levels like the bank and the

sky scrap zone with Mysterio, but some details like the mysterio robot are not

very serious (it looks like the final boss of Space Channel 5). You will also

read in my guides 2 of the huge goofs in the game, but believe me there is more

to say. My review is "over negative" because i want to be honest with you. Even

a fan of Spidey can't accept such a game. It runs cool but compared to Spider

Man the movie and old Spider Man 1 on DC/PSX (and even on PC), it is half of a

game. To Activision i give a blame.


GRAPHICS : 16/20


SOUND : 14/20

CONTROLS : 18/20

INTEREST : 12/20


Spider ADK.

2 The About Section :

This section will be in each guide i will product from now.


I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have. Correct me if you wish

that's the best you can do. I am kind enough to warn you so don't expect i

answer to hate mails or to a question like : "Is this your first language ?".

Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.


Please write to me only for true questions. Most of the time, i know it by the

poor questions i received, you write to me just because you have seen my name

near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but you want a quick advice. Sorry

to say this but i'm tired of these mails.


This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to gamefaqs. If you wish to

download it for your site, ask for the permission but it's not all misters and

misses webmasters. Think to update my faq because when i correct my english or

post an update with more informations, it's on gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.


I receive questions about things that are in an update and some people continue

to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies Of Arkadia...

Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do

for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 Walkthrough :

Chapter 1 :

This chapter is a tutorial. You have just to follow the instruction given by

the storyteller. Swing, zip, fight, for the good. Then you will have to swing

to join the extract point.

Chapter 2 : Prison Escape :

In this chapter things are being more interessant. While you swing in the

street go to the prison. You'll see a car going right into the front door. You

need to enter the prison and beat some guys to help the guard. Don't forget to

beat the one on the front wall. He will shoot at you. The car will then glowing

and some prisonners will escape. Don't let them go out. Once again don't forget

a guy that shoots you from the top of the prison. Honestly how does he find is

way there ?

Then the rhino will come. There will be a quick time event : Press left then

jump. It doesn't matter if you lose however. It is your first boss fight. Jump

when he hits the ground then hit him. After some tries the rhino will escape.

Fortunately the police has prepared a trap to stop him. You must follow the

rhino and enter this trap for another boss fight. This time you must double

jump to avoid the rhino charge. Then hit him and jump back to avoid the rhino

punch. You will eventually defeat him.

The rhino escapes, saved by Doctor Octopus but some trucks are burning and it

can cause great damage if you don't help. Simply approach of the policeman, he

will ask to stop the flame. Simply jump over the pipe and open the water valve

with your web. The fire will stop.

Your last thing is to follow the arrow to the extraction point. This one can be

hard to find so look in the air and you will see you can swing. Use all the web

to swing and reach the extraction point.

Chapter 3 : Bank Robbery :

Now the bank where aunt May goes is attacked. While you change in Spidey some

robbers attack aunt May. It's time to save her. Follow the arrow and beat them.

Approach of May to free her. Now you see a door on the other side of the hall.

Go there. You must enter some office and beat the robbers. To free an hostage

you must approach of him. Some office can be reached by entering an open door

then crawling on a wall. I wasn't able to reach the offices on the corner of

the corridor.

Here is the hint to do it :

"I saw that your walkthrough said that you couldn't get into the corner

offices. To get into the corner offices you have to go inside the maintenance

room, open the vent in the ceiling by way of the control pad, climb up the wall

and through the air vents to drop down from the ceiling to get into those rooms"

Anyway you must find a cop and save him. Then follow the arrow to operation

room. The cop gives the code and you can open the door. Once in the room, use

the button to open the second floor. The cop will join you and stay here.

Now exit of this floor by following the corridor (notice an elevator you will

use later) and go to the second floor by using the stairs. Follow the corridor

and enter a library to save some hostages. Don't forget the small office before

you exit. You reach the other side of the corridor and you will eventually find

an office with another cop inside. He gives you the precious code to level -1.

Go back to the elevator of the first floor and use it.

Once in level -1, follow th arrow to the first open office. The cop will give

you an access to another part of the bank. Follow the arrow to the operation

room and use the button to open the door to the central chest. Now you'll have

to solve a puzzle by playing Simon to open the way to Doctor Octopus.

Boss fight : Doctor Octopus won't be a problem. Jump when he attacks then,

punch him. The fact is that using Spidey's overpower will help you greatly.

After only three punches Doctor Octopus will escape.

While you were fighting some bad guys decide to escape taking aunt May with

them. You have only few second to shoot web on the wheel. The car will stop,

time for another small fight, then you will speak with May.

Note : In the bank there are in the second floor a copier you must pull,

collect all the symbol in time to obtain a bonus. In level -1, shoot a trash

and play the same mini game.

Chapter 4 : Puma Pounces :

After swinging in town following the blue arrow you finally arrives near a

garage. Enter in it to find Puma. He will let you and you'll have to fight 4

guys. After this, use the button, pass the door and go up. Beat more guys. Now

you find yourself in a set of stairs. Go down for a bonus, then up.

After cleaning a room or two, you are in another set of stairs. Go down to beat

2 guys then up. You arrive in the puma's lair. During this boss fight the hint

suggest that you avoid the hit by ducking, You can duck by pressing the

spacebar. Then when the puma attack simply press down so Spidey will retreat

back then attack the puma. After some hit, he will escape outside. The battle

continue on two different roofs. Then the puma escape. Find him after healing

yourself if necessary, then there will be another quick time event. Press left

then jump to avoid the danger. Now chase again this annoying bad cat.

You find him on a roof, then he will escape and you find him in a large area on

the ground. After this fight he will run away and you will chase him into a

building according to what happened in a FMV. In this building you'll find a

chest to pull, collect the 10 symbols. You will want to chase the puma in the

top of the building. In this annoying phase you must first find him in the

building and then he will go outside and always up. Don't hesitate to swing to

the top of the building if you miss the elevator. After a final fight you will

catch him.

While you were playing with the puma, Mary Jane was kidnapped by Doctor

Octopus. It's time to save her.

Chapter 5 : Spidey to the rescue :

The first and second phase are simply wandering in the street phase. Then in

the third phase you find a place with the police. Beat some guys and you will

enter a hole. Follow Doctor Octopus. You are in Oscorp building.

In the hall beat some guys, cut the alarm by pressing the button on the welcome

office. Now search a bit for some rooms and free hostages and cop. You will

watch a cutscene of some guys coming from a lift. Beat them and rescue the

girl. Now use the lift. There is a trash with 3 symbols to collect here.

In the second floor, you receive a keycard from a guy you save. You must save 5

scientists. In a room you find another trash with 3 symbols to collect. One of

the scientist gives you a second keycard to open the locked door to the final

scientist. You will watch a cutscene of punk passing an electric field. Go to

him and beat him. Now continue deep inside the second floor.

This part is short, beat some guys in a dining room, then help a scientist. he

will unlock the good way. Now a girl tells you that Doc Oc has programmed 8

bombs. This part is really interessant because you will have to use your power

to avoid the trap in oscorp. By the way how Doc Oc did to avoid all the traps

and setting 8 bombs in so few time ?

Begin to zip above an electric ground. Enter some room and beat bad guys then

you arrive in the room of the first bomb. Use it and play the simon combination

to defused it. Take the strange object in the machine here. Escape by using the

web on the glass. Go outside and you find that a new path is opened. Follow it

between 2 laser barrier and electric ground to find some bonus. This path is a

dead end for the moment.

Now go back to find the second bomb. Defuse it and then shoot the glass to

escape from the gas trap. Go back to the dead end pass you found earlier and

this time shoot a yellow electric control panel to open the way. You can

advance until you see some sort of nuclear reactor. Go down carefully to defuse

the third bomb. Then to go up, zip on the east wall, jump on the reactor. From

here jump and zip to the exit. Now follow the arrow to a lift.

In this area you will find the fourth bomb. You notice a room with a copier,

pull the thing and this time shoot the symbol, don't try to catch them as you

can't. Defuse it and then you watch Doc and a punk. Beat the punk. Advance. the

room has an electrified ground. beat the control panel and the security camera

to reach the fifth bomb. Search a bit and you found in a room near the sixth

bomb. Now exit from the other side of the room with electrified ground and beat

2 guys. Pass the barrier straight of you. You find the seventh bomb in an

amphitheater. Go back and go left this time to find the last bomb.

Now go to the electrified ground room and beat some guys. The punk will die

easily if you place him between you and one of the guy with a gun. Then a

scientist will open the way for you. Take the lift. The rhino will come. Force

him to charge into the generator. After he destroys them all, advance to the

next room. He won't abandon the fight. This time shoot the ice tank in the air.

Once they are all destroyed you have 10 seconds to exit. The rhino freezes. Now

it's time to exit. You find yourself in a futuristic new york programmed by


Chapter 6 : Enter Mysterio :

Beat 3 bots by shooting them or attacking them. Your goal is to destroyed 3

generators. To reach them you'll have to be on the right building each time.

Once at the good point you watch a cutscene. Then look around you and swing

until you reach the generator. Once all 3 generators are down, you need to

reach the portal to exit to the next level. I can't give much hint on how to

do, except for being ready to make wide jump and zip every time you can.

In the second level you need to find 2 generators. This time begin to swing.

You will see soon the first one. To reach it use the building near then swing

to some plateform. beat some bots and last you will be in front of the

generator. To destroy it, simply throw a rock as decoy for the laser, jummp to

the plateform and use you web on the rear of the laser. Use the same rock if

not destroyed to lure the second laser and last beat the generator. you will

see an arrow, follow it to the next generator and use the same method. Last go

back to the portal and this time prepare for a boss fight.

Mysterio will be long to beat. In the first phase you must avoid rocks by

running around him and then throw one to him. Hold on the mouse button when you

throw the rock to him, so the rock can go farther. After a rock or two, he will

escape. Jump from plateform to plateform, pull the Mysterio statue and reach

him. Restart the process. he will run again. Then you will jump and use some

statue. His gauge is weak but you won't have to avoid the rock this time, jump

on the top of a building. You will see a cutscene where the Mysterio robot

appear. Well it looks like Space Channel Five last boss... First avoid the

missile, then shoot the battery launcher. Now go on the top of the building and

shoot the central doom. Now zip to Mysterio's building and then use a plateform

on the other side of the robot to reach him.

Hit Mysterio, when he falls, i suggest you jump, he will hit in the void, then

hit him again, jump when he tries to hit you and finish him. If you miss to

jump when he stand up, he hits you and again you'll have to stop the battery

launcher and destroy the central dome.

Now seriously i don't know what's Doc Oc's plan is but i hope it's a good one

cause all this chase is based on it.

Chapter 7 : Runaway Train :

The level begins with a double dragon fight. Lots of guys and punks will

charge. They will eventually disappear. Kill the last on the top plateform and

then enter the restricted area.

The train begins to move. You have just the time to jump on it to fight Doc OC.

The fight will be fairly simple and annoying. Jump from one wagon to another

and shoot the cars that doc throws on you. When near him you can try to hit him

but you won't be able to, on the contrary, he will detach the wagon where you

are. At this moment, press jump in time to continue the boss fight. Repeat the

process until the train has no wagon. You'll eventually reach the end of the


Follow doc into a factory after the subway exploded. Go to the metal barrier

and double jump to enter the factory.

Now avoid the light and find your way to a wooden set of stairs and press a

button while fighting 2 guys and 2 cameras. Enter this factory. Now go down and

beat some punks and 2 cameras. You find an entrance just under the cameras.

Now you will have to shoot some cameras, then zip to some guys and follow the

tunnel until you reach a punk who is guarding 2 control panels. Beat him and

the cameras and deactivate the panels. Go in the water to finish this chapter.

Chapter 8 : Inside the tunnel :

Now all you have to do is to go up. It will be hard as some metal ground

blocked the way. For now try to go up by zipping, then fall on a plateform.

Beat 2 guys and pull the lever. Now go to the exit showed in the cutscene. Find

your way through the sewer and you will reach the end of the level.

First you'll have to fight some punks. Go into the horde and hit them all. Your

power will be unleashed and after some of them die, the rest will run away.

Go to the last room and go up by using the hole up of you. After another

custscene, go on the other side of the boxes here and break the wall. You find

Mary Jane. Then Doc Oc shows himself and then you are ready for another boss


The idea is to shoot the target then to hit the Doc. Here is how to proceed.

Simply run to a plateform. Use the button to go up. Shoot the target. Now jump

to Doc and hit him. Escape, heal yourself and repeat the process. You can't

find a plateform down ? then swing to the roof of this factory and then jump on

a plateform near. Shoot the target and hit the odc. After 3 processes you will

win. Look at the final movie.

Spider ADK.

4 Credits :

Thanks to Vernon I Johnson for the hint in the Bank Robbery chapter.

Thanks to Pudge4321 for the hint in the Puma Pounces chapter/

You can probably find more secrets than me like the 70 exotic spiders and 28

inmates. If you find their location email me, i have actually 10 exotics

spiders and 4 inmates.

This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004, ask for permission to use it on your site.

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